Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 288: Fighting a YuanYing Cultivator

Chapter 288: Fighting a YuanYing Cultivator

While the demonic beasts suffered from heavy losses, the human cultivators were also beaten up silly. They definitely met an intense battle for every step they took, with a chance of suffering an ambush at anytime. Under such circumstances, they were only capable of defending themselves, searching the Gold Dragon ship at a tortoise-like pace. Finding Song Zhong was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

While the cultivators in the Gold Dragon ship were facing an intense battle, those on the outside weren’t too different either. The tens of thousands of lightning eagles surrounded the two dozen flying ships and showered their lightnings down from above. The protective divine light of the flying ships began to tremble greatly from that attack. While they were still capable of defending against such an attack, the amount of spiritual stones used increased greatly.

The operation of these flying ships required the use of spiritual stones. It is just that their usage wasn’t at the same level as the Gold Dragon ship, requiring the use of middle grade spiritual stones. However, middle grade spiritual stones were still a rare commodity in this world. Even in the larger sects, they would not have many in stock. Using up the spiritual stones at such a rate, they would not be able to endure for long.

Furthermore, when the lightning eagles were attacking from afar, the agile rain swallows and golden rocs were attacking from close range. While the rain swallows weren’t powerful, they were able to spit out a type of acid to corrode the divine light and body of the flying ships. With the tens of thousands of rain swallows spewing out their spittle, it looked like a majestic downpour, covering the squadron of flying ships in a layer of disgusting green slime.

As for the golden rocs, they unleashed powerful attacks from their golden wings. With their strength, they would easily destroy a gigantic boulder from a mere flick of their wings. Thus, their damage to the divine lights of the flying ships was even greater than that of the lightning eagles.

However, the human cultivators had spent much money and effort on their ships’ frightening defensive abilities. After the flying ships were gathered, the battle prowess that exploded out was not to be underestimated.

Gathering into a sphere, they took turns exchanging their positions, rotating the flying ships receiving the attacks, and giving the ships and crews a chance to rest. At the same time, every single weapon in their arsenal was unleashed without any hesitation or restraint.

In their frightening counterattack, the death rate of the demonic beasts was also extremely high. Waves of rain swallows were reduced to smithereens by the divine lightnings. Despite the thick skin and meat of the golden rocs, they were also unable to endure the attacks after a few waves. In the sky, the falling corpses of these two flying type beasts could be seen dropping down from the sky. Only the lightning eagles were able to unleash their attacks from afar, thus reducing the number of casualties. Facing the hedgehog-like defenses of the human cultivators, the demonic beasts revealed a frightening desire to massacre their enemies. Regardless of their losses, they would not be afraid, attacking without a care for their own lives. Some of the weaker big-headed birds would even join in the fray after dropping off the land-type beasts. They would use their claws to scratch the divine light or even use their bodies to shield the more powerful rain swallows and golden rocs. Facing the ferocious flying beasts, the faces of those cultivators in the flying ships turned ashen. However, this was not the part which scared them the most. The thing which frightened them the most was the fact that these flying beasts were obviously under the command of an expert. After a few rounds of attack, they immediately locked their attacks onto the weaker flying ships. Then, they would use a third of their numbers to hold back the other ships, focusing their attacks on the weaker flying ships.

Finally, after paying a huge price, one of the smallest flying ships could no longer endure the ferocious attacks of the demonic beasts. Its protective divine light was shattered!

As the numerous flying beasts saw that, they let out shrieks of excitement as they charged in like bees. The sheer numbers of flying beasts almost covered the whole flying ship. The cultivators on that flying ship quickly defended the flying beasts with all they had. However, with their meager strength, how was it possible for them to defend against the tens of thousands of demonic beasts?Following their mournful shrieks, the cultivators were killed one after another and eaten up on the spot. Only a YuanYing cultivator was able to escape with a few of his precious disciples, seeking refuge on another flying ship nearby. As for the other cultivators, they had all perished under the beaks of the flying beasts.

Furthermore, the flying ship was also occupied by the demonic beasts. However, they were unable to operate it and the spiritual stones within it had been completely exhausted. Thus, the flying ship gradually drifted down, falling into the ocean, and became their spoil of war.

Looking at this frightening scene, the cultivators present all took in a breath of cold air. If not for the fact that their only chance of survival was to be united, there would have probably been some fleeing from the battle right then.

However, just when the human cultivators thought that they were in grave danger, Huo Qing Yun stepped out and pointed afar, “That is the Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er! She is the one commanding the attacks of the flying beasts. As long as we kill her, these damn birds will be like headless chickens! Then, we will also be able to catch our breath! Come, let these beasts witness the might of our sects!” As she said that, Huo Qing Yun led the charge personally.

“Fellow daoists, if you are a man, follow me out to kill her!” Daoist Huo Long let out a roar and followed after Huo Qing Yun.

With the brother and sister duo taking the lead, together with the importance of this matter, another seven to eight YuanYing cultivators flew out as well. Through their cooperation, they flew in an arrowhead formation, charging right at Lei Shan’er.

While the demonic beasts along the way tried their best to stop these YuanYing cultivators, they were far too weak and were easily wiped out by the YuanYing cultivators. Apart from a large amount of corpses and feathers being left behind, it was a completely useless action.

Very quickly, these YuanYing cultivators broke through the layers of defenses and arrived a mere ten thousand feet away from Lei Shan’er. Flicking their wrists, they all sent out rays of sword light, smashing towards Lei Shan’er like dragons breaking through the sky. At this moment, Lei Shan’er had already been scared silly. She was a fifth grade demonic beast after all, equivalent to a JinDan cultivator. That large gap in power made it difficult for her to deal with a single YuanYing cultivator. Eight or nine such attacks were impossible for her to defend against. That thirteen year old looking girl could only close her eyes in hopelessness as she awaited her death. Even at this moment, she did not forget to mumble, “Little elder brother, I’m sorry, Shan’er cannot save you!”

Seeing Lei Shan’er acting like that, the YuanYing cultivators all let out a sneer of delight. They knew that this lass was dead for sure.

However, before their sneer could even disappear from their face, an unexpected event occurred. A shining golden, mystical and gigantic copper bell suddenly appeared in front of Lei Shan’er, blocking all of the sword light from the YuanYing cultivators. After the sword lights smashed onto the copper bell, they disappeared without a trace immediately. Looking at the copper bell, Huo Qing Yun’s eyes lit up as she shouted, “Song Zhong, Song Zhong is out!” As she said that, she turned around to see Song Zhong flying towards her.

At this moment, Song Zhong was dressed in a green daoist robe. He had large eyes and a stocky build, with a face full of resolve. After being used to seeing the many elegant-looking cultivators, they suddenly realized that the manly style of Song Zhong coud make one burn with passion.

It turned out that Song Zhong had been watching the situation on the outside with the inspecting formation on the Gold Dragon ship. Seeing Lei Shan’er surrounded by the YuanYing cultivators, he could not longer sit back and came out quickly. Thankfully, the flying beasts had delayed them for some time, allowing Song Zhong to save Lei Shan’er at the last moment. However, despite saving her successfully, Lei Shan’er was also frightened badly. Her large eyes were watery as her petite figure was trembling. “A bunch of seniors bullying such a little child. I really feel ashamed for all of you!” Song Zhong said with a sneer. Then, he pointed a them and proclaimed with pride, “Come at me if you guys have the guts! Come at me together!”

What was an air of arrogance? What was guts? Everyone understood all of that as they saw Song Zhong. A JinDan cultivator stepping up boldly against nine YuanYing cultivators alone to save a little girl! As Lei Shan’er saw this scene, she was touched to the point she began to cry. As for the few YuanYing cultivators, all of their faces turned red from embarrassment. They were elders with reputation after all. If not for things developing to such an extent today, it was impossible for them to gang up against a junior — even if she was the lightning eagle queen who had killed countless cultivators. A single YuanYing cultivator was enough to deal with someone like her and it was nothing more than an embarrassment for them to gang up against her! If anyone else were to point out this fact, these YuanYing cultivators would have probably retreated from their shame and embarrassment. However, it was a pity that their target today was Song Zhong. Despite how embarrassed they were, it was impossible for them to give up on killing him. Especially Huo Qing Yun and Daoist Huo Long, their eyes lighting up excitedly, they abandoned Lei Shan’er and charged at Song Zhong without hesitation.

The teamwork of the brother and sister duo was extremely fluid. One of them held onto the Fire Dragon Divine Sword, sending out a wave of red sword Qi with a single strike. The other held onto the Autumn Water Divine Sword, with a transparent sword shadow hiding in the boundless red sword Qi. While it was undetectable, the frightening power contained within it was able to destroy a small hill! With the two sect masters taking action together, the might of the attack was indeed phenomenal. Not to mention a JinDan cultivator like Song Zhong, even an ordinary YuanYing cultivator would probably be defeated with a single attack.However, Song Zhong was unafraid in the face of such a ferocious attack. He lifted up his hands calmly and the copper bell appeared in front of him, blocking this mighty attack.

“Shan’er, retreat further. I will face these seniors alone today!” Song Zhong waved his hands at Lei Shan’er.

“Mmm! Little elder brother, good luck!” Lei Shan’er knew that she could only be a hindrance if she stayed here and agreed immediately. She then disappeared untraceably with a swoosh of wind.

Hearing what Lei Shan’er said, the few YuanYing cultivators were stunned, and Daoist Huo Long said with a frown, “Song Zhong, you are actually so close to Lei Shan’er? It can’t be that you are really are a spy for the demonic beasts, right?”

The moment Daoist Huo Long mentioned this matter, Song Zhong felt his head burning in anger. Without a single word, he waved his hands and sent out a Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning. Then, he scolded, “You darn old fogey, you finally admitted to framing my whole family! F**** YOU!!!!”

As everyone heard that, there was no need to describe the excited look on their faces. In actual fact, everyone was extremely clear about the fact that Song Zhong was maligned. It was just that they had all chosen to feign ignorance for their own benefits. However, none of them expected Daoist Huo Long to expose himself with a slip of his tongue.

All of the so-called righteous cultivators were immediately placed into a dilemma. If they wanted to protect the reputation of the righteous sects, they would have to question Daoist Huo Long. But if that was the case, it was akin to slapping their own face. After all, how would they be able to explain trying to kill an innocent person?But if they were to continue feigning ignorance, their reputation as a righteous sect would be completely destroyed. Together with the fact that they had framed an innocent individual in front of two devil cultivators, how would they be able to call themselves righteous cultivators from now on?Only the two devil cultivators were extremely delighted, watching the dilemma of the righteous cultivators with delight.

However, Huo Qing Yun was indeed a sly old fox. After fending off the divine lightning, she roared, “What are all of you guys hesitating for? It won’t be too late for us to talk about all those details when we return. If we don’t kill Song Zhong today, all of you can await the destruction of your sects!” Hearing that, the faces of those righteous cultivators changed as they were reminded of the more pressing matter. Gritting their teeth, they spat out, “Kill Song Zhong first, we will talk about the rest when we return!”

As they said that, the YuanYing cultivators all let out their attacks. Some of them spells, some of them flying swords and the others their magical artifacts. In a single phrase, they attacked Song Zhong with everything they had.

Facing the combined attacks of the eight to nine YuanYing cultivators, Song Zhong actually showed no signs of fear. Instead, he let out a loud roar and felt as though the blood in his body was boiling as a battle intent burned within him.

“Good timing!” Song Zhong let out a loud roar and summoned his copper bell above him. He then clasped his palms and condensed a gray spiritual talisman, smashing it onto the bell. After the gray talisman entered the bell, the copper bell let out a loud, long peal.In truth, apart from echoing through the ears of everyone present, this ring had no killing force within it. The real use of it was the physical body of the copper bell. After the bell absorbed the spiritual talisman, apart from letting out a peal, it let out a golden divine light, covering Song Zhong from head to toe. This was the new protective spiritual talisman which Song Zhong obtained after advancing into the JinDan stage. With this divine light, the copper bell could finally be considered a well rounded protecting magical artifact. It was no longer like before, where it could only use its body to help block attacks for Song Zhong. If the attacks were to go around the bell, Song Zhong would have to receive it himself. While Song Zhong’s ability wasn’t fantastic, the grade of this copper bell was just too high. As such, this golden protective light was powerful to an unbelievable extent. Even in the face of the attacks of the YuanYing cultivators, it only let out a few ripples!A full force strike of a few YuanYing cultivators were unable to break the defense of a JinDan cultivator! Who would believe such a thing? Even the YuanYing cultivators who witnessed this matter personally couldn’t believe it. As such, they were all rooted on the spot with their mouths ajar in shock.

While they were in shock, Song Zhong wasn’t. Seeing the perverse defense of the copper bell, he was naturally extremely excited. He then raised his hands and condensed five Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightnings in each hand. As he let his attacks out, he laughed, “Haha, all of you old fogeys would also have such a day. Take a look at the might of my divine lightning!”

With five Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightnings as a group, he smashed the two groups of divine lightning towards Daoist Huo Long and Huo Qing Yun. The explosion of five Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightnings was almost comparable to the full force strike of a completed YuanYing cultivator! Thus, Daoist Huo Long and Huo Qing Yun did not dare be careless, taking out their magical artifacts to defend against the attack.

Huo Qing Yun’s Green Cloud Handkerchief let out a green divine light, swallowing or blocking the explosion and flames from the divine lighting. Daoist Huo Long let out layers of sword Qi, expediting the explosion of the divine lightning as he escaped from the fireball.

When they were blocking Song Zhong’s attack, Huo QingYun did not forget to roar, “Don’t be afraid, this damn fatty only has the magical Qi of a JinDan cultivator. He is extremely restricted and will not be able to use this powerful magical artifact for long. Everyone, put in your best and I don’t believe that we can’t destroy his tortoise shell!”

As she reminded everyone, they snapped out from their daze and launched their attacks again. As Song Zhong saw that, he let out a sneer and did not waste any time. After drinking a mouthful of five element pure water to replenish his magical Qi, he began to fight them again.

Compared to the battle between humans and beasts around them, the battle between Song Zhong and the YuanYing cultivators was obviously far more intense. To avoid injuring their own, they did not dare to fight too near the Gold Dragon ship, fighting a couple hundred miles away.

After unleashing all of their might, the strength of these people was definitely frightening. Song Zhong’s Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning was scattered like it was free, with countless gigantic fireballs exploding in the air.

The YuanYing cultivators also did not hold back their attacks, striking the protective divine light of the copper bell with their divine lightnings, sword Qi and magical artifacts. Despite the rarity of ninth grade magical artifacts, seven of them could actually be seen here. Regardless of whether it was as large as a mountain, small as a needle, the Extreme Purity Talisman of the righteous sect, or the Thousand Soul Demon Flag of the devil sect, there was plenty of variety present. However, they were all useless in front of the copper bell. No matter how they attacked, they were unable to destroy the invincible golden divine light.

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