Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3690: Shattering the Central Divine Hall (Two)

Chapter 3690: Shattering the Central Divine Hall (Two)

The Primeval Divine Hall, the sword spirits, and the Source of Life were all trying to come up with ideas. Their knowledge and experience obviously outclassed Jian Chen’s.

However, even when they had all followed Grand Exalts in the past, possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge of many secrets of the world, they could not come up with any method to conceal the traces left behind after fusing the twin swords.

The conditions were far too limited. Moreover, they only had three years at most.

Even if they had a way to erase the traces and presence, they could not make it in time.

For a moment, Jian Chen sank into his thoughts. To him, shattering the central divine hall of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants was not difficult. The troublesome part was covering up the traces.

Don’t tell me my only option is to expose the twin swords prematurely?” Jian Chen’s eyes shone. Exposing the twin swords was the worst-case scenario.

Suddenly, Jian Chen had a flash of inspiration and remembered something.

Immediately, he set up a simple formation around him, blocking out any spying eyes.

Jian Chen sat down in the simple obscuring formation. Suddenly, a colourful item appeared in his hands.

It was a colorful, diamond-shaped piece of rock the size of a milling wheel.

It was the Fortune God Jade!

The Fortune God Jade was extremely special. Even sovereigns who had comprehended laws to completion and had become existences akin to the heavenly ways could not detect them with the senses of their souls.

All experts could only ever find Fortune God Jade with their naked eyes. Without their eyes, even Grand Exalts could not detect the existence of Fortune God Jade.

As a result, Jian Chen was not worried about divulging the existence of the Fortune God Jade with his simple obscuring formation.

The Fortune God Jade can be regarded as the most special treasure in my possession. Its function is rather mystical as well. It can obscure all attempts at sensing it. I wonder if the Fortune God Jade is of any use here,” Jian Chen thought to himself. In the past, he had always treated the Fortune God Jade as an item for cultivation, stowing it away carefully. He never thought the Fortune God Jade would be of any other assistance.

Master, why have you suddenly turned your attention towards the Fortune God Jade?” the sword spirits asked curiously.

I don’t know. I just suddenly thought of the Fortune God Jade,” Jian Chen said absent-mindedly and began studying it.

The sword spirits said nothing more. All of their understanding regarding Fortune God Jade came from the Grand Exalt they had followed in the past. With the unparalleled talent of Grand Exalts, the greatest or perhaps the only use of Fortune God Jade was for comprehending the ways.

After all, Grand Exalts also needed to grasp multiple ways. When they comprehended a second, a third, or even more ways, they would also have to rely on some wondrous items of the world.

As a result, even if Fortune God Jade had any other functions, they were useless to Grand Exalts.

Even Grand Exalts can’t detect Fortune God Jade with the senses of their souls. The Fortune God Jade shouldn’t be so simple,” Jian Chen thought to himself. To this day, apart from the piece of Fortune God Jade in his possession, the other known pieces were with the Anatta Grand Exalt and the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. As a result, probably even the knowledge of the sword spirits was incomplete.

Jian Chen held the Fortune God Jade in his hands and studied it closely. He tapped around it and shut his eyes from time to time, attempting to see if he could find anything unique about it with his special soul that had merged with Chaotic Force.

This was the first time he had brought out the Fortune God Jade to the outside world and studied it like this since he obtained it. In the past, he either stored it in a divine hall or he hid it in the space in his soul.

Hmm?” Suddenly, Jian Chen let out a gasp. When he placed the Fortune God Jade in the outside world, he sensed that a small region of space around the Fortune God Jade changed slightly.

The change was exceedingly minute. If he had not reached Immortal Emperor, which bestowed him with extremely sharp senses, coupled with his proactive observations, probably even he would have missed this slight change in the surrounding space.

“A mysterious power that cannot be sensed seems to permeate the region within thirty metres of the Fortune God Jade. This power seems to be able to erase all traces.” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up slightly as he began to observe it even more closely.

In the end, he finally confirmed that the indetectable mysterious power from the Fortune God Jade was indeed capable of purifying all traces and presences, but the range was very limited. It only covered thirty metres.

On top of that, the purification was not completed instantly. It would require over ten days at the very least.

If I fuse the twin swords, its presence will be projected over an extremely wide area. The Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants has a powerful presence to block it, so it won’t necessarily reach outside. However, even if it doesn’t reach outside, just the area of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants is expansive enough.

It’s impossible for me to cleanse all of the presence across such a large sect in three short years with a single piece of Fortune God Jade.

Jian Chen lowered his head in thoughtd before suddenly gritting his teeth. A god artifact sword shining with violet light suddenly appeared in his hands.

That was one of the twin swords, the Zi Ying sword!

At this moment, a saint core from the Spiritsages was embedded in the hilt. The saint core was equivalent to a source of energy. Tremendous amounts of energy flowed into the Zi Ying sword, allowing it to radiate with the might of a high quality god artifact at that moment.

Wielding the Zi Ying sword, Jian Chen channelled his Chaotic Force into the weapon, and it immediately shone brightly. Afterwards, he unexpectedly swung it towards the Fortune God Jade.

Boom! With a rumble, the Fortune God Jade was unscathed.

Master, Fortune God Jade is a wondrous item of the world. It’s almost indestructible. If there is a power that can destroy it, perhaps only Grand Exalts and the fusion of the twin swords can achieve it,” said Qing Suo.

Jian Chen became momentarily lost. He was obviously aware of the Fortune God Jade’s toughness as well. Even he did not know why he had suddenly swung the sword at the Fortune God Jade. It seemed as if he had done everything out of instinct.

But shortly afterwards, Jian Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared straight at the Fortune God Jade.

Through the five-coloured haze from the Fortune God Jade, he could clearly see some tiny substance that resembled dust falling from it.

It seemed like dust that was stuck to the Fortune God Jade. It possessed the special characteristics of Fortune God Jade, where it could not be detected with any senses. It could only be seen with the naked eye. Their existence could only be observed under extreme caution.

The substance that resembled dust drifted off the Fortune God Jade. Each speck of dust was like a complete Fortune God Jade, silently influencing the space thirty metres around it.

With a wave of his hand, all of the dust ended up in Jian Chen’s hand, shining with multicoloured light.

He stared straight at the dust as his eyes gradually lit up.

In the next moment, Jian Chen swung the Zi Ying sword at the Fortune God Jade again.

With another rumble, the Fortune God Jade was unscathed, but some more of the fine dust was shaken off.

This dust-like substance actually also possesses the ability to cleanse all traces and presences. Each speck of dust can affect an area of thirty metres. If I collect enough dust and sprinkle them everywhere, wouldn’t I be able to erase all of the traces and presences I leave behind in the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants? Even the Immortal Exalt ancestors of the Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants won’t be able to find anything if they turn back time with their great abilities.” Jian Chen’s eyes were filled with excitement.

Afterwards, he cut right to the chase. He swung the Zi Ying sword again and again at the Fortune God Jade and began collecting the dust that fell off the Fortune God Jade.

But after swinging the sword a few times, Jian Chen felt like the disturbance he created was a little big, so he changed his method and used the Zi Ying sword as a saw, using the sharp edge to grind against the Fortune God Jade.

Hmm, the Fortune God Jade seems to be incredibly tough. It’s indestructible in most places. It seems like I can only grind away some of the powder from the four corners?” Jian Chen discovered something, but he did not investigate it in depth. Instead, he used the Zi Ying sword to grind away at one of the corners of the Fortune God Jade. The substance that was even finer than dust gathered in Jian Chen’s hand.

After several days, Jian Chen had already gathered a tiny pile the size of his fingernail. It seemed to be extremely small, but the pile of dust actually contained millions of tiny grains. After all, each grain was even smaller than ash.

One of the corners of the diamond-shaped Fortune God Jade also became much flatter.

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