Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 92: Trouble-Reappearance Fruit

Chapter 92: Trouble-Reappearance Fruit

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At the sight of the new fruit hanging on the tree, Zhang Tie’s heart pounded as he reminded himself to keep calm. After taking in a few deep breaths, Zhang Tie finally managed to control his desire to pluck off the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit and instead moved to the other side of the tree before promptly picking off the ripened Leakless Fruit and consuming it in a couple of bites. Following that, he sat under the tree with legs crossed in order to experience the effect from the second ripened Leakless Fruit.

Because of Huck and Snade and because of the damned wolves, he was delayed by roughly three weeks from enjoying the ripe Leakless Fruit.

It truly wasn’t easy! Zhang Tie heaved a deep sigh inside before closing his eyes and immersing himself in the gradual, obvious effects of the second, ripe Leakless Fruit.

Before the lingering fragrance from the sweet juice of the second, ripe Leakless Fruit had even disappeared, a familiar sensation could be felt; a strand of hot air could be felt in his chest and continued to swirl upwards. Then, the strand of hot air became a hot wave that turned into a ferocious fire dragon, directly charging towards the burning point on his rear end. The ferocious fire dragon gradually became increasingly more powerful while the red flame by the burning point at his rear end immediately grew brighter; it was as if it was a pile of burning firewood that had just been doused with oil. “Boom!” The red flame turned into a dark orange color. As the energy gradually seeped into the flame, the dark orange color also gradually became brighter...

Zhang Tie had sat there for almost half an hour, during which his body shook slightly three times. Half an hour later when Zhang Tie opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with uncontrollable passion. After a short while, in Zhang Tie’s mind, he could already catch a glimpse at the brilliant yellow flame over the burning point by his rear end. With a single ripe Leakless Fruit, he had consecutively broken through three cultivation barriers on the burning point—truly an astonishing speed and force! Seeing that silent small tree beside him once again, Zhang Tie’s heart was filled with awe.

After stretching his limbs and his body, Zhang Tie came before that Trouble-Reappearance Fruit once again.

“I wonder what this fruit is used for?”

With this question, Zhang Tie carefully plucked the fruit, sat down with crossed legs, and took a large bite.

Compared to the Leakless Fruit, which had a sweet taste, the moment he had bitten into the flesh of the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit, it was as if he had bitten into smoke-like water which flowed from his mouth through the place which connected his oral cavity and his navel passage and directly rushed towards his brain. When the energy from the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit encountered the small swirl of foggy and golden Qi in his mind, Zhang Tie felt as if someone was fiercely striking a drum within his mind. All of a sudden, the view before his eyes turned pitch black and he entered a space where light could not reach.

This was a strange feeling. Although Zhang Tie’s body was obviously sitting under the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree, it seemed as if his spirit was in another space, one which even light could not reach.

Soon after he entered that space, he saw a dim light which gradually became brighter and changed into a hexagon-shaped door, one whose shape resembled the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit. Zhang Tie didn’t move, as that hexagon-shaped door was directly rushing towards him like a train. Surprisingly, right when it was about to collide with Zhang Tie, it enveloped him. Then, Zhang Tie found himself in a place that truly caused him to be extremely shocked...

It was the familiar path that he walked on when he returned from the mine!

The familiar uphill road!

The familiar grassland!

When the breeze came, even the way the grass swayed was the same.

Zhang Tie could even hear the “Sha Sha” sounds that came when the breeze blew over the grass while the familiar chirping of insects reverberated into his ears from the side of the road. As the afterglow from the setting sun gradually painted the Wild Wolf Valley in a golden color, every pore on Zhang Tie’s body could feel that a kind of warmth filled the air...

“What’s happening? How could I be here? This feeling… why is it so familiar?” Zhang Tie panicked a bit when he realized he was carrying a mining basket on his back.

However, Zhang Tie was not given too much time to think about what had happened. While Zhang Tie was panicking, several “rocks” in the patch of grass beside him were speeding towards Zhang Tie. In a couple of seconds, three wolves had drilled their way out from the grass.

With eyes fixed on Zhang Tie, even a fool would be able to sense the hatred contained in their eyes. As they grinned, “Gulu Gulu” sounds came from their throats in the exact same manner as what Zhang Tie had encountered several days ago. The only difference was that there were only three wolves this time, instead of seven. Additionally, the three wolves were exactly the ones that had been killed by him. Zhang Tie remembered that one of the three wolves had a ring of white fur right above its neck, just like one of the three wolves before him.

“F*ck, what’s happening?” Zhang Tie was really frightened, and the scene was too much for him, causing his mind to be thrown into chaos. Before he was able to clear his mind, the three wolves had already pounced towards him.

Zhang Tie hurriedly put down his mining basket, but the leader of the three wolves, the fastest one, had already knocked him down onto the ground. Its sharp claws had already pierced through Zhang Tie’s chest, causing him to feel so much pain that he began to growl.

Panicking, Zhang Tie remembered the dagger that hung on his waist. After fiercely punching the wolf that had pounced on his body, Zhang Tie intended to grab that dagger; however, another wolf had already arrived and had bitten his wrist. The moment its sharp canines pierced through his flesh, Zhang Tie was in so much pain that he almost passed out. The blood vessels at his wrist had also been roughly torn by the wolf, causing his fresh blood to instantly spray out.

At that moment, Zhang Tie’s mind was filled with the fear of death and the excruciating pain that was present all over his body. Soon after, the third wild wolf reached him and started to bite Zhang Tie’s right leg. Feeling the pain, Zhang Tie miserably screamed out, “Ah, help!”

However, his high-pitched screams didn’t work at all. What was worse, the leader of the wolves that had been pushed away by him earlier had shown its canines again as it bit down on Zhang Tie’s neck. As a result, Zhang Tie wrestled with the three wild wolves; however, his final struggles were all in vain.

At the last minute when he lost his consciousness, Zhang Tie no longer felt pain; instead, he felt a suffocating sensation, as his blood had filled his air pipes and lungs after his neck and throat were torn apart by the leader of the wolves.

“Is this what death feels like?” This was the last strand of his consciousness...


Everything broke into fragmented specks of lights before vanishing!

Under the small tree, Zhang Tie recovered his senses and opened his eyes, recalling what he had just experienced just now. As his chest heaved up and down, Zhang Tie continued to gasp for air. It was only now did Zhang Tie realized how nice it was to be able to breathe for free. Feeling cold all over, he touched his back only to find that it had been covered in cold sweat. If he had a mirror to look into at this moment, he was sure that his face would definitely be pale. Checking all over his body, he wasn’t able to find any wounds at all. What had happened just now was like a dream; however, the dream was extremely realistic. With the exception of not having actually lost his life and not having been injured, what had just happened to him was definitely real. “How could that happen?” Zhang Tie started to rack his brain. “It must be the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit.” When he thought of the information about the fruit, Zhang Tie suddenly realized something.

Zhang Tie’s temperament was actually on the persistent and stubborn side. If what had just happened to him was truly related to the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit, then Zhang Tie wouldn’t let this go until he has figured it out. After recovering his composure through half an hour of rest, he clenched his teeth and sat down under the tree with legs crossed once again.

“Damn it, I swear I’ll figure this out!” Zhang Tie fiercely mumbled. “If I can’t figure this out, then I won’t eat supper and neither will I get circumcised in the future! I’ll be a virgin for the rest of my life !”

With this persistence, Zhang Tie entered his mind once again.

It was different than before; Zhang Tie had found something besides the arched door of the Castle of Black Iron. Floating above the arched door like a looming star was the hexagon-shaped Trouble-Reappearance Fruit that he had eaten earlier.

Focusing on the hexagon-shaped star, a message came to his mind.

——Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, because you have already used the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit once, if you wish to use it again, you must inject enough spiritual energy before you can activate the effect of the Trouble-Reappearance Scene within the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit.

Since the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit was in his mind, Zhang Tie was easily able to quickly inject spiritual energy into it. This hexagon-shaped fruit was like a sponge, as it continued to absorb his spiritual energy. After three minutes of absorption, the fruit became shiny once again.

——The Trouble-Reappearance Fruit has been activated and is now available to be used again! The method to use the fruit is the same as the one used to access the Castle of Black Iron.

“The same as accessing the Castle of Black Iron? Heh heh, that will be simple...” Zhang Tie mumbled.

Lock on——Enter...

At the beginning, it was still pitch black inside; however, soon after, sparkles appeared in the darkness before finally forming into a hexagon-shaped door which rushed towards Zhang Tie like a train, forcing Zhang Tie to enter. Afterwards, Zhang Tie reappeared on that path, facing the grass that swayed from the breeze. Everything from before had remained unchanged.

“Is this the effect of Trouble-Reappearance Fruit? Does it recreate killing scenes to allow me to become liberated through killing and death?

Zhang Tie looked towards the patch of grass, within which three “rocks” had already started to move towards him.

F*ck! Since he didn’t want to suffer the pain from the three wolves again, Zhang Tie hurriedly put down his mining basket and pulled out the dagger from his waist before taking a defensive posture. With eyes widely opened, Zhang Tie stared at the three wild wolves, who had their eyes brimming with hatred fixed on him...

The wild wolves charged at Zhang Tie as he waved his dagger...

Five minutes later, sitting on the ground with wounds all over, Zhang Tie looked at the bodies of the three dead wild wolves and burst into laughter. By that time, he finally understood the real effect of this Trouble-Reappearance Fruit...


Everything in the space smashed into specks of light and disappeared...

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