Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves

Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves

During the night, Jian Chen and Tie Ta sat under a tree cultivating. The torch by their side had long since burned out, and in a tree branch 5 or 6 meters above them, was Liang Xiaole. She nervously looked around whenever she heard the howl of a magical beast in the night, she wasn’t able to sleep at all.

Liang Xiaole’s bright eyes looked down at the cultivating pair, Jian Chen and Tie Ta, as if she was monitoring them. In her eyes, this was a matter of life or death. She did not want to see the two people she had found, after a long time of searching, to abandon her and lose her only type of protection.

At that moment, a light breeze blew through the forest and through the tall grass. Meanwhile, the cross-legged Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes. Immediately, his eyes grew bright as he stared deep into the tallgrass, before standing up onto the ground with the iron rod in his hand.

Liang Xiaole was confused as she watched Jian Chen stand up. Not knowing what was happening, her heart was suddenly very agitated.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Liang Xiaole whispered carefully. In this situation, she didn’t dare use a loud voice to speak, for fear of attracting another magical beast.

Jian Chen didn’t answer her and instead turned to the still cultivating Tie Ta. “Tie Ta, wake up, some magical beasts are attacking.”

“Ah, what did you say? Magical beasts are attacking?” Liang Xiaole became frightened, her face instantly draining of color. Thinking about what was about to happen, her whole body began to shake in fear.

While Tie Ta was cultivating, he didn’t dare immerse himself completely, so he still remained on guard while cultivating. Thus, when Jian Chen called for him, Tie Ta immediately woke from his cultivation state and stood up with his battleaxe rested against his shoulder.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, where are the monsters?” He asked as he looked around. He couldn’t see any footprints around them, or even hear a single sound.

Jian Chen slowly turned his head as he looked around, “Tie Ta, this time, be careful. This time it isn’t a single magical beast, but a group of them.”

“A group!” Tie Ta’s face immediately changed from careless to surprise, then it hardened into a ready expression.

“Ah! What! A group! It can’t be! Hey guys, please don’t scare me like that.” Hiding in the trees, Liang Xiaole pleaded with them. She would have rather heard a threat from Jian Chen than this.

Jian Chen’s eyebrows knitted together before lightly commanding the crying Liang Xiaole, “Could you please be quiet? Do you want to attract magical beasts from all over?”

Jian Chen’s command proved to be extremely useful, as Liang Xiaole immediately used her hand to clamp her mouth shut to make sure she didn’t say anything.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, how many magical beasts do you think there are?” Tie Ta asked.

“A lot, 10 at the very least. They’re all prepared to attack and already have us surrounded.” Jian Chen’s face was very grave.

Tie Ta’s expression grew hard as he heard Jian Chen. If it was just one magical beast, he wouldn’t have been worried, three magical beasts and the both of them combined could take them on. But now that there were at least 10 of them; Tie Ta didn’t dare to have a swelled head now.

When Liang Xiaole had heard Jian Chen, her already pale face had turned even paler, and her mind was wracked with fear. Only one thought was occurring in her head, “It’s over, we’re screwed! We’re not going to survive this…”

The tall grass began to sway as a cyan colored light appeared in front of them. There was one in every direction, with no less than 50 points of origin. As Jian Chen and Tie Ta looked on amazed, they realized the bright spots of light were actually the eyes of magical beasts, and there were at the very least 20 of them.

“This is a Class 1 Magical Beast Blue Wolf. Tie Ta, if you want to live, hurry and climb up a tree now,” Jian Chen said as he looked at the 20 Blue Wolves from all 4 directions.

Tie Ta glared in anger before brandishing his battleaxe, with a heroic voice he said, “Don’t worry. Changyang Xiang Tian, there are only 20 Class 1 Magical Beasts, I guarantee they won’t take us down.”

The moment she heard that there were 20 wolves invading, Liang Xiaole was practically scared to death. At this time, even if she believed in Jian Chen’s and Tie Ta’s strengths before, she would never believe that their strengths would be able to beat 20 magical beasts, as they hadn’t even reached Sainthood yet. Unless one of the school teachers were to come save them now, they wouldn’t be able to escape alive.

“Teacher, where are you? Please come save us…” Liang Xiaole looked around in all directions as she pleaded for a teacher to come. She could only trust that the teachers would come to save them now, but it was a shame that there were so many magical beasts, so she was too scared to cry out too loudly. Just in case the magical beasts focused on her.

The 20 Blue Wolves slowly walked towards Jian Chen and Tie Ta, their oily gazes staring attentively at them. It was only when their distance was less than 5 meters away that they stopped moving.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta grabbed onto their respective weapons. Although they were surrounded by 20 magical beasts, neither of the two had a single expression of fear..


Suddenly, a Blue Wolf started to cry out into the sky. Immediately afterwards, the 20 wolves surrounding them started to howl as well. Their howls filled the air as they began to overlap with each other, before turning into a large soundwave that targeted a wide area.

Hearing the wolves howl, Liang Xiaole’s entire body slipped. Her body fell to the ground as she started to tremble. At this point, her face was entirely drained of blood, and had become a deathly pale shade.

5 kilometers away from Jian Chen, a middle aged male dropped down onto a tree branch. When he heard the howls, his face changed. His previously closed eyes opened as he stared off towards the direction of the sound.

“Not good, that’s a pack of Blue Wolves. Judging by the howls there are at least 10 of them. It looks like someone has met up with danger then.” The middle aged man’s face grew solemn as his hands touched the tree he was standing on. He jumped down from the tree before sprinting off towards the direction of the howls without stopping.

“I hope that I can make it.” The middle aged man was anxious, but he was already going at the fastest speed he could possibly go at. The magical beasts in the 2nd area weren’t that strong, but the opponents Jian Chen and Tie Ta were facing were Class 1 Magical Beast Blue Wolves; their chances of success weren’t looking well.

At the same time, in 3 different places, 3 different people all heard the yell before putting down whatever was in their hands and quickly started to run towards the howl.

The wolves’ howl was the signal for the wolves to attack, as the 20 wolves suddenly rushed at Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

“Go die!” Tie Ta snarled as he brought his battle axe up in preparation to strike. He swiped at a nearby wolf with his axe, slamming the axe into its stomach. The wolf cried out with an ear-piercing shriek.


The Blue Wolf that charged at Tie Ta was immediately cut down by his battleaxe’s powerful attack, and it now sported a giant wound on its body.The wolf was sent flying away from the mighty swing; despite it being a Class 1 Magical Beast, it was no match for Tie Ta’s strength.

Tie Ta brandished his 100 pound battleaxe with ease as if it wasn’t heavy at all. Whenever a Blue Wolf approached, he would send it flying away. Thus, any wolf that got too close to him was sent flying, with a new wound on its body. However, the skin of a Blue Wolf was tough, so even Tie Ta couldn’t kill one with ease.

As the wolves approached him at the same time, Jian Chen’s eyes instantly grew cold as he dashed forward. In a flash, he brought the sharpened iron rod through the throat of a nearby wolf.


With some resistance, the iron rod finally pierced through the wolf’s hide and bore through the wolf’s throat. He took out the rod and tilted his body to the side to dodge the attack of another wolf who jumped at him.

The wolf who had its throat pierced by Jian Chen fell helplessly to the ground, as its four legs spasmed in its final death throes. It couldn’t stand up on its legs no matter how much it tried, as bright red blood leaked out from its wound.

The throat was the weak-point for almost every single living thing, and magical beasts were no exception. Right now, since the Blue Wolf had its throat skewered, its life was quickly fading. Even though it was trying to avoid the temptation of death, its struggle would not last long.

Jian Chen relied on the nimbleness of his body to weave in and out of the pack of wolves, and he used his iron rod to leave behind stab wounds wherever he attacked. Despite being surrounded by 10 wolves, Jian Chen had used his strange but unpredictable style of movement to dodge with ease. The sharp teeth and the claws of the wolves couldn’t touch him at all, and whenever it had seemed like the wolves would be able to get him, Jian Chen moved out of the way just in time.

The battle hadn’t even lasted for more than a few deep breaths before 3 of the wolves had their throats pierced by Jian Chen. As the wolves lost blood, they stumbled to the ground in a final struggle to live, but after one final breath, they died on the ground. Many of the wolves had suffered from multiple wounds, but none of them were fatal, and were focused on the joints of the beasts.

Jian Chen proceeded to travel in between the wolves as the iron rod in his hand continued to stab at them. Not only were his movements swift, but there was a certain grace to them; it was almost as if he was dancing instead of fighting for his life.

On the other side, Tie Ta let loose a snarl and brought his 100 pound battleaxe down through the air, producing an after image thanks to the speed. The few wolves surrounding him were continuously sent flying through the air with exceptionally terrifying wounds. Although the wounds were from Tie Ta’s sharp battleaxe, to the Blue Wolves, these injuries would not threaten their lives at all.

Although Tie Ta was looking quite powerful and majestic at this moment, he was not invincible. And with Jian Chen’s success so far, Tie Ta’s own achievements were nothing much. After all, ever since the start of the battle, Tie Ta had not yet been able to kill a single Blue Wolf.

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