Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3627: Divine Formation of the Heavens

Chapter 3627: Divine Formation of the Heavens

Jian Chen immediately gave up on the thought of staying on the fourth floor after Immortal Exalt Wei Qi’s explanation. The sooner he obtained the Stainless Qi, the better it was for him, as he did not have that much time to waste here at all, nor did he have any plans of going with the flow like Immortal Exalt Wei Qi and the others.

Afterwards, he summoned the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City again. Shielded personally by the artifact spirit, he took out a large number of God Tier heavenly resources from the space in his soul. They all came from the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Of course, they were all low grade as well.

Ever since he reached Immortal Emperor, the effects of low grade God Tier heavenly resources had greatly diminished. They were no longer as important as before. As a result, he only held onto the mid grade or higher grade heavenly resources.

There were a total of nine floors to the sacred land of the Observance Heaven City. The further up he ventured, the more he would have to offer. When Jian Chen entered the fifth floor, it cost him a total of thirty low grade God Tier heavenly resources.

There were even fewer people on the fifth floor, only around a dozen in total. There were no Immortal Exalts, all of them Immortal Monarchs or Immortal Emperors.

As a matter of fact, because there were far too few Immortal Emperors, they were unable to occupy all five stone pillars. As such, there was even an Immortal Monarch on one of the stone pillars.

However, Jian Chen still did not find Ye Qingyun on this floor.

There was only one explanation to this situation, which was Ye Qingyun was further up.

“So it’s senior Chang Yang. Please, senior Chang Yang. This place belongs to you.” At this moment, the only Immortal Monarch sitting on one of the five pillars proactively flew over and bowed towards Jian Chen politely with his fist clasped.

Jian Chen was not unfamiliar with this Immortal Monarch. He was one of the ten Hundred Immortal Commandants under his command, Jian Shiyi!

“I didn’t expect you to actually come to the fifth floor!” Jian Chen stared at Jian Shiyi in surprise. Originally, he thought that Jian Shiyi was only an ordinary elder of the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords, but it seemed like his origins were probably quite impressive too.

That was because the price that had to be paid to enter the fifth floor was so great that even Immortal Exalts had to properly consider whether it was worth it, let alone Jian Shiyi who was only an Immortal Monarch.

“I’ve made a fool of myself before you, senior!” Jian Shiyi smiled gently, showing modesty while not being disrespectful.

Jian Chen glanced at Jian Shiyi deeply and said, “You better go cultivate on the stone pillar. No matter what I do here, I can’t steal the place of one of my own men. If I really needed a place, I’d obviously find somewhere else.” As he said that, Jian Chen subconsciously glanced at one of the four Immortal Emperors on the stone pillars.

He was Immortal Emperor Sen Yang who had just reconstructed his body.

Sensing Jian Chen’s gaze, Immortal Emperor Sen Yang’s expression immediately changed. His gaze was sunken and gloomy. He thought Jian Chen wanted to steal his spot.

He had only just reconstructed his body. His body and his soul had yet to merge completely. Under this state, let alone Jian Chen, he could not necessarily defeat certain opponents far weaker than him.

However, right when Immortal Emperor Sen Yang debated over whether to give up his position proactively, Jian Chen vanished into the entrance to the next floor.

“He’s gone to the sixth floor?” Immortal Emperor Sen Yang was taken aback. Shortly afterwards, he relaxed completely. His nerves immediately settled down.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already arrived on the sixth floor of the sacred land. However, there were even fewer people on this floor. There were only three people in total, such that one of the four stone pillars in the centre of the place remained empty.

The sixth floor still was not Jian Chen’s final destination. He continued onwards without stopping, offering up another large number of heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang Microcosm and making his way to the seventh floor.

The seventh floor was empty, without a single person in sight!

With Jian Chen’s appearance, he became the only person on this floor.

“You still have a lot of Xuanhuang Qi on you, don’t you?”

On the seventh floor, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City appeared proactively this time around. Its voice no longer contained the same mechanical coldness as before. Instead, there were some emotions. There was a form of eagerness and desire.

Jian Chen followed the voice and looked over. All he saw was the artifact spirit hovering by his side in a white dress. There were some hints of urgency on her picturesque face.

As the artifact spirit of a sovereign god artifact, very few items could interest it technically speaking. There were even fewer treasures that could lead to a reaction like this. However, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City actually demonstrated such a yearning for heavenly resources with Xuanhuang Qi, which immediately made Jian Chen sink into his thoughts.

“I still have quite a bit on me, but I don’t have a lot at God Tier anymore. I don’t know if you want any below God Tier.” After saying that, an Immortal Tier heavenly resource appeared quietly with a flip of his hand.

As soon as it heard how Jian Chen still had quite a bit, the artifact spirit’s eyes immediately shone brightly. It was unable to contain its excitement. “What I’m actually after is the Xuanhuang Qi on them and not the heavenly resources themselves. As a result, as long as they’re from the Xuanhuang Microcosm, they’re all the same to me regardless of their grade.”

“It’s just that heavenly resources of higher grade have a little more Xuanhuang Qi, which is why they’re worth a little more.”

Reaching there, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City seemed to think of something. It suddenly became rather hesitant.After faltering for a good while, it said with hesitation, “Then… Jian Chen, c-c-could you give me a little more Xuanhuang Qi? I’m really in need of it.”

Jian Chen’s eyes shone when he heard that. He smiled and said, “I can only offer Xuanhuang Qi to you through exchanges, but as it seems right now, I will only offer up enough Xuanhuang Qi for me to make it to the ninth floor and get enough time in the sacred land. If that’s not enough for you and you want more, you’ll have to use Stainless Qi to exchange it with me.”

“How about this? I’ll provide you with a large amount of Xuanhuang Qi, and you’ll give me enough Stainless Qi?”

“No, I can’t give Stainless Qi to anyone. This is master’s orders. I can’t defy that.” The artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City shook its head in a hurry. Its eyes flickered rapidly. It still refused to give up. “However, while I can’t directly give you Stainless Qi, I can offer other items in exchange for it.”

The artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City extended its finger and pointed out a few times. Immediately, several hundred balls of shining light appeared out of nowhere. Some of them were bottles of mysterious pills and some were jade slips that contained mysterious information. There were even all sorts of god artifacts.

“I have many high quality god artifacts, as well as various cultivation methods, legacies, abilities, and techniques. I even have supreme grade God Tier pills…” The artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City introduced the items to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was not particularly interested in what it mentioned at the beginning. Even when it came to sovereign god artifacts, he possessed multiple of them, so he obviously would not be interested in high quality god artifacts. He was not exactly in desperate need of cultivation methods or secret techniques either.

However, when he heard supreme grade God Tier pills, he could not help but shudder inside.

He had seen his fair share of high grade God Tier pills. He had even used them before. However, he had basically never encountered any supreme grade God Tier pills that surpassed the high grade.

Supreme grade God Tier pills were basically items of legends to Immortal Emperors like him.

Master, ask it for the Divine Formation of the Heavens.” At this moment, the sword spirits’ voices rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

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