Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 210: Sexy Witch

Chapter 210: Sexy Witch

“Her?” After Huo ** heard that, he could not help but exclaim, “You have to think twice about this. This lady is a complete maniac. Not only will she abuse her subordinates, she may even kill them out of frustration. The reason why there are 3 open spaces in her team is because they were killed by her after infringing a taboo of hers! If not, her team would not be any weaker than Black Monk’s. Even if they are short of 3 people, they can still be ranked 3rd.”

“I believe that she cannot kill me!” Little Fatty replied indifferently, “In fact, the more unbridled the horse is, the more exciting it is to tame it!”

“Haha, you are indeed badass enough!” Huo ** said with a laugh, “If that’s the case, I will write a letter to recommend you in. I believe that she will take care of you on account on my face. At least, she will not kill you!”

“It’s alright!” As Little Fatty heard that, he waved his hands, “Don’t write a letter to her. I do not wish for her to have any reservations. You just need to send us there with accordance to the normal procedures. It will be more fun that way!”

“Acting like a pig to eat the tiger?” Only then did Huo ** come into a realisation and said with a hearty laugh, “Good, good, good. You are indeed a young man! Alright, I will help you with the paperwork.”

As he said that, Huo ** handed two jade talismans to Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong. Then, he placed a special spiritual talisman on it. After doing that, he instructed, “The both of you can show her this talisman and she will know that you are someone new that is sent by the alliance. Her team is on the Green Plateau a few thousand kilometres away from here. Here is a map, keep it well!” As he said that, he handed to Little Fatty another jade strip where the map of the Eastern Ocean was being recorded. Besides that, there were a few marked locations of the dangerous locations in the Eastern Ocean, which were obviously somewhere they should avoid.

Receiving it, Little Fatty gave thanks to Huo ** and chatted with him for a while more before taking his leave with Mu ZiRong.

Huo ** hurriedly got up and sent them off; if they were any ordinary foundational cultivators, Huo ** would naturally not be bothered. But, Little Fatty’s status was different. He was a foundational cultivator who had the battle prowess of a JinDan cultivator. Facing someone with such strength, Huo ** would also have to be more respectful, thus he made the effort to send Little Fatty out personally.

As the three of them arrived in front of the Hundred Flowers Tower and wanted to say their goodbyes, they suddenly heard a loud roar, “It’s him! It is that darn fatty who beat me! Brother, you have to take revenge for me!”

The three of them then turned and see 3 cultivators flying towards them. The two cultivators flying at the rear was easily recognised by Little Fatty. They were the devil cultivator and Jade Pearl Pavilion disciple who were beaten up by them on the way here. The one in front was a middle-aged cultivator. Although they could not recognise who he was, he seemed to have an imposing grandeur. Obviously, he was a JinDan cultivator.

As the three of them arrived in front of Little Fatty. The devil cultivator who was made a eunuch by Little Fatty wanted to continue scolding. But, he was stopped by the JinDan cultivator. Then, the JinDan cultivator cupped his fists and said with a smile to Huo **, “Paying my respects to Daoist brother Huo **!”

“Hah, so it is LiFeng, junior brother Li from the Thousand Demon Sect!” Huo ** responded, “I wonder what brings you here today?”

“Haha, you flatter me. I just have some things to discuss with this little brother here. Ah, right. I wonder if you know him?” LiFeng said with a smile as he eyed Little Fatty with a hostile gaze.

“Ah ah, this is a junior of my Mystical Sky Yard. Why? Junior brother LiFeng has something with him?” Huo ** asked calmly. He had already heard about the conflict between them in the afternoon and was merely asking the obvious.

As LiFeng heard that, his face changed and began to consider for a moment. Then, he said, “Huo ** Daoist brother, this junior of yours is rather rude and injured my little brother for no good reason. I wonder if this Daoist brother can give me an explanation!”

“Eh, it is normal for juniors to have conflicts amongst themselves. It really isn’t good for us to interfere with their conflicts right?” Huo ** then asked, “Don’t tell me junior brother LiFeng wants to personally teach this junior of mine a lesson?”

Hearing that, LiFeng almost died of anger. Huo ** purposely said that it was the matters of the juniors. But in reality, the one who was beaten was LiFeng’s brother. In other words, both LiFeng and his brother became a generation younger than Huo **.

However, he was helpless in this kind of situation! LiFeng was only an early JinDan cultivator while Huo ** was a completed JinDan cultivator. The gap between the both of them was just too big. Besides, Huo ** was from the Mystical Sky Yard, and such a large sect would not have just a single JinDan cultivator in the Eastern Ocean Alliance. In reality, the Mystical Sky Yard had the most JinDan cultivators in the Eastern Ocean Alliance, with a count of over 10. Usually, they do not contact each other much. But in reality, they already formed a small organisation on their own. If anyone of them were to get in trouble, all of the others would definitely come and help them. They were just not people whom ordinary folks could provoke.

Although the Thousand Demon Sect was considered to be a large sect as well, they did not have as many JinDan cultivators in the Eastern Ocean Alliance as compared to the Mystical Sky Yard. Furthermore, the fight between the various factions was more intense in the Thousand Demon Sect. LiFeng, having just advanced into the JinDan stage recently, did not have a strong backing. It would be impossible for him to fight Huo ** and the strong backing behind him.

Thus, despite being taunted and ridiculed by Huo **, he can only reign in his anger and reply with a forced smile, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. Daoist brother is right. It is not right for us to interfere in the affairs of the juniors. I have something else and will make my move first!” As he said that, he hurriedly left with his brother and the female cultivator.

Seeing their back view, Huo ** could not help but snicker, “Even a piece of dogshit dares to come to my Hundred Flowers Tower to seek justice? He is really seeking death!”

Huo ** then said to Little Fatty, “SongZhong, remember this. Apart from the Eastern Ocean Three Demons, you do not have to be afraid of anyone else. I will be your backing!”

Seeing Huo **’s grandeur, Little Fatty was naturally elated and cupped his fists, “Thank you, Senior, this disciple will remember your kindness!”

“That’s good!” Huo ** then waved his hands with a smile, “Now go!”

“This disciple takes his leave!” Little Fatty bid his farewell to Huo ** and began to fly towards the Green Plateau.

To an ordinary person, a few thousand kilometres might be an incredibly far distance. But to SongZhong right now, it was merely child’s play. By activating the Five Element Essence Sword and Divine Azure Shadowless Sword to their maximum, SongZhong and Mu ZiRong arrived at the mountain in just a short two hours.

After they reached the spot marked according to the map, SongZhong did not land but instead first spun in the air for a few rounds. He realised that the Green Plateau was over a few thousand feet, with a cliff facing the ocean and waves crashing into it, creating a spectacular sight.

Atop the peak of the mountain was a wooden tower about half a hectare or so. On the waist of the mountain, there were many towers which were obviously made for cultivators to stay. From this, it can be seen that the living conditions in the Eastern Ocean could still be considered pretty good.

The moment SongZhong arrived, he saw that the tower on top of the mountain was a lot better than his Serene Cloud Yard. He excitedly took Mu ZiRong to the tower and saw 7 people surrounding a pine tree, enjoying some tea while discussing something.

SongZhong also did not bother to hide and flew openly with Mu ZiRong in front of the seven people. From their first glimpses, the appearance of the seven people were extremely weird.

The person in the lead was an alluring beauty with only a small transparent gauze covering her entire body. As such, whether it was the colour of her skin, her mountain peaks or her hidden valley, they could all be clearly seen.

Not only was her dressing extremely revealing, she also looked to be extremely horny. Her tongue was always licking her lips, with her eyes filled with lust and her jade hands constantly caressing her chest. Such an appearance, such a dressing, such an expression, it all seemed especially alluring. It would make anyone who saw it feel their blood boil and not be able to withstand it. Especially SongZhong who was being stared at by her, being affected the most! She would most likely be the famous Naked Skinning Witch.

But, SongZhong was after all someone who had gone through the test of the demonic witches. Thus, he still possessed some immunity and would not lose his senses on the spot.

On the right of the lady was a tall and well-built man dressed in black. Ever since SongZhong arrived with Mu ZiRong, his lecherous gaze had been locked onto Mu ZiRong as though he wanted to rape her through his gaze!

Beside him was also a lecherous old man. However, his guts and status were obviously not as high as the tall man. Thus, he only dared to take sneak peeks and did not appear to lust after her as much.

The person to the left of the Naked Skinning Witch was a youth dressed in white, giving others the impression that he was like a complete rock. After SongZhong and Mu ZiRong arrived, he was not interested in the slightest and was engrossed in meditation all the while. It seemed as though nothing else would interest him apart from cultivation.

Beside the white dressed youth were two young ladies dressed in white. Their figures were extremely alluring but their faces hideous beyond belief. There were ulcers all over their faces with yellow pus leaking out, carrying a stench with it, making them seem extremely disgusting.

As SongZhong was observing the seven of them, they were also observing Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong. After a short observation, the Naked Skinning Witch said with a smile, “Oi, you this darn fatty taking your little lover here, don’t tell me you’re here for a tryst?”

“Of course not!” SongZhong replied calmly, “I am a new member!” As he said that, he threw the talisman which Huo ** gave him. At the same time, Mu ZiRong did the same as well.

As the Naked Skinning Witch heard that, she was first stunned. Then, she took over the jade talisman to confirm the matter. Following which, she let out a curse, “Darn it. What are the people on top doing? They actually gave me trash like these? A middle foundational cultivator and a damn early foundational cultivator? Do they take this place as a garbage bin?”

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