Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3650: Scheming After the Orchid

Chapter 3650: Scheming After the Orchid

“Fellow Lin, who are you exactly?” Elder Nong responded quickly and immediately took out the stone golem. Twenty small swords of jade hovered above his head as well, radiating with a strange pressure. He was ready to establish the Great Spatial Sword Formation at any moment.

The stone golem combined with the incomplete Great Spatial Sword Formation endowed elder Nong with the ability to fend off Third Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperors.

However, Lin Sen was unfazed. He stood up slowly and looked at Jian Chen, smiling gently. “Interesting. You actually saw through me. Sect master Chang, how did you see through me?”

“This is not what you should be concerned with right now. What you should be concerned with is yourself,” said Jian Chen. Shortly afterwards, he looked at the Immortal Devouring Orchid nearby, and a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes. “You actually got so close to the Immortal Devouring Orchid without any repulsion from the Immortal Devouring Orchid. Looks like the pillar of support of our Sword Sect of Violet Heavens approves of you very much.”

“Hahaha, that would be natural. All plants in the world are close to me. Let alone this mutated Immortal Devouring Orchid, but even plants stronger, rarer, and more extraordinary than the Immortal Devouring Orchid will develop a sense of closeness with me. It is perfectly normal for the pillar of support of your Sword Sect of Violet Heavens to recognise me,” Lin Sen said rather complacently.

Shortly afterwards, he sneered and said with a strange tone, “Sect master Chen, you said I should be concerned about myself? You have puzzled me a little bit regarding that. How should I be concerned about myself?”

“You should be concerned about whether you can leave the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens alive or not.” Intense killing intent flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. He could clearly tell that the person before him was after the Immortal Devouring Orchid.

Lin Sen was taken aback, but he was not frightened. He chuckled. “Looks like the sect master doesn’t welcome me. However, I do have to make this clear beforehand. If the sect master doesn’t welcome me, it’s a colossal loss to your esteemed sect.”

As he said that, Lin Sen casually fished out a few pills from his Space Ring and tossed them towards the Immortal Devouring Orchid with great familiarity. “Little Li, come, this is for you. The plant essence within these pills are of tremendous benefit to you. Ingesting them over long periods of time can improve your constitution and even elevate your nature.” The pills that Lin Sen took out were all mid grade God Tier.

But what happened next made elder Nong and Chen Shifang widen their eyes. The Immortal Devouring Orchid did not reject the God Tier pills that Lin Sen tossed over. Instead, it opened its mouth and proactively swallowed the pills as if it enjoyed them very much.

“This-” Elder Nong and Chen Shifang looked at one another. Their faces were rather ugly. They had already learnt that the Immortal Devouring Orchid was raised by Jian Chen. If its master was not around, then so be it, but the Immortal Devouring Orchid actually accepted pills from others without any hesitation right in front of its master.

In particular, the outsider was antagonist to its master. This was basically no different from a slap to its master’s face.

At this moment, elder Nong and Chen Shifang even began to wonder whether the Immortal Devouring Orchid had betrayed them or not.

The Immortal Devouring Orchid’s cooperation immediately made Lin Sen smile complacently. He smiled at Jian Chen. “Little Li is the name that I came up with. What do you think? It’s a nice name, isn’t it?”

Jian Chen frowned. His eyes flickered with uncertainty. The Immortal Devouring Orchid’s behaviour was rather abnormal.

Master, p-please don’t get angry. I-I can’t control myself a little.” At this moment, a mental pulse appeared in Jian Chen’s head.

He had once communicated with the Immortal Devouring Orchid through his consciousness, so he could not be any more familiar with this pulse. It was the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s mind.

Jian Chen did not reply. The Immortal Devouring Orchid proactively explained. “Master, I have a fatal attraction towards these God Tier pills. I struggle to resist their temptation, and I’ve been ingesting them instinctively. I have a strong feeling that if I ingest a little more, it’s extremely likely for me to rise up further as a higher life form.

These pills shouldn’t be that simple. Be careful. You might end up falling under the control of others if you ingest too much,” Jian Chen replied rather angrily, but he felt surprised inside as well. After all, this was the first time he had communicated so clearly with the Immortal Devouring Orchid.

It was as if the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s intelligence had truly begun to mature during the millennium he was gone. In the past, it could only communicate its thoughts through its consciousness, unable to use words.

But now, it was already capable of communicating through the use of clear and concise words.

Master, the pills do contain some bad substances. If I were another plant, even if I became an Immortal Exalt, I probably would not be able to escape the fate of being controlled. However, I’m an exception, as I’m able to separate anything bad. Even if I can’t separate it out, I can wear it down slowly with my power. My power has already changed after devouring the Heaven-splitting Divine Force and the corpses of Xuanhuang beasts,” the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Master, this person is useful to me. I want to take him as a prisoner so that he spends the rest of his life refining pills for me. Please give me permission.” Before Jian Chen could reply, the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s voice rang out again with a sense of urgency.

When he heard that, Jian Chen’s expression immediately became strange.

Take this person as a prisoner? Have him spend the rest of his life refining pills?

The Immortal Devouring Orchid could even develop thoughts like that?

“I originally planned on staying in the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens for a few more years. After all, leaving now would be a little too soon. However, since the sect master has already asked me to leave, I’ll have to leave a little early.” At this moment, Lin Sen took out a jade bottle and poured out five other pills that were identical to before, tossing them to the Immortal Devouring Orchid. The Immortal Devouring Orchid swallowed all of them immediately.

The pills contained the pure essence of plants. It was irresistible to all plants in the world.

However, the plant essence also bore some special energy.

After the Immortal Devouring Orchid ingested the pills, they immediately dissolved in its body. The pure essence was absorbed by the Immortal Devouring Orchid, while the special energy in the pills was perfectly separated out.

Lin Sen stared at the Immortal Devouring Orchid and smiled brightly. “You’ve ingested all one hundred and eight Spirit Transformation pills. Even though you ate the last few in a bit of a hurry, they’ve still had several hundred years of influence on you after all. As a result, it should make no difference.”

“Let’s go, little Li. Since the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens doesn’t welcome us, we’ll go elsewhere,” Lin Sen said to himself, about to leave.

However, the Immortal Devouring Orchid rooted on the rock refused to budge.

Lin Sen was taken aback. He looked at the Immortal Devouring Orchid in some surprise and beckoned softly, “Little Li?” He formed a seal with his hands, and the Immortal Devouring Orchid immediately began to tremble.

Within the colossal black space inside the Immortal Devouring Orchid’s body, a fist-sized ball of black fluid hovered quietly, radiating with a unique presence.

At this moment, the black fluid began to slowly wriggle with Lin Sen’s seal. The two of them seemed to establish an obscure connection.

There’s a response!” Lin Sen immediately beamed with joy, but in the next moment, the Immortal Devouring Orchid suddenly opened its mouth, forming a gloomy hole. It spat out the ball of black fluid accumulated within its body. With a swish, the black fluid immediately flew over to Lin Sen as if it was alive.

Lin Sen’s face immediately turned ugly. He said in a daze, “Impossible, this is impossible. H-how did you manage to separate it…”

“Looks like you wanted to control the Immortal Devouring Orchid, but you still ended up underestimating the Immortal Devouring Orchid. How can it be controlled so easily by you?” Jian Chen sneered slightly.

Elder Nong and Chen Shifang sighed in relief inside. Their nerves finally settled back down.

That moment earlier had truly left them quite frightened. The Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor Immortal Devouring Orchid had already become crucial to the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. Losing it would be a colossal blow to the sect.

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