Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 207: Look Down On You

Chapter 207: Look Down On You

Little Fatty simply could not believe what he had just heard. In broad daylight, in front of everyone including his own women, he actually dared to say something like that? Didn’t he fear his women dumping him out of anger? Thinking about this, Little Fatty was not in a rush to answer. Instead, he looked towards the female cultivator with a questioning expression, seeking her opinion.

As the female cultivator saw that, she could not help but cover her mouth and laugh. Then, she said indifferently, “Look at how foolish he looks. Just as though he came out from a cave. Isn’t it just playing around, is it even a big deal?”

Never did Little Fatty expect that the other party was so liberal, as though matters regarding her chastity was negligible. It was as though it was just nothing more than consuming a simple meal. How was her demeanor befitting of a disciple from the righteous Jade Pearl Pavilion? Her demeanor was that of the sluts from the Thousands Desire Sect!

Thinking about this, Little Fatty suddenly thought to himself, ‘Wait, don’t tell me this lady isn’t from the Jade Pearl Pavilion but the Thousands Desire Sect?’

To confirm this thought, Little Fatty could not help but ask, “Can I ask this fellow Daoist, are you from the Jade Pearl Pavilion or the Thousands Desire Sect?”

“Haha!” As she heard that, she let out a hearty laugh before replying, “This foolish boy, don’t you know that the Eastern Ocean is lawless? I am indeed from the Jade Pearl Pavilion, but I am not much different from the sluts in the Thousands Desire Sect. Why? You look rather fit to me, shall we find a place to play?”

“That’s alright!” Little Fatty was startled by how straightforward she was. He hurriedly waved his hands and answered, “I’m sorry, I do not have the habit to play with a slut!”

Actually, the reason why Little Fatty was so merciless with his words was because he was angered. Although Mu ZiRong is a slut, she was still his wife. These two bastards actually want to make him wear a green hat. How could he tolerate that that? As such, he was so merciless with his words.

As Little Fatty said that, both of their face changed immediately. Especially the female cultivator, who scolded, “Darn fatty, you dare to humiliate me?”

“It can’t be considered humiliation right? Since you can’t be bothered anyway!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

“Brat, you are just too shameless!” The other devil cultivator also could not help but shout, “For this young master to exchange with you, it is giving you face. Not only are you not tactful, you even dare to humiliate me! Bastard, are you looking down on me?”

“That’s right!” Little Fatty replied seriously, “This Daoist here does indeed look down on you!”

The devil cultivator’s face turned green from anger, and took out a black flying sword. As he swung it, he began to scold, “This young master will cripple you today!”

But, this brat only wanted to brandish his flying sword to scare this obviously new Little Fatty. But he never expected that before he attacked seriously, Little Fatty already made his move.

Little Fatty dashed forward with a step and raised his leg, just like how he crippled 2nd brother silver. The kick then landed squarely at the devil cultivator’s groin. Because the devil cultivator never expected Little Fatty to make the first move, his guard was not raised. Together with the fact that they were extremely near each other and with Little Fatty’s agility, the devil cultivator did not have the chance to react before he was sent flying by Little Fatty.

That was indeed a man, sent flying a few hundred feet away. After smashing on the floor, he rolled another few more feet before finally stopping. Following which, he covered his groin and cried out in pain, “Ah~ Ah~ Ah~! Bastard, why did you kick this?”

“Hehe, I just like to kick that!” Little Fatty laughed without a concern, “It feels good to be an eunuch right?”

As the devil cultivator heard that, he almost fainted from anger. As the people in the crowd saw that, they all burst out laughing, obviously a bunch of people who like to gloat at the demise of others.

The female cultivator’s expression changed. Judging Little Fatty’s kick and arrogant attitude, she was certain that Little Fatty isn’t a simple person. If he did not have a backing, how would he dare to be so arrogant? She dare not act rashly and only said fiercely, “Darn fatty, do you dare to leave your name?”

“SongZhong!” Little Fatty replied indifferently, “This Daoist here is SongZhong, specially here to send all you sluts to death!”

“Ah?” As the female cultivator heard that, she took in a cold breath and said, “You are the lightning cultivator from the Mystical Sky Yard, said to send out divine lightnings with a flick of your fingers?”

“That is indeed me!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Why? Do you remain indignant? Do you want to play with me?”

“I don’t dare!” It was obvious that the female cultivator was aware of Little Fatty’s reputation before as she hurriedly added, “In the Jade Green Screen, you were in the limelight, fending off tens of cultivators at the same level for a night to save my junior sister Han Bing’er. Following which, you killed a JinDan cultivator and injured a YuanYing cultivator, shocking everyone! I know that I am not a match for you and shall not tempt to seek my own humiliation any further!”

As she said that, she retreated to the injured devil cultivator and helped him up. Then, she said coldly to SongZhong, “But, you shouldn’t be too delighted either. This is the Eastern Ocean, and not the Mystical Sky Yard! This person that you injured has a JinDan elder brother. Hmph! Just wait to be pursued!” As she said that, she did not give Little Fatty a chance to answer her and flew away on her flying sword.

At this moment, the hundreds of cultivators present looked at Little Fatty with ambivalence suffused in their eyes. Some of them were envious, others jealous. There were even people who looked at him with admiration. However, most of them looked at him with pity. Obviously, they all did not think that Little Fatty would have a good time in the Eastern Ocean. In comparison with a JinDan cultivator, Little Fatty’s achievements of the past just don’t amount to much.

But, Little Fatty could not be bothered with that and only said with a cold laughter, “You think that you can scare this Daoist with a JinDan cultivator? What a big joke!” As he said that, he did not stay there any longer and flew away with Mu ZiRong.

A few minutes later, Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong arrived at a luxurious building on a mountain peak. This place was where the JinDan cultivator Huo ** from the Eastern Ocean Alliance was staying at.

After asking the Daoist child who was watching over the entrance to report their presence, Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong was quickly invited in. The both of them then went to the living hall and saw the eldest son of Daoist HuoLong, Huo **.

Huo ** looked like an elegant middle aged man, apparently in his 40s. He did not have the overbearing personality of Daoist HuoLong and looked more like a wise and crafty person. After seeing Little Fatty and Mu ZiRong, he greeted them warmly as their seniors. He asked them warmly about how they were, making Little Fatty feel right at home with just a few sentences.

Little Fatty exclaimed in his heart, ‘What a formidable person!’

After handing over Daoist HuoLong’s hand written letter, Huo ** read it quickly before putting it down. Then, he said with a smile, “Although this good junior SongZhong doesn’t look like much, you are indeed a powerful person. Fighting four people alone and still achieving a complete victory of killing 3 and injuring 1! There is even a JinDan cultivator amongst the four of them. My goodness, it has been so many years since a genius like you had appeared in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

“You flatter me too much!” Little Fatty replied humbly, “I had the advantage of a surprise attack!”

“Having such a result from a surprise attack also speaks volume about your abilities! With your strength, the Eastern Ocean is definitely a place for you to showcase all your abilities!” Huo ** then laughed, “I dare say that you came to the right place for sure!”

“Really?” As Little Fatty heard that, he replied with a bitter laughter, “But I can’t see anything good about this place?”

“Eh? Did you meet with some trouble on your way here?” Huo ** hurriedly asked.

“It isn’t much trouble also!” Little Fatty described, “When we just arrived, we met some fellow who wanted to exchange female partners to have fun. That bastard, how can I allow him to bully ZiRong? So, I taught him a lesson without saying anything. I didn’t expect him to say that he have a JinDan brother before he left. He even asked me to clean my neck well to wait for my death! I’m speechless about this.”

“He’s really a bastard! These fellows are getting more and more out of hand!” Huo ** scolded, “Ignore him, I will settle this matter for you!”

“It’s alright, just let him find me then. Isn’t he just a JinDan cultivator? It is not like I haven’t seen one before!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “I can use him as offering for my battle flag!”

As Huo ** heard that, he did not know whether to laugh or cry and persuaded bitterly, “Young junior, do not look down on the people here. The Eastern Ocean is a dangerous place. All these cultivators battle everyday are extremely belligerent and are all a head above the rest. They cannot be compared to those people in the Vast Mountains who only know how to bury themselves in bitter cultivation. While you may be able to deal with the ordinary JinDan cultivators in the Mystical Sky Yard, you may not be able to do that in here!”

“Really?” Little Fatty could not help but ask with doubt.

“Of course it’s real!” Daoist HuoLong then said with a bitter laughter, “Don’t tell me I will harm you?”

“Hehe, I’m sorry. This junior was overly sensitive!” Little Fatty hurriedly apologised.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. Youngsters; it is natural for you to be a little arrogant. But, do not be blinded by your arrogance. After all, you only have one life. There is nothing left if you die!” Huo ** persuaded again.

“Thank you senior for your guidance!” Little Fatty replied courteously. Then, he asked, “Senior, why is it such that everyone here seems a little weird? Even the female cultivators of the Jade Pearl Pavilion are as wanton as the sluts in the Thousands Desire Sect? Why is this so?”

“Haiz, it’s a long story!” Huo ** took a long sigh and began explaining to Little Fatty.

In the Eastern Ocean, the danger there is even higher than what was said in the legends. Although the legends say that there is a 70% chance for people to die here. Which means that out of 10 who comes here, only 3 can return alive. But in reality, this is all just intended false statistics that was publicised. Less than 10% of the people who come here were not able to return alive.

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