Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 241: Heaven Shaking Secret

Chapter 241: Heaven Shaking Secret

When Old Devil Feng by the side heard what SongZhong said, he burst out into laughter, “Darn fatty, you can’t even keep your own life and you still think that you can protect them? What a joke, what a joke! HAHAHA!”

“HAHA!” The Naked Skinning Witch who was by the side also burst out into laughter.

Only SongZhong remained indifferent, “Old Devil Feng, while you seem to be extremely confident, you do not have the confidence to kill me, right?”

“Says who?” After Old Devil Feng heard that, he said, “Darn fatty, let me tell you right now. You definitely can’t escape today!”

“Haha, really? Old Devil Feng, if you really think that I will die today, do you dare reveal to me the hidden truth behind my parents’ death?”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he was first stunned before asking, “You know that there is a hidden truth?”

“This is regarding my parents’ death, of course, I will investigate the matter thoroughly. In fact, ever since you ambushed me at my parents’ death site, I have started having my suspicions on the matter. Old Devil Feng, do you dare to tell me, did someone from the Mystical Sky Yard tip you off to ambush my parents?”

“Hehe!” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he grinned, “Why do I have to tell you this?”

“Since I can’t escape, it wouldn’t matter if you say it right?” SongZhong sneered, “Don’t tell me that you are afraid that I will escape so you aren’t willing to take the risk? You’re afraid of betraying your spy in the Mystical Sky Yard?”

“Hmph, this old man would naturally not be afraid of you escaping. It is just that I want you to die as a ghost with regret. I want you to die without knowing who killed your parents!”.

“Ha!” As SongZhong heard that, he immediately laughed, “Old Devil Feng, you are wrong about that. If you really hate me, you should tell me the truth. You should let me know who killed my parents but yet have to see the person roam freely, being unable to do anything. That would be the most painful. If I do not know anything, it wouldn’t matter anymore. Do you agree?”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he was first stunned. After lowering his head in consideration, he said with a laugh, “Hehe, it does seem to be the case. But, you are obviously trying to trick me into saying it. Don’t tell me you really have a way to escape?”

“Haha, you’re really afraid that I will escape?” SongZhong could not help but burst out into laughter. “In front of a YuanYing cultivator, even if I as a rookie foundational cultivator have a Lesser Movement Talisman, I will not even have the chance to activate it! What do you have to be worried about?”

“Hehe, you are right!” Old Devil Feng nodded his head. But, he said, “But, it is best to be careful. I think I should first capture you and find a place where there is nobody before revealing. How about that?”

As Old Devil Feng said that, he approached with a cunning smile.

As SongZhong saw that, he became nervous as he shouted, “Wait! I have something to say!”

“En? What do you want to say?” Old Devil Feng smiled, “Take your time, I am in no rush at all!”

Obviously, Old Devil Feng was like a predator torturing his prey, playing with SongZhong.

Although SongZhong knew that, he did not have any choice. He could only endure the anger in his heart, “If you tell me the matters pertaining to my parents, I will tell you something you want to know in return!”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, his eyes lit up. Then, he asked curiously, “You are just a foundational rookie, what news can you possibly have that would interest me?”

“Hehe, while I may not be as knowledgeable as you, there are somethings which can only be acquired from me. For example, who defeated your young master YuFeng in the Jade Green Screen!” SongZhong said with a cunning laughter.

“What?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, his expression changed and he asked, “You know?”

“Of course. In fact, I even know who has the Nine Beauties Painting!” SongZhong smiled, “How about that? Is this news stunning enough?”

“It is stunning enough!” Old Devil Feng’s eyes widened like saucers. Then, he said spitefully, “Because of this incident, I do not have the face to see my senior brother. If you can tell me this, in a moment of soft heartedness, I can let you enjoy fewer torture tools!”

“That isn’t necessary. I only want to exchange it for the news of my parents!” SongZhong then said with caution, “Old Devil Feng, let me warn you, don’t dream of capturing me alive. You also know that I am a lightning cultivator. The Eastern Ocean’s Three Demons were all scared away by my Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning. If you dare to use force, I would rather blow my body up to bits then tell you this piece of news!”

As he said that, he revealed 10 different divine lightnings in his palm.

Old Devil Feng indeed had the idea of taking SongZhong by surprise to interrogate him. But the moment he heard SongZhong say that, together with the 10 divine lightnings, he became more cautious. He did not know that SongZhong’s body was perverse to the point it is able to ignore the explosion of the divine lightnings. This divine lightnings would even be able to blow apart a JinDan cultivator without defense. Seeing SongZhong playing with the lightnings in his palms without a protective magical artifact, he was indeeed able to detonate it at any time.

Thus, Old Devil Feng was afraid that SongZhong would commit suicide on the spot. If that’s the case, he would no longer be able to find the Nine Beauties Painting. Helpless, he could only say with a bitter laughter, “Good, SongZhong, good! I will say it then. But, how can you ensure that you will not regret after hearing my news?”

“I, SongZhong, will not go back on my words!” SongZhong said with a cold laughter, “Do not group me together with the likes of you devil cultivators!”

Old Devil Feng was mocked to the point he felt his anger rise. But for the sake of Nine Beauties Painting, he had no choice but to endure the anger. Then, he said, “Good, child. You’re good! I can tell you the news of your parents first! But if you do not tell me the news about the Nine Beauties Painting, I will ensure that you will lead a life worse than death!”

“Hehe, since you have already determined that victory is in your grasp, what do you have to be afraid of? Quickly say, this junior is all ears!” SongZhong said with a cold laughter.

“Good!” Old Devil Feng gritted his teeth and agreed. He then thought to himself, ‘This SongZhong is already a meat on the chopping board. It doesn’t matter if I tell it to him. As long as he is able to reveal the whereabouts of the Nine Beauties Painting, this risk is worth it.’

Thinking about that, Old Devil Feng waved his sleeves and coldly instructed, “All of you scram to 5000 kilometres away. If any of you dare to come near, I will kill you without mercy!”

As they heard that, everyone realized that Old Devil Feng was about to tell SongZhong something which infringed upon confidential information within the sect. Thus, they did not dare delay, retreating after they paid their respects. The next moment, there was only Old Devil Feng, SongZhong, SiYun and SiYu.

In the eyes of Old Devil Feng, SiYu and SiYun were as good as dead. Thus, he did not bother about them. The moment everyone left, he said with a superficial smile, “SongZhong, you mentioned that you have already investigated the matter. If that’s the case, do you know who betrayed your parents?”

“Hmph, you still want to test me?” SongZhong sneered, “Is it Huo QianWu?”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, his expression changed as he burst out into laughter, “Good, child, you indeed have some ability. Since you already know, why do you still have to ask me?”

“I only guessed that it was her, but I did not have any concrete evidence!” SongZhong then said irascibly, “If that’s the case, she is indeed the traitor?”

“That’s right!” Old Devil Feng nodded with a smile, “She was the one who informed me. Only then was I able to send out JinDan disciples to kill them!”

“Dammit!” SongZhong could not suppress the anger in his heart as he cursed. “But Huo QianWu is from the Mystical Sky Yard and you are from the Thousands Desire Sect. The distance between you two is so huge, how did you guys know each other?”

“Hehe, this is a long story!” Old Devil Feng played with his beard.

“I have time!” SongZhong said coldly, “Unless you tell me all of the details, you can dream about knowing the whereabouts of the Nine Beauties Painting! As compared to a spiritual artifact exceeding the 9th grade, it isn’t considered much to tell some information to a dying man right?”

“Hehe, since you also know that you are about to die, let me be generous for once and tell you everything!” Old Devil Feng then laughed, “In order to know the relationship between Huo QianWu and me, you must first know her birth heritage!”

“Birth heritage?” SongZhong was stunned as he asked, “Isn’t she the youngest daughter of Daoist HuoLong?”

“Wrong, that is only a farce!” Old Devil Feng smiled, “In truth, Huo QianWu is Daoist HuoLong’s niece. She should call Daoist HuoLong, uncle!”

“Uncle?” SongZhong asked with shock, “In other words, Huo QianWu is the daughter of Daoist HuoLong’s younger sister?”

“Nope, she is the daughter of Daoist HuoLong’s elder sister!” Old Devil Feng smiled, “Do not make a mistake about this!”

“Then who is Daoist HuoLong’s elder sister?” SongZhong asked.

“Hehe, this is a secret which cannot be considered a secret. In our generation, there are many who know about this. But among the younger generation, there are not many who do!” Old Devil Feng then laughed, “This elder sister of Daoist HuoLong is actually a famous character! If I were to say Celestial QingYun, I believe there will be no one in the Vast Mountains who do not recognise her right?”

“Celestial QingYun?” SongZhong was taken aback for a moment. Then, he shouted out, “Damn, the Celestial QingYun who has the same prestige as Celestial MeiHua, one of the three goddess in the Vast Mountains? Isn’t she the pavilion head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion? Master of Han Bing’er?”

“Hehe, that’s right. She’s the one!” Old Devil Feng smiled, “Why? Are you surprised?”

“No wonder Daoist HuoLong is so close to the Jade Pearl Pavilion. So this is what’s going on!” Only then did SongZhong come to a realization. However, he asked in doubt, “That’s not right, since they are siblings, why is one of them in the Jade Pearl Pavilion while the other in the Mystical Sky Yard?”

“Hehe, this is where you’re ignorant!” Old Devil Feng explained with a smile, “The Jade Pearl Pavilion is part of the Jade Pearl Sect. Their sect has a rule that while the female cultivators in their sect can marry and have a child, the males must be sent away while the females must join the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Daoist HuoLong’s parents were from the Jade Pearl Sect and the Mystical Sky Sect. Thus, after they were born, one of them was placed in the Jade Pearl Pavilion with the other in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

“Dammit, this is really a long distance relationship!” SongZhong scolded. Then, he asked in doubt again, “That’s not right. Huo QianWu is a female, she should be part of the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Why is she in the Mystical Sky Yard?”

“Hehe, that is because Celestial QingYun was never married and Huo QianWu was an illegitimate child! Thus, she cannot stay in the Jade Pearl Pavilion. She can only pose as Daoist HuoLong’s daughter and reside in the Mystical Sky Yard!” Old Devil Feng smiled, “Do you understand if I put it this way?”

“I understand!” SongZhong nodded, “But, you have not tell me how Huo QianWu knows you!”

“Haha! This!” Old Devil Feng laughed, “Of course I know her through her mother!”

“Celestial QingYun? As the pavilion head of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, she knows a devil cultivator like you?” SongZhong could not help but be puzzled, “What kind of relationship do the two of you share?”

“Haha, what do you think? A despairing lady and a man who specialises in dual cultivation. What kind of a relationship do you think we have?” Old Devil Feng asked with delight.

SongZhong was no idiot and understood what was going on. But, he could not believe that this was true as he guessed, “It can’t be right? Don’t tell me you guys were?”

“That’s right. We were a couple!” Old Devil Feng gleamed with pride, “Even though Celestial QingYun is a powerful completed YuanYing cultivator, she still succumbed under my crotch!”

“This is impossible!” After hearing this stunning news, SongZhong could not help but exclaim, “You are definitely bluffing me right?”

“Foolish child, why do I need to bluff a dying man. This is the truth!” Old Devil Feng shrugged his shoulders.

“But why is this so?” SongZhong could not help but ask.

“ should I explain it?” Old Devil Feng said with helplessness, “In fact, Celestial QingYun can also be said to be a poor girl. After having an illegitimate child, she was abandoned by the heartless man. Because she was pregnant at that time, it injured her vitality. Together with the internal conflicts of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, she was left with no choice but to find me to engage in dual cultivation! So that she can strengthen herself for self-preservation!”

“En?” As SongZhong heard that, he said in shock, “Celestial QingYun can increase her strength by dual cultivating with you? Do you think I am an idiot? There is something so good in this world? Your devil cultivation methods benefit yourself at the expense of others. If she were to find you, she will only be sucked to death. How is it possible to increase her strength?”

“Haha, brat, you are still too tender. You are limited in your knowledge!” Old Devil Feng laughed, “The Jade Pearl Pavilion only has female cultivators. They would definitely have a few profound righteous dual cultivation methods. When a righteous and devil dual cultivation method meets, there would be a mystical transformation. Of course, these are things which only us YuanYing cultivators are able to understand. You wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you!”

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