Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chapter 49 – Avalanche

Chapter 49 – Avalanche

Translated by Sunyancai

There were three spare spearheads in his hide bag. In fact, there was a larger hide bag which contained more of these tools back in the cave. It was just, Shao Xuan didn’t have the time to grab that one when he was escaping.

Shao Xuan reached in his hide bag.

Every stone spearhead was crafted and polished by himself, and they felt quite familiar when he held them in his hand. It felt like he already would know its trajectory and effect before he throws it!

Old Ke had mentioned to Shao Xuan that each and every piece of stoneware had its own unique story, an excellent stoneware crafter could clearly sense that unique story, that is the power of its creator.

Back then, Shao Xuan did not understand what that felt like, however, now, he began to understand.

They were merely stone spearheads without their handles.

But it didn’t matter anymore, for he had a use for them anyway!!

When the Thorn Black Wind tried to pull out the sabre in its skull, Shao Xuan used the spearheads as darts and tossed two simultaneously towards one of the Thorn Black Wind’s eyes!

One spearhead deviated a little from its target, while the other one stabbed straight into its eye!


An even louder and angrier scream echoed through the snowy region. The whole space was nearly torn apart by that sound.

Shao Xuan was thinking whether he should throw the last spearhead into its other eye, but at that very second he heard a loud cracking sound coming from above his head in the distance, as if something just broke.

Hearing that sound, Shao Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, and the following rumbling noises confirmed his guess.

Shao Xuan felt his mind nearly explode, and he had neither anymore time nor any energy to deal with the Thorn Black Wind.

“Follow me!”

Shao Xuan looked around the surroundings, and told Mao to run after him.

The place they were running towards was a little higher than where they were before, and while running there, they could clearly feel the increasing depth of the layer of snow and stronger winds blowing against their faces.

What the hell is happening?

Mao was curious, and quite a few times he wanted to ask directly. The Thorn Black Wind was quite some distance away from them, and judging by its voice, it must have been experiencing unbearable pain from a severe wound. However, apparently, Shao Xuan was eager to run away for his life.

With the rumbling noise getting louder and louder, the anxiety in Mao’s heart grew bigger and bigger.

Shao Xuan felt the blood in his veins on the verge of boiling. Earlier they were fighting desperately with that Thorn Black Wind, and a minute later they were facing an avalanche. His nerves had been tense for quite a while without a moment of relaxation, and the totemic power he circulated was on the verge of overloading. His body felt exhausted. In fact, the thing that should be doing urgently was to find a good place to get some rest and calm down the unstable, almost-uncontrollable power inside his body. However, the situation did not allow them any time for resting.

Because of the earth-shattering roar of the Thorn Black Wind, which almost made Shao Xuan throw up some blood, somewhere on the top of the mountain, the snow layer got shattered as well. The cracking noise Shao Xuan heard was the sound of the snow and ice layer shattering. With the snow layer broken, large quantities of snow began to roll and slide down. It grew more and more heavy as it gathered more and more snow, and swept down the mountain like a flood.

The Thorn Black Wind seemed to have felt something as well, so it gave up on trying to pull out the blade in its head, and began to act anxiously. It sensed that some unknown danger was approaching quickly and the tremors had spread all over its body through the trembling ground. Even a domineering species like itself wanted to turn and run away immediately.

Regardless of the wounds he had on its head and eyes, it could still track the direction at which those two little buggers escaped to. Should it go down the mountain, or continue to chase after them?

Immediately, the Thorn Black Wind made a decision and it directly ran in Shao Xuan’s direction. Its intuition told it that those two little bastards might have a way of avoiding the danger. Besides, it went through a lot of trouble getting up here, and even got stabbed by that little bugger. It felt reluctant to give up now, for it still held the thoughts of biting them both to death.

Shao Xuan at that moment did not have the time nor the thought to pay attention to whether they were still being chased by that Thorn Black Wind. All he wanted to do was to hide behind that giant stone ahead, which was the only suitable shelter in the area.

Heavy and enormous snow bulks ran down the mountain with terrifying rumbling noises, which trembled the ground.

Mao felt more and more exhausted while he was running behind Shao Xuan. However, the looming crisis forced him to hang in there. Shao Xuan had fought directly with the Thorn Black Wind, which must have cost him much more energy. Since he had no intention of slowing down, Mao felt that he should not be having any useless thoughts. So he gritted his teeth and kept following.

The approaching rumbling noise made Mao feel as if the whole mountain was about to collapse. He did not know what that was, but the pressure made it difficult for him to breathe.

It was getting closer!

And closer!

Shao Xuan rushed behind that giant stone, which was connected with the mountain, for he found it the most stable place in this area.

“Grab the stone and close your mouth! Hold your breath in a bit!” Shao Xuan said to Mao.

The huge snow bulk was fast approaching, so was the Thorn Black Wind that chased after them.

Seeing that cursed Thorn Black Wind, Shao Xuan really wanted to curse it to hell. However, they could not leave this place, because there was nowhere else to hide in.

At that time, Shao Xuan prayed in his heart, hoping for the avalanche to come sooner, and flush that trouble away.

That Thorn Black Wind sped up and now it was only about ten meters away from Shao Xuan and Mao.

There were spindrifts of snow flying around, while the giant mouth with numerous sharp teeth was rushing towards them.

It was just that the giant mouth was a little bit late.

Shao Xuan took a deep breath and held the stone tight. When the rumbling noise arrived, he closed his eyes.

When the avalanche arrived, Shao Xuan heard an unwilling roar of the Thorn Black Wind and he could even smell its stinky breath.

The Thorn Black Wind could merely roar before it was drowned in that avalanche rushing by. Later, there were only terrible sounds, which made people think that it was the end of the world.

Although they were hidden behind a huge stone, Shao Xuan and Mao still got buried in the snow for quite some time. Without knowing how long it had been, Shao Xuan pushed the snow above him away when the rumbling sound faded and the snow stopped pouring down.

Icy air rushed into his lungs with a tingling cold sensation. However, Shao Xuan finally got the chance to ease his taut nerves.

There was no Thorn Black Wind in his vision. Apparently, it got flushed away somewhere. Alive or dead, at least it was not a threat anymore for Shao Xuan and Mao temporarily.

“For now…are we safe?” Mao was still recovering from the shock. He had never encountered anything like that.

“Yes, for now.”

At Shao Xuan’s words, Mao suddenly got relieved.

“What…what was that…earlier?” After a moment of rest, Mao asked, with some uneased fright in his voice.


“Avalanche?” Mao searched his memory and he was sure he had not heard that term before. However, he remembered a similar story which his grandpa, the Chief, told him a long time ago. It was just that it did not excite him, and he preferred stories with ferocious beasts involved. Now with his own firsthand experience, he knew that when in times like this, nature’s power was far more terrifying than any ferocious beast. For some time, he even felt like the whole mountain was about to fall down on his head.

They had survived, for the second time. However, Shao Xuan and Mao dared not run around, for no one knew whether there would be a second avalanche. If there was another one, they might not find a shelter as suitable as this one.

Out of fear for having other accidents, they dared not fall asleep as well. Perhaps they would never wake up again if they fell asleep.

After resting for a while, Shao Xuan asked Mao about the Thorn Black Wind. Mao had not seen the Thorn Black Wind in person before, but he briefly explained the story that had happened during last hunting mission, which he heard from his father. Now, the trouble started by Ah-Fei had befallen them.

“Fuck!” Shao Xuan cursed in a low voice, “I’m going to beat him up hard when we get back!”

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