Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3612: The Five Commanders

Chapter 3612: The Five Commanders

In one of the five commander’s estates in the Observance Heaven City, five figures levitated with their legs crossed as they converged together.

Despite all of them erasing their presences, wisps of chilling pressure still leaked out every now and then, filling the entire hall.

The pressure was so great that it had reached Immortal Exalt.

The five of them were all Immortal Exalts!

“The Immortal Feather sect still deserves us to do this favour. The Wayless Immortal Exalt wants to understand just how many times the treasure that Chang Yang possesses can heal him, so is there anything wrong with us doing that for him? After all, I’m certain you’re all very curious about the secret treasure on Chang Yang that can basically heal injuries endlessly as well,” said one of the five Immortal Exalts. His voice was elderly but filled with vigour.

He was a ruddy old man. People referred to him as the Truepeer Immortal Exalt. He was a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, as well as one of the five commanders of the Observance Heaven City.

“Chang Yang is an independent cultivator. He has nothing to tie him down, so he doesn’t even fear the Immortal Feather sect. That’s more than enough to demonstrate that he’s not to be threatened. Now that we want him to show us his secret, do you think he’ll agree?” said another Immortal Exalt. He was a well-studied middle-aged man. He wore simple white robes and gave off the aura of a scholar.

He was Ji Yun, a Second Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt and one of the five commanders of the Observance Heaven City.

“This is the Observance Heaven City. The Observance Heaven City has its own rules. In this extremely special city, there are many things beyond his will.” A third person sneered. He was also an old man. He had a horrific scar across his face, and his gaze was sharp, giving off a sense of viciousness.

He was called Sha Yun, a Second Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt and also one of the five commanders.

The two other commanders were Ye Beifeng and Wei Qi. They both sat there quietly.

“Oh right. Ye Beifeng, that Ye Qingyun seems to be your junior. In the final match, he ate something that actually allowed his cultivation and comprehension to reach Immortal Exalt completely. Through all the years I’ve lived, I’ve never heard of a pill that can allow a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor to temporarily reach Immortal Exalt.” Sha Yun turned his head towards Ye Beifeng and smiled. “Your junior must have received an impressive legacy.”

“Everyone has their own fortituous encounters and luck. Qingyun is obviously no exception either. However, I really don’t know what kind of legacy he obtained, nor do I want to know,” Ye Beifeng said calmly. He did not dare to offend any of the people present. Apart from him, the four other people all had backgrounds. Even stronger Immortal Exalts stood behind them.

Only he served as the sole support of the Ye family!

He had a connection to the Master of Fire Virtue, but the Master of Fire Virtue did not belong to the Ye family at the end of the day.

“As for the pill that Qingyun ingested at the very end, the effects are very powerful, enough for a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor to temporarily reach Immortal Exalt, but the price that comes with it is extremely heavy as well. You’ve all seen what happened to Qingyun. Just the backlash from the pill almost made Qingyun lose his body.”

“Moreover, I’m certain that Qingyun doesn’t possess another pill like that on him.” Ye Beifeng added.

He was well aware that some of them were interested in the pill in Ye Qingyun’s possession.

“Commander, Immortal Emperor Chang Yang is waiting outside the estate.” At this moment, an attendant ran in, dropped down on one knee, and reported politely.

“Is he finally here? Wei Qi, this is your territory. It’ll all be up to you next.” The Truepeer Immortal Exalt smiled gently and turned towards Immortal Exalt Wei Qi on the side.

Immortal Exalt Wei Qi nodded and said to the attendant, “Let Chang Yang in.”

“Yes, commander!” The attendant accepted the order and backed away politely.

Very soon, Jian Chen entered the commander’s estate in simple clothes. He glanced past the five figures levitating in the air with crossed legs. His heart sank slightly, but his expression did not change. He clasped his fist. “Greetings, seniors!”

Immortal Exalt Wei Qi introduced the four other Immortal Exalts to Jian Chen before telling him, “Chang Yang, you’ve truly widened our horizons by claiming the Thousand Immortal General’s post with your strength as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor.”

“You’ve overstated my achievements, senior. I completely relied on something external to make it to the very end.” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

“External items are also a manifestation of strength, just like how no one in the Immortals’ World would willingly abandon the use of immortal artifacts, god artifacts, and pills,” Immortal Exalt Wei Qi said calmly before pausing for a moment. His gaze towards Jian Chen immediately lit up. “Chang Yang, not only has that wondrous item which can heal your injuries instantly piqued my interest, but it has also left my four fellows extremely curious. We were wondering if you could satisfy our curiosity and widen our horizons.”

Truepeer, Ji Yun, Sha Yun, and Ye Beifeng all looked at Jian Chen with interest. Something that could almost instantly heal an Immortal Emperor’s injuries endlessly obviously interested them. They were even tempted by it.

Jian Chen had anticipated this. He said calmly, “Seniors, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. I can’t show you the item that heals me right now.”

Jian Chen’s refusal immediately made Immortal Exalt Wei Qi’s face harden. He was displeased.

“Chang Yang, commander Wei Qi is your direct superior. According to the rules of the Observance Heaven City, you can never defy the orders of your superiors. Do you know what refusing Immortal Exalt Wei Qi entails?” The Truepeer Immortal Exalt stared at Jian Chen emotionlessly.

“The Observance Heaven City does indeed have a rule like that, but the rules do not include probing into someone’s private matters. How I heal is my greatest secret, so I have the right to refuse,” Jian Chen said confidently. Even when the five people before him were all Immortal Exalts, he felt no fear.

This was the Observance Heaven City after all. Let alone the five commanders, even the city lord could not act as he pleased. They all had to follow the rules of the Observance Heaven City.

“Jian Chen, you’ve only just taken post in the Observance Heaven City. There are still several thousand years. There’ll be plenty of time to come. You better think things through carefully. If you really offend all of your superiors in the Observance Heaven City over a trifle like this, it won’t bring you any benefit,” Immortal Exalt Wei Qi said mildly.

“Offending the five of us on the very first day will truly leave you powerless in the future, Chang Yang. You won’t be able to get anything done,” Immortal Exalt Sha Xue added.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently. He gazed at the five Immortal Exalts fearlessly and said, “Seniors, actually, I'm also extremely curious about the details of your cultivation methods, abilities, secret techniques, and all of your god artifacts. I was wondering if you could show me these secrets so that I could broaden my horizons as well?”

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