City of Sin

Chapter 32

A Radiant Trauma

Richard approached her subconsciously, each step feeling like he was in dreamland as the light seemed about to brush against his face. He raised his arm to touch the dancing blues, but his fingers just passed through the magnificent colour and left him touching Sharon’s body straight-on. The point of contact seemed to explode with the might of a legendary spell, causing both Richard and Sharon to tremble involuntarily.

So in awe of the beauty and mystery of the Deepblue Aria was he that he could not even express himself right now with words or senses. He found that roiling blood gushing into his body once more, the most powerful it had ever been, and this time it could not be stopped. It engulfed his frozen consciousness once again. His hand couldn’t help but explore further, instinctively wandering up along the legendary mage’s glistening thighs.

At that moment, Richard suddenly felt like he’d awakened a volcano. A rumble sounded as Sharon seemingly ignited like a torch, blue flames spurting out to form a depthless azure around her. She gritted her teeth and lifted Richard up in one go, boundless mana surging into his body. Richard himself began to emit an elemental storm that tore his clothes apart before turning them to dust!

With a bang, Richard was thrown to the ground. The surface was extremely hard, and the impact was strong, but with all the mana Sharon had poured into him racing through every cell he felt no pain at all. However, the strong impact still numbed his limbs, leaving him unable to get up right away.

The legendary mage’s mana had not been able to suppress Richard’s berserking bloodline, and even as he lay down the mark of a mature male pointed sideways, aimed at her. “Damn it!” Sharon gritted out, moving ten metres in an instant to appear above him before she shot straight down. She pulled a blue band of the light around her, forming gigantic wings that covered most of the room. These wings were radiant, unwilling to dissipate so easily.

Richard’s body rose instinctively, welcoming this dazzling and ambiguous temptation as a bestial roar was shot out of his throat. He suddenly felt a certain part of his body enter a mysterious region, dark wet and powerful, and each powerful thrust seemed to bombard his nerves with a crushing sensation. He couldn’t help but howl, retaliating by sheer instinct as he placed his hands on her thighs and, grabbing tightly, doing all he could to head deeper and deeper in. Sharon’s tightly furrowed brows first began to relax, before they finally rose.

On that fated night, as the Deepblue dreamt, a boy became a man. Seven moons hung high in the sky, dying the night seven different colours as many people’s fates were altered.

Even the most special of days pass, however, and the Day of Destiny was no different. Morning light shone on Richard’s body to slowly wake him up; a new day had come. He found Sharon still there, lying in a deep sleep. Her body seemed flawless under the morning sun, shining with an ivory lustre. The two reddish bumps at her chest seemed to sense Richard’s gaze, beginning to tremble slightly. The azure patterns from the night before had already disappeared from her body, and everything seemed to be but a dream.

Everything was perfect, but their bodies were positioned oddly. Richard’s body was curled up, and his head rested in the curve of Sharon’s arm. His arms and legs were over hers, as if he was afraid she would escape, or as if he lacked a sense of security and independence. The legendary mage, in contrast, was lying down casually with her right arm around him as she slept in satisfaction.

Mornings were normally the time when men had the most energy, and as he began to recall the events of the previous night, Richard couldn’t control himself at the sight of the sleeping Sharon. His hands began to move, but the tiny movements immediately awakened the legendary mage. Sharon stretched out lazily, and then crisply slapped away the hand that was wiggling all over her body. She then unwillingly opened her eyes, feeling extremely uncomfortable as something hot and hard moved as it pressed into the side of her buttocks. She grabbed it by instinct and gave it a wring, causing Richard to let out a groan.

The legendary mage turned and opened her eyes, her gaze gradually brightening to let Richard know she was truly awake. She didn’t seem the least bit surprised to find him lying next to her, first covering her mouth to yawn a couple of times before she stretched for a while.

Richard could only continue moaning. Even as Sharon moved, his right hand was still on his member. On top of that the scene before him made his nose want to bleed, and he almost climaxed at that moment.

The legendary mage sat up and looked at Richard, actually asking, “Want more?”

Richard flushed, but nodded. He was at his most energetic age right now, and even if the blessing of wisdom meant one year of development was equal to three for others, he was still only as mature as a seventeen- or eighteen-year-old. Having just become a man, and especially with a woman like Sharon who was second to none, it was obvious he would want more.

“How many times do you want it?” the legendary mage began to laugh in a strange manner, the gentle woman from the night before seeming to be an illusion.

Richard actually began to think this through earnestly. He still had no idea of the limits of his body, but there was something he was sure of. No matter how much it was, it would not be enough. He felt full of energy, like he could persist even if he had to get it up twice. His blood stirred, fully supportive of his fantasies and unworried of being sucked dry.

“Three times,” Richard hesitated, “No… Five…”

Sharon suddenly burst into laughter, her right hand moving a few times and practically killing Richard who was already at the edge. She then stood up, waved her hand to summon new underwear and robes before she began to dress. “It’s day, so you don’t get any!”

A major disappointment… Richard silently stood up. He saw a full set of male clothing in the corner of the bedroom, and confirming with Precision that they were measured out for him, walked over to wear them.

Once clothed Richard felt like the awkwardness and apprehension had diminished. Sharon was no longer the woman who made him go completely crazy last night, instead that legendary mage that he knew before. She looked completely normal, as if nothing had happened at all, leaving him unable to adjust to the situation. Two very different Sharons matched up, leaving him unable to tell if the last night or this morning were dreams.

Sharon looked at Richard and then walked to the French window, gazing at the majestic view of the sun rising from behind the distant Everwinter Mountains, “Is there anything you want to say?”

Richard organised his feelings and forced himself to calm down, “Why? Also, what do you need me to do in the future?”

“Why?” The legendary mage laughed melodiously, and then said with a shrug, “What’s there to ask? It’s simple. I’ve been in a bad mood, so I took advantage of you. That’s all there is! Hm, if you really want a reason, then it should be enough that you’re tender and delicious!”

Seeing Richard turning slightly pale, Sharon could not resist the urge to laugh harder. It took her a while to continue, “To be honest, there is a reason. My favourite hobby is to leave some trauma in every powerful being that could change the history of Norland in the future. But everyone’s different, so I have to give them different psychological blows. I was thinking about you, and eventually decided that what I did last night was the best. I’d take your virginity! So from hereon, whenever you find another woman, you won’t be able to help but remember me! Haha!”

The legendary mage’s expression and tone made her words seem true, and Richard was speechless. He had to repeat his second question once she was done, “What do you need me to do, in the future?”

“The future…” Sharon suddenly went quiet. She sighed, stretching her left arm and pulling up the sleeve to reveal a tender forearm. Threads of blue mana began to appear on the snow-like skin, “The Deepblue Aria is a grade 6 rune, and Norland right now has knowledge only upto grade 5. If you wish to complete it, you’ll need to head to the depths of the boundless planes and look for its secrets.”

“I will explore the planes,” Richard said peacefully, not vowing or being hot-blooded.

“Then I’ll be waiting for you!” The dark blue rune slowly disappeared, and Sharon lifted her bright face, regaining her willful temperament. However, Richard now knew that the unrestrained, fearless legendary mage that everyone saw was not the true Sharon. The one wreathed in blue flames last midnight was truly her, or perhaps she was like him; one personality hidden so deeply nobody could find it.

The skies brightened as the Day of Destiny came to a close. A lonely Richard left Sharon’s residence, and as the magic gates behind him closed he couldn’t help but halt his footsteps to turn back and take a look. Their worlds were separated once more. Who knew when he would be able to open these magic doors again?

Sharon’s last words were still ringing in his ears, “You definitely can’t let anyone know about last night!”

Of course he wouldn’t do such a thing. This event, this experience… it was hidden deep inside his heart, stored carefully as the most valuable of treasures. It was the mage’s other declaration that brought a slight smile to his frozen face. Sharon had succeeded in leaving behind a mark in his heart after taking his first time. She’d branded her own trauma into him, one that would be difficult to eliminate.

Quite a radiant trauma, indeed.

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