Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 250: Secret Scheme

Chapter 250: Secret Scheme

“Elder Sister, why have you come to seek me at such ungodly hours? Could it be that the elders in Xuan Ji pavilion are planning to revolt?” Daoist HuoLong was not as serious as he usually was, asking with a teasing smile. Obviously, he was rather close to his sister.

But Daoist HuoLong would have never thought that his words could cause Celestial QingYun to look so worried. Then, she said with a bitter laughter, “They have yet to do so, it’s only a matter of time!”

“Ah?” to which Daoist HuoLong replied in shock. Daoist HuoLong then added hastily, “Are you joking? Why would they start to plan a coup out of the blue?”

“Because I am going to have trouble soon. So I bit the bullet and came to seek your assistance!” replied Celestial QingYun solemnly.

“Why stand on such courtesy? We came from the same mothers after all, and we have been through thick and thin. If there is anything you need from me, I will be at your beck and call without any hesitation” quipped Daoist HuoLong.

It turns out that Daoist HuoLong and Celestial QingYun grew up together, alongside their parents. In the past, Daoist HuoLong had always been bullied due to his feeble nature and had always been protected by Celestial QingYun. After entering the cultivation world, it was also under her care and concern that allowed Daoist HuoLong to become who he is today. Even though the two siblings rarely meet each other, their history would explain their deep love for each other.

Therefore, when Daoist HuoLong heard of the trouble Celestial QingYun is facing, he would render his full assistance to her without any hesitation.

Feeling touched by Daoist HuoLong’s reply, Celestial QingYun replied embarrassingly “Oh, how could I ever say it, this matter is difficult to raise considering it will put you in a spot!”

“Ahhhhh, does it mean that if it does not trouble you, you would have never approach me?” Daoist HuoLong said smirkingly. Then, he added” Alright! Just say it sister! Let me see if I can help!”

Celestial QingYun then nodded and said “I would assume you know the latest update about the Eastern Sea.”

“The latest update?” replied Daoist HuoLong. To which he immediately added, “I have just read Huo **’s letter. He said that SongZhong died recently and ZiRong had inherited the Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant. With the help of the Eastern Ocean Alliance Head, ZiRong has taken hold of the bamboo island as compensation. This matter should not have any relations to sister unless there is something I am unaware of.”

Celestial QingYun nodded with furrowed brows and replied, “The only thing you do not know is that Song Zhong did not actually die!”

“Ah!” This piece of news shocked Daoist HuoLong. He then asked “Sister, this is not a joke right? SongZhong had clearly died under Old Devil Feng’s hand. How is it that he did not die?”

“Because Old Devil Feng is an idiot, stupid idiot!”, Celestial QingYun scolded angrily. “Being a YuanYing cultivator, he could not even deal with Song Zhong. He still had to resort to using his ultimate attack, detonating one of the 8th grade magical artifact in the process to defeat Song Zhong. Even after all that, he still could not kill Song Zhong despite chasing him for over a few thousand kilometres. Afterwards, Song Zhong got rescued by the Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er.

After knowing the full story, Daoist HuoLong went into a daze and replied Celestial QingYun with a smile, “Sister, where did you hear all this from? It seems to be hardly reliable. SongZhong is just a mere foundational cultivator. No matter how strong he is, he could not possibly overcome Old Devil Feng’s ‘devil entering the body’ technique. Furthermore, using a move that harms both parties, how is it possible that he is not killed? Additionally, the Lightning Eagle King is a demonic beast, why would she save Song Zhong? Wouldn’t she want the human race to fight each other to the death?

Celestial QingYun stared at Daoist HuoLong, and sternly quipped “What you have said seems just, but what I said is not nonsensical. This piece of information was given to me by Old Devil Feng himself and he would never dare lie to me!”

Daoist HuoLong had long knew the relations between Celestial QingYun and Old Devil Feng, but he did not know that their relationship was close to such extent. Daoist HuoLong even thought that Old Devil was subdued by Celestial QingYun, and was deployed to Thousands Desire Sect as a spy!

After hearing the words from Celestial QingYun, Daoist HuoLong had a change in attitude and asked angrily, “Did Old Devil Feng really not lie to you?”

“Absolutely, I made him swore a blood oath. Furthermore, this matter is of grave importance, he would never dare lie! In any case, using such a lowly way to lie to me would not benefit him in any way.” The Celestial QingYun solemnly replied “So, I have absolute confidence that this matter is true.”

“My goodness, it can’t be right?” Daoist HuoLong replied in shock, “Although I know that this darn fatty is extraordinary, I did not expect that he is strong to this extent that even Old Devil Feng’s ‘devil entering the body’ technique cannot defeat him.

Celestial QingYun heaved a sigh and said “Speaking of this matter, Old Devil Feng is not to be blamed entirely. It is just that the darn fatty is too lucky. Anyway, did you know that the Nine Beauties Painting is in his hands.”

“I got to know about it recently.” Daoist HuoLong said with a bitter smile. “This information was delivered to me by ZiRong. This bastard sure has a tight lip,” added Daoist HuoLong.

“So you have known about it for that long?!” quipped Celestial QingYun. She further added, “why did you not take any action?”

“Isn’t it because SongZhong had already developed to such a stage already. Furthermore, he is in the Eastern Ocean and my influence does not extend that far”, said Daoist HuoLong with a bitter laughter. He added, “Even with the Nine Beauties Painting, Old Devil Feng should still be able to kill him right? After all, the disparity between the two is simply too great.”

“With just the Nine Beauties Painting, Old Devil Feng would naturally not be afraid of him. The problem lies with him having another spiritual artifact.” laughed Celestial QingYun bitterly. She added “Wouldn’t you just look at that, what we YuanYing cultivators could not obtain, Song Zhong could already have two. What is happening?”

Daoist HuoLong shockingly replied, “Sister, what other treasure did he have? What is it?”

“A large copper bell! According to Old Devil Feng, this clock has a thick wind copper exterior which seems to be an ordinary low-grade magical artifact. Initially, he brushed the weapon aside but he felt something wrong when he could not destroy the weapon using his Weapon Forming Clouds spell. Then, this copper bell was able to destroy a mountain he conjured with a soundwave! At this point in time, he felt that the bell was not an ordinary object and was forced to use the ‘demon entering the body’ technique, which eventually destroyed the exterior of the bell after numerous blows, thus exposing the bell underneath,” Celestial QingYun replied.

Daoist HuoLong immediately slapped his thigh and cursed “Damn this fatso, he played me!”

Curious, Celestial QingYun replied “What is it? What happened?”

Daoist HuoLong replied “Sister, what you do not know is, the bell which this darn fatty has, emitted a distinct ring when he was sparring with ShuiYue. It allowed hundreds of bystanders to comprehend the heavenly laws, with seven of them advancing a rank, including a JinDan cultivator!”

“Aiyah, such a matter happened?” Celestial QingYun exclaimed, “At that time, you should have guessed that there was something special about this bell! Why did you let the matter go like that?”

“Of course I did not just casually brush that incident off. At that point of time, I did not hesitate to risk angering the old sect master and used the Five Elements Essence Swords to exchange for that black iron bell. After receiving it, it was just an empty shell.” replied Daoist HuoLong gloomily.

“You fool. I am certain that this fatso sold you an empty shell and took the valuable treasure inside.” Celestial QingYun lamented.

“Haiz! Only now did I realised it, but I was not certain then. Who had known that the darn fatty was so cunning! What is most hateful was that eventually, that darn fatty whipped out another large copper bell which was also extraordinary. At that point, my suspicion was roused. Who knew if that darn fatty was luring me to buy into another of his tricks or not? I had just lost a whole set of Five Elements Essence Swords back then. Once bitten, twice shy. So, I gave it up like that! Thinking about it now, that fatso certainly did not have enough time to make another substitute. If I had bought it then, the treasure would have been mine! DAMN IT! This darn fatty sure played me good.” Daoist HuoLong uttered hatefully.

After realising the truth, Daoist HuoLong slapped his thighs regretfully.

Celestial QingYun burst out laughing as she thought to herself, ‘You are already over a hundred years old. To think that you are played by a mere child like a puppet. What shall I do with you?”

Of course, Celestial QingYun knew her brother was filled with regret, and would not want to mock him any further. Thus, she comforted, “ Forget it, it is already water under the bridge. What matters now is that we still have a chance.”

“What chance?! This darn fatty has grown up already! Even Old Devil Feng could not defeat him, I obviously would not be able to take care of him casually. Coupled with a good foundation he has acquired at the Eastern Ocean, I can only treat him like a child and pamper him. Fortunately for my foresight, I have placed Zi Rong by his side, and now I can see him as part of my faction! I could say this would be a blessing in disguise then!”

After hearing Daoist HuoLong’s reply, Celestial QingYun let out two coughs.

Daoist HuoLong was astute. Once a situation arises, he swiftly sensed something is amiss and responded, “Sister, the favour you would like me to help you with is related to SongZhong?”

Celestial QingYun nodded with a face of helplessness and gloominess as she replied, “Speaking of this matter, it really is a disgrace. This Old Devil Feng is utterly idiotic. If he is humiliated by SongZhong and wants to take care of him, then go right ahead! But, he was too full of himself and ended up falling for SongZhong’s tricks. Before taking care of SongZhong, he had told him all of our secrets!”

“What does these secrets include?” Daoist HuoLong enquired with a nervous expression.

“Including my relationship with Old Devil Feng, and how QianWu plotted against SongZhong’s parents. Celestial QingYun took a glance at Daoist HuoLong and stopped herself.

Daoist HuoLong stomped his foot and said, “Sister, since we have already landed at this state, just spill all the beans then.”

Celestial QingYun let out a helpless laugh and said “Old Devil Feng has told SongZhong that you definitely knew about QianWu’s plot against his parents and helped QianWu behind the scenes to cover this up. This Old Devil Feng is simply an utter idiot.”

“He isn’t an idiot, he’s a bastard!” Daoist HuoLong jumped in anger, “I should not have listened to you and let this son of a bitch off! Look at me now, he completely sold me out! When SongZhong comes back and reveals my act of covering up QianWu’s plot against his parents, I am f**ked!. I don’t even need to be sect master anymore, I can just wait for my impending doom from the sect’s Enforcement Hall.” exclaimed Daoist HuoLong

At this point in time, Daoist HuoLong was driven mad with anger.

Celestial QingYun also knew she was in the wrong. Previously, Daoist HuoLong was considering whether to let Old Devil Feng go but only decided to let him go under the Celestial QingYun’s pleas. But the current situation made her fee; really sorrowful, because the person she saved sold her brother out.

But at this current state, there is no point crying over spilt milk. Helpless, Celestial QingYun could only apologise to her brother and continue to think of a solution. As for Old Devil Feng, Celestial QingYun would not just let it off just like that and guaranteed Daoist HuoLong that justice will be served.

Daoist HuoLong stomped his foot with deep anger to the point that it left a hole on the floor. To which he replied his sister, “Sister, you should know that I do not call the shots in the Mystical Sky Yard. Mister First and Mister Second are waiting for me to commit a mistake to oust me out. And then there’s senior sister Mei, if she finds out about Qian Wu’s matter, she would skin me alive.”

Celestial QingYun replied, “Surely it would not be that drastic right? Didn’t she go into seclusion, ignoring all worldly affairs?”

“That is true. But senior sister Mei has a disciple named ShuiJing who is cultivating on the outside. What is important is that, ShuiJing and that darn fatty Song Zhong has a close relationship and they are dual cultivation companions. If that darn fatty finds Shui Jing, my position will be in the gutter and not even you would be able to save me.” Daoist HuoLong replied with a flustered look.

“Celestial MeiHua! She is undoubtedly the strongest of the three celestials in this world. Even I, am incomparable to her.” furrowing her brows as she replied Daoist HuoLong

“That is right! What can we do at this point in time?!” as Daoist HuoLong paced around in his room in circles.

“Don’t worry, the reason I am finding you is to settle this problem. To tell you the truth, I have already got a plan, but it is just whether you would dare to act upon it.” said Celestial QingYun.

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