Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1284 - The Path Of Apocalypse (7)

Chapter 1284: The Path Of Apocalypse (7)

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This world had advanced technology and had started space exploration. However, this world was destroyed when the invaders appeared.

There would always be weird things appearing out of nowhere. At the start, dead animals, huge ships, airplanes, trains, etc., appeared.

Towards the end, all kinds of weird and unfamiliar animals and humans showed up…

Then, aliens and insect species.

Cities were destroyed and families were torn apart.

Everyone lived in fear every day. They fell asleep without knowing if they would still be alive the next day. Then, they woke up and continued living cautiously.

“Lord Nine, let’s go!”

The person in front interrupted Qi Yu. Qi Yu got up and followed the other people into the city.

Everyone remained vigilant.

Ming Shu looked at the debris thoughtfully. The alien had disappeared.

Once they entered the city, Ming Shu saw how tragic the scene was. What happened to this city?

The high-rise buildings were tilted to the side. Reinforcing bars were exposed in the air. Many roads were blocked.

Occasionally, they would be dry blood on the ground.

“Let’s find weapons first,” Xing Hun said in a low voice. “Keep close together.”

Everyone was used to this. They quickly formed small teams and went to search for weapons.

Ming Shu didn’t float in the air. She slowly walked beside Qi Yu.

Qi Yu didn’t need to do all this. He was like a pampered young master. When other people found weapons, they would pass them to him first.

Ming Shu couldn’t help but smile.


A faint sound came from above them. A black shadow jumped down and charged toward a man.

The man had no weapons so he could only run.

The alien grabbed the man with its sticky claws and pulled him back.


The man felt himself stopping. However, the claw was still behind his back.

He turned around. The alien slowly fell to the ground.

A lady appeared behind it.

The man swallowed.

She actually managed to get rid of an alien so easily… The person that Lord Nine brought was indeed impressive.

“Why are you standing so high up? Get down!” Qi Yu shouted.

Are you trying to show everyone how beautiful you are?

You can only show me that!

Ming Shu threw her weapon down. She stepped on some debris and raised her eyebrows at Qi Yu. “Repeat that.”

I will say it!

I’m not afraid of you!

Qi Yu smiled. “I’m scared that you will fall down and hurt yourself. It’s dangerous up there.”

He was not afraid of her. He was just pampering his wife. He was a good man.

The man that was saved: “…”

Was Lord Nine… crazy?

Xing Hun had found a car. No one wanted to stay in the city so they hurriedly got into the car and left.

It was a tiring journey.

Ming Shu saw all kinds of weird invaders along the way. This was a messy world.

It wasn’t wrong to say that Doomsday had arrived.

Qi Yu explained to her the details about this world in the car.

When invaders first appeared, some humans started to gain special abilities.

Some stood on their side, but others became like the invaders.

There were many survivors now, but they were split into different many different groups. The group that was the most powerful would become the leaders of their area.

They met many obstacles on their journey back to the base.

Ming Shu would fight occasionally, but most of the time, she would watch at the side with Qi Yu.

The base was built on a forsaken city.

“Lord Nine.”

“Lord Nine, you’re back.”

“Where is the director?”

“Xing Hun, Bai Zhu… you’re finally back. We couldn’t contact you suddenly. No one knew what happened.”

“What happened?”

“Why isn’t the director with you all?”

Xing Hun asked the others to take a rest while he gathered the people at the base and told them what happened.

All the people with a position sat around him. Those that were busy appeared through the hologram.

Ming Shu looked at them. These people were all different. She even saw a beast human…

In this technologically advanced world, there was a beast human.

There was also a lady that had an immortal aura… hence, when Ming Shu appeared, no one was surprised by her attire. They were just astounded by her beauty.

After all, they had seen all kinds of things in this world.

Everyone remained silent when they learned that the entire department was destroyed and the director and Luo Yan were missing.

“Xing Hun, why did the Elder want to destroy the Time Control Department?”

“I’m not sure,” Xing Hun said. “However, we guessed that it wanted to take revenge on us because we tried to destroy it last time. You all know that the Elder is our first-edition system, right?”

First-edition system…

Everyone looked at each other.

Xing Hun continued, “It would make sense if it wanted to take revenge on us. Of course, this is just a guess. We can’t confirm this guess so we need to remain vigilant.”

They had seen how frightening the Elder was. If it wanted revenge, it would stop.

They were afraid that it had other motives.

“Hurry up and gather people to form a team and search for the director. Activate all the defense mechanisms in the base. No one will leave until the director comes back.”

Xing Hun got up and looked at everyone. “Do you all understand?”


Everyone dispersed.

“I heard that you all were back.” A woman suddenly squeezed her way out from the crowd that was leaving. She seemed agitated as she looked around. “Where is Little He?”

The atmosphere turned awkward instantly. The others quickly dispersed.

“Where is Little He?” The woman looked at Qi Yu and frowned slightly. Then, she turned toward Xing Hun. “Xing Hun, Little He didn’t come back?”

She sounded worried.

Xing Hun hesitated. “Aunt Mei, the director…”

Aunt Mei urged him. “What happened? Speak up! I heard that they suddenly couldn’t contact you all. Didn’t Little He come back with you? Did something happen?”

Xing Hun looked at Qi Yu. “When we were retreating, the director didn’t follow us.”


Aunt Mei raised her voice. She grabbed Xing Hun’s hand and asked sternly, “Little He is the director. He should be the first one to retreat. Why didn’t he follow you?”

Xing Hun felt Aunt Mei’s fingernails digging into his flesh. He bore with the pain and explained to her what happened.

Aunt Mei exploded in anger.

Xing Hun consoled her patiently. “Aunt Mei, calm down…”

“Calm down? How can I come down? Little He is missing!” Aunt Mei was furious. “Even he came back. Why isn’t Little He back?!”

Aunt Mei suddenly pointed at Qi Yu.

Aunt Mei continued in an angry tone, “Did you purposely leave Little He behind?”

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