Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 836 - The Interstellar Calendar (14)

Chapter 836: The Interstellar Calendar (14)

The black mecha was very powerful, but he fought alone. And after the other party was put in a bad position, they began to attack him shamelessly.

The black mecha also realized that he wouldn’t be a match for so many of them, so he didn’t try to be brave and turned around to run into the forest.

“Go bring him back!”

“Shit, we’re surrounded by interstellar beasts!” someone suddenly shouted.

The forest was originally full of interstellar beasts. These people had a fight here and had enraged them, so now they were completely surrounded by the beasts.

Of course… including Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked at the interstellar beasts gathering around. Which one should I eat first?


The interstellar beasts’ roaring was so loud that it almost deafened them.

“What are you people!”

Those people seemed to discover Ming Shu and the others, and they shouted.

Ming Shu raised a smile. “We’re just passing by, relax, we didn’t see anything.”

“…” Wasn’t that saying they’d seen everything?

“Don’t worry about them, let’s leave first.”

“Shit, why are there so many interstellar beasts?”


They had no time to worry about Ming Shu and the others since the interstellar beasts had started the attack.

“Zone leader, go…” Shan Yin also protected Ming Shu and began to retreat.

They didn’t have mechas, and the interstellar beasts’ attention had basically been attracted by the other party’s big, tall mechas, so Ming Shu and the others managed to run out of the encirclement, under thread but not in danger.


Who could tell him what it was that the zone leader was dragging!

When the hell did she get this thing and drag it out of there!

Why didn’t anyone stop her!

“I’m so tired. We should eat something.” Ming Shu patted the interstellar beast while looking at Shan Yin expectantly. “Shan Yin, roast it.”

Shan Yin: “…” Roast what! Don’t you hear the interstellar beasts are com… ing…

The interstellar beasts are coming?!


The trees fell down.

Shan Yin shouted, “Run!”

Shan Yin’s heart was tired. Since they came to this planet, they’d been chased by interstellar beasts nonstop.

“I think…” Ming Shu squatted in a clump of grass of half a man’s height.

“Shush!” Shan Yin really wanted to cover Ming Shu’s mouth but didn’t dare.

The interstellar beasts nosing around them didn’t find their target, so they destroyed several big trees and then left angrily.

Shan Yin breathed a sigh of relief. “Zone Leader, can you tell me… Zone Leader?”

Where is she?

Shan Yin looked around and found her at the place where they had hidden the interstellar beast’s body. She had cut the meat, set the grills, and was waiting for him lovingly.

Shan Yin: “…” Fine, being angry is of no use.

The black mecha leaned against a stout trunk. It was quiet all around.

The mecha’s cabin door opened slowly and a man came out from inside. He swayed unsteadily and fell straight to the ground.

“Cough cough cough…” He covered his mouth and coughed. Something sticky and wet with warmth was spat into his palm.

The man held his hand up to his eyes and observed. The harsh red scattered around under his dark eyes.


“I think those people are like the army. Their mechas were from the army.”

“I don’t think so… Those people didn’t look like soldiers.”

“Whoever they are, all I know is that if anyone finds out we landed illegally, the tenth universe war might break out.”

“Screw you, it’s just a desolate star, it won’t be that serious.”

“There’s a saying on Hua Xia’s side… Is it digging their ancestral grave or what? This is their home planet, so doesn’t it equal to their ancestral grave?”

“…Don’t tell me.”

“Perhaps we should disguise ourselves?”

“As who?”

“What about Arlo, aren’t they fighting a war against Hua Xia?”

The conversational voices came from a distance and the content sounded a little weird.

The man struggled to climb up. He put the mecha into his private storage space then found a place to hide.

A group of people came through the grass.

The man held his breath, waiting for them to pass by. As the voices moved afar, he let out a slow breath.


“I told you there’s someone here.”

The voice sounded from above his head.

The man looked up. Several heads were huddled together above him.

“Zone Leader, Zone Leader, there’s a man here.” One of them waved back.

“He looks familiar…”

“Right, he’s familiar.”

Three seconds later, they began to curse at the same time.


They pulled the grass back and even covered him a little.

The man: “…”

“What man?”

Guard #1 shook his head. “Nothing, nothing, Zone Leader, we saw it wrong.”

Guard #2 nodded. “Right right right, it was a mistake.”

Guard #3 tried to change the subject. “Zone Leader, have you had enough? If not, let’s go to the front and see if there are some more interstellar beasts, we’ll get you one more beast.”

Ming Shu looked at them suspiciously. They only knew to stop her before, why were they being so hospitable now?

Something is not right.

“What’s behind you?”


“Speak!” Shan Yin scolded.

The guards shut up all at once. They pushed each other hesitantly.

Shan Yin went forward and pushed them away.

He pulled apart the grass. But immediately he also had an impulse to put the grass back.

Why is he here?

If the zone leader saw him in such a miserable condition, would she peel their skin off?

Shan Yin steadied his mind and helped the man up. “Mister Ji, why are you here?”

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Ji Nian.]

Ming Shu watched Shan Yin help the uncollected Ji Nian up and frowned slightly. “Isn’t this that ungrateful man.”

The ungrateful Ji Nian: “…”

Ming Shu suddenly dissed Shan Yin, “Why are you supporting him?”

Shan Yin: “…”

Shan Yin removed his hands slowly. Ji Nian staggered and worked hard to stand still.

He caught his breath. “What do you want?”

“Those people who were chasing you just now must want you bad. Of course I’ll give you to them. We landed here illegally and they saw us.”

Ji Nian wanted to say something, but his face paled and his entire person toppled over suddenly.

Shan Yin wanted to support him but didn’t dare.

So he just watched him fall to the ground.

At night, the planet’s temperature dropped abruptly.

Ming Shu sat on a stone, and in front of her were the guards standing in a row, as well as Shan Yin.

“I told you to keep an eye on him. He came here and you didn’t know?”

Shan Yin said with his head lowered. “Zone Leader, I’m sorry, I failed in my duty.”

The guards behind didn’t dare to argue.

It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t receive the news!

It was the Ji family…

Of course they didn’t dare to speak that out.

They failed in their duty.

In the darkness, Ming Shu’s eyes didn’t show any emotion. “I don’t want such things to happen again.”


The guards were punished to stand in the corner for a long time.

Ji Nian woke up due to the cold.

He was lying in an open sleeping bag with a bonfire burning not far away. Someone sat by the fire talking, and the voice was blown away by the cold wind.

He sat up with his arms folded.

But a flame seemed to be burning in his chest.

He reached out to touch his chest.

“Mister Ji, are you awake?”

Ji Nian looked at the man sitting in front of him; it was the man called Shan Yin. He pressed his lips closed and didn’t answer.

“Eat something.” Shan Yin passed him a bowl of hot meat soup.

Ji Nian suddenly raised his hand and knocked it over. The broth splattered all over the floor. His eyes were alert. “What do you want?”

The others in the distance looked over and gathered slowly.

Shan Yin frowned and lifted his hand to signal them not to come over. “Mister Ji, if you don’t like it, I’ll prepare something else for you.”

Ji Nian came out of the sleeping bag. As the cold wind blew by, he shivered and gritted out from between his teeth, “Where’s your zone leader? I want to see her!”

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