Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 29: Hidden Ploy Successful

Chapter 29: Hidden Ploy Successful

Gu Long’s magical tool was a golden short sword. It could not be used to fly but it aids the casting of metal type spells. Xuan Wu’s magical tool was even more special, it was a silver staff.

Gu Long and Xuan Wu were both spell cultivators. Gu Long specialised in metal type spells which are mainly offensive. Xuan Wu specialised in earth type spells which are mainly defensive. The two of them had work together for dozens of years, one attacking and one defending, culminating in a mutual understanding between the duo.

When they were about a thousand feet away from the 4-eyed snake, they immediately stopped. Better to be prepared, they first casted defensive spells on themselves. They then silently began to cast various different spells.

Xuan Wu’s stuck his staff onto the ground and started reciting incarnations. Gu Long threw his golden sword into the air and began to draw different inscriptions.

Under the effects of the inscriptions, the golden short sword began to grow large rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it became a few hundred feet long, and two feet wide. It was shimmering with a golden splendour and was menacing looking.

With such a conspicuous movement, how could the 4-eyed snake not notice it. As the golden sword appeared, it immediately felt grave danger, and stood up straight in an instant. It stared at the golden sword in the air with caution and was prepared to dodge at anytime. At the same time, its mouth also slowly opened, getting ready to spit poison.

However, at this moment, Xuan Wu took action first. He shouted “Earth dragon trap! Activate!”

Following Xuan Wu’s shout, 8 human sized thick, fully made from mud earth dragons sprouted out from the ground and surrounded the 4-eyed snake. On one end, they were placed on the ground. The other end, under the control of Xuan Wu, formed a large net, and trapped the 4-eyed snake within it.

Faced with such a sudden attack, the 4-eyed snake was shocked and angry. It focused all its energy on the golden sword previously, and completely didn’t notice the other person in the dark. This resulted in it being trapped firmly without any defense. What made it suffer the most was the two dragons which coiled around its mouth. The great strength forced the open mouth to close up. As such, even if it wanted to spit poison, it could not even open its mouth.

The instant that the 4-eyed snake was being trapped, Gu Long fingers pointed forward and shouted “Golden sword, stab!”

The moment he said that, a flash of golden light could be seen. The golden sword flew straight at the 4-eyed snake’s head like an arrow. The 4-eyed snake can only stare at the giant sword approaching, because of its body being trapped, mouth forced to close, resulting in it being unable to do anything but to await its death.

After a loud splat, the giants golden sword pierced right into the head of the 4-eyed snake. Dark green blood immediately sprayed out, and before the poor 4-eyed snake even got a chance to even make a single sound, it took its last breath.

“Yeah~” Xuan Wu and Gu Long who had an easy victory was elated, but just when they wanted to celebrate, they felt their bodies jerk for a moment. A few thin needle-like items pierced their defensive spell and pierced directly into their various acupoints. After their important acupoints were sealed, regardless of how much Qi they had, they were unable to utilise it at all. They became a mortal all of a sudden. For a mortal to receive such an injury, they would be unable to withstand it. Thus, after a frustrated groan, they both collapsed on the floor.

“Ah, who was it who ambushed me?” Gu Long and Xuan Wu exclaimed, then turned behind with difficulty. In the end, they realised that Han Ling Feng was like a little bird relying on someone, and was in Little Fatty’s embrace. Monkey was behind them, staring at the duo in disdain.

Little Fatty’s face was full of joy. While Han Ling Feng pretended to be frustrated and said to Gu Long and Xuan Wu “I apologise to the both of you, that was an accident previously!”

The thing which ambushed them from the back was Han Ling Feng’s magical tool, shadowless needles which specialise in the breaking of defensive spells.

As Gu Long and Xuan Wu heard that, they were almost angered to death. An accident? Can one be so accurate in an accident? All the major acupoints were hit accurately. Besides, that’s a magical tool! A magical tool is controlled by the spiritual sense of the owner, and will hit wherever it is instructed to. How can there be an error? Han Ling Feng was obviously seeking amusement from the both of them by saying so!

“Junior sister Han, both of us brothers have never offended you before. Why must you harm us as such?” Gu Long asked with indignation.

“Originally, you did not offend me. But why did you suddenly want to harm my dual cultivation partner?” Han Ling Feng helplessly shrugged her shoulders and added “Junior sister does not want to be a widow yet. So I can only let the both of you down!”

“What?!” Gu Long and Xuan Wu were flabbergasted. Gu Long could not help but exclaim “Cultivation couple? You, with that pig? This, how is this possible?”

“Junior sister Han, have you gone crazy? Such a lecherous fatty like Song Zhong, how can he hold a candle to you?” Xuan Wu also said in shock “ This, isn’t this a flower being stuck in cow dung?”

Han Ling Feng just rolled her eyes and did not know how to explain it.

Little Fatty however, blew up and raged “Shut up, I am ravishingly handsome, elegant, stylish, smart, attractive, and the most eligible bachelor in the world! In what way am I not worthy of her?”

Gu Long and Xuan Wu almost fainted because of the wave of compliments which Little Fatty spammed. However, they quickly reacted and scolded “Nonsense, you’re just a lecherous fatty! You can’t even compare to us, what’s so good about you?”

“The truth triumphs over your arguments!” Little Fatty rolled his eyes at them then hugged Han Ling Feng over. He then said proudly “Baby, tell them how strong I am~”

Han Ling Feng did not know to laugh or cry over Little Fatty’s puerile temper. But in order to protect Little Fatty’s face, she still cooperated and said “The strength of my husband, is a champion within the galaxy. Trash such as Gu Long and Xuan Wu, are not even fit to give flattery!”

“En~” Little Fatty immediately nodded in satisfaction. He then delightfully said to the two people on the floor “Heard that? Two brainless idiots!”

Gu Long and Xuan Wu were angered silly. They looked at Han Ling Feng and Little Fatty with extreme frustration. In the end, they gritted their teeth and said four words “Adulterous husband, lascivious wife!”

“I have to clarify something, between Senior sister Han and I, we are mutually in love and have a pure relationship. We are not considered adulterous or lascivious!” Little Fatty then laughed coldly and said “However, in order to get your hands on my spiritual stones, the both of you attempted to plot against me behind my back. This is a genuinely despicable, adulterous and lowly person!”

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