City of Sin



Two more years have passed before I even knew it, and my fourth book has come to a close. I still can't believe it... When I first sat in front of my monitor to type out Blasphemy, I wouldn't have dreamed of coming far enough to do City of Sin. It's all thanks to you readers, who've supported me along the way in my endeavours. Whenever I think of the sheer number of people wanting to read my works, all laziness fades away and I get the strength to continue showcasing my worlds.

I've managed to try four different styles in four different books so far, all thanks to you guys. If not for the confidence that people would respond if I poured myself into fleshing out the worlds, I wouldn't dare to try and take the risks I have. I know that I will be forgiven for mistakes, so I try to avoid playing it safe. Not all hard work is rewarded like mine is, so thank you all for your support and understanding.

For a moment, I felt like my own destiny crystal shattered after City of Sin... Bah, such a thing couldn't exist in reality, but it does feel like my gateway into this world. Now that the shard is broken, the story has come to an end. However, there are many more shards gleaming before my eyes, and I don't know which one to share with you guys. My mind has already started wandering to other realities...

So, let's meet in the next world.


Fun coincidence, we've taken just over two years to finish the translation as well. Man was it a fun ride, but it's been a hectic one. Turns out I've edited 3.5 MILLION words in the past three years. For context, that's 3.5x the Harry Potter series in half the time. Or, 40 days of CONSTANTLY writing at a steady 60 words a minute without break. Once you think about it that way, it's a lot. Especially for someone who only does this part time; I was a college kid when I first joined Team OMA, but now I juggle two and a half jobs on top of doing this stuff.

Speaking of, I think I'm done, at least kinda. I've done a lot of things with CoS that I'd never imagined I could get to. I mean, we even had our own D&D game for a bit, for crying out loud! Then there were other stuff, like the art, the audio chapter... was a really fun ride. I've tried a number of things, and as far as web serials go I can be pretty content with what I've accomplished. I plan to stick around regardless, though, so you'll always find me in the discord.

So, about me saying kinda done. Well, at this point there were two ways I could go. One was the original plan, which was to get some writing experience and transition into hopefully having an original book up on this site myself (How many of you would be interested, by the way? Interested to know). The other option was to go further into editing, and for now that's what I've done. So I'm happy to say that the City of Sin ebooks are currently in production. I'm currently editing the first, and this time I'm trying to see how far you can stretch a web novel to make it read like a real book. It's new territory for me, but the series is being cleaned up, re-edited, reformatted, reordered, and a bunch of more re's to hopefully get it feeling at least somewhat like a normal book series. More announcements about that should be coming out soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Good day guys, cya.


Hey all, CoS is finally coming to a close! We started in December 2017, and finished 1420 chapters just before the end of February 2020. That's more than 200 chapters greater than WMW, so despite the lower peak release rate, our overall time scale has still been the same! It's been an amazing two years, and it wouldn't have been possible if not for the entire translation team and Theo. We've had people come and go over this duration, but I'd just like to let you all know that I'm proud of the work you do. To our readers, we express our heartfelt gratitude for gracing our work with their eyes. We haven't always been on time, even if we always made up for it, and you've been patient and understanding along the way. As always, I am always thankful to Overlord RWX and 17k for allowing us to bring this novel to the English-reading world, and to our amazing admin and technomancer duo of Jaspaar and Mitch who've helped us along the way no matter what it was that we needed.

Normally, this would be where I announce a new book that I'm taking up. However, I've been reading through dozens of books in the past few months and nothing yet seems to be what we're looking for. We've worked on two amazing projects back to back, and moving up from here is truly a tall task. Still, I hope you guys understand, and be there when we do finally pick up another series. Keep your eyes on this space and WW in general, I'll fill you all in soon.

Until then, see you guys in the next book!

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