Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 638 - Player Unknown Battleground (20)

Chapter 638: Player Unknown Battleground (20)

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Why is she talking nonsense with her…

Du Mian thought about this and immediately took out a gun. She quickly pressed the trigger. Instead of bullets, little things the size of a bean shot out.

There were more than ten of them in a single shot and they all flew towards Ming Shu at the same speed.

Ming Shu pulled the corners of her mouth. The fake female protagonist got other people’s gold fingers.

You can afford to be wilful when you are the main lead.

Ming Shu quickly dodged to the side. The person behind her reacted quickly too. Everyone dispersed. However, the bean-like things dispersed along with them too.


This thing has a GPS?

Du Mian stood opposite her and smiled coldly. If she doesn’t have this confidence, would she dare to find her for trouble?


Clown had no way of retreating anymore so he used his spring to send him to the sky. The bean-like bullet hit the building behind him and exploded.

Ming Shu: “…” It can explode too. What the hell, you are bullying me!

As for Ti Ya, it was much simpler. She just took out her umbrella. The bullets fell on her umbrella.

Explosion sounded. The air around Ti Ya was covered with dust but she seemed fine. She held her umbrella with a cold face. The umbrella was fine too. Its tassels swayed slightly.

No one had any supernatural power in this world but the items were really impressive. As long as you had a good item, you wouldn’t have a problem surviving.

There were very few bullets following the rest of the people. Most of it were following Ming Shu. There were four of them and they surrounded her entirely.

Ming Shu stepped on an abandoned car and jumped into the air as she pushed the flagpole against the ground. The bullets arrived at her position and just as they were going to bump into one another, they flew up and chased after Ming Shu fervently.

Du Mian felt that it shouldn’t be a problem but she was still nervous.

She watched as Ming Shu dodged the bullets and prayed that the bullets would piece through her body in the next second. How will she look when she fell to the ground…



A bullet exploded again.

More explosions occured after that. Some of the members of the food empire were not so lucky and they died due to the weird bullets.

After a few more explosions, Du Mian suddenly lost track of Ming Shu’s position. She looked around. Ming Shu was definitely missing. Even the bullets went missing.

Du Mian took two steps forward and her view expanded. However, she still couldn’t see Ming Shu.


Du Mian went tense. She immediately turned around and saw a shadow flying towards her.

Ming Shu grabbed Du Mian elbow and spun around, hiding herself behind Du Mian.


An explosion occured in front of Du Mian. Ming Shu felt a slight force and let go of Du Mian as she took some steps back. Her hair and clothes flew up due to the impact of the explosion. There seemed to be an invisible globe of invulnerability in front of her that helped her block the impact of the explosion.

Little Beastie turned around in Ming Shu’s pocket and started humming.

Du Mian had turned totally black from the explosion. Her hairs were standing on its ends as if she was struck by lightning.

Amazingly, she was not in a critical condition.

This could be the protection mechanism of their own items to prevent them from injuring themselves.

However, from the looks of it, Ming Shu felt that she had gained her Hatred Points.

Ming Shu took a bit of her compressed biscuit and walked back. She smiled and asked, “Miss Du, how does it feel? Do you feel like flying?”

“I will kill you!”

A cold shne appeared in Du Mian’s hand and she attacked Ming Shu’s chest with a dagger.

“How can a girl play with such a dangerous thing?” Ming Shu snatched the dagger from her and kicked Du Mian’s calf. Du Mian’s body went limp and she fell to the ground.

Ming Shu placed the dagger beside her neck. “If you want to kill me, you still have to practice.”

Du Mian bit her lips and blood started seeping out. Her eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

Ming Shu smiled and beat Du Mian up before counting her men and leaving the scene.

Clown was puzzled. He asked Ming Shu, “Why didn’t you kill her?”

If she didn’t want to kill her, that is okay. Why did she stop them from killing her too? Is she crazy?

“She is cute.”

Clown: “???” Which part of her is cute?

Ming Shu replied Clown with a smile. You don’t understand me.

Clown really didn’t understand Ming Shu. He didn’t understand what she was trying to do now. The stars of the city were all destroyed. What would happen to their city mission?

However, Clown was not worried. He really had the revival card that he mentioned last time. He could use the revival card when he failed a mission. This kind of cards could be gotten in five-star city missions.

Ming Shu didn’t find Fu Shen so she could only go and find the rest of the people that had the stars of the city. In the end, on the ranking board, only Fu Shen had stars of the city. However, his amount of stars never increased.


The sound that they heard in the transmigration area rang above the city. It was really loud and clear as if the sound came from right next to their ear.

[The amount of stars of the city left is not enough for the mission to be completed. All the players failed in this mission. Survivals can return back to the transmigration area.]

After this sound, the scene in front of Ming Shu changed. She stood in a noisy main hall. The players beside her were all as stunned as her.

After a while, someone shouted-

“Yin Luo!”

“Stop her!”

Ming Shu took off and ran away. The other players who didn’t know what hapeened just saw a girl holding the food empire flag being chased by a bunch of players. The scene was chaotic.

[Players who didn’t complete the mission in the 7th area, please prepare yourself. You will be going to the next city in half an hour.]

The atmosphere in the main hall calmed down strangely.

The rest of the players turned to look at the number 7 screen.

Normally, they should have 12 hours of resting time after they came back from a city. Why did they only have half an hour?

Most importantly, how were they able to come back alive if they didn’t complete the mission?

“What is happening now? What did Yin Luo do? Why do they look so frustrated when they see her? They look as though they wanted to eat her.”

“I don’t know…”

“They didn’t complete their mission too. This is the first time I saw someone who manage to come back alive after failing the mission.”

“I have never seen one either.”

Fu Shen stood at the edge and listened to everyone whispering. His heart was calm and he even felt like laughing.

Would normal humans like you all be able to understand the crazy woman’s actions?

The players shouted angrily, “Yin Luo, don’t run away!”

Ming Shu didn’t forget to provoke them even as she was running. “If I don’t run, you all will kill me. Am I that stupid! Come and chase me!”

Fu Shen touched his forehead, covering his face. His expression was falling apart.

Can he change a task? For example, destroy a world or something like that. I really can’t do this task.

Half an hour passed by really quickly. They were once again transported to a city.

It was a three-star city too but this was a city above water. Their mission was to find an NPC in the city and get the crucial hint to pass the mission from the NPC.

Very good!

Not long after they went in, the NPC was abducted by Ming Shu and then, the NPC disappeared.

Nevermind, there was more than one NPC. The city was so big and there were so many players. They would definitely be able to find one of them.

Calm down!

After that, the NPC started disappearing one by one. They didn’t even manage to touch the clothes of the NPC, much less get the hint to pass the mission.

Flip table! How are they suppose to do this mission!

Are you here to play the game or are you here to play with us!

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