Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 663 - 80- Reece – The Twins Get To Work (VOLUME 4)




There seemed to be an immediate change in Chloe now that she knew that I wasn't afraid or repulsed by her. She seemed to feel some kind of relief at not having to hide herself, or something along those lines. She must go through life with so much anxiety when she meets new people.

"We will start immediately." Chloe seemed to be nodding as she looked at me. Perhaps she could see how eager I was for them to tell me whatever they could about my wife's condition.

"Yes, please. I would be so grateful if you would." I think I was about to bounce forward with the excitement that was bubbling inside of me at that moment. Someone else obviously seemed to notice it and he was about to do something about it.

"Come on, Reece." Trevor grabbed my shoulders as I was about to basically grovel at the feet of these twins. OK, I wasn't on my hands and knees or anything, but I would have done that if I needed to. I would do anything if it meant that I could get my wife back. I would do whatever it took to have my Little Bunny hold me back when I hugged her. "Let them do what they need to do." Trevor pulled me away from my Little Bunny's side so that I was forced to just watch on from several feet away.

"Charlie, should I try first or you?" Chloe wasn't looking at her brother when she spoke. She was looking at my Little Bunny's face, and taking in the pale, peaceful look that she was wearing. She was peaceful right now, but she didn't always look like that. There were times when her face looked troubled and that was something that I just didn't understand at all. If she wasn't in her body, if her soul and therefore consciousness, were not in there how could she look troubled by whatever was happening to her?

"You try first, Chloe. If you cannot, then I will try alone before we try together." The man responded to his sister as he too watched my Little Bunny's face.

"Yes, brother." Chloe nodded as she took off her heavy green cloak so she could set it aside.

I could see that Chloe's clothes were just as crumpled by the thick fur that was underneath them. Her clothes were loose fitting but still affected by the natural way that she looked. Under her cloak I also saw that her clothes were covered in markings that shimmered in the light.

"The marks are spells." Trevor answered the question that I hadn't even gotten to ask him yet. "I had been surprised by them when I first saw them as well, and they explained to me that these spells keep them from seeing all of the spirits in the world unless they want to. If they had to be forced to see the ghosts all around us on a daily basis, it would most likely drive them insane."

"Are there really that many ghosts in the world?" I was shocked by what he was saying.

"There are more than you would think. And the thing is, these are the people that have strong emotional attachments to people and things. They told me that most ghosts are those with regrets. Somehow, these ghosts find a crack in the barrier between the worlds and that allows them to come back."

I was trying to process what Trevor had just told me. I never would have thought that there were that many ghosts around us on a daily basis. 

"So, what happens when ghosts come back from that other side?" My curiosity just couldn't be quelled right now. 

"Well, according to Charlie and Chloe, most of them are harmless. There are just so many people who can't bear to leave things behind. Things left unsaid or things like that. However, there are those with more intense emotions. People who lived violent lives that wanted to hide who and what they were. People who were capable of doing some truly bad things. Those people that were filled with so much anger and rage, or people that had severely broken hearts are the types that you don't want to come back. Those ones tend to be the poltergeists that you hear about."

"Holy fucking shit!" I did my best to keep the words at a whisper, but it was still really loud. "Poltergeists are real?"

"Yeah, that was my reaction as well." Trevor laughed at me. "Now hush, they need to work." He was trying his best not to laugh at me as I tried to get my thoughts in order. This was definitely not something that I was expecting.

"How do they know so much about ghosts and things like that? How did they get to know about this power of theirs?" I simply couldn't stop asking questions.

"Apparently, those with the ability to speak to the dead or to lost souls, will be like a conduit to the underworld. There will be a hardwire that connects them and the souls will just seek them out. The ghosts will either talk to them directly. Or they might just use the connection to find other victims that are close to them. From what Charlie and Chloe told me, some of them will make sure that the 'sensitive' ones don't become aware of them so that they could just keep terrorizing people."

"Does that mean that everyone with the ability to speak to these souls could banish them or something?" I was wondering why they would otherwise ignore the ones that could see them.

"Not all of them, but the souls will never know whether their conduit can banish them or not. Therefore, it's safer for the soul to not make themselves known."

"I'm confused." I looked at Trevor with my head tilted to the side. "Didn't you say that the twins would be seeing these ghosts all the time if they didn't wear their spelled clothes? How is that possible if the souls try not to make themselves known?"

"Ah, that is where the uniqueness of the twins comes into play again. Because they are what they are, so much more powerful than the average conduit, they can't stop seeing the ghosts and souls unless they wear them. They used to scream every day from what the ghosts showed them until someone helped them to block it all out."

"That had to be truly unbearable." I shook my head as I looked back at the twins. "I could never imagine a life like that."

I was looking at these two in a new light now. There was so much about them that I just didn't understand. Right now, I was trying to figure out if I should feel sorry for them or be proud of them for having survived it all. Probably the latter of the two. 

"It's time to be quiet. I want to see them work. I want to know what it's like when they talk to a ghost that is in a castle.." Trevor was in awe right now, and I really couldn't blame him for it.

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