Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 204: Scary Lady

Chapter 204: Scary Lady

However, just as Little Fatty and ShuiJing were fully immersed in this new stimulating feeling, as well as the supreme abstruseness of it, the door to their room was suddenly pushed open ruthlessly by someone, and a green robed silhouette rushed in.

Little Fatty and ShuiJing immediately separated as though they were a couple of frightened rabbits. Lifting up their faces, they realised that the intruder was actually Mu ZiRong. She seemed to also have noticed both of their kissing postures, judging by the way Shuijing’s eyes were wide opened with a face full of astonishment.

ShuiJing did not have a thick skin like Little Fatty’s. Under this kind of embarrassing situation, how could she still remain calm? She quickly turned tail and ran, even forgetting to say her farewells to Little Fatty.

Seeing how ShuiJing fled without a word, Little Fatty was also helpless, and grumbled to Mu ZiRong: “Why didn’t you knock before entering?”

“If I knocked, then wouldn’t I have missed out on such a good show?” Mu ZiRong beamed as she answered.

Hearing this, Little Fatty was struck speechless for a while.

Mu ZiRong did not care the slightest. Giggling, she walked in front of Little Fatty saying: “Dear, Do you know that the reason why I came here today was because I have something to tell you?”

“You need not say it!” Little Fatty immediately cut her off with a wave of his hand: “I am not going to let you accompany me, the Eastern Ocean is too dangerous. You would do better staying here!”

Mu ZiRong was first stunned, then broke out in laughter. “Haha, you actually think that I will foolishly follow you to a place like the Eastern Ocean? What a joke! Darn fatty, you are really thinking too much!”

As Little Fatty heard that, his expression changed. Never did he expect the Mu ZiRong who was in bed with him yesterday, servicing him to her best ability would say something like this today. As such, he almost could not believe his ears. He then said with an expression full of shock, “What did you say? Repeat it again.”

“Hmph, hmph!” Mu ZiRong said with a snicker, “So what if I say it again? I’m saying, stop dreaming. I would never follow a darn fatty like you to the Eastern Ocean!”

“Good, good, good! It is just me dreaming!” Little Fatty then raged, “What about you? Sleeping with me like a slut for the past few years?”

“Hehe, it was all to suck you dry!” Mu ZiRong said it deviously. “It is a pity my cultivation base is not profound enough and there isn’t sufficient intercourse. Hence, the efficacy was low and you have managed to escape this calamity!”

“What?” Little Fatty replied with shock, “You actually cultivated a devil dual cultivation method? The only reason you went to bed with me is to suck me dry?”

“Of course. If not, do you think that I am such a slut by nature and like people to trample over me?” Mu ZiRong said with a cold laughter, “Even if I feel itchy, I would definitely find someone good looking! Why would I find a darn fatty like you, saturated with meat! Apart from a swine, I don’t know who else would want you!”

As Little Fatty heard that, he was almost angered to death. Then, he pointed at Mu ZiRong’s nose and barked “You, you slut!”

“Hehe, you only just found out that I am a slut? It is a pity that all is too late! Under my father’s arrangement, we are already husband and wife in name. Plus the fact that I stayed at your Serene Cloud Yard for a year, everyone is already aware of our relationship. No matter what, you have to admit that this slut here is your wife!” Mu ZiRong said delightfully.

As Little Fatty heard that, he had a bad premonition as though she was scheming something. Thus, he quickly asked, “Mu ZiRong, what exactly do you want?”

“HAHAHA, it’s very simple!” Mu ZiRong snickered, “I originally planned to suck you dry to take revenge for the humiliation back then. But, you are going to the Eastern Ocean and will probably not return alive. Thus, this plan of mine can no longer be accomplished. So, I have contrived another scheme which will make you suffer!”

“What scheme?” Little Fatty asked in apprehension.

“Hehe, that’s simple. I’m going to cheat on you!” Mu ZiRong smiled deviously. “Do you know, I am meeting eldest brother Gold today. I will definitely serve him like how I served you, letting him ride me to his heart’s content. I will happily let him put a green hat on your head!”

(TL/N: In Chinese, if a guy wears a green hat, it means that their wife is cheating on them and it is very humiliating for the guy.)

(CCT: Refer to MGA for Chu Feng and his 'green hat' adventures too HAHAHA)

“Mad, you must be mad!” Little Fatty could not help but curse.

“HAHA, this is called mad? Your tolerance is too low!” Mu ZiRong laughed maniacally, “Let me tell you, this is only the beginning. I definitely will not be satisfied with you only wearing a single green hat. After you leave, you will have a 2nd, 3rd until it becomes uncountable. I will make you become the bastard who has the most green hats on his head!”

As Little Fatty heard that, his face turned green and almost went crazy from anger.

But, Mu ZiRong was still not satisfied. Seeing how Little Fatty was so angry, she felt good and continued, “Don’t think that no one will know you after you hide in the Eastern Ocean. I will definitely think of a way to make you famous! What about this, I will tattoo the words ‘SongZhong’s Wife’ on my chest. Every time I copulate with someone else, I will definitely shout out your name so everyone who does it with me will know that I am your wife! As long as I am hardworking and do it with both the righteous and devil cultivators, I believe that your name would definitely spread across the whole Vast Mountains before finally spreading to the Eastern Ocean! At that time, you would be world famous! HAHAHA!” As she said that, she could not help but burst out in laughter.

Little Fatty trembled with anger and said with a cold laughter, “Bitch, you aren’t afraid I will take care of you when I come back?”

“Ah, this is a problem indeed!” Mu ZiRong said, “If you are able to come back alive, it is indeed troublesome. At least, I will be troubled if I can’t see you dead. How about this, I will write to you every day about the details of who I had fun with everyday. I think that you will definitely be disturbed if you receive the details of your wife cheating on you. Then when you are battling with the demonic beasts, you may even be affected to the point you make a mistake. As such, the chances of you coming back are minuscule!”

“Bitch!” Little Fatty was almost angered to death.

“HAHA!” Mu ZiRong said with delight, “It just feels too good to anger you like that. I can already envisage the scene of you wearing a green hat! Alright, I shall not talk with you any further. I have to go and see eldest brother Gold. He already cannot wait to do it with your wife! I also can’t wait to do it with you! Goodbye, darn fatty! You can slowly become the cuckold here! HAHAHA!” As she said that, Mu ZiRong waved her hands at Little Fatty and was leaving.

But, how was it possible for Little Fatty to let her off? He immediately blocked her path and said with a cold laughter, “I’m so sorry, I do not have the habit of wearing green hats. Thus, I think I will invite you to the Eastern Ocean with me! I will personally look after you there!”

“Haha, stop joking. I will not go to the Eastern Ocean!” Mu ZiRong said with disdain, “Darn fatty, don’t think you can control everything. Let me tell you, as long as my grandfather is still the sect master, you will not make this decision!”

“Hmph!” Little Fatty snorted, “Bitch, just like how I underestimated you, you also underestimated me!”

“What do you mean?” Mu ZiRong asked in doubt.

Little Fatty ignored her and said, “In the past, I thought that you really liked me and so I have that little bit of concern for you. But now that I know the truth today, the last trace of goodwill in my heart towards you has been completely extinguished. If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for what’s about to happen!”

“What are you about to do?” Mu ZiRong vigilantly took a step back.

“Do what?” Little Fatty snickered, “Don’t you want to be a slut? I will fulfill your wish! From today onwards, I will treat you as a slut! I will catch you, whip you, trample you, and pleasure you every day!”

“You dare!” Mu ZiRong said with disdain, “Let me remind you, this is the inner court of the Mystical Sky Yard. You cannot subdue me silently. As long as we fight, it will definitely alert the JinDan cultivators on patrol. At that time, you will not be able to wiggle your way out of trouble!”

“Hmph! Mu ZiRong, you overestimate yourself! You are only a little clown in my eyes! Taking care of you is a piece of cake to me!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “Look at who this is?”

As he said that, Little Fatty raised his right hand and a naked beauty appeared in front of Little Fatty.

With a look, it was obvious that this was a strong female cultivator. After she appeared, she immediately smiled and walked to Little Fatty. With an alluring voice, she said, “Master, this slave misses you so much!”

“Hehe, I have also missed you!” Little Fatty replied lasciviously while caressing her two mountain peaks.

Not only did the female cultivator not avoid him, she even let out a soft moan. Then, she lifted up her breasts as she whined, “Master, I want it!”

“Can, but you have to use her body!” As Little Fatty said that, he looked towards Mu ZiRong with a devious expression.

“Using that body to play with master?” As the female cultivator heard that, she said with an evil laughter, “Sure, I think that master will definitely enjoy it!” As she said that, she walked towards Mu ZiRong.

Seeing this, Mu Zirong was completely dumbfounded. She did not know the other party’s origins and had not seen her before. As she heard that the other party wanted to use her body, she asked fearfully, “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

“Ah ah, this slave is of the Wood type. Thus, I am called Mu’er by master!” Mu’er smiled and said, “But, I have another name, Demonic Witch!” As she said that, she turned incorporeal and entered Mu ZiRong’s body in a flash.

“Ah? Demonic Witch? Nine Beauties Painting!” Mu ZiRong was no idiot and immediately thought of the Nine Beauties Painting as she heard the words ‘Demonic Witch’. She could not help but exclaim, “Darn fatty, you’re good! You even managed to get the Nine Beauties Painting!”

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