Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1205 - Beautiful Music (2)

Chapter 1205: Beautiful Music (2)

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Ming Shu was in a good mood whenever she had food.

She would only protect the food that she bought. If the food belonged to other people, she would wait patiently for them to feed her.

The young man who was barbecuing was called Jiang Le. His friends called him Le Le. What a weird nickname.

From the Host’s memory, she only recognized Jiang Le and another young man called Cheng Xiang.

The other three young men were not from her class.

“Le Le, can I have another stick of kidney?” the young man who had a loud voice said. His name was Luo Yi. His family wanted him to be an artist, but he looked nothing like one.

Tang Zhe, who was beside Luo Yi, opened his mouth too. “Le Le, I want to eat meat. Don’t give me vegetables. Vegetables belong to Cheng Xiang.”

Cheng Xiang refuted quickly, “You bastard, I don’t eat vegetables.”

The person who hadn’t spoken knocked on the table and said calmly, “Control yourself, the campus belle is still here.”

This person was called Lu Zhan. He was the leader of this small group.

Cheng Xiang took a plate and pushed it in front of Ming Shu. “Come, let our campus belle have some food first.”

“Thank you.” Ming Shu smiled gently.

Cheng Xiang scratched his head. “You’re welcome… haha, erm, if it’s good, eat more. There’s enough. We bought a lot of food. We can buy more if you need.”

Luo Yi and Tang Zhe winked at each other. They smiled and asked Jiang Le to hurry up with his barbecue. Jiang Le threw a bottle of vinegar at them.

The cap of the vinegar bottle was not closed properly so all the vinegar spilled on Tang Zhe.

Tang Zhe jumped up and pounced at Jiang Le.

The young men fooled around for a while. After that, Jiang Le brought the barbecued meat over and sat down with the rest of the people.

Lu Zhan sat on one side alone. He glanced at Ming Shu. He poked the table with the barbecued stick a few times.

“Get away from me. You smell like vinegar.”

“Whose fault is this?”

Just as they were about to start fighting again, Lu Zhan suddenly asked, “Do you all want to drink alcohol?”

The other people scanned their surroundings carefully like thieves. “Where is Old Wang?”

Lu Zhan raised his eyebrows. “Old Wang left with the English teacher of the other class, he doesn’t have the time to care about us. Don’t worry.”

They looked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu thought that they wanted to chase her away so she raised her hand and said, “I’m drinking too.”

Everyone: “…”

Oh my god!

They seemed to have found the campus belle’s secret.

Lu Zhan left for a while. He came back with two mineral water bottles. It seemed like he had been planning this for a while.

“Are you really going to drink?” Jiang Le asked Ming Shu again as he poured the alcohol.

“… Can I eat if I don’t drink?” Ming Shu asked with a stick in her hand.


“Forget it.” Lu Zhan waved his hand. “If anything happens to the campus belle, we can’t bear with the consequences.”

“That’s right. Girls shouldn’t drink.” Cheng Xiang agreed.

“Help us keep the secret. If not, we won’t let you eat.” Tang Zhe winked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu pretended to zip her lips with her fingers. She looked so obedient. The young men stared at her in a daze.

Lu Zhan knocked on the table and woke the other young men up from their stupor. They coughed and pretended that nothing happened.

Ming Shu ate her food quietly. The young men didn’t dare to talk loudly. Since Ming Shu was with them, they took care of their language and didn’t curse much.

“Jiang Le, are you all still going to use the barbecue rack?” A young lady stood beside the barbecue rack and looked at Ming Shu curiously.

Why was she with this bunch of young men?

“Not using it now,” Jiang Le replied.

“Can I use it?”

Jiang Le looked at his friends. No one objected. He nodded. “We will be using it later. Return it to us after you’re done.”

The lady agreed. Since the barbecue rack could not be moved easily, they brought their things over.

“Why is Sang Yin with them?”

“I don’t know. When I came over, she was already here…”


The ladies didn’t have any evil intentions.

The Host was not popular among her classmates, but her reputation was not bad, either. This meant that she didn’t have any good friends but she also didn’t have enemies.

This bunch of young men were not bad people. If anyone in their class needed their help, they would help.

However, they were not good students. They always created trouble.

Their grades were not bad. Jiang Le’s results were the best among them. Only Luo Yi’s grades were not good.

Thus, the ladies were puzzled as to why the Host was with them.

“Jiang Le, what do you all want to cook? Do you want us to cook for you?” The ladies felt bad using Jiang Le’s barbecue rack for free so they wanted to help with something.

“No need,” Jiang Le said, “we will cook it ourselves.”

“Okay… okay then.”

Ming Shu’s plate was empty. She bit her stick and wondered if she should join the ladies instead.

The ladies didn’t give her a chance. They took their food away immediately after they finished cooking it.

After they left, another bunch of ladies walked over.

“Jiang Le, let us use your barbecue rack.”

The leader of the group was a girl with a bun on her head. Without waiting for Jiang Le’s reply, she started using the rack.

The other ladies were hesitant. They only moved after the girl in a bun asked them to come over.

Jiang Le was a little unhappy but as a man, he suppressed his anger.

“I still have some snacks here. Do you want some?” Jiang Le took a bag and placed it on the table.

“Oh my god. When did you bring these?” Luo Yi shouted.

“When Old Wang was not looking, I stuffed them into the luggage compartment.” Jiang Le was proud of himself.

Ming Shu would never reject food.

The young men teased Jiang Le. Lu Zhan seldom spoke. Overall, the atmosphere at the table was good. However, the ladies still continued using the barbecue rack. They even set up a small table beside it.

They started talking about Ming Shu.

Cheng Xiang said, “Sang Yin, I felt that you were quite cold before. I didn’t dare to talk to you.”

Ming Shu bit her waffle biscuit. “How do you know that I’m a cold person?”

Cheng Xiang replied, “You ignore people most of the time.”

Ming Shu asked, “You never talked to me. How do you know that I ignore people?”

The Host was just a shy person. She would not talk to people proactively but if someone spoke to her, she would reply. Her attitude was good.

Cheng Xiang widened his eyes and muttered, “I don’t dare to talk to you.”

“You’re just a coward.” Tang Zhe lay on the table. His face was slightly red. “Cheng Xiang is always like this. We all know it.”

“Huang Xiaolu, you’re going overboard!”

Jiang Le’s voice suddenly sounded.

The people at the table looked over.

Jiang Le was standing among the ladies. He seemed out of place.

Huang Xiaolu was the girl with her hair tied up in a bun.

She pouted, “You’re not using it. We just used it for a while. Why are you so petty?”

Jiang Le placed his hands on his waist. “Did you ask me? How do you know that I’m not using it?”

“You didn’t say that you’re using it,” Huang Xiaolu replied blatantly. “Do you have to be so petty with a girl?”

“I bought all this. You used it without asking me and now, you say that I’m petty?”

“How much can it cost? I’m just too lazy to buy it,” Huang Xiaolu said. “I can just pay you.”

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