Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 43: Meeting the Senior

Chapter 43: Meeting the Senior

Little Fatty flew here on his sword and landed directly in the front of the most majestic palace on the mountain peak. There were disciples sweeping in the front, and the moment he saw the way Little Fatty landed, they knew that a cultivator had arrived.They did not dare to delay and quickly came to pay his respects, “Paying respects to the celestial elder. May I know the purpose of your visit to Mystical Sky Temple?”

“I am a disciple of the Mystical Sky Yard, and I am here for business!” Little Fatty calmly stated.

“Ah, so it is an elder in the sect! Please come in, I will immediately inform the various heads!” As he spoke, he hurriedly invited Little Fatty in.

Little Fatty followed him into the guest reception area and sat on a chair. A little Taoist monk gave him some tea, and after a while, an old, white-haired, Taoist monk came out from the inside.

This monk looked very old but does not have a very high cultivation level, being only at the 6th XianTian stage. With a single look, it could be discerned that he was trash who would never make it to the foundational stage. However, although his talent wasn’t much, but the amount of things displayed on his body isn’t little at all. A golden Taoist robe, filled with jade and precious jewels. As his body moves, the jewels glisten in the light.

Little Fatty frowned as he saw that and thought to himself, ‘We are all cultivators who pursue the way of the heavens. What we believe in is to break out from the secular realm. But why is he hanging all these secular items around his body for? Afraid that he will not be able to display that he is from the secular realm?’

As he entered, he cupped with his fists and said laughing, “I am the head of the Azure Dragon Hall in the Mystical Sky Temple, Wang Zhi Wu. May I ask how do I address you, Junior disciple?”

The Mystical Sky Temple has four divine halls. They are named Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Phoenix, and worship the various ways of celestials. Under the head of the temple, the four heads of these temples has the highest authority. They will normally help the temple head who likes to live in seclusion settle all the secular stuff.

Since this is the first time Little Fatty is in the territory of others, he did not dare to be rude. He hurriedly got up to receive him and said, “I am Song Zhong, paying respects to Wang senior brother!”

“Oh, so it is Song junior brother!” Wang Zhi Wu smiled faintly. Just as he was about to say something, he saw that on the chest portion of Little Fatty’s robes there was an embroidery of a small golden sword. He faced immediately changed as he said, “Junior brother Song is actually a member of the Enforcement Hall?”

It was no surprise that Wang Zhi Wu displayed such shock. You have to know, the Enforcement Hall is the most important department of

the sect, and will only take in the elite disciples of the sect. Once a person enters into the Enforcement Hall, it entails that he will have a limitless future. These disciples are really low in number, and there will be no more than 10 within the outer court disciples. What would such an important person be doing here?

Wang Zhi Wu was obviously very puzzled, thus displaying such an expression of shock.

However, Little Fatty just replied with a casual tone, “That’s right, I am a member of the Enforcement Hall!”

“Ai ya ya, junior brother is still so young and you have the chance to enter the Enforcement Hall. It is really too surprising!” Wang Zhi Wu then tried to test and asked, “But is Song junior brother here for business? Or are you just passing by?”

“I am here on orders to protect this place for 3 years!” Little Fatty said and handed over the jade token from the sect.

Wang Zhi Wu checked the jade token doubtfully, nodded his head, then asked curiously, “Since junior brother is a member of the Enforcement Hall, why do you have to be stationed here? Don’t tell me junior brother has another mission?”

“Nope, it is just that I have not done any sect missions in 3 years. Thus I was forced to come here!” Little Fatty bitterly laughed.

Although Wang Zhi Wu was still dubious about Little Fatty’s explanation, but he still said courteously, “Ah, so this is the case. I understand!”

Afterwards, Wang Zhi Wu’s face changed slightly and said, “Junior brother, since you are here already, come and meet the temple head with me! After all, you are a disciple of the Enforcement Hall. It isn’t good for me to casually order you around, so I can only ask the master to arrange the things for you in the future!”

“Sounds good!” Little Fatty nodded his head and said, “I was about to pay my respects to the temple head!”

“Alright, alright. Please follow me!” Wang Zhi Wu led Little Fatty out as he finished his sentence.

The both of them left the main hall and walked towards the back of the mountains. The journey was filled with many trees, bamboos and flowers. The balance was perfect and the scenery was captivating, allowing one to be detached from the world. As Little Fatty saw this, he sighed in his heart and thought, ‘This is the kind of place a cultivator should be living at, with the necessary atmosphere.’

After walking a few kilometres, they reached the entrance of a cave. Wang Wu Zhi released the light of a blade with a snap of his finger and the door of the cave opened after a while.

Wang Zhi Wu then took Little Fatty in. The cave behind the stone door was not very deep, and after a few corners, they reached what looked like the main hall of the place. There were a table and a few stools, with a middle-aged Taoist monk seated quietly in the centre.

This man was dressed in a grey robe, and had a very clean look, with a pair of eyes full of expression. He had a distinct composure around him. Although he was only seated quietly, but there was an invisible pressure radiating out, making people around him revere him unknowingly.

The moment Little Fatty saw him, he knew that he was the foundational stage expert guarding this place. He did not dare to be impolite and hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Disciple Song Zhong pays his respect to Senior uncle!”

“Song Zhong?” His originally serious expression changed immediately upon hearing that name. He suddenly asked, “Is your father the inner court disciple of the sect, Song Zi Ming?”

“Ah? Yes, he is!” Little Fatty was immediately shocked and hurriedly asked, “Senior uncle knows my late father?”

“It is indeed you!” He first celebrated, then suddenly raged, “What Senior uncle, it should be (the senior) uncle! (T/N: In the actual text, the first senior uncle was ‘Shi Shu’, which refers to the younger martial brother of his father. The second senior uncle was ‘Shi Bo’, which refers to the older martial brother of this father.) I am your father’s elder martial brother. Back then, we cultivated together for 20 years. When you were born, I even carried you before! It is just that this little b*st*rd did not give me any face, and awarded me with a whole body full of pee!”

“Wo~” Little Fatty thought that this senior uncle of his was a serious person. Little Fatty only knew when he opened his mouth that he was an approachable senior, and was coincidentally his elder. He was elated in his heart and hurriedly said, “So it’s senior uncle! Your nephew has been rude!”

Saying that, Little Fatty swept his robe aside, set his golden knees on the ground, bent his jade back and kowtow. This is the proper etiquette a junior should observe when meeting the senior for the first time. (T/N: This is a common Chinese way to describe the process of kowtow. Where the knees are akin to golden mountains and the back is a jade pillar.)

As the other party saw it, he was not shy and nodded his head in satisfaction. He then personally helped Little Fatty up and said emotionally, “It has been over 10 years, I can’t believe you have grown so big already! If junior brother and sister was still here and could see your achievements, I believe they will be very comforted!”

Once his late parents were mentioned, Little Fatty could not hold it in any longer. Thinking about all the grievance he suffered over the years, his eyes turned red and tears began to stream down his cheeks.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. I have guarded here for over ten years and did not take care of you well. I really let my junior brother down. But now, since you’re here, it is as good as being home. Just rest assured, with me here, nobody will dare to bully you anymore!” The other party hurriedly comforted.

“Thank you senior uncle!” Little Fatty wiped his tears and asked embarrassedly, “Senior uncle, I still don’t know how I can address you?”

“Haha, I went ahead of myself! I no longer use my secular name, my Taoist name is Qing Feng Zi, you can just call me senior uncle!” Qing Feng Zi laughed.

“Yes, senior uncle!” Little Fatty replied hurriedly.

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