Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 221: Black Shark King

Chapter 221: Black Shark King

No matter how difficult the journey, he still had to go home. Waiting for respite in the Eastern Ocean is akin to seeking their deaths. As such, they all quickly got into formation and pulled each other along like a bunch of refugees, and slowly flew to the mainland.

It was safe for the first few days. However, at a certain point of time, they suddenly felt that something was wrong. There were no clouds above them in the skies, for a few thousand kilometres journey. In addition, there was a sudden change in the direction of the wind. Black clouds coalesced from all over, resulting in a pitch-black sky. Suddenly, there was a large downpour.

Initially, everyone thought that this was just a natural occurrence. Soon, they quickly realised that something was wrong because there was a strong Water-type spiritual Qi in the rain. It was obvious that this rain was artificially created by someone. Furthermore, not only did the rain blocked the light, it even caused a state of discombobulation, resulting in one unable to determine their directions in the rain.

Everyone was startled as they come to this realisation. The knowledgeable JinDan cultivator, Dan QingZi, shouted out, “Aiyah, not good! This is probably the Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation, by the Black Shark King of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps. I’m afraid we have fallen for their encirclement!”

“Black Shark King of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps?” As everyone heard that name, all of their expressions changed as though they heard something extremely frightening.

As SongZhong noticed the bleak expressions on everyone’s faces, he hurriedly asked, “Senior uncle Dan QingZi, who is the Black Shark King?”

“He is an extremely strong and cruel demonic beast. It is said that he is a black shark who has cultivated for over a millennium. There are no cultivators who have encountered him and lived to tell the tale! All of them became fish food for the black sharks brethren! Our luck is just too horrible. First, we came across Lightning Eagle King and now, the Black Shark King. Just how are we going to survive this?”

“Cheh, so what if he is the Black Shark King? Since I can scare the Lightning Eagle King away, I will also be able to scare the Black Shark King away!”, replied SongZhong.

As everyone heard that, they could not help but reveal joyful expressions. Only Qing DanZi still remained pessimistic, “I hope that’s the case!”

SongZhong deduced that Dan QingZi did not think too highly of him, which made SongZhong extremely puzzled. After all, Dan QingZi had already witnessed how he chased away the Lightning Eagle King, so why was Dan QingZi still so unconfident towards him?

Just as SongZhong wanted to clarify some doubts with Dan QingZi, a loud demonic beast’s roar could be heard from afar.

This savage roar attracted everyone’s attention of everyone and consequently, a ruthless voice sounded, “Who is SongZhong? Come out and die!”

As the voice sounded, a large silhouette gradually appeared in the rain. The silhouette was that of a black shark floating in the air. It was a few hundred feet long, about the same size as SongZhong’s flying boat. Standing on the head of the shark, there was an unclothed, super muscular man.

The reason why he is called a super muscular man was because his physique was too sublime. He was almost 20 feet tall and had black scales all over his whole body. His arm was as thick as an ordinary person’s waist and his legs were similar to the size of a water jar. SongZhong can already be considered to be the buffest person within humanity. But compared to this new fellow, SongZhong looked like a little child.

The facial features of this person were not entirely that of human’s, as there were still some facial features redolent of a shark’s. Especially his large jaw and the neatly-arranged, sharp, pointy teeth within, making him look like a death reaper.

Actually, the reason why he looked like that was not because he was a weirdo. It was because he had yet to complete his human transformation. As a top tier 5th grade demonic beast, the Black Shark King was on the verge of being able to transform into a human, but still, he should not have been able to transform into a human. As serendipity had it, he ate a rare herb found on the seabed and had his spiritual wisdom unlocked precociously, and so he started his transformation prematurely. Because his cultivation was lacking, he was unable to assume a full-human appearance like the Lightning Eagle King. Hence, his weird appearance.

Seeing how the legendary Black Shark King looked, everyone including SongZhong, were all startled. Dan QingZi then whispered softly to SongZhong, “Dear nephew, do not just pay heed to him, you have to notice the surrounding as well. It is said that his Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation is able to conceal his subordinates! Furthermore, it grants them flight as well! We are definitely surrounded and you must be aware of ambushes!”

As SongZhong heard that, he was shocked. He extended his spiritual sense out and could vaguely sense countless black shadows in the thunderstorm. Only now did he know that the ambassadors of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps were all extremely strong. The Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation of the Black Shark King is just too perverse! It would be fine if it is just able to conceal his subordinates, but it could also grant them flight! That is just far too perverse!

Thankfully, there was an elder here today. If not, he would definitely suffer a great loss today. After having a better understanding of the situation, SongZhong broke out in cold sweat as he said to Dan QingZi, “Thanks to senior uncle for your reminder, this nephew here almost fell for his trap!”

Dan QingZi smiled and wanted to respond. But the Black Shark King was getting impatient and he roared, “Dammit, I am looking for SongZhong, where is that bastard? Ask him to come out and accept his death!”

Seeing how frustrated the Black Shark King was, Dan QingZi kept his mouth shut. His injuries were severe and he possessed not even 10% of his usual battle prowess. He is nothing more than a burden and could only observe the ongoings.

As for SongZhong, he frowned and flew a distance forward before saying haughtily, “I am SongZhong, I wonder what the esteemed Black Shark King wants?”

“Haha, so you are SongZhong! I have been looking for you for so many days!”

“Eh? We have not seen each other before, I wonder why are you looking for me?”

“HAHA! I am here to borrow something from you! If you are willing to lend it to me, I may release all of you!”

“Oh? I wonder what the Black Shark King needs?”

“It’s simple, I want your head!” The Black Shark King smiled.

As SongZhong heard that, he was almost angered to death and said, “It isn’t so easy to take my head.”

“I will still take it even if it isn’t easy because my wife wants it!” The Black Shark King replied.

“Eh? I wonder who is your wife?”

“She is the renowned Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er!” The Black Shark King said with delight.

“That’s not right? I remember that the Lightning Eagle King was still single. I have never heard of her being attached.” As he said that, he looked towards Dan QingZi incredulously.

Dan QingZi hurriedly replied, “I have never heard of the Lightning Eagle King being attached! If it is true, then everyone would definitely know about this!”

“Haha, strictly speaking, she isn’t my wife yet! But she will be in future! She said that as long as I can bring your head to see her, she will marry me immediately! Hehe!” As he said that, he could not help but laugh in delight.

SongZhong suddenly realised something and he cursed, “Dammit, I fell for Lightning Eagle King’s trick! The reason why she released so many captives is not out of benevolence. She wants to drag my speed down so the Black Shark King can pursue us!”

As everyone heard that, they became finally aware of her scheme. The Black Shark King then broke out into laughter, “Haha, that’s right. This wife of mine is too smart! With just a single look, I can see that you are just a foolish fatty. How can you possibly outwit her?”

As SongZhong heard that, he was almost angered to death. This was the first time he had been played ever since he started cultivation. Furthermore, he was played by such an innocent looking lady. This trick which he fell for, really made him extremely depressed.

Seeing how SongZhong wanted to puke blood from anger, the Black Shark King became elated and he smiled, “Darn fatty, on account that there are advantages to your death, I can give you a special offer. As long as you surrender, I will release everyone behind you. How about that?”

“Haha, it seems that you are not a fool either? Since you know that the Lightning Eagle King was not able to do anything to me, then you should know that I am probably not someone easily provoked. Thus, you want to use such a method to capture me without expending resources, right?”

“Haha! We are all residents of the Eastern Ocean, so how stupid can we get? She wants to kill you through my hands and I want to capture you without resorting to violence!”

“Hehe, good! I am tempted by your offer. But I will have to discuss it with them first, what do you think?”

“Alright, since you are already ensnared in my Ten Thousand Miles Downpour Formation, you will not be able to escape even if you want to. I shall permit you a discussion! However, you better be fast, I do not have a lot of patience! If I become frustrated, I will kill some of you first no matter what!”

“Relax, I will not keep you waiting for too long!” SongZhong then moved back to the crowd and questioned, “What do you guys think we should do?”

Everyone looked at each other in silence, but the intention was clear, ‘Since your death will allow us to live, then why not you die?’ Even the righteous cultivators were silent and did not mention anything about fighting the enemy together. Obviously, all of these people in the Eastern Ocean had been bedeviled in the Eastern Ocean. They had become selfish, self-serving, and had no iota of gratitude for their benefactor.

Although SongZhong had already expected it, he was still a little disappointed when faced with reality. At least, not everyone’s conscience was eaten up by the dogs already. His senior Dan QingZi was the first one to step out, “Dear nephew, demonic beasts do not uphold their promises! Do not believe them, at the very most, we will fight them to the death!”

SiYu and SiYun also followed, “Yes, we will also fight them to the death!”

Stone did not say anything. He stood behind SongZhong firmly, expressing his stand through actions.

As the other cultivators saw that, they all began to frown. Some of them became uncomfortable and some had a look of pity. There was one who even shouted out, “Hero SongZhong, just be a good guy till the end! Since you had already saved us once, then why not you save us twice! We will never forget your sacrifice and grace!”

With this lead, the rest also started expressing their callous sentiments, “Yes, we will remember you for sure!”

“We will burn incense for you!”

“We will construct a temple in your honour!”

“We will burn paper money for you every year!”

As he heard what they said, SongZhong’s face turned green from anger. Dan QingZi’s face turned ashen as he scolded, “Shut up, do you guys know what shame is?”

Dan QingZi was a JinDan cultivator after all. Although he was injured, he still had his grandeur. With this shout, the rest dare not say anything else.

Then, Dan QingZi looked at SongZhong, “Dear nephew, pay no heed to these bastards! I think that we should fight!”

“Yes! We will fight them to the death!” SiYu and SiYun also followed.

As SongZhong heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “Have you guys thought about it, since they are capable of brazenly betraying me, they may even backstab us later when the fight breaks out! Do you guys dare to go out battle with them?”

The moment SongZhong said that, Dan QingZi’s expression changed. Indeed, what SongZhong said makes complete sense. All of these people had already forgotten what shame is and only wanted to stay alive. If the tide of the battle was not in their favour, even without the Black Shark King’s instigation, they would definitely backstab SongZhong in exchange for a chance to survive.

Dan QingZi was at his wits’ end and lamented, “What do you think we should do then?”

“Kill them all!” Mu ZiRong by the side replied without hesitation.

“This~” As Dan QingZi heard that, his face turned pale. There are not only devil cultivators in the crowd behind them. Dan QingZi would not feel any heartache if they are killed. But what about the righteous cultivators? Many of these sects had close relations with the Mystical Sky Yard, and some cultivators here even had ties with Dan QingZi himself. Dan QingZi would definitely not be able to kill them all!

Kill or not to kill, what a dilemma to be in. Helpless, Dan QingZi could only look towards SongZhong for help.

SongZhong naturally knew what he wanted. Despite the disdain SongZhong had towards Dan QingZi’s compassion, it also was not appropriate for SongZhong to reject him. “Forget it, forget it. Since the person they want is me, I alone will stay behind. All of you can leave!”

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