Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 218: Eagle King Shan’er

Thinking about this, SiYu and SiYun looked at each other for a moment. Then, they took out a small bottle from their dimensional storage rings and consumed a pill. Then, both their appearances began to change greatly. As a large amount of skin shed away, it revealed their fair and soft skins. Both their faces looked exactly the same, as though they were fairies. They were different from Han Bing’er’s saintly charisma, unlike ShuiJing’s mysterious charisma and also dissimilar from HongYing’s innocence. They looked extremely pitiful, making everyone who see them can’t help but dote on them.

Although most female cultivators looked extremely pretty and everyone had made mental preparations, the true countenances of SiYu and SiYun still made them dumbfounded; even stone fell into a daze for a moment. As for Old Poison, he slapped himself immediately and grumbled, “Dammit, why didn’t I notice earlier? If I knew that they were so beautiful, I would have enjoyed them so many times!”

As for SongZhong, his eyes turned green as he stared unblinkingly at the both of them. They were stared at so intently by him that they turned away in embarrassment. Only then did SongZhong regain his senses as he stomped his foot in frustration, “There are actually such beautiful ladies to go after in this world! I, I will definitely not let them die!”

As everyone heard that, they were rendered speechless as they thought inwardly, ‘There is actually someone like that who exists. Not letting them die just so he can go after them? What a joke! What good is it to just think in the face of the ferocious eagle king!’

In the face of Eagle King Shan’er’s frightening strength, no one took SongZhong’s words for real. SiYu and SiYun even joked, “Haha, if you are able to save us from this plight, we will not mind repaying you with our bodies!”

“Really?” As SongZhong heard that, he instantly became energized and hurriedly replied, “Then it is a deal!”

“Haha, of course it is real. But, I don’t think you have a big chance!” SiYu and SiYun both shrugged their shoulders and said, “It is said that there are no less than 20 JinDan cultivators who have died under eagle king Shan’er’s hands. Now that we are going to face her, there is simply no chance for survival!”

“Not necessarily!” SongZhong said mysteriously. Then, he did not say anything else and only stared at the herd of demonic beasts approaching them.

At that moment, the sky was already filled with the booming thunder and flashing lightning. A large herd of lightning eagles flew over, obscuring the skies, with at least ten thousand eagles present. Every single lightning eagles are of the adult stage, which is the equivalent of 4th grade demonic beasts. Just how frightening was 10,000 foundational cultivators who knew how to fly? The answer was obvious and explanation was not required. These lightning eagles indeed lived up to their names of lightning. From the time they appeared in the horizon to the time they flooded over like a large wave, it only took them a few breaths.

But, all of these lightning eagles all had great discipline. Without a command, they only surrounded the island. With all of the lightning on their bodies, the light from the lightning shone on the island caused everyone to be unable to open their eyes.

As everyone lay sight upon their majestic appearances, they were all scared till their faces turned green. SiYu and SiYun even began to tremble from fear.

Seeing their pitiful appearance, SongZhong could not help but feel concern for them. His eyes then narrowed and he roared, “Eagle king! Come out if you have the balls, don’t hide like a lady!”

As everyone heard that, they were all stunned. Then, SiYu and SiYun could not help but remind him, “Junior brother Song, Eagle King Shan’er is indeed a girl?”

“Ah, I forgot!” SongZhong replied awkwardly.

As everyone heard that, they were almost angered to death and all rolled their eyes at him.

At this moment, a delicate female’s voice sounded from within the herd of lightning eagles, “Exactly who dares to be so bold and taunt this lady!”

Consequently, all of the lightning eagles became quiet and opened out a path, in which a large silver lightning eagle flew out from. On its back was a beautiful girl in a pink dress, who looked to be only 14 to 15 years old, sizing up everyone below with her large eyes.

Without asking, SongZhong knew that she was unequivocally Eagle King Shan’er. He was initially stunned by her delicate appearance. But he slowly regained his senses and said, “I say, it doesn’t matter if you want to take these noisy and lousy birds out to roam. But, please do not encircle us. I find them extremely annoying!”

As everyone heard that, they were all scared to death and thought to themselves, ‘This SongZhong is too bold. How can he talk to Eagle King Shan’er like that? Although he isn’t a match for her, at least he can die a painless death. If he angers her, then won’t all of us be in deep trouble?’

Eagle King Shan’er was also stunned by what SongZhong said., “Haha, this young lady here can rule the Eastern Ocean without any concern. There has been no precedence of anyone who dared to talk to me in such manner. Yet, you this darn fatty actually dare to be so rude to me. Do you really think that this young lady here will not kill everyone here?”

“Haha, of course I know that you will kill. But the problem is, are you able to kill me?” SongZhong replied without fear.

As Eagle King Shan’er heard that, her eyes lit up and said, “Good, good, good! How long has it been since I last saw such a confident human cultivator. Even JinDan cultivators would escape whenever they see me. There are very few people who dare to face me like that. I admire your courage! But you are no more than a middle foundation stage rookie. What rights do you have to be so arrogant in front of me?”

“You will know if you try!” SongZhong retaliated.

“Good, this young lady here has that intention! As long as you are able to handle the attacks of my 100 eagles alone, I will acknowledge that you have some ability!” As she said that, she waved her hands and a whole 100 lightning eagles flew out and charged at SongZhong.

“A mere 100 birds are not enough to even fill the gaps of my teeth! But since you want them to die, I will grant your wish!”As he said that, SongZhong spread out his hands and five divine lightnings of the five elements could be seen revolving in each of his palm. The five divine lightnings drew near to each other and they merged together in a flash. Following which, SongZhong clasped both his palms together to form a prismatic Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning. Then, he straightened out his arms and shot it towards the 100 lightning eagles who were charging at him.

At this moment, the 100 lightning eagles were already 10,000 feet away from SongZhong and he was within their shooting range. Thus, they all stretched out their wings and shoot out lightning bolts towards SongZhong. The 100 thick lightning bolts tore through the sky with a thunderous roar. The lightning bolts looked lightning dragons soaring through the skies and had an incredible presence.

Compared to the speed of the divine lightning, the lightning bolts were definitely much faster and reached SongZhong in a mere few moments.

Facing such a simple attack, SongZhong naturally felt nothing but disdain. With a snort, a large copper bell appeared on top of his head, deflecting all attacks. The hundred lightning bolts all smashed towards the copper bell like raindrops. Despite the wind copper shell on the surface being completely burnt and even smashed apart, the lightning bolts were not able to destroy the copper bell, and naturally could not do anything to SongZhong.

However, the moment SongZhong sent out the Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning, Eagle King Shan’er’s expression changed immediately as she hurriedly sent out a protective magical cloth. With just a flick of her hand, the cloth transformed into a translucent green shield, shrouding all her 100 subordinates within it.

The green light was formed slightly before the Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning arrived. With a loud bang, a colourful fireball over 1000 feet in diameter appeared in the sky. The strong force of the explosion impacted the translucent green shield greatly, causing it to shake unsteadily from the explosion. However, it was not destroyed and all the lightning eagles within it were safe but frightened. No matter how much confidence they had in their bodies, they knew that they did not even stand a chance against such a devastating divine lighting. If not for eagle king Shan’er’s quick reaction, even if these 100 lightning eagles were not all killed, at least half of them would die here for sure.

As everyone saw that sight, they were all startled. Despite the fact that they already expected SongZhong to be strong since he was able to tame Mu ZiRong, they did not expect him to be this strong. His Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning was just too strong, and could even be compared to a JinDan cultivator’s attack. At this moment, they all began to have a glimmer of hope in their heart and thought to themselves, ‘Don’t tell me we will have a chance to escape from Eagle King Shan’er?’

Eagle King Shan’er was also extremely shocked and could not help but exclaim, “Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning? How is this possible? You actually know how to refine all ten different low grade divine lightnings?”

“As you can see, I indeed do know how!” SongZhong replied with an indifferent laughter, “So, do I have the qualifications to speak to you with equal terms?”“You do!” Eagle King Shan’er also replied with a laughter, “With just this divine lightning, I admit that you are a tough opponent, worthy of my full strength!” As she said that, she also became serious.

As SongZhong heard that, he frowned and replied calmly, “Esteemed ambassador of the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps, Eagle King Shan’er, we do not have any grievances between us nor enmity in the past. Why should we have to fight till both parties are injured? The weather today is extremely good. Why not you continue your journey while I go back home and sleep. Let us all go our own ways and not get in each other’s way. How about that?”

“Haha, little brat, you are also rather interesting. Do you really think that you can scare me just like that?” Eagle King Shan’er was amused. “Why are all human cultivators so conceited?”“En?” As SongZhong heard that, he could not help but ask curiously, “I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand what miss means?”

“Haha, you understand it very well! Do you really think that I am a child and easy to fool? Then you are extremely wrong!”

“Haha!” SongZhong could not help but laugh, “My Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning is real. If you think that it is a fake, do you want to try it?”

“Hmph! Your divine lightning is definitely not a fake and I am extremely clear about that! But, your Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning requires 10 divine lightning every time it is refined. An ordinary five elements divine lightning requires over two hours to refine it. Factoring in the amount of time you spend to cultivate, I estimate that you’ll only be able to refined 20 to 30 ordinary divine lightning in a month. This would add up to two or three Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning each month and only a mere 20+ per year!” Eagle King Shan’er then said with a cold laughter, “You are only a middle foundational cultivator and not over 50 years in age. You will require at least a few years to learn all 10 low grade divine lightning. Thus, I’m betting that you only have a few years to accumulate the Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning. Which means, you would have no more than 200 of them. All of this is considering the fact that you have not used them before. If you used them before, it would only be less! Am I right?”

As SongZhong heard that, he immediately understood what she was thinking and replied with a laugh, “So what you are trying to say is that I do not have enough Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning to threaten you?”

“Definitely!” Eagle King Shan’er then replied proudly, “At the very most, I will sacrifice this magical artifact and I would at least block a hundred of your Lesser Five Elements Positive Negative Divine Lightning. As for the remaining ones, I can receive them myself. Then, hehe, you can just await your death!”

As SiYu and SiYun heard that, their faces instantly turned pale. Just when they had a glimmer of hope, Eagle King Shan’er made them realise that it was just their wishful thinking and they fell back into hopelessness.

As SongZhong heard that, he replied with a cold laughter calmly, “Esteemed Eagle King Shan’er, you may be extremely intelligent but you are wrong this time! Thankfully you talked to me about this before we started fighting. If you say this after we started fighting, then I am afraid that I will have to disappoint you!”

As Eagle King Shan’er heard that, she was first taken aback before asking coldly, “What do you mean by that?”

“It’s simple! Although I do not have an unlimited amount of divine lightning, I am still able to take out a mere few thousands of them!” As SongZhong said that, he raised both his hands and countless divine lightnings of all five elements appeared from out of nowhere. They all formed a circle according to the order of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and hovered over SongZhong. At least a thousand feet around SongZhong was filled with divine lightnings, with at least a few thousand circles of divine lightning which are able to from two to three thousand Lesser Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning. Furthermore, this is only what SongZhong took out. No one would know whether he has anymore in reserve. Usually, no one would be foolish enough to reveal all of their trump cards. Thus, SongZhong would definitely have some in reserve.

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