Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 74: I Like Women

Chapter 74: I Like Women

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Although Zhang Tie was pretty eye-catching, Glaze’s group of four was also pretty eye-catching; however, they attracted attention for different reasons. One party was a new, miserable miner, while the other party were warriors who had returned with many felled preys. Sharon carried three wolf hides, Garner and Zuhair carried a sheep that weighed more than 40 kg, and Glaze simply crossed his arms, giving off an arrogant feeling.

“How could you be so miserable? You already want to be a miner on the third day? Do you want me to share some meat with you? No matter what, we are still schoolmates. We have thrown so many away. If we had known that you were so miserable, we would have left the wolf meat for you!” Sharon said as he lifted the wolf hides.

“Oh, I almost forgot. We will be eating sheep meat tonight. If you kneel down in front of Boss Glaze, we might give you some of the soup…” Zuhair sneered by the side.

Seeing this group of idiots, Zhang Tie became speechless. Were their brains stuck in sh*t? They only had a LV 2 fighter and three followers, yet they still dared to be arrogant in front of me? Ever since he had killed Snade and Huck, unbeknownst to himself, Zhang Tie had become entirely different than before. He was becoming more and more powerful, both mentally and physically. Before he had even consumed the first Leakless Fruit, he already dared to fight against several people at once, let alone now.

“Do you want to be beaten up again?” The instant Zhang Tie shouted that out, the arrogant smirks on the four froze. Zhang Tie’s words were like a sharp dagger, directly reopening their scars.

“**…” Sharon’s face twisted. Right as he was about to charge forward, the spear in Zhang Tie’s hand was a step faster, arriving right in front of his throat in an instant. With the spear in front of Sharon’s jaw, the icy spearhead forced Sharlon to swallow his words. Sharon instantly turned pale as he became drenched in sweat and stood still as if he was fixed in place, daring not to make even the slightest movement.

Nobody from Glaze’s group would have imagined that Zhang Tie could move so fast. Just now, Zhang Tie was just standing with the spear in hand; however, in the blink of an eye, much like a magic trick, the spear that had been in Zhang Tie’s hand slid forward, stopped, and was raised. Those three motions were done fluidly like water. Before they had even been able to respond, Zhang Tie’s spear had already appeared before Sharon’s chin. Zhang Tie’s actions were was too fast—it was fast, fierce, and accurate! In an instant, he had frightened all four of them. The moment Zhang Tie shot out his spear, a cold and fierce aura surged around him, and even the other three could feel it. At that moment, they felt as if the aura of the spear had completely pierced through Sharon’s neck, causing them to feel a chill on their backs. “How is this guy so vicious? We didn’t notice this back at school!”

The other three immediately turned pale. Just as Glaze was about to pull out the weapon on his waist, Zhang Tie’s spear, once again, retracted all of a sudden as if nothing had happened. Zhang Tie, like before, once again went on his way, rudely colliding into Sharon as he pushed him away and left with big strides.

Seven or eight steps away, while Zhang Tie was recalling the casual feeling he had when he shot out his spear, he heard the quick steps of Glaze’s group chasing behind him. His auditory sense had become greatly sensitive since his spiritual energy suddenly surged. Zhang Tie cursed inside and was determined to give them a lesson. He had once been told by Donder that for these kinds of bastards, you must beat them up fiercely when you have the opportunity!

“Bastards…” Zhang Tie turned around as he gave a thunder-like roar. His roar had frightened Glaze’s group, who were about to catch up to him. Even the attention of the many people in the square had been attracted at this moment, causing them to turn to their direction. In a split second, everybody in the square, including both the male students and the female students, all turned and stared at them, resulting in the entire square becoming quiet. Earlier when Glaze’s group had blocked Zhang Tie at the gate of the castle, they had already attracted some people’s attention; however, now, because of Zhang Tie’s voice, everyone’s attention was attracted.

“Do not follow me anymore, and stay away from me. I like women, not men! Even if you take off your trousers and kneel in front of me, I will still not be interested in your disgusting butts. I’ll say it again, I like women…” Continuing, Zhang Tie exclaimed furiously, “In order to get rid of you, instead of hunting, I have decided to be a miner. Yet, you guys are still trying to give me trouble? You guys want to use that stinky bit of meat in your hands to lure me? I will tell you again—I am a man and I like women! I am not interested in your filthy game where you pretend to be men in public but become eunuchs in private. Stay away from me with that wolf hide that you use in your filthy game. If you keep following me shamelessly, don’t blame me for using my spear to destroy your anus, letting your wish be fulfilled!”

Zhang Tie’s words were fast and sharp, but the information it contained was too great, too terrifying, and too scandalous! After several seconds, the silent square suddenly burst into an uproar. Hundreds of people, regardless of whether they were male or female, released their gossipy souls and immediately surrounded them as they began to stare at Zhang Tie, then the faces of Glaze’s group, then the sheep carried by Garner and Zuhair, and finally the wolf hide used in their filthy game that was carried by Sharon. It was obvious that these four guys were chasing after the guy who was about to go to the mines. Looking at the wolf hides, some guys in the crowd had even thought of something and started to vomit as they bent over.

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Glaze’s group felt blood rushing to their heads. They were at a loss for words…

“You… you… bastard! Don’t talk nonsense!” Zuhair furiously pointed at Zhang Tie. Under the weird look in the eyes of the people around them, Zuhair became upset and could only weakly refute.

At the same time, the crowd started to murmur to each other.

“Yes, I am a bastard. If you don’t follow me anymore, then you can call me whatever you want…” Zhang Tie heaved a deep sigh towards the sky. “You just can’t force me to do that. Zuhair, I like women…” Zhang Tie pointed at the female students surrounding them. “I like to be surrounded by women that are like water fairies with big breasts and plump butts. Ah, they are my babies. What I desire the most is for innocent love between my favorite girl and me. If you promise to me in the public that you will no longer follow me, then I will definitely explain to everyone that what I had just said was nonsense. Then, you can just go and continue doing whatever you want on the wolf hide…”

From his surroundings came another sound of vomiting. The gaze of many fell onto the wolf hide held by Sharon. In a split second, instead of wolf hides, Sharon felt like as if he was holding a hot sheet of iron. Especially when he saw the frightened look in the eyes of the girls that surrounded them as they covered their mouths in horror, Sharon trembled all over. It’s all over! We can’t even dream of having beauties anymore!

“You disgusting bastards! He has already been driven to the point of mining by you! Why are you still here? Piss off right now! Don’t dirty Wild Wolf Castle…” someone in the crowd started to curse at them loudly. Afterwards, Glaze’s group was immediately buried by curses.

“Yea, they are too shameless! How could they be this shameless!?”

“You didn’t know? Some male students in their youth would be very depressed. If they are poorly self-disciplined, they might even do something strange!”

“That’s too disgusting… Once I see those wolf hides, I can’t help but want to vomit!”

“I have both heard and seen what happened. Just then, when this student was getting ready to mine and leave the castle, right when he left the gate, these students, who were in ambush, had blocked him. They had even tried to make him succumb to them by using the meat, but the student who was preparing to go mining just ignored them. After pushing away that guy with wolf hide in his hand, he wanted to leave. Unexpectedly, they caught up with him...” another voice rose up from among the crowd, explaining what had happened just now.

“I can also testify! These four bastards are from our Seventh National Male Middle School! Everybody in Seventh National Male Middle School could tell you that after these guys’ bodies started to develop, they formed a small group that did not get along with the others. Every noon, they would go for lunch together, never leaving a single one behind. Normal male students would never do that. In the past, I had always been curious about this, but now I finally understand…” The explanation was so timely that Zhang Tie couldn’t help but raise his thumb in his mind. This guy was truly good at using words, especially when he said “bodies developed”, “together”, and “a small group that did not get along with the others”. Those words were truly great—too realistic and really lets people’s imagination go wild!

“Right, right, right. It was just like that. I am also from Seventh National Male Middle School. I can also testify…”

All the surrounding horny students from Seventh National Male Middle School became spirited. They started to attack Glaze’s group like beating mice in the street, wanting to completely destroy the reputation of Glaze’s group.

It was too despicable, too shameless, too disgusting! This was the largest scandal of this year’s survival training. Among the crowd, some of the guys who had exchanged their meat for wild vegetables and fruits from the girls couldn’t help but throw the wild vegetables and fruits at the heads of the members of Glaze’s group…

“Piss off!”


“Piss off!”


“Piss off!”

There were all sorts of curses thrown towards Glaze’s group. Everybody, including both males and females, was glaring at them, and a look of disgust could be seen in their eyes.

Even now, Glaze was still confused about how he had been humiliated so miserably in such a short period of time. Earlier, he was planning to show off in the castle square in order to attract some female students; however, he had unexpectedly met Zhang Tie, so he wanted to give him a lesson by humiliating him horribly. After being hit by two wild fruits on his head and seeing the resentful and regretful look on Zhang Tie, Glaze was completely infuriated and felt the blood all over his body rushing to his head and boiling like magma.

With the sound of “Xing”, Glaze pulled out the sword from the sheath hanging on his waist, immediately silencing the curses from the people around him. Seeing his actions, everyone in the audience took two steps back.

Seeing Glaze’s response, Zuhair’s face became twisted. He wanted to stop Glaze, but he was too late. With eyes turning red, Glaze gazed at Zhang Tie and chopped towards Zhang Tie as he howled, “I’ll kill you!”

Seeing Glaze’s actions, the surrounding female students were shocked and screamed out loudly…

Holding his spear tightly, Zhang Tie took a defensive posture; however, Zhang Tie was not nervous in the least, as he had noticed a certain figure in the crowd just now.

Although Glaze moved fast, that figure moved faster. The instant Glaze charged at Zhang Tie, he had already been forced back and was sent flying backwards faster than when he had just charged, crashing onto the ground with a loud “Bang!””. Glaze felt dazed. Before he was able to pick himself up from the ground, he heard an icy voice.

“According to Andaman Alliance’s wartime decree, anyone who dares to pull out their sword and attack another student in public can, at worst, be punished with the death penalty…” the figure standing in the ring of students said coldly, causing Glaze’s group to immediately turn pale.

“Teacher…” Zuhair wanted to explain, but the figure casually raised her hand as she harrumphed, “Shut up!” Hearing the teacher’s order, Zuhair became silent. “Considering that this is your first time making such a mistake, you have not harmed anyone yet, and it was not easy for you to become a LV 2 fighter before the survival training, I will simply give you the punishment of having to stay 10 km away from Wild Wolf Castle for one month. Now, before I change my mind, take your things and immediately get out of here!”

After saying that, the figure flicked her hand, throwing Glaze’s sword, which she had just grabbed, back into the sheath hanging on Glaze’s waist.

Seeing that sword flying towards him, Glaze’s heart almost stopped. At that moment, the only thing that Glaze could imagine was the scene of the colorful leopard that had been nailed into the ground by Captain Kerlin’s spear. It was only when the sword had entered his sheath did his heart began to beat again. His back had already been drenched with cold sweat. Having realized that what he had done was truly reckless, Glaze did not dare to say anything and only gave Zhang Tie a vicious glare. Saying nothing at all, Glaze left the square of Wild Wolf Castle with his followers under the weird stares and jeers of the audience.

Zhang Tie realized that, after this incident, he and Glaze could be considered as eternal enemies; however, he wasn’t afraid, the god of time was standing on his side …

Some of the female students in the crowd started to show their courtesy to that figure who had helped Zhang Tie.

“Miss Qili…”

The audience also started to leave. Zhang Tie also wanted to slip away at this moment; however, unfortunately for him, the basket on his back was truly too conspicuous. The moment he moved, he was noticed by others.

“As for you…” Hearing her words, Zhang Tie immediately became still. Turning around, he forced an innocent smile, but unfortunately, Zhang Tie didn’t receive a warm response; instead, slight traces of disgust could be seen in the eyes of Miss Qili. It was as if that woman was staring at a toad who was drooling uncontrollably. “You are also a shameless rascal. You are not a good student either. In the following period of the survival training, if you dare to stay alone with any female student for over three minutes, I will chop off your hands!”

Hearing such a punishment, Zhang Tie became shocked. He could not believe that the boring woman called Qili would force him to be a bachelor in the survival training. What an abnormal punishment! Sh*t…


Seeing as the crowd had left, Zhang Tie, who was just given a punishment, had also intended to leave the square as he gloomily lowered his head. From this incident, Zhang Tie also suffered a great loss. He didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

While walking, Zhang Tie’s head suddenly collided with something soft and springy. Raising his head, Zhang Tie saw a beautiful girl who was covering her magnificent breasts with her hands. The instant Zhang Tie saw that pair of breasts, Zhang Tie sighed inside, “Wow, they are so big!”

At that moment, the girl’s face was as red as her hair. A familiar, beautiful face with willow leaf-like eyebrows looked at him.

Before Zhang Tie was able to apologize, the girl had already opened her mouth.

“I have plump breasts and butts, so what? Who’s your baby? I know you bastards have long dreamt of sleeping with me. You didn’t forget me at all and always have me in your mind. These past couple of days, you must have thought about doing terrifying and disgusting things to me numerous times. I’m warning you! Do not those disgusting things to me in your mind anymore. Don’t think about me in your mind! You rascal, you deserve to be f*cked by those perverts!” The girl kept talking as if she was shooting bullets from a machine gun that was used before the Catastrophe. After she finished speaking, she kicked Zhang Tie’s leg with her pointy deerskin boots and ran away.

“Was she talking to me? She wasn’t talking to me, right?”

Zhang Tie became speechless for quite a while. He then looked to his right, his left, and behind him, finding nobody else. Finally, thinking about that girl's unreasonable kick, Zhang Tie felt a sharp pain on his shin and started to shriek miserably. Hugging his leg, he jumped up from the ground.

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