Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 27: Let’s go for a Mission

Chapter 27: Let’s go for a Mission

An afternoon a few days later, at a certain concealed forest at the Mystical Sky Yard, 5 people with malicious intentions met. Little Fatty, Han Ling Feng and Monkey were together, Gu Long and Xuan Wu were together.

At this moment, Han Ling Feng was standing beside Little Fatty, looking like a helpless bird relying on someone. Gu Long and Xuan Wu had a pissed off look, especially Gu Long, who stared at Little Fatty intently with fire in his eyes.

They were all invited by Han Ling Feng under special circumstances. After they met, they very quickly got into conflict.

“Junior sister Han!” Gu Long stood in front of Han Ling Feng and proudly said “We brothers are more than enough for this matter, any extra burdens, I think it’s best not to bring them.” While talking, he glanced at Little Fatty with great contempt.

Under normal circumstances, Little Fatty could not be bothered to bicker with this idiot. But today, in order to put up a show, he had to act as though he was an enraged bull, and jumped out and said “Who did you say was a burden?”

“The person himself will know!” Xuan Wu added on with disdain.

“I think you are the burden!” Little Fatty raged and then said to Han Ling Feng “Senior sister, these fellows aren’t able to accomplish anything but are bound to spoil things, I think it’s best not to bring them along. With me along, I ensure that there’ll be no hiccups along the way!”

“What a bold statement! You’re just a 3rd or 4th level XianTian stage rookie, and you dare to utter such bold statements in front of us, 8th level XianTian stage experts?” Gu Long snickered and said “You’re not afraid of getting your tongue cut off by the wind!”

“Realm doesn’t represent anything? Your father, I have~” as Little Fatty said this, he acted as though his tongue slipped and quickly covered his mouth.

“What do you have?” As Gu Long saw the situation, he definitely would not let him go, so he hurriedly pressed “Why don’t you say it?”

“You’re just talking big if you can’t answer!” Xuan Wu immediately provoked.

Little Fatty was not an idiot also, and did not fall for their provocations, he immediately responded “What I have is none of your business, in any case, I am stronger than you two!”

At this moment, Han Ling Feng who was by the side finally had a chance to interrupt “Okay okay, we’re all fellow sect mates. Plus, you are all here because of me, it can also be considered fate. Even if it is to give me some face, I ask that you guys stop arguing, okay?”

“Junior sister, I am not willing to be so calculative with such a vulgar person. But the problem is, he is not capable, but brags so much. It really makes me mad!” Gu Long immediately replied.

“Such a person only knows how to talk big, but does not have any capability at all!” Xuan Wu continued fanning the flames and said “Junior sister really chose the wrong person this time!”

“You are the one who only knows how to talk big!” Little Fatty growled loudly.

“Okay okay, stop quarrelling!” Han Ling Feng persuaded and said “How about this, it isn’t early anymore, let us first set off and when we meet with any dangers along the way you guys can compete to see who is better! What are all of your thoughts?”

“Good, will I be scared of this rookie?” Gu Long thought that Han Ling Feng was coordinating with him and immediately replied “We shall do that!”

“Heh heh, I’m only afraid that some people only knows how to talk big but do not dare to compete.” Xuan Wu snickered and said.

“Who doesn’t dare? Let’s compete if you want, I won’t be afraid of you guys!” Little Fatty immediately replied.

“Okay, if that is the case, then we will set it as such!” Han Ling Feng then added “We have a long road ahead and have to fly for quite some time. Let us set off first!”

“Also good~” Everyone replied and then began flying on their sword and sprinted towards the Blood Raven Ridge over a hundred miles away. Throughout the whole argument, Monkey was just coldly staring by the side. He did not say anything, but was as clear as a mirror in his heart.

The moment they began flying on their swords, the difference was immediately obvious. Gu Long and Xuan Wu both had 4th grade flying swords, and the speed was over a thousand. Even though Little Fatty took out his Lightning Wind Sword, but a 2nd grade sword with a speed of a few hundred was just vastly insufficient. As for Monkey, he was even more pathetic. He used the Black Iron Sword which the sect issued, and had only refined it a few times, increasing the speed to a little more than 400.

Seeing such a situation, Gu Long and Xuan Wu couldn’t help but reveal a face of disdain. But in their hearts, they were secretly surprised by Little Fatty’s wealth. You have to know, the higher the grade of flying swords, the better. But they were also restricted by the users abilities. Gu Long and Xuan Wu were both at the 8th XianTian stage, and could naturally use a 4th grade flying sword. However, Little Fatty’s abilities was not that strong. According to his performance, Gu Long estimated that it was just right for him to use a 2nd grade flying sword. But a 3rd grade flying sword would be a little too much.

The problem is, a second grade flying sword would be worth at least over 10,000 spiritual stones. At just a glance, one could tell that the sword Little Fatty had was an extremely good one. And would be even more expensive. When Gu Long and Xuan Wu were at Little Fatty’s realm, they did not have the spare money to purchase a flying sword at all. They were still running around and trying their best to complete the sect missions. The amount of spiritual stones which they received was only enough for them to cultivate, where would they have the extra money to buy something which was mainly used for travelling only. You have to know, apart from sword cultivators, the flying sword did not have much usage to other cultivators. Thus, not many were willing to spend too much spiritual stones in this aspect.

But Little Fatty was obviously not a sword cultivator and could still afford to use such a luxurious flying sword. Gu Long and Xuan Wu were more certain of their judgement that this brat was really a fat sheep, and was not a waste for them to rob him. Thinking about this, they couldn’t help but glance at each other, and reveal a cold grin which only the both of them understood.

To a mortal, a distance of over 10,000 miles was one where they could not reach even if the walked to the point they died of fatigue. But to a cultivator, it was not much. Even Monkey, who had the slowest flying speed, could reach within a day. A flying sword with speed of 400 refers to 400 miles in 15 mins. In 2 hours, that was 3200 miles. A distance of over 10,000 miles could be covered in a little over 6 hours.

Of course, this is only theoretically speaking. In actual fact, it wasn’t so fast. This is because flying on a sword requires a lot of Qi, and Monkey’s abilities was too low. It was far from being able to allow him to fly for over 6 hours straight. For him, flying about 8,000 miles would exhaust him of all his Qi, and he would need to meditate and recuperate for a few hours.

Although Little Fatty and Han Ling Feng could fly over 10,000 miles in a single trip, but it would also exhaust most of their Qi. In a world, where dangers are lurking all around, they would definitely not do this. In the case they met any troubles, without Qi they could only surrender to the situation.

As for Gu Long and Xuan Wu, they had the ability to travel over 10,000 miles easily, but they had other plans. Despite the impatience in their heart, they did not abandon Monkey and Little Fatty to travel on their own. Along the way, they briefly discussed and decided that after flying 8,000 miles, they would rest for the night. They could cover the rest of the distance in the next day, and could retain more of their combat abilities that way.

There was nothing said throughout the whole journey. When Monkey was completely exhausted and could no longer fly, they all landed. They found a spacious place, set up some defensive formations, then began to meditate. After everybody recovered their Qi, the sky was already dark.

Because demonic beasts were even more dangerous in the night, especially on a night with moonlight, where their abilities would increase by a great margin. Plus, the dark was extremely disadvantageous to cultivators. So, unless it was absolutely necessary, nobody would travel in the night.

As such, they were not in a hurry to leave as well, but instead set up their camp here. Cultivators spent quite some time out in the wild, and all had experience. Plus, with their abilities, they did not have much to prepare. They did not even need a tent, all they did was to sit around a fire and meditate while being alert.

When they were resting for the night, Gu Long used a Secret Technique and transmitted telepathically to Han Ling Feng in secret “Han junior sister, why did you have to bring that burden out? Our target is Song Zhong, no that damn Monkey!”

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