Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 60: The Last Day of School

Chapter 60: The Last Day of School

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Although he had benefited from the inverted energy flow from the Leakless Fruit, Zhang Tie was still not able to recover from losing a large amount of blood after just one night of rest. On Friday, his biological clock, which would usually wake him at 6:00 am, was late, thus on that day, he did not wake up until it was almost 8:00 am.

Whatever, it felt much better than yesterday. At the very least, Zhang Tie’s face was not as pale as yesterday. Although he was still weak, he could stand it. It felt like he had made several wet dreams overnight.

What the f*ck! Who said bleeding was beneficial to health? Thinking back to those liars on the streets of Blackhot City who encouraged passersby to donate blood for the sake of health, Zhang Tie became really furious. Blood was the energy essence of the human body. How could people become healthier without blood? If anyone else delivered such a leaflet to Zhang Tie, he would definitely spit on his face. Those liars sold your blood for money while telling you that bleeding was beneficial for your metabolism and the recovery of your stem cells. Motherf*ckers!

Since he had gotten up so late this morning, Zhang Tie was almost late for the last day of school. In addition, the way his mom gave him a strange look simply made him feel embarrassed. He remembered that Miss Daina had once said that when one lost too much blood due to some incident, they should eat sugar and protein to recovery quicker. Hence, Zhang Tie, who was always frugal in the past few years, bought himself the most “luxurious” breakfast that he has ever eaten, costing him more than 50 copper coins—a carton of milk and two eggs!. Thus, Zhang Tie felt really depressed about the money he had spent. However, by the time he arrived at school, he felt like he had recovered quicker both physically and mentally.


Barley must have already shared what he had experienced last night with the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. As Zhang Tie expected, the instant he entered the classroom, the other horny members of the Hit-Plane Brother burst out into laughter.

“Bro, just tell us what’s making you so unhappy. We’ll make you happy!” Just as Zhang Tie expected, Hista was the first to ask.

If it was the day before yesterday, Zhang Tie definitely would have felt frustrated and irritated; however, after surviving last night’s ordeal and taking two lives, Zhang Tie’s way of thinking became completely different. Facing Hista’s ridicule, Zhang Tie simply smiled. “As you know, I’m still a virgin. Are you satisfied now?”

Zhang Tie’s response surprised everybody. Everyone thought that Zhang Tie must have suffered a serious blow and was somewhat depressed. Seeing Zhang Tie’s look, Hista comforted him, “Never mind, I know a good clinic. It’s just a small operation. It will take you just one or two weeks to recover after the operation. If it wasn’t for the upcoming survival training, I would personally take you there. The operation only costs a bit more than 60 silver coins, and we currently don’t have enough money, so Barley already had a talk with us. We have all decided to save some money for you. We will take this survival training as an opportunity, and perhaps we can get something valuable!”

“That’s right, we will never let you drag us down!”

“If there is a virgin in our brotherhood, it would really make us lose face!”

Hearing their words, Zhang Tie felt warm inside. “These cute bastards!”

Speaking of money, Zhang Tie suddenly thought of the two dead bodies in the Castle of Black Iron. The two of them seemed to have a lot of money. He was trying his best to survive last night and was extremely spent both physically and mentally; hence, after returning home, he simply ate something and went to bed. He had almost forgotten about their money.

Thinking of the pile of gold in Snade’s purse, Zhang Tie immediately became spirited. He could not wait to go back home and searched through the two dead bodies. They might even have something more valuable.

“I’m rich! I’m really rich this time!”

On their last day of school, they only had morning classes. After gathering all the undergraduates, the school staff reiterated the dangers and the solemnity of this survival training and delicately repeated the basic necessities that needed to be brought with them. Afterwards, all the undergraduates left school. All of them had two and a half days to prepare for the things requested.

According to the school, every undergraduate should at the very least prepare the following things: a weapon, a sleeping bag, and 5 days worth of food. They could bring along a raincoat if their family could afford it. With the exception of extra food, they could pretty much bring whatever they wanted, assuming they were able to bring it along. Additionally, this year, undergraduates from four middle schools will be taking part in the survival training in the Wild Wolf Valley, which was 70 km west of Blackhot City. This was their final chance to show off their abilities. Those who performed the best during the survival training might even receive a recommendation from their school, giving them a chance to change their fates.

As it would be their last lunch at the school, the school prepared two spoons of meat for each undergraduate, which they had really enjoyed. After finishing lunch, Zhang Tie felt that he had recovered about 70% of his physical and mental strength.

After lunch, everybody was busy seizing the last chance to take photos. Although it was expensive to take a photo, a great amount of people still chose to take photos on this very day. Hence, the photo studios outside the school gate made a lot of money today. The photographers were extremely busy, and the powdered magnesium flashed and puffed here and there on the school campus…

Standing to the side, the lower grade students were admiring them. They didn’t understand that that photo might be the last trace of those horny undergraduates in the world.

Besides making love, one should leave something behind to show others that they had existed in this secular world!

For many of the horny students, ending one’s virgin status and taking a photo before the beginning of their survival training had almost become a ceremony.

The seven members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood also took a photo together. In front of the school gate, they stood in a line against the wall that said “Welcome to the Age of Black Iron”. On the farthest left was Bagdad, who was crossing his arms cooly, showing his developed muscles. Next to him was Leit, whose hair was shining, giving him a look of a mature man. Then there was Sharwin, who gave a bashful smile, and Doug, who had one of his arms wrapping around Fatty Barley’s neck. As for Barley, the one who was asked to pay for the photo, he forced a smile although he was miserable inside. Like an idiot, Hista made a hand posture in the form of “V”. Standing on the rightmost position was Zhang Tie, who was somewhat sad and frustrated as he gave off a stiff appearance. The only thing in his mind at the moment was that he would rarely have the opportunity to see Miss Daina from this point on!

With a dazzling flash and a sound of “Bang!”, a puff of magnesium powder started to rise up. Everybody’s youth and shadow were set fixed!


“In the next two days, we should prepare well. Bring as many useful things as you can. In addition, we should stay together during the survival training. That way, we could look after each other during critical situations. The moment to test the unity of our brotherhood is coming!” Barley suggested to the other members of the Brotherhood before they left school. “I will bring a first-aid kit, a bow, and some medicine for curing wounds. As for the others, each of us should bring as much as possible!”

“A bow? You really have a rich dad!” Sharwin was surprised while everybody else, including Zhang Tie, was staring at Barley in admiration.

“No way. If I kick the bucket this time, there will be nobody to help him through his old age. He prepared the bow for me since he was even more nervous than me…” Barley shrugged.

“Alright, bros, it’s time to fight! See you next Monday!”

“Okay, see you next Monday!”

“See you next Monday!”

A group of horny students departed outside the school gate and walked in all directions.

“Bighead, take care. I found that Glaze’s group has been too low-key recently. I feel that there’s something wrong and am somewhat curious about what they’re doing!” Barley warned Zhang Tie in a low voice before leaving.

“Don’t worry!” Zhang Tie patted Barley’s shoulder and gave him a sincere smile. He was probably worried that Glaze’s group would take revenge for what had happened two days ago. However, after what had happened last night, Zhang Tie didn’t take Glaze’s affair seriously in the least.

Barley scratched his head as he said, “I don’t know why, but I feel like you are completely different than yesterday!”

“Haha, I have really suffered a blow from yesterday’s incident. It seems that I have to think things through!” Zhang Tie prattled.

“Is that true?” Barley glanced at Zhang Tie dubiously.

“Whatever, take care of yourself!”

“Alright, I will!”


Separating from Barley, Zhang Tie arrived at the Iron Thorns Fighting Club. Today, he would be a flesh bag here again and would also receive his salary. Starting from next week, he would have to attend the survival training, and thus he would not be able to come here. Therefore, he had to ask for a leave from Director Huck.

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