Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1073 - The Superior Leader (22)

Chapter 1073: The Superior Leader (22)

Ming Shu gathered the old shapeshifters in the tribe and had a chat with them.

But, none of them had heard of something like Yun Huang’s situation before. Even a shapeshifter couldn’t live without a heartbeat.

Then, what is Yun Huang?

The beast god?

Ming Shu shivered. That was impossible. She said that she wanted to blasphemy against the beast god…

Ming Shu looked for Wen Nuan and asked her to make her some food. Her brain needed some food.

Ming Zhe was there too. When he saw Ming Shy, he quickly got up and greeted her. “Leader.”

Ming Shu waved her hand and asked him to continue what he was doing.

Ming Zhe didn’t dare to just ignore Ming Shu. He carried over a haystack. He looked hesitant. Although he didn’t go to the sacrifice, he heard about what happened.

The person Ming Shu brought back killed a shapeshifter and blasphemed against the beast god.

Their leader had offended all the other leaders.

How were they supposed to live in the future?

Ming Shu was not in a good mood. Her smile seemed… sinister.

Ming Zhe didn’t know why he felt this way but his instincts told him that he shouldn’t provoke her now.

Ming Zhe sat down. After a while, Wen Nuan and Ming Zhe left. She was left alone in the darkness.


A scream rang through the valley.

A commotion arose outside.

Ming Shu pushed through the crowd and went to the center of the commotion.

Yun Huang pinned the pangolin that was tied up. His soft hand which didn’t seem to have bones in it had pierced through the abdomen of the pangolin.

He half-kneeled on the ground and looked at the shapeshifters standing around. He met Ming Shu’s gaze.

There were still no emotions in his eyes.

It was as though he was not committing a crime now.

Yun Huang retracted his hand. There was a heart in his hand…


“What are you all screaming for?” Ming Shu looked at her clansmen. “go back and sleep.”

The clansmen covered their mouths in fear. They didn’t dare to disobey Ming Shu so they quickly left the place.

“Leader…” Ming Zhe was worried. “He… he is really a murderer. You…”

Ming Shu looked at Ming Zhe. She lowered her voice, “Remember. No matter what he did, it is right.”

Ming Shu’s voice was very soft so only Ming Zhe heard what he said.

He looked at Ming Shu in disbelief. He didn’t understand what she meant.

No matter what he did, it is right.


What if it was wrong?

Ming Zhe didn’t regain his senses even after Ming Shu lifted the man up and left.

Ming Shu started a fire. The light from the fire made Yun Huang’s face look even stranger. Yun Huang seemed to hate the fire and huddled in a corner. He refused to come out.

Ming Shu pulled his hand and cleaned the blood on it.

Yun Huang slowly looked at Ming Shu.

“He… deserves to die.”

Yun Huang’s words were unclear.

“Yes,” Ming Shu replied softly.

Yun Huang seemed puzzled. Why wasn’t she angry? Why didn’t she feel curious? Why didn’t she want to kill him like the rest?

Ming Shu placed him on a bed made of hay. “Are you hungry?”

Yun Huang didn’t reply to her.

Ming Shu took out a blanket and covered his body. “If you are not hungry, go to sleep.”

The soft blanket felt very comfortable.

He looked at the person beside him. She was watching the fire. From his position, he could see her long eyelashes. A warm light engulfed her.

Under the blanket, his hand moved to his chest.

The empty spot…

Was getting warm.


Because of her?

It must be her…

The moment he saw her… he felt it.

“Who… who are you?”

Ming Shu looked at him. The fire reflected in her eyes. “Is it important to you?”

Yun Huang’s fingers shook. “Should be.”

Ming Shu smiled lightly. Since he didn’t have any memories, she should bully him now.

Ming Shu went up and kissed him. Yun Huang had no expression on his face.

Even after kissing, there was no change in Yun Huang’s expression. His black eyes were staring calmly at her.

He didn’t seem to understand what Ming Shu did.

Ming Shu felt that if she slept with him and ran away, he would not know what she did, either.

Of course, Ming Shu was not so evil. She laid beside the Yun Huang and hugged him. “Let’s sleep.”

Yun Huang slowly replied, “I… don’t need to sleep.”

Ming Shu: “…”

How am I supposed to continue this conversation?

Ming Shu decided to keep quiet. Even if you don’t need to sleep, I do!

Thus, Yun Huang was held by Ming Shu until she fell asleep. He could hear her heartbeat clearly. It was something he’d never had…

Yun Huang placed his finger on Ming Shu’s chest. His hand touched a certain section of her chest. He looked down slightly and looked at his own flat chest.


Is it different?

It feels so soft.

Ming Shu grabbed his wrist suddenly. He looked up. She was smiling down at him. “Don’t touch.”

“Why? It feels soft. It is very nice to touch.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Do you really have to say such ambiguous words with a straight face?

Ming Shu wanted to glance at the back of Yun Huang’s neck. She saw Yun Huang looking and coughed. “Sleep. Don’t randomly touch me. If you do, I will hit you.”

Yun Huang pursed his lips.

However, Ming Shu grabbed his hands so he couldn’t move. He just looked at her with empty eyes.

In the middle of the night, Yun Huang broke free from Ming Shu’s grip and sat up. The person beside him woke up.

Yun Huang looked like a student that was caught doing something illegal. He froze on the spot.

“Where do you want to go?”

Yun Huang pointed outside after a while.

“Why are you going out in the middle of the night?” Ming Shu’s tone seemed impatient. However, she got up, wrapped the blanket around him, and carried him out.

Yun Huang tapped Ming Shu’s shoulder gently and pointed at the direction where the pangolin was.

Ming Shu carried him over.

The pangolin’s corpse was still at the same place. Its heart was beside its corpse.

Yun Huang wanted to get down so Ming Shu placed him on a flat piece of land. She held him and made sure that he gained his balance.

Yun Huang looked at her and then looked at the corpse.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Someone will clean it up tomorrow.”

Yun Huang stared at her quietly for a few seconds. He shook his head slowly.

He walked out of Ming Shu’s arms and stood in front of the pangolin’s corpse. He started drawing.

It was a simple beast god pattern.

Yun Huang drew really quickly. He seemed to have drawn it many times.

When he finished, Yun Huang bit his fingers and let his blood drip in the middle of the beast god pattern.

Ming Shu saw the heart vanish without any warning.

Yun Huang seemed tired. He kneeled on the ground. Ming Shu went up and held onto him. “What is this? Did you really kill all the shapeshifters?”

“They… deserve to die.”


Yun Huang thought for a while. “Bad.”


How are they bad?

“Then what is the thing that you draw?” The shapeshifters thought that the murderer drew the beast god pattern as a form of blasphemy against the beast god.

However, that was not the truth.

Yun Huang shook his head. He didn’t know what it was. He only knew how to draw it.

Ming Shu: “…”

I am going to die, I am going to die.

The little demon seems like an idiot in this world.

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