Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 65: Preparations Before the Survival Training

Chapter 65: Preparations Before the Survival Training

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——On May 28, 889th year of the Blackhot calendar, Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord used 300 aura value points, 5 merit value points, and 0.1 basic energy storage point on the mutation and evolution of a bottle of yeast.

——Mutation and evolution is expected to be completed within 360 hours. Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, please wait patiently!

Reading this message, Zhang Tie estimated that the time consumption for evolution and mutation might be related to the life cycle of the living being. Seeing as how the yeast would become evolved and mutated after two weeks, Zhang tie estimated that it would take about 2 months for the potato to evolve and mutate.

Through this attempt, Zhang Tie realized one thing—there is a limit to the number of aura value points, merit value points, and basic energy storage points that a microorganism can receive. For example, with the experiment with the half bottle of liquid yeast, when he slid the three bars to the furthest right positions, the maximum number of aura value was 7600 points, the maximum number of merit value was 860 points, and the maximum number for basic energy storage was 340 points. Seeing those “huge numbers”, Zhang Tie was greatly startled before frugally choosing to make a bearable, small investment.

After leaving the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie noticed that his dad had already returned home. It was currently time for supper, and today’s supper was extremely luxurious, consisting of ham and beef. In addition, his mom had made many delicious dishes that would make Zhang Tie drool. On the table, his mom kept putting food from the dishes into Zhang Tie’s bowl while his dad lectured him about topics pertaining to the survival training.

“No matter what, remember not to act alone, especially in the evening! Am I clear?”

Zhang Tie nodded while chewing.

“Additionally, don’t try to show off,” his mom added aside.

“Mom, look at your son’s slim limbs. What do I have to show off?” Zhang Tie raised his voice. Hearing his words, his dad flicked his forehead with a chopstick.

“Your mom, of course, knows that you have nothing to show off. What she meant was that you should think twice before taking action. Out there is not like here where we’re inside the city walls. There are many things out there that can take the lives of men!”

“I know!” Thinking back to how his mom looked when she gazed at the picture of his dead eldest brother, Zhang Tie swore that he would survive and return safely no matter what.

At supper, like a nodding chick, Zhang Tie constantly lowered his head to eat rice under the lecturing of his mom and dad


After supper was finished, Zhang Tie brought out 3 gold coins from his pocket and pulled over his mom's hand before placing them in her hands. The three heavy and brilliant locomotives on the gold coins almost frightened both his dad and mom. Even his sister-in-law widely opened her eyes.

His dad became mouth gaped as he stared at the 3 gold coins before turning over to Zhang Tie. He even held one up and glanced over it carefully. “Where… where did you get so much money?”

With a face full of pride, Zhang Tie replied, “Your son, of course, earned it at the Iron Thorns Fighting Club. There are many rich people there, so when I serve them well, those rich boys would reward me with 1 gold coin as a tip!” Zhang Tie was not telling a lie. In reality, just as he said, training partners and the waiters would usually earn tips at the Iron Thorns Fighting Club. The tips would always vary from several silver coins to several gold coins. For example, girls like Mary would earn an amazing amount from tips each month. Although Zhang Tie had never received any tips, this lie of his could never be revealed. Even the fighting club wouldn’t ask the guests on the sixth floor whether they had given Zhang Tie a tip.

“This… this is really too much!” His mom still couldn’t believe it. 3 gold coins were equivalent to a season’s worth of salary for his dad. To his family, this was still a lot of money.

“Mom, those rich boys would spend over 10 gold coins just to buy a single pair of leather shoes. You should take a look at the prices on Bright Avenue. What there isn’t astronomically priced? Although the stuff there is expensive for us, but for people like them, it isn’t much. Why else do you think there are so many rich people practicing in the fighting clubs? Your son has grown up. In the future, I’ll earn even more money. For the next few days, I’ll be participating in the survival training. During this time, you shouldn’t worry about money and should buy something good to eat. You should also buy more nutritious food for sister-in-law so that my niece or nephew will grow well in the future. You should also look after yourselves and just enjoy the benefits brought back by your sons.”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, his dad and mom finally believed him. At the very least, they had heard of such things about the fighting clubs. They also knew that there were many rich people who would casually spend money in such a way that commoners like the Zhang Family would definitely never be able to afford.

Seeing that his mom had finally received the 3 gold coins, Zhang Tie heaved a deep sigh inwardly. From now on, he could always bring back some “tip” and relieve the burden on his dad and mom. Since the sales of rice brew had declined this week, they had less money to spend to improve their quality of life. Because of this, his mom and dad have also been unhappy. When his sister-in-law was going to give birth to a baby, Zhang Tie knew clearly that the increasing expenditures would add more burden to his dad and mom. Seeing his mom receive the money and the smiles on their face as if they had relieved a burden, Zhang Tie was also filled with warmth.

The next day, every family member started to become busy to make preparations for Zhang Tie’s survival training. The Zhang Family’s rice brew store was also closed on that day.

A sleeping bag, portable protective leather armor, a raincoat, a helmet, an aluminum kettle, a leather belt, a knapsack, and a multi-purpose military shovel. All the things could be found at home, as they were used by Zhang Yang when he participated in the survival training, which had then been put away by his mom. Now that it was Zhang Tie’s turn to participate in the survival training, his mom brought them out of the boxes, giving them to Zhang Tie to use. Many things were shared between the generations. After it was used by the elder brother, the younger brother would use it. After the younger brother, then the son. They would never be abandoned until they couldn’t be used anymore. Although these goods have shown wear and tear over the years, because his mom had stored them well, when she took it out, all of it was still usable. These were also common goods that most families in Blackhot City would prepare for their kids’ participation in the survival training.

After drying the sleeping bag under the sun for the entire day, Zhang Tie’s mom silently hid one bag of fried rice into the sleeping bag. Although the amount of food allowed to be brought was supposed to be less than 5 kg, as long as they didn’t hide too much, the teachers would not care…

His dad completely polished the leather armor with oil again and sharpened the military shovel. Afterwards, he went out to buy 4 to 5 kgs of compressed biscuits and 1kg of beef jerky for Zhang Tie…

His sister-in-law hurriedly adjusted the soft cushion inside the helmet to match the size of Zhang Tie’s head. She then cleaned the kettle and prepared a set of clean clothes and a needlework bag for Zhang Tie…


After a day of busy work, they had finally well prepared all the necessities for Zhang Tie’s participation in the survival training. The last supper at home before the survival training was also rich. Zhang Tie’s dad and mom became both worried and sad. Excluding his mom, who repeatedly warned him, there were fewer words spoken at the table than before.

Zhang Tie was also somewhat sad. Survival training was both a test of the ability of an adult to survive and was also the prelude of what’s to come when he struggles for his survival. At the beginning of supper, everything went smoothly. However, as the dinner went on, his mom’s tears began to drop into her bowl as she spoke to him. Seeing that, Zhang Tie felt too sad to eat as well.

“Mom, trust me. I’ll be ok!” Zhang Tie had to comfort his mom. Although he didn’t know how his mom felt as she prepared the equipment for her son’s departure, his mom’s tears immediately aroused the sadness of the entire family that had been repressed and hidden during this period of time. As the youngest son, Zhang Tie would soon leave Blackhot City. Seeing Zhang Tie’s mom weeping, his dad’s eyes also turned red and so did Zhang Tie’s. The last supper ended in this way.


When dusk fell, Zhang Tie went out. After passing several streets, Zhang Tie finally arrived outside a post office near the most boisterous citizens’ square in the center of Blackhot City. He looked around and made sure nobody had noticed him. He then put an envelope into a mailbox outside the post office before going back home as if nothing had happened.

The envelope had been previously brought back by hs elder brother and was one of the living necessities provided to the City Guard Army of Blackhot City. As a soldier, his elder brother would receive two exclusive envelopes per month, which could be sent out without pasting a stamp. In the past, his elder brother had brought back several envelopes, while the extras had been sold to the black market, which was one of the best sellers. The envelope contained the headcover of the Red-scarf Burglars and a letter that Zhang Tie had written in standard printed font. The letter would be directly sent to the headquarter of the CISF of Blackhot City. On the letter was only one line: The Red-scarf Burglars are colluding with the Niumuen Business Group to attack Blackhot City!

For Zhang Tie, this was already the most he could do. In this conspiracy, whether it was the Red-scarf Burglars or the Niuemuen Business Group, they were both monsters to Zhang Tie and the Zhang Family. To be involved in such a large-scale war, he would be trampled to death like an ant involved in a battle between a flock of elephants.

Not to mention, there was still a more terrifying figure behind the two powers, the one Snade and Huck had referred to as “Lord”. The word “Lord” that had inadvertently escaped from Snade and Huck’s mouth had caused Zhang Tie to feel a chill in his heart. Zhang Tie had to abandon the lucky idea to use this event to seek for maximum benefits.

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