Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 46: We’re Brothers

Chapter 46: We’re Brothers

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In fact, for a long time, Zhang Tie had always felt overwhelmed due to the pressure of this age. No matter how hard he worked, he felt as if he was just a small tree leaf that fell into the torrent, unable to control the direction of his life. He felt powerless and unable to change anything in this age. He couldn’t make Miss Daina fall in love with him and neither could he stop his parents from feeling miserable over their deceased eldest son. Sometimes, he would even think of terrible scenes related to the people he was closest to. In those scenes, he was also powerless; he had no other choice but to struggle in vain, unable to even shout.

That night, Zhang Tie slept very well. It was almost the sweetest sleep he has ever had. The Leakless Fruit did not only ignite Zhang Tie’s Shrine burning point, but it had also ignited Zhang Tie’s hope for a better life.

As usual, a bit after 6:00 am, Zhang Tie’s biological clock woke him up. Opening his eyes, Zhang Tie stared at the spinous roof and felt unprecedentedly alive. Probably from one of the benefits of having ignited his Shrine burning point yesterday, he felt much better today, contrasting greatly from the soreness and pain he felt all over his body the day before. Besides one or two places on his body that were still sore, Zhang Tie had basically already recovered.

I am now a LV 1 fighter! Zhang Tie mumbled to the mirror in his room as he smiled at it. By then, Zhang Tie instantly felt energetic. He made some fighting gestures and felt much stronger than before. This feeling was really cool.

Quickly putting on his clothes, he rushed downstairs to wash his face and brush his teeth. He then started a fire to make breakfast for the whole family. Before his mom woke up, Zhang Tie had already gained a point of merit value and had already wolfed down some porridge. Seeing his mom walking out of her bedroom with sleepy eyes, Zhang Tie rushed forward and kissed her on her face. “Mom, I’m heading for school…” He then ran out extremely quickly, leaving his mom staring in a daze at home. “What’s making him so excited?”

After igniting his Shrine burning point, on his way from home to school, Zhang Tie could feel an obvious improvement to his physique. In the past, it would take him almost 40 minutes by foot to get to school from his house. Surprisingly, it only took him slightly more than 10 minutes this time. Although he was somewhat tired, he also felt much better at the same time.

As expected, Zhang Tie was naturally the earliest one to arrive from his grade once again. Checking the neighboring classrooms to ensure that there was no one waiting in ambush first, he then started to clean all the desks and chairs in his classroom to earn another 3 points of merit value. Afterwards, he ran outside the classroom and entered the washroom. He then wandered around the training ground and the small woods for a while before slowly returning to his classroom while humming a song.

Naturally, when those horny students found that their desks and chairs had been cleaned again, they began to discuss about it once more. It was almost described as a supernatural event. Hearing their discussions, Zhang Tie started to carefully consider different ways to discreetly earn merit value in the future. This method would not work again. He had to find another way to earn merit value in public places. Zhang Tie started to think about the tips on merit value in the Castle of Black Iron.

Do good deeds and eliminate evil——the largest mercy in the Human World;

Worship the gods and love the people——the nearest stairway to heaven;

Lucky people, please show the mercy of the creator to the secular world, so that the gods understand you;

Please receive the most sincere pleasures and appreciation presented to you by the hundreds of millions of living beings;

Just as ideas began to emerge within his mind, Barley walked up to him.

Seeing Barley, Zhang Tie faintly felt that what he did to the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood yesterday was really motherf*cking foolish. As Donder had told him, if he was just vicious and decisive enough, he would see a completely different result.

Before Zhang Tie greeted this fatty, the fatty had already cracked a big smile and walked right in front of Zhang Tie. Lowering his body, he muttered to Zhang Tie lightly, “We brotherhood members have something to talk to you about after class!”

After Barley, all the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, including Bagdad, Doug, Hista, Sharwin, and Leit, arrived. Surprisingly, these guys looked friendlier than usual. Grinning as they exposed their front teeth, they smiled innocently at Zhang Tie, making him feel really embarrassed. Instinctively, Zhang Tie lowered his head to check the zipper on his trousers…

“Here comes Miss Daina!” a horny student shouted out loudly. Then, everybody in the classroom, including Zhang Tie, rushed to the windows and peered at the sexy figure passing through. Enjoying the view of the magnificent breasts, all the horny students considered it to be the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Every window of the classroom was crowded with people enjoying the view of Miss Daina’s figure. The classroom was filled with the sound of people swallowing saliva when the teacher of the first history class entered the classroom.

As the most carefree class at school, the teachers would always freely talk about various topics ranging from knowledge and major historical events before the Catastrophe to mysterious legends in the Age of Black Iron. Everything could be mentioned in history class. Although some of the knowledge seemed meaningless, they had actually expanded Zhang Tie’s horizon. All the information Zhang Tie knew about the human world before the Catastrophe was mostly from the history class. Some of the horny students in the class were not interested in the contents of the natural history class in the least, thus they would usually sleep during each class. In comparison, Zhang Tie would always listen to each history class very carefully. In today’s class, the teacher taught about the exploration of the universe by the human race. At that time, human beings had launched a machine that flew even faster than sound. They started to explore the two moons circling the Kun’ang Continent. It was said that they realized a major discovery during that exploration; however, commoners were not privy to this information in the least, as the human ruler did not disclose this information to the public. Therefore, even now, no one else knew what they had found. To be able to enable those metal machines to fly into the moons was a really amazing thing. Zhang Tie really longed for it and started to imagine it in the classroom.

After the bell rang, Barley glanced at Zhang Tie. They then went out of the classroom with the rest of the members from the Hit-Plane Brotherhood and arrived at a corner of a small garden under the teaching building.

“Bighead, we called you here to tell you one thing!” Barley said to Zhang Tie solemnly. “Do these guys want to beat me up? No, it doesn’t seem like it.” Zhang Tie felt gloomy. “What’s up?”

“We brotherhood members don’t agree with you leaving!”

“Don’t you know that I have caused a big incident at school?” looking directly into the fatty’s bandit-sharp eyes, Zhang Tie decided to explain it to them all.

“You mean you have offended Glaze’s group?” crossing his arms, Bagdad said calmly. “They broke the rules first, so if they dare to give our brother trouble, then we’ll fight them to the death!”

“That’s right!” Doug put his big palm onto Zhang Tie’s shoulder. “Trust us, bro. You have us. Don’t worry, we will help you through this trouble. We are very proud to be your brothers!”

“Do they have one more d*ck than us?” Hista started to thrust his waist before placing his hand on Zhang Tie’s shoulder.

“In the worst case scenario, we can set them up!” Hista added viciously. Right then, another hand appeared on Zhang Tie’s shoulder.

“It’s nothing serious to be beaten together with you!” Shrugging his shoulders, Sharwin put one of his hand onto Zhang Tie’s shoulder.

“This is our decision about you leaving!” Barley smirked obscenely as he placed his hand on Zhang Tie’s shoulder. “Don’t forget that I will take you there for you to be a real man! How could you leave at the critical moment?” Everybody placed their hands on Zhang Tie’s shoulders unconsciously. They did this to encourage Zhang Tie. However, they finally realized that Bagdad was still coldly standing at a distance. Everyone set their eyes on their black buddy. Feeling somewhat isolated, Bagdad also stretched out one hand and placed it onto Zhang Tie’s shoulder. Thus, by then, standing at the center, Zhang Tie was surrounded by six brothers, each of whom had placed one of their hands onto Zhang Tie’s shoulder or back. The whole scene was religious to some degree. All of a sudden, the youths felt as if they were doing something holy, and their hearts started to pound heavily.

“You bastards!” Zhang Tie abruptly felt like crying. At that moment, he felt very powerful. The source of his power didn’t originate from his Shrine burning point but from that pounding heart. He felt like he had nothing to fear in this world anymore.

Returning to the classroom once again, the group of seven sat close to each other, feeling different from before. Yet, they couldn’t figure out why. Every member of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood seemed stronger and more dauntless than before. They felt a sense of interdependence deep in their hearts. That was really amazing…

Fatty was also smiling as he felt that the brotherhood had become different from before. It was great! Previously, the seven of them were just like seven parts bundled together. Now, Barley felt that the seven parts had already been activated and had spontaneously already formed into a more powerful part, causing him to feel reassured. Stroking his mustache, Barley recalled the scene where the members had placed their hands on Zhang Tie’s shoulders and back. It increasingly felt like it was a holy ceremony for the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. If anyone else wanted to join the brotherhood, it seemed that he could test them through that religious ceremony…

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