Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 788 - Hunting at Dawn (4)

Chapter 788: Hunting at Dawn (4)

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As Huang Zheng and Hao Zi ran out of bullets, the glass on the left side of the second floor was broken and two people fell down from above.

Then it was on the right side.

From the window on the second floor the figures of moving zombies could be seen faintly.

The zombies that hid themselves just now ran out and submerged the several people in an instant. They dragged them toward the next building.

There was no need to mention what they were going to do.

Just listen to those miserable shrieks.

But did the zombies now know to avoid people while eating?

Ming Shu walked down the stairs slowly with some zombies. The zombies carried supplies and guns in their hands, followed by three shivering girls, whose hands were tied with rope.

Huang Zheng: “…”

Hao Zi: “…”

When did she go up there? 

Why did she tie up those girls! 

The zombies smashed the guns at Huang Zheng and Hao Zi, right, they smashed and looked very angry.

When the three girls saw Huang Zheng, they ran toward them immediately.

Humans were better than zombies.

The three girls were kidnapped by that group of people, were used to vent their anger and tortured.

They thought they were going to die when the zombies rushed up just now.

“Well… They…” Hao Zi approached Ming Shu slowly. “What about them?”

“Feed them to my zombies as dessert?”

Roaring! Okay, okay! 

Hao Zi glanced at the zombies and twitched the corner of his mouth. He asked again, “Do we need to take them with us?”

Ming Shu chewed the tasteless biscuits that even made her feel sick. “It’s none of my business. I saved them, why do I have to take care of them, too? Do you think I’m running a garbage collection station here?”

Can you talk or not!

 This… Fine, for the zombies, they were not human but food.

“These girls, if no one protects them, they’ll die.”


 “…” What does that “oh” mean? 

Hao Zi felt Ming Shu was unwilling to take them. Only one of the three girls had a skill, and it was auxiliary.

Just when Hao Zi didn’t know what to do, a car team suddenly appeared.

The two sides met each other like this.

At this time, the zombies had hidden themselves in the building to eat, and there wasn’t a single one of them beside Ming Shu, so the people there didn’t run.

 Someone got off from the second car in the team. “Xia Wei, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

It was a girl and she ran straight over. “Are you all right? Didn’t I tell you if we get separated, we’ll meet at the meeting point?”

The girl was none other than the fake female protagonist Liang Xuan.

Liang Xuan was the kind with a pure appearance. She wore a ponytail and jeans, making a good first impression on others.

“Do you know each other?” Hao Zi asked weakly. This one is a f**king zombie. Why does this girl look so familiar with her, is she also a zombie? 

Hao Zi looked at the cars behind her.

If these were all zombies, he was afraid that the world would be over.

“Are they survivors you met?” Liang Xuan didn’t seem to care about Ming Shu’s silence. After all, Xia Wei didn’t talk much with her cognition, and she would just do what she was told.

“Liang Xuan…” Ming Shu smiled. “It’s good to see you.” My snacks coupon. 

“Euh…” Liang Xuan was stunned, and then she pointed to the cars. “Well, get in the car first. It’s not safe here. You can join us, we’re from the south base.”

Just as Liang Xuan made to turn around, her wrist was pulled.

“Xia Wei?”

The world spun before her eyes and Liang Xuan was thrown to the ground.

People on the other side noticed something was wrong and got off the cars one after another.

“Xia Wei, what are you doing!” someone that knew her scolded.

“Oh, I’m ready to defect and be a zombie.” Ming Shu pressed down on Liang Xuan and looked up at the people over there. “If we meet again, don’t show any mercy.”


 Be a zombie?

 Is she crazy?!

 Liang Xuan was startled, though. “Xia Wei, what nonsense are you talking about, you’re a human…”

 “Don’t you know clearly in your heart whether I’m a human or not?” Ming Shu smiled. “You’ve used me for so long and brought yourself a lot of benefits. But I’m afraid you have to rely on yourself in the future. That seems quite toilsome to just think about.”

Liang Xuan felt pins and needles on her scalp.

They were only separated for one day, what on earth had happened to her?

 Ming Shu glanced at the people over there and threatened in a light voice, “Don’t come over, or I’ll kill her.”

“Xia Wei, are you crazy? She’s Liang Xuan, your friend!”

“I don’t recognize a friend like her.”

Liang Xuan had the ability to control metal objects, basically anything that was metal.

Ming Shu heard something coming from behind her, so she bent down to avoid it, but at the same time there were metal objects flying at her from both sides.

Ming Shu pulled up Liang Xuan and pushed her into the nearby building.

The zombies in the building rushed forward. They began to punch and kick at her.

Liang Xuan covered her head. What’s wrong with these zombies?

 “So many zombies…”

 “Hurry, hurry, get into the car.”

 The cars moved back, but the zombies didn’t attack them much, and just stood watching them from a distance. When someone shot at them, they knew to avoid it.

 They were nothing like the zombies they had seen.

“Liang Xuan, what about Liang Xuan?”

“I saw she was drowned in the zombies…”

 The team fell into chaos. The leader let the others go first, and they left a car behind to cover the retreat, meanwhile he went to save Liang Xuan.

But everyone knew it clearly in their hearts that Liang Xuan was submerged among the zombies, so the chances of her survival were very small.

Rumbles—The buildings nearby collapsed without warning.

Liang Xuan ran out of the ruins in confusion.

She controlled the metal objects to form a barrier between herself and the ground, then ran toward the leader.

“Go!” Liang Xuan yelled.

The leader got into the car immediately. The car crashed into the nearby shop, backed up in a rush, and then left in the direction of the others.

Ming Shu used her skill to copy a batch of zombies and ordered them to take chase.

It was their first meeting, so just scare the snacks coupon.

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng hid behind the zombies. When the street was quiet again, they popped out their heads.

The other three girls hid on another side and trembled during the whole process.

They didn’t really react to what just happened.

“Your name is Xia Wei?” Hao Zi asked cautiously.

 Ming Shu didn’t admit it, nor deny it.

“Is your name really Xia Wei? It means the summer and the future?”

“Or what?”

“Is the person Su Tai looks for called Xia Wei?” Hao Zi asked Huang Zheng beside him.

“I don’t know.” Huang Zheng revealed a blank face.

Su Tai only said he was looking for someone, but didn’t say who he was looking for.

“Hao Zi, how do you know Su Tai is looking for someone called Xia Wei?” Huang Zheng was confused. He didn’t even know that, how could Hao Zi know?

 “Oh, last time, when we went to F University I was in a team with Su Tai, and then I learned it.”

Xia Wei was a name easy to remember. Hao Zi felt sure he had memorized it correctly.

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng looked at each other.


Su Tai was looking for a zombie?

This was really a fantastic world.

“Hey, don’t leave.” Hao Zi carried Li Jianren over the shoulder quickly and caught up with Ming Shu. “Do you know Su Tai? He’s been looking for you for a long time, ever since this all happened.”

“No.” Ming Shu shook her head.

After the Host turned into a zombie, her former memories blurred. She only had a vague impression of who she knew in her memory, and couldn’t remember even thinking hard about it.

So she really didn’t know who Su Tai was.

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