Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 202: Killing For Nothing

Chapter 202: Killing For Nothing

Seeing Mister First and Mister Second incensed expression, Little Fatty displayed a depressed expression, “Seniors, the both of you mixed it up. It is obviously because the four of them arrived at my doorsteps like lion and tigers, thus I was forced to defend myself.”

“What? You’re saying it’s out of self defence?” As Mister Second heard that, he immediately scolded, “That’s completely bullshit, you killed them dare say that it is self defence?”

“The four of them attacked me together! Of course I have to give it my all!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said, “Don’t tell me this disciple do not even have the rights to protect myself? I can only stretch my neck out to let them slaughter me?”

“You~” Mister Second was angered to the point his face turned green and wanted to teach Little Fatty a lesson. But, he was pulled back by Mister First as he retorted coldly, “SongZhong, you’re saying it was self defence? This is just you trying to be unreasonable, do you have anyone to prove this matter?”

“Of course!” Little Fatty spread out his arms and shouted, “Everyone here is my witness!”

“Eh?’ As Little Fatty said that, everyone here were stunned. Even Mister First and Mister Second looked at each other with doubt.

Mister First quickly asked, “What do you mean? How can they prove that it was self defence?”

“Simple!” Little Fatty shouted out, “Everyone here knows that this is the Serene Cloud Yard right?”

“Yeah!” Everyone answered.

“The Serene Cloud Yard is my house right?” Little Fatty continued asking.

“Yes!” Everyone answered again.

“Then does everyone knows about this?” Little Fatty asked again.

“Yep!” Everyone answered.

“That’s right!” Little Fatty waved his hands and said to Mister First and Mister Second, “Seniors, the both of you have heard that right? Since everyone knows that this is my house, I believe the Four Big Metal Brothers should also know that. If that’s the case! Then here comes the problem! The Four Big Metal Brothers and I are not even friends. I would most certainly not invite them over as guests. Then why would they appear in front of my house and fight me?”

“Right!” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he regained his senses and said, “How can you guys explain this?”

“This~” Mister First and Mister Second frowned and looked at each other. Then, Mister First walked up to eldest brother Gold and said, “Speak, just what is going on here? Why did you went to his house?”

“This~” Eldest brother Gold hesitated before saying, “Master, this disciple only wants to spar with SongZhong! I have not an iota of intention of killing him!”

“HAHAHA!” As Little Fatty heard that, he burst out in laughter, “What a spar! With such an excuse, you guys injured so many sect mates in the sect. Up to today, you guys have harmed a total of more than 30 people! The last time, you were not able to defeat me alone. So now you want to spar with me, with the aide of your three brothers. It seems that you will not let the matter rest if you do not trample me to death, right?”

“Woah! How shameless!” As everyone by the side heard that, they could not help but reveal expressions of disdain.

“Four of you fighting one of him? What kind of a sparring is that? There is a limit to how shameless one can be!”

“That’s right, it is your just deserts to be taught a lesson like that!”

Hearing the commotion from the crowd, Mister First and Mister Second could not take it any longer. Mister Second scolded softly, “This brat, can you not make me worry so much?”

When eldest brother Gold heard that, he immediately explained, “Master, you’re maligning us. No matter how useless we are, we do not need to fight him four to one. We really only want to set a date with him today, and I will be the only one fighting him!”

“A JinDan cultivator finding a foundational cultivator to spar. Ai yah yah, eldest brother Gold is really becoming increasingly amazing!” Daoist HuoLong could not help but remark sarcastically.

Mister First and Mister Second’s face turned red from embarrassment as they glared at eldest brother Gold.

Eldest brother Gold was completely shaken as he explained, “We did not have the intention of forcing him to fight at all. We only wanted to ask him, and would leave if he disagrees. But, who would think that this fellow would not give us the chance to say anything, fighting us the moment he saw us. It was just like an ambush. Only because we were caught off guard did we suffer such a loss! Master, you have to seek justice for us!”

Hearing that, Mister First and Mister Second stared at Little Fatty while exuding killing intent, “SongZhong, you did not give them a chance to say anything before attacking?”

As Little Fatty heard that, he nodded and said, “Indeed, I think I am the one who attacked first!”

“You~” Mister Second immediately scolded as he heard that.

But, Little Fatty quickly waved his hands and said, “But, this can’t be blamed on me either! These disciples of yours did not knock on the door or give me a heads up, breaking into my house directly. The front door of my house was completely broken by them! Let me ask you, under such circumstances, do I have to ask them why they are here with a smile? Since they entered with such a method, they can’t possibly be up to any good right? Even an idiot would know that. What is wrong for me to attack first?”

“En?” Hearing so, Mister First and Mister Second faces’ turned green from anger and looked towards eldest brother Gold.

Eldest brother Gold shrunk and replied weakly, “2nd brother was a little anxious, and entered without saying anything!”

“What about the door? It was broken by you guys?” Mister First asked in anger.

“We only touched it lightly, and it broke!” Eldest brother Gold said bitterly.

“Cheh!” As everyone heard that, they could not help but jeer. It was obvious that they disdained what eldest brother Gold said. After all, the buildings in the Mystical Sky Yard was reinforced with spells. Although it may not be able to withstand a strong blow from a magical artifact it definitely wouldn’t break from a light touch.

At this moment, Mister First and Mister Second knew that their disciples were in the wrong. Who asked them to be so arrogant? Rushing into someone else’s house without brain. No matter what happened, they would definitely be in the wrong.

But, Mister Second was still unresigned as he scolded, “Hmph, even if it is because these disciples of mine were rude, they don’t deserve death right? SongZhong, you actually killed the 3 of them and injured one, what kind of an explanation do you have for that?”

As Mister Second heard that, it also brought about pity from the crowd. After all, it wasn’t anything life-threatening to barge into someone else’s house. At the very most, it would be enough to teach them a lesson. There was no need to kill 3 people. That is just too much.

But, Little Fatty said with a coldly, “ Seniors, this junior does not agree with that! I was cultivating at that moment when the four of them barge in, causing me to almost go into cultivation deviation! It can be said that I was almost killed by them. Thus, this disciple thought that they were here to kill me. As such, I did not hold back. Besides, this eldest brother Gold said to his junior brothers to cripple me before we fought! If you don’t believe me, you can ask him!”

As Mister Second heard that, waves of anxiety was set off in his heart. If this matter was true, then SongZhong would not have to take responsibility for killing them. Thus, he hurriedly looked towards eldest brother Gold to listen to his side of the story.

Gold immediately felt guilty. He did indeed say that, and not only was it heard by Little Fatty, Han LingFeng and Mu ZiRong were also present and heard it. In front of so many people, he would immediately be found out if he tried to lie. At that time, his reputation would completely plummet. But he he told the truth, it would mean that he and his brothers would be in the wrong, even dragging down his masters for not teaching them well. As such, he was in a dilemma as to whether or not he should admit it.

But, eldest brother Gold was not an idiot either. He immediately had an idea and ignored Little Fatty’s question and shouted, “Darn fatty, you lied! You were not in cultivation at all. You were naked with Han LingFeng and Mu ZiRong on bed! You killed us out of frustration because we caught you in bed!”

As eldest brother Gold said that, a commotion immediately ensued.

Little Fatty was angered to the point his face changed. But afterwhich, he was immediately enlightened. “Wasn’t it just doing it in broad daylight? Why is it such a big deal? They are my women anyway, don’t tell me I have to tell you when I want to do it with them? This daoist doesn’t care about such a reputation!”

Hearing so, Mister First and Second did not know what to say. They more or less understood what happened after listening up to this point. It was just that their four disciples barged into his house to issue a challenge. In the end, they saw Little Fatty doing it in broad daylight. Thus, they were killed by this darn fatty out of frustration.

In actual fact, everyone involved had some mistake. It was the Four Big Metal Brothers who were in the wrong to spoil the matters of Little Fatty. Now only did they not leave immediately, they probably continued to sneer there and then thus making Little Fatty want to kill them. While it was indeed a little too much for Little Fatty to kill 3 of them, the matter occurred in his house. If Little Fatty were to insist that he only retaliated because the Four Big Metal Brothers wanted to kill him, there would be no way to fault him at all.

The Mystical Sky Yard was a righteous sect after all. Under such a circumstance where both parties had an equally large backing, they would naturally need to reason properly. As such, even though both Mister First and Mister Second wanted to slice Little Fatty up into a thousand pieces, they just could not find an excuse for that. They could not possibly kill him for engaging in sexual activities in the day right?

After considering for a moment, Mister Second said, “Senior brother HuoLong, this darn fatty killed his fellow sect mate and is extremely vicious. We must not let him off easily and should cripple his cultivation and chase him out of the sect!”

“No!” Daoist HuoLong replied with a cold laughter, “I think that SongZhong killed in self defence and is not in the wrong!”

When Gold heard that, he could not take it any longer and shouted out, “He killed 3 people and it is obvious that it is premeditated murder! How can all of his crimes be washed off by saying that it was just self-defence?”

“Hahaha, you are really funny!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but say with a cold laughter, “Premeditated murder? One of me murdering four of you guys? Brother, you are really just too funny. I am only a middle foundational cultivator but I want to murder a JinDan and 3 late foundational cultivators? Are you sure you have something called common sense in your brain?”

“Hahahaha!” As everyone heard Little Fatty say that, they all immediately burst out laughing.

As for eldest brother Gold, he was angered to the point he almost fainted.

But, Little Fatty did not let him go and continued, “The famous Four Big Metal Brothers barging into my house with bad intentions. But, 3 of them were killed and one injured by me. You as the only JinDan cultivator left behind, what rights do you have to cry and complain to your seniors? Goodness, are you sure you are really a man? Are you sure you are not a transvestite? If something like that happen to me, I would definitely bury myself alive, not having the face to see anyone already!”

“Ugh!” Eldest brother Gold was scolded by Little Fatty to the point he turned pale. Out of grief, he spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot.

As Mister Second saw that, he was immensely angered. He narrowed his eyes, wanting to kill Little Fatty on the spot. But, Mister First held him back and said to Daoist HuoLong seriously, “Senior brother sect master, this little brother has to tend to my disciple’s injuries today. I will take my leave first and find you to discuss about this matter further. What do you think about that?”

“That’s alright!” Daoist HuoLong said calmly, “I’ll wait for you guys!”

“If that’s the case, then I shall take my leave!” As Mister First said that, he cupped his hands and pulled Mister Second out, disappearing with the unconscious eldest brother Gold.

Only after they leave did Daoist HuoLong say with a smile, “Alright alright, all of you can be disperse. Send some people to clean up the Serene Cloud Yard, it is impossible to live in it like that!”

“Yes!” Immediately, a disciple responded and went to take action as the crowd dispersed.

But, Little Fatty was pulled to the side by Daoist HuoLong and complained, “This brat, not knowing how to control yourself at all. Even if the Four Big Metal Brothers are in the wrong, it is enough for you to kill one or two of them. How can you kill three of them in a go? Mister First and Mister Second is definitely heartbroken and would let the matter rest so easily!”

“Aiyah!” As Little Fatty heard that, he sighed and said, “Sect master, actually I lied just now!”

“En?” Hearing the unrelated reply from Little Fatty, Daoist HuoLong was first stunned before saying, “What did you lie about?”

“Just now when I said that the Four Big Metal Brothers barged in on me cultivating, it was all a lie!” Little Fatty said with depression, “Actually, what eldest brother Gold said was the truth, I was doing it with Mu ZiRong and Han LingFeng. In the end, the four of them barged in and saw both the ladies naked. Fuck them, what kind of man would be able to bear with such an event? Let me ask you, if this happened to you, what would you do?”

“This~” Daoist HuoLong frowned then said with a bitter laughter, “I will slaughter them, not leaving a single one of them!”

“That’s right!” Little Fatty said helplessly, “It can be said that I had already shown them mercy!”

“Haha, you did not show them mercy at all. It is not that you didn’t want to kill eldest brother Gold, it is just that you never expected people to come so quickly, stopping you from killing him. Am I right?” Daoist HuoLong said with a smile.

“Hehe!” Little Fatty rubbed his heads embarrassedly, “You managed to guess that?”

“You~” Little Fatty shook his head with a bitter laughter and said “Alright, we’ll only talk until here today. Go and rest first, the results would be out in a few days time. Mister First and Mister Second would not let the matter rest so easily for sure after 3 of their disciples died. It is also difficult for me to protect you, thus you must be prepared for some suffering!”

“What suffering?” Little Fatty asked nervously.

“Haha, it isn’t much actually. At the very most, we will lock you in for a few decades.” Daoist HuoLong then added with a cheeky smile, “I can help arrange a nice place for you at the back of the mountains, allowing Rong’er to see you everyday. I can assure you that it will be as comfortable as you were outside!”

“Hehe, then I would have to thank you!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

“Haha, don’t need to stand on ceremony, we are all one big family!” Daoist HuoLong slapped Little Fatty on the shoulders before flying away.

In an instant, only Little Fatty and Han LingFeng who was hiding in a corner was left. Even Mu ZiRong was brought away by the Daoist HuoLong’s people. She was also in the centre of this storm. After all, it wasn’t good for her reputation for her to be engaged in sex in broad daylight. Furthermore, she was the granddaughter of the sect master. Thus, she would have to avoid gossips for the time being!

But, Han LingFeng did not have so many restrictions. Seeing that everyone left, she ran into Little Fatty’s embrace and asked with a worried expression, “Senior brother, will everything be fine?”

“En!” Little Fatty nodded. Then, he looked towards all the rubble on the floor and said with a bitter laughter, “The only problem is that we have to find a place to stay for now!”

With the soundwave of the large copper bell and explosion of the Five Element Positive Negative Divine Lightning, it completely destroyed Little Fatty’s Serene Cloud Yard. Although the sect would send someone to take care of it, it would still take a few months before it is rebuilt. As such, Little Fatty had now became a homeless man.

As Han LingFeng heard that, she did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, “The house isn’t a big issue. I’m asking you if you will be fine after killing the 3 metal brothers of them?”

“Cheh, what metal brothers? They are only 3 dogs. It doesn’t matter if they are killed, what kind of trouble will there be?” Little Fatty said with disdain.

“There really won’t be any trouble?” Han LingFeng said with amazement.

“Of course, at the very most, I will be locked up for a few decades. I can just take it as close door cultivation! It isn’t a big deal!” Little Fatty said with a smile.

“Ah, that’s good!” Only then was Han LingFeng reassured and said with a smile, “Since senior brother don’t have a place to stay, then why not, why not~”

As she said that, Han LingFeng began to stutter, as her face turned red with embarrassment.

With how smart he was, Little Fatty naturally understood what Han LingFeng was thinking. But, he pretended that he did not understand and asked, “Why not what? Junior sister?”

Han LingFeng naturally knew that Little Fatty was just acting and whined, “Bad senior brother, you obviously know it! Still dare to ask!”

“How would I know if you do not say it out loud?” Little Fatty acted as though he was innocent.

“Irritating!” Han LingFeng hammered Little Fatty’s chest once and scolded, “Forget it if you don’t know!” As she said that, she wanted to turn and leave.

“Where are you going?” Little Fatty hurriedly held her back and asked.

“I’m going home!” Han LingFeng said.

“What about me? What should I do?” Little Fatty continued to act.

“Annoying, I don’t care what happens to you!” Han LingFeng scolded.

“So heartless!” Little Fatty lightly hugged Han LingFeng’s waist. Having one of his hands moving up, while the other moving down, he complained, “How can you just abandon me here like that?”

“Aiyah, it’s broad daylight, stop before someone sees!” Han LingFeng said with embarrassment.

“I also want to find a place where no one can see us. But a pity it was ruined by those 4 dogs. Since you do not want to bother about me, I can only dote on you here!” Little Fatty said with a lecherous smile while caressing Han LingFeng all over.

“Aiyah, I give up!” Han LingFeng lost to Little Fatty’s thick skin and could only say with a bitter laughter, “Follow me!” As she said that, she shook Little Fatty off her and walked out.

“Where are me going?” Little Fatty asked.

“My house!” Han LingFeng replied in exasperation.

“You’re letting me go to your house?” Little Fatty grinned, “That’s great, I have thought about your beautiful house and soft bed for a very long time already! We can fight a bed battle on that soft bed, it will definitely be very comfortable and no one will see us!”

“Go and die!” Han LingFeng hammered him in anger and ran away without looking back. As Little Fatty saw that, he laughed and followed her closely.

In the next few days, the atmosphere in the Mystical Sky Yard was extremely tense. Mister First and Mister Second was dead set about teaching Little Fatty a lesson, at least crippling. But, Daoist HuoLong would not agree to that, thus starting a debate between the both parties.

As the YuanYing cultivators were arguing, the JinDan and Foundational cultivators were also fighting. They split into two different factions, fighting for the benefit of their faction. At times, they would argue with each other to the point a group fight broke out. Although they fought in the name of sparring, they were always fighting with their lives on the line.

In just a couple of days, both factions lost a great deal of men from the fights. Although no one died, but almost everyone had injuries. Those heavier injuries could only recover after a few years of rest. As such, this matter greatly affected the overall strength of the Mystical Sky Yard.

With such an occurrence, Mister First, Mister Second and Daoist HuoLong were aware of it. They were anxious in their hearts and did not want to see the Mystical Sky Yard falter like that because of their arguments. As such, after the conflict arose to a certain level, they had no choice but to give a strict order to forbid their disciples from sparring with each other.

Of course, despite the orders being given, whether or not these angered disciples would listen was a different matter already. Thus, despite the ban being ordered, there were still a few fights between the factions.

Very quickly, Daoist HuoLong and Mister Second realised that this matter could not be continued like that and had to be solved quickly. But, both of them do not want to let up their bottom line. Finally, they could only helplessly send a letter to the Plum Blossom Mountain, hoping that Celestial MeiHua would make a decision regarding this matter.

Finally, after a bitter wait of a few days, a sword light sent Celestial MeiHua’s letter to the 3 YuanYing cultivators. On top of it were only 2 words. But, the 2 words made all 3 of their eyes light up. The 2 words were, “Eastern Ocean!”

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