Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3391: Natural Spirit

Chapter 3391: Natural Spirit

The Saints’ World.

To the Spiritsages, this was definitely an extremely special day.

This day was the first time the Wind Venerable returned to the clan after reaching the ranks of Grand Exalts. It was also the first time he made a public appearance.

The entire clan of Spiritsages became exceptionally busy with the Wind Venerable’s return. Every clansmen cheered to their heart’s content and sang excitedly. Their joy and emotions oozed out on the surface.

Of course, the Wind Venerable’s formal return to the clan only led to the excitement of the Spiritsages. It did not influence the rest of the Saints’ World in any way.

After all, everyone knew the Wind Venerable had already become a sovereign. Whether he was actually with the Spiritsages did not matter.

Grand Exalts could appear in any place within the Saints’ World on a whim. There was no such thing as distance in the vast Saints’ World in the eyes of sovereigns.

But shortly afterwards, another piece of news from the Spiritsages raised the attention of the organisations of the Saints’ World. Even the archaean clans could not ignore it.

The Wind Venerable had accepted two disciples, and he would hold a formal ceremony for them in three months’ time!

A Grand Exalt accepting disciples was anything but ordinary. As a result, the various peak organisations of the Saints’ World all sent out experts, visiting the Spiritsages with bountiful gifts to congratulate the Wind Venerable.

Even the weakest of these people were Chaotic Primes. There were even a few Grand Primes who set out personally to express their sincerity.

Now that the Spiritsages possessed a sovereign, their status was completely different from before. The various organisations of the Saints’ World tried everything that they could to befriend them, so they obviously would not let any opportunity slip by.

Some organisations that had experienced conflict or skirmishes with the Spiritsages in the past behaved with even greater enthusiasm. They did everything within their capacity to befriend the Spiritsages, only hoping to bury the hatchet.

Very soon, the three months passed, and the ceremony of accepting disciples was formally held.

On this day, the Spiritsages were bustling with activity. They were extraordinarily busy. Countless experts gathered there, including many Grand Primes. Everyone stood below politely, waiting to congratulate the Wind Venerable on his new disciples.

The Wind Venerable appeared on the platform as an illusionary figure, accepting Shen Jian and Jade Heaven’s formal bows to him as disciples.

On this day, he formally declared to the world and the experts of the Saints’ World before him that these two people were his disciples.

In the Saints’ World, the identity of the disciple of a Grand Exalt was a blinding halo.

With this halo, even a mortal would become untouchable.

Otherwise, that would be making an enemy out of a Grand Exalt.

Among the crowd, several Chaotic Primes of the Wood Spirits gathered as well. They were all shocked, watching this unfold in astoundment.

Only at this moment did they truly witness how powerful the Spiritsages were in the Saints’ World. Just the fact that countless experts had gathered to congratulate them was enough to demonstrate their superior status.

“My heavens. The Spiritsages are far too powerful. Not a single person among these countless guests are any weaker than me. Their cultivations are all higher than us, and there’s a great swathe that we can’t even see through.” The Deep Mountain Elder sighed in amazement.

“Yeah, yeah. You see the young man in black on the side? Don’t actually look over. Look at him from the corner of your eye. He gives me a sense of extreme danger. His presence is as vast as an ocean too. Don’t tell me he’s a Grand Prime? It’s not just him, but a few people around him too. They’re all extremely terrifying.”

“Among everyone here, we’re really the weakest apart from a few juniors of the Spiritsages.”

“Sigh, I originally thought that our return would lead to an uproar throughout the Spiritsages. Turns out we can’t even make a splash among them. What an absolute shock.”

“Look at Jade Heaven standing on the platform. She’s the centre of attention right now. Probably even supreme experts who’ve reached Grand Prime have to treat her politely. How envious.”

The Chaotic Primes from the Wood Spirits all lamented. They were very jealous of her.

“Jade Heaven has really gone on a meteoric rise. And that person called Xia Jianming. His cultivation is so weak, yet because of the Peace Ruler, he’s become the clan leader’s servant. His status has grown tremendously all of a sudden. When we see Xia Jianming in the future, we probably even need to treat him politely,” the Heaven Fighting Ruler voiced his complaints. When he thought of that, he became extremely depressed.

In the Wood Spirits World, Xia Jianming only seemed ordinary in his eyes. He did not even take him seriously.

Yet now, he had become an existence he could only look up to all of a sudden.

The change in status occurred far too quickly.

No one apart from them heard the conversation.

They all bore a force of the world from the Wind Venerable, which seemed to set a certain law that prevented them from spreading any news about Jian Chen.

With a supreme expert like the Wind Venerable intervening secretly, he obviously did not have to worry about the news of Jian Chen’s survival being divulged.

They said that the truth could not be hidden forever. However, sovereigns who were embodiments of the heavenly ways and could set the laws of the world could hide things forever.

If the need arose, they would erase everything on a whim.

Very soon, the ceremony came to an end and Shen Jian and Jade Heaven formally entered the view of the various organisations. Everyone in the Saints’ World learnt about their identity.

The strength of the Wood Spirits had always been insignificant. They did not even have much authority to speak up.

However, because of Jade Heaven, their status was immediately lifted.


In the Wood Spirits World created by the Source of Life, a powerful sword intent suddenly rushed out in the Divine Palace of Peace, enveloping a range of a million kilometres. Immediately, the miniature world that had already become extremely feeble due to losing its supply of energy shook violently. Colossal cracks appeared in the space, leading to a violent spatial storm.

Six dazzling streaks of white light appeared over Jian Chen’s head as he sat on the rock.

Each streak of white light was a strand of Profound Sword Qi.

The six streaks of white light represented six strands of Profound Sword Qi.

After all these years, he had finally condensed the Profound Sword Qi successfully.

“What is this secret technique? It feels very powerful.” The illusionary artifact spirit of the Source of Life appeared before Jian Chen and gazed at the six strands of Profound Sword Qi over his head curiously.

At this moment, the sword intent in the surroundings suddenly vanished. Jian Chen had already withdrawn all the Profound Sword Qi with a thought, slowly opening his firmly-shut eyes.

“Hey, it’s time for us to go. The Wood Spirits World can’t last much longer ever since I stopped supplying it with energy. It’s on the verge of shattering,” said the artifact spirit of the Source of Life. She had already recognised Jian Chen as her master, but she did not show any respect towards this master of hers. She completely treated him as an equal.

“C’mon, let’s leave here.” Jian Chen nodded. He took out the mask from the Illusionary Daemon race and put it on. He did not show any reluctance at all.

In the next moment, the green sun that hung in the sky immediately vanished, turning into a thumb-sized green bead that hovered in front of Jian Chen before directly shooting into his forehead.

“Argh! W-w-what is this!?” But very soon, the artifact spirit let out a yelp. As if the green bead had just been frightened by something, it immediately dove out of Jian Chen’s forehead again.

Suddenly, two beams of light, one azure and one violet, rushed into the air. They appeared as two illusionary swords, shining brightly and illuminating the entire world.

At this moment, the twin swords awakened from their slumbers.

“T-they’re actually natural spirits!” the artifact spirit of the Source of Life cried out.

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