Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 44: Ignition of the Shrine Burning Point

Chapter 44: Ignition of the Shrine Burning Point

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Sometimes, morality and immorality were determined by whether you had patience.

Thinking of this, Zhang Tie showed a resolute expression and a victorious smile before completely retracting his hand. Sucking in a deep breath, he gave a final glance at the small tree. Zhang Tie locked onto the miraculous arched door in his mind and left the Castle of Black Iron…

Zhang Tie never knew that this small, patient choice of his had made him more mentally mature.

After returning to his small room, Zhang Tie stood there for a while. Sitting on the bed, he started to practice . Afterward, Zhang Tie took out the crystal which had been buried in the crystal sand by the windowsill and started to polish the Shrine burning point. When his spiritual energy was almost exhausted, Zhang Tie visualized the contents of the book, , once again. Realizing that there was still more than one hour before the Leakless Fruit became ripe, Zhang Tie resisted his impulses to reenter the Castle of Black Iron and fell asleep.

When he woke up from his sweet dream due to needing to use the washroom, it was already past midnight.

With the moonlight shining through the window, Zhang Tie had a look at the clock and found it was almost 4:00 am. 2 hours had already passed since the first Leakless Fruit became ripe.

Zhang Tie instantly sprung up from his bed barefoot, wearing only a pair of underwear. He then rapidly locked onto the miraculous arched door in his consciousness and disappeared from the room…

After returning to the Castle of Black Iron a few hours since he was last here, the first thing Zhang Tie did wasn’t running toward the small tree to pick the fruit; instead, he pulled off his underwear, got out his p*nis, and cooly urinated in the direction opposite of the tree about 10 m away. After the pressure on his bladder had been relieved, Zhang Tie trembled from the comfort. Pulling up his underwear, he moved to the small tree. 4 or 5 meters away from the small tree, Zhang Tie smelt a special fragrance that made people feel spirited. It was the fragrance of a ripe fruit that also smelt like the fragrance given off by sandalwood. It was too mysterious to be described. Zhang Tie was completely intoxicated and sucked in deep breaths as his eyes locked onto the ripe Leakless Fruit.

Compared to several hours ago, it was completely different. Previously, it was as large as an egg and was dark red in color, but currently, it has a glossy surface and was somewhat translucent. The insides of the fruit loomed a wisp of gold.

“Gulu…” Zhang Tie couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Dragging his feet, he stretched out his hand toward the ripe Leakless Fruit.

——Leakless Fruit has become ripe. Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

A semi-translucent dialogue box then appeared automatically to warn Zhang Tie.

Seeing the dialogue box gradually disappear in front him, Zhang Tie’s chest rose and fell. He sucked in two deep breaths and looked decisive as he picked the fruit without any hesitation as if he were picking a peach. Moving it close to his nose, he smelled the fruit before carefully staring at it. Finally, he raised his head, opened his mouth widely, and took a large bite.

The instant his teeth broke into the marvelous fruit, Zhang’s mouth was filled with the rich fragrance of the fruit. It was delicious! At that moment, all of Zhang Tie’s pores expanded comfortably.

With the sound of “siliu”, Zhang Tie swallowed the juice of the first bite. The first bite had only bitten off a small part of the fruit. Soon, he gave a few more bites, finishing the fruit very quickly. Judging from its texture and taste, Zhang Tie swore that he had never eaten such a delicious fruit before.

After he finished the fruit, Zhang Tie licked his lips for the juice that remained on his lips as he slowly savored its taste while questioning what sorts of effects it would bring. Before he was even able to taste the aftertaste, the effects of the fruit had already spread all over his chest and belly

A warm Qi started to rise from between Zhang Tie’s chest and belly, almost causing him to groan. This wisp of warm Qi turned into a warm wave as it started to rotate between Zhang Tie’s chest and belly. In less than two cycles, the warm wave abruptly moved back and charged towards the Shrine burning point as if it were a boa chasing its prey. Feeling the surging wave, Zhang Tie’s face twisted. He directly sat on the ground and crossed his legs. In response to the Qi, Zhang Tie instantly entered meditation…

At that moment, an unexpected change happened at the Shrine burning point over the navel. That powerful, warm wave was swirling around his Shrine burning point like a fire dragon drilling into its own cave. As a result, the Shrine burning point, which was like a cave, was slowly absorbing the wisps of warm energy from the fire dragon, resulting in the “entrance of the cave” slowly expanding from the wisps of warm energy so that the fire dragon could drill inside. As the cave gradually enlarged, more and more energy was absorbed and the insides of the cave became brighter and brighter. At the same time, the fire dragon began to fly around the cave faster and faster.

More than ten minutes later, with the sound of a “Boom!”, the cyan cave entrance directly expanded greatly as the cyan luster gradually turned to blue. However, the entrance with blue luster was still too small to allow that fire dragon in. Hence, the fire dragon continued to swirl around the entrance as it constantly injected warm energy into the cave. After around another ten minutes, the blue luster over the entrance grew brighter and brighter. With another “Boom!”, the blue light turned purple as the entrance enlarged once more. In response to this, the fire dragon became more lively. The warm Qi rising between Zhang Tie’s chest and belly continually converted into warm waves that supported the arrogant fire dragon while all the warm waves were injected into the wider and brighter cave entrance. About half an hour later, the entrance radiating purple light was large enough to hold the fire dragon. All of a sudden, that fire dragon threw itself into that entrance without any hesitation... “Boom!” With another huge sound, the long fire dragon completely hid itself in the cave. Radiating dazzling light, a purple luster radiated in all directions in the form of light fragments. At the place where the fire dragon and the entrance disappeared, a red sparkle appeared in its place, slowly burning as it grew into a fierce flame in the darkness. It continuously radiated heat and light to the surrounding coldness and darkness.

When he clearly “saw” a flame over the Shrine burning point, Zhang Tie cried out and burst into tears before laughing out loudly like a lunatic. Unexpectedly, he had ignited the Shrine burning point today in such manner. The effects of the Leakless Fruit were really surprising — it easily allowed him to break through the three levels of cyan, blue, and purple and directly allowed him to surge from an ordinary soldier to a LV 1 fighter.

“Is the Leakless Fruit used to ignite burning points?” Such a question flashed in Zhang Tie’s mind. Feeling weird, he picked himself up to the feet.

He felt empty inside, as if he didn’t have any organs, skeleton, or muscles. Right then, he felt a warm spring wind blow from the Shrine burning point in all directions and made him feel invigorated all over. His elder brother had told him that the ignition of each burning point in one’s body was a process to rebuild and enhance one’s physique. The feeling was very special, as it would either feel extremely comfortable or extremely painful. Besides the feeling of comfort or pain, there were also many other strange feelings. His elder brother had said that after some burning points were ignited, it felt even more comfortable than the climax of making love. In contrast, the ignition of some other burning points would even feel as painful as giving birth to a baby or like the feeling of metamorphosing from a cocoon to a butterfly.

The warm breeze from the Shrine burning point stopped after seven or eight minutes. For over a minute, Zhang Tie could hear cracking sounds from within his body. This was a process known as “Skeleton Rearrangement” that everybody who had ignited the Shrine burning point would enjoy. The entire process was really pleasant and felt like the body was being rearranged by an invisible hand. Zhang Tie felt like a machine being commissioned by an expert. Afterward, he felt that all the bones in his body fit well with each other. Additionally, the feeling of being full of vitality and the unprecedented sense of harmony made him so excited that he even wanted to loudly shout out.

In this age, only after having reached this level could you step onto the road of cultivation.

“Miss Daina, here I am. I’ve already ignited the Shrine burning point. Ah...”

Zhang Tie exclaimed towards the sky.

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