Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 5: Elder Making Things Difficult

Chapter 5: Elder Making Things Difficult

After a short while, Song Zhong followed the little boy into the yard. Li Ping waved the boy away, and with a surprised look on his face, sized up Song Zhong.

Little Fatty felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze, and so he laughed to break the silence and said, “Elder Li, why are you looking at me in this way?”

“Ah~” at this moment, Li Ping snapped out of his stupor and said, “Song Zhong, oh no, Song Zhong younger brother, that was really rude of me. I really did not expect that you entered the XianTian stage. Did you have any miraculous encounters?”

“No, I didn’t,” Little Fatty hurriedly shook his head and said, “I am but just a servant who was throwing trash, I cannot even take a half step out of the mountain, how could I have any miraculous encounter?”

“But~” Li Ping stammered and said, “Then, how did your cultivation improve by so much?”

“One is that I ate some pretty good things when I was young, coupled together with a good Cultivation Method. The other was because of my hard work. I meditate up to 16 hours a day, every day!” Song Zhong did not dare to mention about the pearl, if not he would stand out too much, thus, he quickly washed off any suspicion on himself.

“Oh, so this was the reason!” Li Ping slapped his forehead and said, “I say, your parents are still the best!” Obviously, he credited everything to Song Zhong’s parents and completely overlooked his hard work.

Little Fatty rolled his eyes, and with a slightly annoyed tone said, “Elder Li, I am now in the XianTian stage, you see. In accordance with the sect rules, shouldn’t I be a formal disciple already?”

“Ah, of course!” Li Ping immediately agreed, “Since the Sect rules were written in this manner, it will not go wrong. Follow me!”

As much as Li Ping looked down on Song Zhong, he does not dare to break the Sect rules. He brought Song Zhong into a room and took out a jade badge from nowhere and said “Song Zhong right? This name really sounds depressing!”

As he said, he channeled his energy and carved out ‘Song Zhong’ on the jade badge. Following which, he handed it over to Little Fatty and said: “This is your identity jade badge, with this, you are officially an outer court disciple!”

“Thank you, Elder!” Song Zhong grinned and replied. After which, he happily looked at his jade badge. Suddenly, he realised that Li Ping was staring at him blankly and did not take any further action. In doubt, Song Zhong asked “Elder Li, don’t the outer court disciples have a flying sword, a magical tool and also a dimensional storage item which should be collected here?

As Li Ping heard this, he was almost angered to death and thought to himself, ‘How can there be such an idiot in this world? Collecting something from me but do not know how to give me some benefits? If everybody were to be like you, wouldn’t I be cold and hungry?’ Thinking about this, he gritted his teeth and shamelessly said, “Song junior brother, since you know about this, shouldn’t you also know the rules here?”

Little Fatty was first startled, and immediately understood that this guy was trying to get some bribes! But, Little Fatty had no possessions at all, the house, and possessions of his parents were all taken back by the sect, even the clothes which he was wearing was provided by the sect, how could he have any spare money on him?

So, he could only act silly and ask, “Rules? What Rules! I really do not know!”

“You!…” Li Ping trembled in anger, but he could not do anything. He could not possibly beat his junior brother just because of this small matter. If the other party was just a servant, naturally he could beat or scold him. But now he is, after all, an outer court disciple, so he had to spare some face for him. ‘But, Heh! Brat, do not think you can take advantage of me!’

Thinking about this, Li Ping angrily said, “If you do not know then forget about it, this is your flying sword and dimensional storage item, you may go now!” As he said this, he took out a black flying sword and an old and tattered bag and threw it on the table.

Little Fatty hurriedly kept it and further asked, “Elder, what about the magical tool? Isn’t it said that the sect would also issue a low-grade magical tool?”

“According to the rules, there is a magical tool, but there is none in stock currently. You will just have to wait, when there is stock then I’ll pass it to you!” Saying this, Li Ping’s face twisted, shook his sleeves and shouted: “Boy, send the visitor out!”

“Yes~” The little boy ran back again.

Behind that veneer of silliness, actually lies a perceptive mind. The moment Song Zhong heard this, he knew that the brat wanted to misappropriate his magical tool. Although he was fuming on the inside, he still giggled outwardly and said, “If that’s the case, I shall take my leave!” The moment he finished saying this, he followed the little boy and left.

Seeing Song Zhong leave, Li Ping said with disdain, “Trash which is both stupid and talentless, I can’t be bothered with them!” If Little Fatty was very talented, with the hope of advancement, Li Ping would not be like this. But the problem was that Little Fatty’s talent was really too weak. Li Ping determined that he would not have any achievement in this lifetime, and so he had no scruples.

Little Fatty, who had not gone far, naturally overheard this. He was instantly furious, scolding in his heart ‘Bastard, you just wait. When I, your father, is rich, I will make sure I play you to the point you cry for your parents!”

As he angrily went back into his hut, Little Fatty entered his Natal Artifact and took out the 2 items. He first looked at the flying sword. The sword was a foot and 3 inches long, entirely black, and is refined entirely from black iron. The surface of the sword is full of pockmarks and scars, the sword does not have a tip, even all the formations carved onto the sword were also damaged, and it had a look where it could be destroyed at any time

Little Fatty cursed angrily, “What a bastard, Li Ping, can you even find a flying sword worse than this? This is probably a few hundred years old antique, and you even have the cheek to give it to me!”

After venting off his frustrations, Little Fatty almost felt like throwing it into his black soil and disassembling it, but after thinking, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. After all, this was the first flying sword of this lifetime, and it was better than nothing!

Thank goodness Little Fatty had countless treasures, and couldn’t be bothered with this small loss. Thinking about this, he felt a little better and casually threw the flying sword aside. Then, Song Zhong took the tattered dimensional storage item. As his spiritual sense scanned it, he realised that there were less than 50 feet of area in the dimension.

“Fuck! Only so much? Standard storage bags have at least 150 feet of space!” Song Zhong cursed again. “This must have been used for hundreds of years. Damn it! I just didn’t give you some benefits! You actually dared to send me back using such trash, and even discounted me of my magical tool! Damn! Li Ping, you bastard who doesn’t want to die, this is not the end!”

in anger, Song Zhong threw it directly to the black soil. But the next moment, he immediately picked it up, and muttered to himself, “No, I still cannot let this disappear, if I do not have a dimensional storage item and took something out of nowhere, I would draw people’s suspicion. Never mind, I’ll just use this as a cover-up then!”

Thinking about this, Little Fatty had no choice but to keep it, and muttered to himself, “Forget it, I do not intend to live on all these trash anyway. The priority now should be to collect all these free items to avoid suspicion. Afterwards, I will enter closed-door training for a period of time to collect some treasures. Only after the news of my advancement dies down, then can I use all these materials to exchange some elixirs and treasures. The only thing left is to focus and train bitterly, thus I must definitely have some decent results in cultivation!”

After thinking about all these, Song Zhong adjusted his current mood back to it was previously. He left his hut and continue to find the various elders for his rewards.

In general, all outer court disciples, apart from those 3 items, can also receive a basic cultivation method, and also the technique to refine elixirs, weapons and talismans. This was a rule which set up to make them contribute to the sect.

Of course, these are the most basic, and trashiest manuals. If you wanted to get something better, you would need to purchase them with spiritual stones. The easiest way to earn spiritual stones is to work for the school. For example, helping the sect refine talismans, elixirs or weapons, one would be able to receive a certain amount of rewards. After which, these rewards can then be used to exchange for higher quality cultivation methods or elixirs, etc. This is the difficulty most of the disciples would definitely have to face. Only after being an inner court disciple, can one receive different cultivation materials without producing anything.

There are only 2 routes to take in becoming an inner court disciple. One way was to be outstandingly talented since there will be experts of the sect scrambling to take them as inner disciples. With their protection, they would naturally not be lacking in anything, and can focus entirely on cultivation.

As for the outer court disciple, they can only rely on themselves to cultivate. Only after cultivating to the 13th level of the XianTian stage, thereby successfully solidifying their foundation, will they then be qualified to become an inner court disciple.

This foundation is the future goal of Little Fatty. In order to achieve his goal, he reorganised his mood which had gone awry because of Li Ping and sped out to collect his items. Once again, all the elders made things difficult for Song Zhong. After knowing that they would have no benefits, they mercilessly criticised him and casually took out trash manuals which everybody despised to satisfy their obligation and chased him away.

From the beginning to the end, Song Zhong maintained the same silly smile on his face. After going through such experiences countless times, his mental state had been trained to be extremely patient. At this moment, he would definitely not fight with these idiots, what he has to do now is to remember the looks of all of them, channel this anger into cultivating, and when his foundation has been completed, return for his revenge!

“10 years is not too late for a gentleman’s revenge!” With a face filled with resentment, without having his dinner, he went back to his hut. Fortunately, after entering the XianTian stage, the demand for food for a cultivator is not very high. Although he is not at the stage where he does not need food, he would not go hungry without food just for a few days.

After returning, Song Zhong casually threw the trash aside and began meditating. He is no longer a servant anymore and does not have to clear the trash daily. Thus, all his remaining time can be spent on cultivating.

But, after reaching the XianTian stage, if he wants to continue cultivating, he would need external assistance. Just relying on the dense spiritual qi of the Mystical Sky Yard was not enough. He needs the combination of elixirs, spiritual stone, and a good cultivation method. A pity is that he does not have any of these. However, Song Zhong is not frantic in the least, since, with such a perverted Natal Artifact, anything he wants is just a matter of time.

After cultivating one night in his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty woke up, and after a quick wash took up the broken flying sword. Today, he was going to start learning how to fly on his sword.

Flying on a sword is the biggest difference between a cultivator and mortal. Only with this can one be considered a cultivator. If one does not even know how to fly, there would be nobody who would look up to you.

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