Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 41: The Secular World

Chapter 41: The Secular World

The Blue Moon Nation was millions of miles away from the Mystical Sky Yard. If Little Fatty was to fly there, it would take him over a few months, in addition having to go past the depths of the Vast Mountains, where dangers abound. He might even encounter some high-level demonic beasts. Hence, he would not travel in such a way.

Thankfully, the sect had made arrangements for Little Fatty to use the transportation portal in the Shifting Towers to move him directly to a temple located at the periphery of the Vast Mountains. The temple was in a small city called Grey Wolf City. From there, he would be able to leave the Vast Mountains by flying a short distance, arriving at the secular realm. Although the secular realm consists of a few rogue cultivators, to a cultivator, there isn’t much danger, at least not in the form of demonic beasts which only act on instincts to kill. Especially for a Mystical Sky Yard disciple, it was still considered safe to walk around. No cultivators would casually harm them. After all, not many were foolhardy enough to offend the Mystical Sky Yard.

After reaching Grey Wolf City via the transportation portal, Little Fatty was very quickly disappointed. The Grey Wolf City was not only smaller than Firmament City, but the quality of items sold was low and the price was high. It could not compare to Firmament City at all. Only a few materials were cheaper. But because it was of low quality, Little Fatty was completely uninterested.

As such, after staying here for 2 days, Little Fatty grew sick of this place and decided to set off. With the speed of over a thousand units, including the endless supply of 5 elements pure essence, Little Fatty could easily cover ten thousand miles in a day.

After reaching the secular realm, Little Fatty was figuratively like an elder in a large garden, fascinated by all the new things in the secular realm. Be it the guy selling sweets, clay figures or windmills. It was all things that Little Fatty had not seen and played with before. In the Mystical Sky Yard, there were only cultivation methods and no toys like these.

Concurrently, the delicacies were also mouthwatering. Almost every place he went, he would definitely go into the restaurant. As such, the amount of money he spent was countless.

As for the source of Little Fatty’s money, it was very simple. By just casually taking out a piece of black iron, it was a treasure worth over a thousand gold in a secular world. Although the black iron was a low-grade material in the cultivation world, but this is not the case in the secular world. After all, it is the only cultivation material which could be melted by the mortal flame. After moulding it into a weapon, it is sharp enough to cut gold, break jade and slice the ground. The black iron was a rare material in the secular realm and thus, Little Fatty could afford to splurge along the way.

When Little Fatty went to sell his black iron, he met some people who were unable to afford it but wanted to rob him. This made Little Fatty really happy as he had never experienced being robbed before despite his age. It was really all too fresh of an experience to him.

At that moment, Little Fatty was really elated, he decided not to use any abilities but instead to rely purely on his body. He fought a dozen men, each wielding large blades. But the result was expected; after taking a few hundred slashes, the other party’s blade broke, whereas his skin did not even show a bruise. Instead, the robbers were all beaten down by him with a punch. The one with the lightest injury broke 3 ribs, and one ill-fated guy died after receiving a punch. (OMG ONE-PUNCH MANNNN)

After experiencing what seemed like a joke, Little Fatty had a deeper understanding of the secular world. He realised that it was very similar to the cultivation world. There were people standing high above, and people struggling down below. There were also people who had dealings in the underworld.

Play as he might, but flying on his sword was really too fast. Thus, he casually travelled and arrived in Blue Moon City two months later. Little Fatty did not want to reach so early, but procrastination was not an option. The jade token had a restriction placed on it, that he had to hand it over to the Mystical Sky Yard’s overseer located at Blue Moon City within 3 months. Upon extending past the time limit, his mission would be considered a failure and he would have to be punished.

At least Little Fatty was still early and he did not have to rush towards the Mystical Sky Temple located on the Misty Hill. He first found an inn located at the foot of the mountain. This inn had more than a hundred rooms since Mystical Sky Temple is renowned and there were typically many devotees offering incense daily. Since most devotees only descend the hill at dusk, thus most of them would opt to stay for the night, resulting in bustling business for the said inn.

At this moment, Little Fatty was dressed very sloppily, only wearing an ordinary Taoist robe. Whenever he went to stay in an inn, he would be looked down upon by the staff. Thus it became a habit when this happened that he would smash gold at them and sarcastically insult those who looked down at him. Due to the shadow in his heart from his childhood, he hated those who bullied the weak. Thus, he ecstatically performed this action to the point it almost become an addiction.

This time was no different as well. After he went to the small town at the foot of the city, he did not care about his tattered clothes and walked openly into the biggest and most majestic inn of the town. He then stared at the staff and said, “Staff, prepare for me the most majestic courtyard. I want it to be peaceful!”

At this moment, the hall outside the inn was filled with customers eating and talking. Seeing such a miserably dressed fat Taoist monk enter and demanding the most majestic courtyard, they were all stunned. They then looked over with curious looks.

“Who is this person? Dressed so pitifully and he wants to stay in a courtyard? Doesn’t he know that such a courtyard costs 5 taels of silver each night?”

“Don’t tell me he is a fool?”

“It really seems that way. No sane person would spout such nonsense.”

The staff was also stunned by Little Fatty, but he also immediately reacted. He immediately categorised Little Fatty as the type of customer who creates trouble. Showing a cold snicker, he said; “Aiyoh, this Taoist master, I am really sorry. The courtyard of my shop is really too small for such a ‘great master’ as you. You had better go and find another inn.”

“En?” Hearing this, Little Fatty was not enraged but delighted. He thought to himself, ‘Good, time for fun. There is another idiot who likes to look down on someone. I must play with him properly!”

Thinking about this, just when Little Fatty wanted to take action, he was called out from behind, “Bastard, how can you talk like that?”

Following the voice, a 40 plus-year-old boss walked over from the back. He first scolded his staff, then politely cupped his fists at Little Fatty and said, “Celestial master, this way, please. My staff do not know his manners and has offended you. I didn’t discipline them enough. You’re a benevolent person, do not see things the same way as him!”

After finishing, the boss stared at the staff and scolded, “You little bastard, kneel down and apologise!”

Seeing the sudden change of the situation. The boss personally apologising with such a subservient attitude, everyone in the shop was stunned, Not only did the staff not know what was going on, Little Fatty was also shocked.

Seeing the staff still in a daze, the boss kicked him out of anger and shouted, “You little bastard, didn’t you hear me speak?”

Seeing the boss angered, the staff had a rude shock. He hurriedly cupped his fists and said, “Yes yes, it is my fault, it is~”

“Kneel down!” Before the staff even finished talking, the boss raged, “Kowtow and apologise!”

At this moment, the staff was stunned silly. Although his position was low, he would also not be willing to kowtow to people. But the boss treated him even better than his parents. Not only was his salary good, he even found him a wife. Thus despite the grievance in his heart, he still knelt down with tears in his eyes and said, “It was my fault for offending you just now, please forgive me!”

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