Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 10: Hunted

Chapter 10: Hunted

Gan Xing was scared silly by the aura in which Little Fatty was radiating. Only when the bench hit him did he think about screaming and begging for mercy. A pity that Song Zhong, who was filled with rage, ignored him completely. Song Zhong unleashed all his energy, and in just a few moments, all of Gan Xing’s limbs were fractured. The end has yet to come. Since things had already progressed to such a stage, crippling a person or two did not make a difference, Song Zhong decided to exterminate the roots completely and spun the bench towards the other 4 servants who were still on the floor.

Of course he could not murder a person, that would reflect badly on himself. But if he were to only cripple them, with his status as an outer court disciple, he would face seclusion at the most. Thus, Song Zhong decided to go all out and risk it big!

The surroundings spectators only heard ‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’, wave after wave of snapping sounds. Only after beating them for an hour, until the bench in his hands was completely destroyed, did Little Fatty stop.

“Bah, you dogs! I just did not bother showing off my strength, and all of you think that I am a sick cat!” Little Fatty shouted. After venting his anger, he casually threw away the splintered bench in his hands. Completely ignoring the wails of the 5 people, he picked up Little Monkey and walked out. By crippling Gan Xing, it was as good as offending his cousin. Thus he did not dare stay for long!

Just as Song Zhong walked pass Gan Xing, the rascal actually scolded in an unyielding tone: “Stupid Fatty, kill me if you have the balls to. If not, this matter will not end here! My cousin will avenge me!”

“Fuck your grandfather!” Out of frustration, Little Fatty raised his leg and sent a brutal kick at Gan Xing’s crotch, sending him flying. To receive such a strong ‘stimulus’ on such an important place, it would naturally be heavily damaged. Gan Xing barely managed to release a scream before passing out in pain.

Little Fatty naturally did not put this in his mind. He carried Little Monkey and when he was just about to go out, he thought about the problem of food in the future. Thus, he made a beeline to the kitchen, took some rice, noodles and preserved meat, sufficient for consumption for for a month, and threw it all into his dimensional storage item. Although the bag was considered small, but the 50 feet of space was left empty all along and had more than enough space for all these items.

After raiding the kitchen, Song Zhong did not even dare to walk out by the front door, he sneaked out of the back door into the mountains. He also did not dare to go back to his hut. As long as his cousin was not an idiot, he would definitely search for him there. So, he went directly into the mountains, in search of a concealed area to escape detection.

At this moment, whatever that happened in the yard had already been spread all over. The servants were all shocked by the bloody scenes. Although they liked to fight, but the most common injury would be bruises, and a fracture would be considered to be a serious injury. But what happened here today was really too severe, 5 living person, beaten until all 4 limbs were broken. This meant that they were completely crippled. If an outer court disciple sustained such an injury, the Mystical Sky Yard may still be willing to spend elixirs to help them reconnect the broken bones. But they were just a bunch of servants. Even if they were crippled, nobody would bother for sure. What lies ahead of them would be to sent back to their home town.

These servants, who had their limbs all broken, even if they were to return to their home town, what were they supposed to do? Their life can be said to be completely destroyed.

“I really didn’t expect, the usually smiling, silly and honest looking Song Zhong would have a day where he was so violent!”

“You didn’t hear? The more honest a man is, the scarier he is when he is angry!”

“That’s right, a dog who bites doesn’t bark!”

“But Little Fatty would most likely be finished this round. Gan Xing’s cousin is considered one of the more outstanding disciples amongst the outer court, and he even has a strong boss. How can someone like Little Fatty, without any form of support, provoke him? Today he crippled Gan Xing, maybe tomorrow he would be crippled by someone else!”

“Yes, Yes, Little Fatty is doomed this round!” The servants in the surrounding began discussing.

Just as Little Fatty left, not too long later, a bulky young man hastily flew here on a sword. His name was called Wang Zhong, who is Gan Xing’s cousin. He heard someone tell him that his cousin was in jeopardy, so he hurriedly rushed over. A pity, even if the speed which he flew here was enough, the informant did not know how to fly on the sword and could only run over. This resulted in a delay, and by the time he arrived, he only saw the 5 crippled person on the floor. The culprit, Song Zhong, had long ago escaped.

Wang Zhong came into the yard, looking at the pile of meat, who had his limbs twisted. He did not believe that this was his cousin, who grew up together with him. They had been together the moment they started wearing pants and share a really close relationship. Even after they came to the Mystical Sky Yard, this was the case. It is just that Wang Zhong had a slightly better talent, so he entered the outer court first. Gan Xing was only a little lousier, he would have been able to advance into the Xian Tian stage in 2 years time, Initially, Wang Zhong was excitedly preparing an advancement gift, but he did not expect something like this to happen!”

“Cousin!” Wang Zhong shouted in grief. He went forward and supported Gan Xing up, with a tear filled face, said “What exactly happened?”

A pity, Gan Xing fell unconscious long ago, and had no way to answer him. Without a choice, Wang Zhong could only take out his medicine to treat Gan Xing. After an arduous process of treating him, it was already dark. While Wang Zhong was treating Gan Xing, Gan Xing told his cousin what happened today.

It turns out that the cause of the problem was just because of a bun! In the canteen, Little Monkey was in charge of steaming the buns. He had a habit, every time the buns were cooked, he would hide one first. This was to leave it for Song Zhong, if Song Zhong didn’t come, then he would sneakily eat it himself.

Today, Gan Xing came to the canteen a little late, and there was no longer any buns. So he demanded one from Little Monkey. Of course he was unwilling to take out the one he hidden, so he lied and said that there wasn’t any left. But, who would have thought that a little boy knew about Little Monkey hiding the bun. On the spot, he found the bun which Little Monkey hidden.

This caused Gan Xing to be enraged. How would Gan Xing, who was so used to tyrannizing people, allow someone to deceive him? So, he taught Little Monkey a lesson. When Little Monkey could not take the beating, he could only use Song Zhong as a shield. He thought that since Song Zhong was an outer court disciple, and Gan Xing was after all still a servant, he would still show some face no matter what.

But he did not expect to bring himself more trouble. It turned out that Gan Xing thought that he had a stunning talent, and that he was at the edge of advancement. He thought that he would be the first to be a formal disciple, so he already leaked information about it. But who would have thought that Song Zhong came out of nowhere, and stole all this glory, making him lose his face amongst all his friends. Of all people, Little Monkey used Little Fatty to oppress him, he was naturally enraged, and so he did not have any mercy. At this very moment, Little Fatty suddenly appeared. As a result, Gan Xing and his 4 followers became tragedy!

After hearing the whole story, Wang Zhong almost died of anger on the spot. Just because of a bun, all 5 of them became crippled. Gan Xing’s little brother was also broken. He was already about to enter the outer court, the chance to change his destiny was now ruined. What is this called? If not for the fact that Gan Xing was still unconscious, he would definitely catch him and trash him.

In anger, Wang Zhong smashed a table, and declared “Song Zhong, both of us are enemies from this day on!” After saying this, he immediately rushed into the darkness, to find trouble with Song Zhong.

But what a pity, Little Fatty was not stupid, why would he wait for Wang Zhong to come and catch him? Thus, when Wang Zhong brought his followers to his hut, he could only see an empty hut. He could not find a single person!

Wang Zhong would naturally not let this matter rest. He immediately got people to split up and search. At the same time, he released word saying ‘Whoever found that stupid fatty, he would be awarded with 10 low grade stones!”

What kind of concept was 10 low grade stones? That was a year worth of supplements for an outer court disciple! To a servant, it was an incomparable treasure. Some of the poorer outer court disciples were also attracted. Thus, when the news was out, over a thousand people was alarmed. They lit up their fire torches and pervaded the mountains to search for Little Fatty and Little Monkey.

However, the mountains were really too vast. Just the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard, was thousands of miles of land. Hiding someone within was too easy. Even with more than a thousand people searching, it was still akin to searching for a needle in the ocean.

At this moment, Little Fatty had already sequestered in a concealed cave in the Sky Ravine. This was also a place which he discovered when he was busy here for the past 3 months.

The entrance of the cave was not big, it was only large enough to fit a single person at most. It was also blocked by waste, if not for the fact that a fragment was in the cave, Little Fatty would not have found this place too. Although the cave doesn’t seem big, but it is actually very deep, and also very spacious. The last time, even after walking for a few miles, Little Fatty still did not reach the end. He was a little afraid, so he did not go in deeper. This time, he needed to find a place to hide with Little Monkey. Since he did not have a choice, he could only come to this concealed place.

In a place a mile deep, Little Fatty found a place which was more comfortable to stay. He placed Little Monkey down and then he could finally inspect his injuries. Left hand fractured, at least 3 bones were fractured. Little Monkey was really heavily injured.

But at least he was not a frail mortal, more than 10 years of cultivation, he almost arrived at the border of the Hou Tian stage. With his talent, even without elixirs, in about 10 years or so, he should be able to enter the Xian Tian stage. At this moment, Little Monkey’s tendons and bones are much stronger than normal people. So, even with such serious injuries, he could still maintain consciousness, and witness the whole event.

“Fatty Bro, in order to save me this time, you caused a big disaster!” Little Monkey cried guiltily as he said “Actually there was no need for you to be so merciless, as long as you beat them up to vent my anger is enough. Now, Gan Xing’s cousin Wang Zhong would not let you off!”

“Hmph!” Little Fatty snorted, and angrily said “I, your father, will not let them go!”

As Little Fatty said this, he was treating Little Monkey’s wounds carefully. When they were younger, their bones were frequently broken by people. He was long ago very skillful in reconnecting bones. Little Fatty carefully reconnected Little Monkey’s bones, then he applied some self-made medicine. At the same time, he frown and said “Your injuries this time are too serious, I’m afraid our medicine would not have any effect, I need to get you some better quality goods!”

“Fatty bro, this pathetic life of mine, is unworthy of any good medicine? You do not need to worry about me, instead you should start thinking about what we should do in future.” Little Monkey bore with his pain and said “You can’t possible hide here all the way. Why not, let us go out, give in, and allow them to vent some anger by beating us up?”

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