Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 90: Sharing Good Things

Chapter 90: Sharing Good Things

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Ever since Zhang Tie was attacked by the wolves, the other horny students had voluntarily began to sweep the region 5km away from Wild Wolf Castle for wild wolves many times, resulting in the path between Wild Wolf Castle and the tree house to be much safer and not even a single strand of wolf fur could be found. What happened to Zhang Tie reminded everybody of the potential dangers. After all, such an incident could also happen to others. None of the horny students wanted to encounter a pack of wolves alone when they were accompanying girls back to Wild Wolf Castle, thus they all exerted their utmost efforts to clear out the wild wolves. During this process, they had truly encountered several lone wolves; however, they were unable to find the other four wolves who had attacked Zhang Tie that day.

On the way back to the tree base, especially when he passed by that grassland, Zhang Tie couldn’t help but recall the incident that had happened to him that day and the furious gazes of the wolves that were fixed on him. The eternal hatred in their eyes made Zhang Tie feel that he might encounter the four wild wolves once again.

Currently, it was noon, and only Bagdad was left on-duty at the tree base. Returning to the tree base, Zhang Tie saw Bagdad and his bare arms. In his hands was a spear, which he used to practice a thrusting movement. The moment Zhang Tie came close to the tree base, he had already been noticed by Bagdad.

“Who?” Covered in sweat, Bagdad turned around with the spear in hand.

“Working hard, youth! I wonder if you were stimulated by me, who has already ignited my Shrine burning point!?” Zhang Tie walked over with a smile.

Seeing Zhang Tie’s face, Bagdad, who was surprised at Zhang Tie’s return, instantly froze. As his face twitched, Bagdad cursed, “B*stard!” At the same time, dropping his spear, he walked towards Zhang Tie and fiercely embraced him. “Don’t get arrogant. I will surpass you sooner or later!”

“Bagdad, did you know? I have always had a big secret, but I do not have the heart to tell you!” Zhang Tie said with a serious expression.

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, as expected, Bagdad asked, “What secret?”

“The secret is… in fact, I am actually a genius among geniuses...” When Zhang Tie replied, his solemn look turned into an obscene smile, one which made Bagdad really want to beat him. “In the past, I just wanted to experience the life of you mortals, so in order to not make you feel bad, I have controlled my brilliance and have only shown 5% of my power. After this incident, I have decided to exert my utmost efforts to cultivate, which means that it would be next to impossible for you to surpass me from now on. I suggest you to choose a different target, as it is truly unfortunate for you, a mortal, to treat me as your target!”

“Argh, you b*stard...” Realizing that he had been played by Zhang Tie, Bagdad wrapped his arm around Zhang Tie’s neck, almost causing him to suffocate...


As expected, returning to the tree base, when Barley and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood caught sight of Zhang Tie, they became extremely excited. Although they were not able to achieve too much today and were unable to catch any large preys using the big pits they had dug, using the small traps taught by Zhang Tie, which were made of stones and twigs, they were able to catch two pheasants. Additionally, they got more than ten palm-sized fish from the trap near the stream. Together with the wild vegetables that Zhang Tie had brought, they would be able to enjoy a filling supper tonight.

As dusk fell, Zhang Tie told them that he would invite a girl for supper. Under the whistles of the horny students, Zhang Tie went to pick up Pandora and brought her back to their tree base. As this was the first time she had been invited for supper by male students, Pandora looked somewhat stiff; however, after seeing the horny students laugh and joke around, she gradually became relaxed.

After supper, Zhang Tie invited Pandora to take a look at their tree base. Afterwards, Zhang Tie, Bagdad, and Sharwin went together to send Pandora back to Wild Wolf Castle. At the sight of the corner of Pandora’s mouth having been raised, Zhang Tie knew that both his invitation and the supper was a success. it seemed that inviting girls wasn’t particularly hard.

When they returned to the tree base, a bonfire had been lit under the Dragon-Claw Tree. Barley and the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood were bragging as they sat under the tree and were talking about Pandora.

“Although her breasts and frame aren’t fully developed, she still has a nice face. Bighead really has a strange taste in women!” Leit said.

“Maybe this kind of girl can easily arouse Bighead’s desire to sleep with her. I have heard that there are many impotent men in their thirties who like this kind of girl since they are easily convinced. Hahaha...”

“Haven’t you noticed that Pandora has a pair of watery eyes? According to my observations, all women with beautiful eyes are good at pleasing men...” Hista obscenely said.

“Even Bighead has a girlfriend. We have to work hard too. I remember that there were many beautiful girls among the group of girls that we invited last time. We can have a try tomorrow...”

When it came to girls, the horny students all became thrilled. Seeing Zhang Tie and the other two members return, they moved aside and let them in before continuing with the topic. Under their persistence, Zhang Tie honestly poured out how he had gotten to know Pandora. Although Zhang Tie had claimed repetitively that he didn’t have any evil thoughts about Pandora and had only invited her as a friend to join their team to pass through the survival training, nobody believed him. They simply responded with jeers and doubtful eyes.

“You don’t have any evil intentions about her because you’re not circumcised. Not to mention that you’re forbidden to stay alone with girls. Heh heh… If it weren’t for these two obstacles, you would have already shown your evil nature!”

“I know you’re planning to sleep with her when you return to Blackhot City. That’s truly a good idea. You have really thought this through. Since that small girl isn’t that attractive and is cautious, you will first get acquainted with her. Once you get acquainted with her, you won’t have to worry about her being snatched by others!”

“Two months later, Pandora will develop a bit more, right?”

“She should be sexier by then. Girls nowadays develop faster and mature earlier than before!”

“Right now, her breasts are truly on the smaller side, so you plan to get acquainted with her first. Later, you won’t have to worry about not having a chance to sleep with her...”

“Heh… heh...”

“These animals!” Zhang Tie cursed inside. In order to protect his ears and his innocent soul from being polluted by those dirty words, Zhang Tie decided to change the topic. At this time, he pulled out his ultimate weapon.

Remaining silent, Zhang Tie took out of the book from his clothes and started to read it beside the bonfire while the other members were obscenely laughing out loud.

“Bighead, what are you reading?” Sharwin, who liked reading, was the first to ask.

“Nothing special. It’s just a mysterious book about the from the monarchs of the Norman Empire!” Zhang Tie nonchalantly explained, describing it as if it was an old knight novel that was purchased at a low price from the waste paper collection station.

“Oh!” Like normal, Sharwin responded normally; however, a second later, his eyes widened and his mouth gaped as his gaze was fixed on the book in Zhang Tie’s hand.

Zhang Tie continued to nonchalantly read it. Gradually, with the exception of the “gulugulu” sounds made when the other members swallowed their saliva, all the noise disappeared. All of them looked at the book in Zhang Tie’s hand with widely opened eyes as they sat beside the bonfire.

After a long while, only an occasional “shasha” sound could be heard when Zhang Tie turned the page. Nobody was talking anymore. At this moment, Zhang Tie surprisingly raised his head and glanced at the other guys with a “strange look”. “Hey, how come you guys aren’t talking? Feel free to continue!“

“Hohoho...” With a forced smile, Bagdad’s gaze remained fixed on the book in Zhang Tie’s hands. “You… what kind of mysterious martial arts are you reading?”

“Oh, you want to know about this…” Zhang Tie turned the book and showed them the cover, revealing the four words “Iron-Blood Fist Skill”. Suddenly, all their eyes turned red. “It’s nothing special. It’s just the . Although it was secret knowledge among the monarchs of the Norman Empire before, it has long been spread to the military of the Norman Empire since before the Second Holy War between humans and magical clan. It’s not that great since many people have been able to use it. It’s simply a common book, with the exception that its pages are coated in silver and the words within were hand written...”

Zhang Tie continued to feign innocence; however, with the in his hand, his words were reliable.

“Where did you get this secret knowledge?” Even Leit had wide opened eyes as he continued to look at Zhang Tie with a look of amazement. No matter how common it was, it was still secret knowledge. Anything related to “secrets” could be considered luxurious for commoners. Among the undergraduates from Seventh National Male Middle School in Blackhot City of the Andaman Alliance, it would be really difficult to find anyone else more common in the Blackson Human Clan Corridor than the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

“I have a good character. I just can’t help it...” Zhang Tie spread his palms. “Captain Kerlin had forced me to accept it. He said that he had obtained this in a battlefield and had even said that I had a brave character. He considered me to be pretty resilient and as someone who would probably be able to popularize this fist skill, so he simply forced me to accept it”

To tell the truth, Zhang Tie really hit the mark on Captain Kerlin’s intentions.

Zhang Tie was then surrounded by the envious eyes and the sound of swallowing saliva.

“Has… Captain Kerlin said...” Hesitantly, Fatty Barley began to ask, causing the heart of everyone else to pound.

“He said I’m entitled to own this book. As long as I like, I can lend it to anyone else on the premise that it was not spread everywhere. No matter what, is a secret knowledge among the monarchs of Norman Empire. Owners of it had to remain low-key! Look at me, aren’t I remaining low-key? I haven’t casually shown it in front of others at all...”

That was low-key? That was “haven’t casually shown it in front of others”? Although they found ridicule in his words, they all hurriedly nodded. “That’s right… That’s right...”

Doug, who was sitting beside Zhang Tie, suddenly rolled his eyes and immediately shoved Hista away using his butt. Wrapping his arm around Zhang Tie’s neck, Doug moved his face closer to Zhang Tie’s with a fawning smile. “Bighead, when you were recuperating a few days ago, I had always stayed beside your bed. I did that because I was worried about you. During that time, I have kept my eyes open and had killed hundreds of mosquitoes every night, all for you. Look! You can still see all the mosquito bites on my arm...” As he said this, Doug rolled up his sleeve and showed the red spots on his arm to Zhang Tie. However, who really know whether or not he had truly been bitten by mosquitoes...

After glancing at Doug, Zhang Tie smiled. Under Doug’s incredulous eyes, he dropped the into Doug’s hands. “Well, thank you for accompanying me. You have one hour to read this secret knowledge!”

“Really?” Doug was so surprised that he even shouted out loudly.

“It starts from now on!” Zhang Tie warned him.

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Doug hurriedly skimmed it. Beside him were Hista and Bagdad, whose necks were stretched so far out that they looked like giraffes. However, they felt as if they were losing face when they were indiscreetly drawing near Doug. As it was a big taboo to peer at others’ secret knowledge without permission, they could only admire Doug from afar.

“Ah, what does the line of words on the first page mean?” Doug scratched his head.

“It’s written in Chinese and is the outline of the Iron-Blood Fist Skill. It reads ‘Fighting force is power. When the power reaches its maximum, it'll touch the supreme universal laws!” Zhang Tie translated the general meaning of that line. Hearing his interpretation, Barley and the other members were shocked by this book’s high level and began to long for reading it.

Soon after Doug, the second person to respond was Leit, “Bighead, the fish you ate while you were recuperating were caught by me, do you remember? I have even sent you fish soup twice!”

“Well, you can read it for one hour right after Doug!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s reply, Leit burst out into laughter.

Barley instantly jumped up from the ground and looked at Zhang Tie with watery eyes. “Do you still remember? Miss Anna...”

“Well, Barley will read for one hour after Leit!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s consent, Barley also burst out into laughter.

Bagdad, Sharwin, and Hista were hurriedly scratching their heads as they tried to come up with a reason to win an hour of reading.

“I lent you my notebook on what miss Daina had taught us in class!” Sharwin came up with a reason.

“Well, Sharwin can also read it for one hour after Barley!”

“Bro, you can just come here to ask me if you have any questions about women. No matter who you like, I will help you get her!” Hista showed his nature as a lecher as he patted Zhang Tie’s shoulder and spoke.

“Well, you can read one hour after Sharwin!”

Realizing that all the other members had found their reasons, Bagdad thought for quite a while and abandoned the thought of pretending to be a kungfu “master”. Forcing a smile, he drew closer and flattered, “This… Bighead, as you’ve not been fully recovered these days, it will be my great honor to serve in your place when you have night duty!”

“Hmm, that is not good. If someone else knew that, they will gossip. As we are brothers, if others mistook me as bullying you, then that would not be good” Zhang Tie pretended to dejectedly think about it.

“Anyone who dares to be gossipy is destroying the bond between us brothers, and I will definitely not let him live well!” Bagdad became tense as he waved his fist. “As long as I hear anyone say that, I swear to beat the sh*t out of him!” After saying this, he viciously swept his gaze at the other fellows and asked in a threatening tone, “Since Bighead hasn’t fully recovered yet, will you guys gossip if I help him keep watch at night?”

The other people hurriedly shook their heads.

“Well, Bagdad will have the book for one hour after Leit!”

After heaving a long sigh, Bagdad grinned.

Everybody then gazed at Doug. Under the jumping flames, Doug seemed to be obsessed with the Iron-Blood Fist Skill. His face was truly rich with expression; his facial expressions constantly changed from a relaxed look to forming a frown. Over time, he would occasionally raise one hand into the air, causing the others to be more curious about the contents of the book.

At this moment, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter inside. He had long prepared to share the book with the other brothers of Hit-Plane Brotherhood. However, he knew that these people would never treasure what they could obtain easily and would instead always treasure what they had worked hard for. This was something that Donder had taught him. From now on, Zhang Tie planned to motivate these guys and let them spend great efforts to be able to read for one hour. He realized that if did it this way, it would definitely be much more effective than just throwing them the book.

Thinking that he could “order” them in the future, Zhang Tie became pleased...

From now on, he would finally have a great amount of time to consider how to improve his fighting force. As Zhang Tie had not entered Castle of Black Iron for one week, the second Leakless Fruit must have become completely ripe!

It was the right time to enter Castle of Black Iron once again. He was curious about what else surprise the small tree could bring him...

While Zhang Tie was pleasantly thinking about it, the images of Glaze and his lackeys appeared in his mind followed by an image of Captain Kerlin. Zhang Tie didn’t know why, but when he recalled Captain Kerlin’s face these days, he could sense a hint of depression… Could it be his imagination? Or… was there something the one-eyed man was worried about?


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