Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 41: The Vicious Rule of Human Nature

Chapter 41: The Vicious Rule of Human Nature

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“Boy, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so bad?” Donder didn’t lay in the lounge; instead, he moved forward and asked Zhang Tie after seeing off two batches of guests as Zhang Tie closed his account book.

“F*ck! Is every fatty good at observing others?” Zhang Tie felt strange when he associated the Fatty Barley to the boss of the grocery store in front of him.

Forcing a smile, Zhang Tie poured out what had happened at school. Soon after, he finished and felt much better.

“Heh… heh…” Donder smiled obscenely and raised his thumb towards Zhang Tie. “It’s really unimaginable that you are so tough! Do you regret it?”

“Motherf*cker, those bastards... I would wash plates for my friends, for the roadside beggars, but I would never do it for those bastards! Let’s see if they dare to bite off my d*ck if I don’t do it!” Being familiar with Donder, Zhang Tie felt natural to lose his temper in front of him. “Have you ever met motherf*ckers like them before?” Zhang Tie then asked the fatty for his suggestions and countermeasures. As Zhang Tie has already worked for him for a long time, he saw the fatty as a teacher who had taught him a lot. At the very least, Donder was much more experienced than he was.

“For cases like these, everybody has the chance to encounter people like them since there are so many defiant bastards in this world. You could just be sitting there peacefully and someone else might be aggressive towards you out of the blue. They don’t feel comfortable until they have fiercely kicked your face. Encountering bastards like this, you should beat them fiercely. Do you know what mistake you made this afternoon?” Donder asked Zhang Tie.

“What mistake?”

“Since you have decided to be their opponent, you should use every possible means to deal with them. Young man, you are pretending to be tough, but inside, you are soft-hearted and hesitant!”

Hearing this, Zhang Tie’s eyes widened. He had set them up so ferociously, yet Donder still called him soft-hearted and hesitant.

“Since you’ve become their opponent, you have to slap them ten times instead of once!” Donder criticized Zhang Tie relentlessly. “You think those bastards would thank you for only slapping them once? If I was in your position, I would quietly throw their plates into the toilet and set them up — and I would never admit to doing so! However, you simply left their plates and did nothing. You tell me, how would that one-eyed man respond if he found those plates in the toilet? What punishment would the school give them? No matter what, they were the one who threw the plates, not you. So what are you afraid of?”

Zhang Tie was stunned. He muttered to himself, “It seems that if I were to do what he suggested, Glaze’s group would be accused of ‘purposely stealing public property’ and ‘damaging the reputation of the school’ to some degree. Even though there was no rule about “do not disgust others”, nobody knew how hard the one-eyed man would whip them and how many days they would have to stay on the bed. Am I actually soft-hearted?”

“And here is another mistake!” Donder added.

“Another one?” Zhang Tie stared at Donder innocently.

“Since those guys have been lashed to death, their overall strength should be greatly reduced. At this moment, you should call your buddies or directly instigate people who are usually dissatisfied with Glaze’s group and directly cripple them. You have to make them fear you and lose the ability to take revenge on you. Even if you crippled one of them, this disturbance would involve a large amount of people and you have yet to graduate. They were also the first to be in the wrong and had bullied so many students. That’s why you would not assume all the responsibilities by yourself — many other people would defend you!”

Zhang Tie became speechless. In front of Donder, he felt as if he was as innocent as a tiny white rabbit. The boss was so confident that one of his fingers almost poked Zhang Tie’s forehead. From his excitement, Donder’s saliva even flew onto Zhang Tie’s face. “You should know that your third mistake is unforgivable. You shouldn’t have left that Hit-Plane Brotherhood without explaining your reasoning. You idiot! Why not use your buddies? Is it that fun to cut off your protection when facing danger? Even a pig is a hundred times smarter than you. The correct solution is to tell your buddies about the conflict between you and those bastards and let them help you beat those bastards to death after school. If they don’t dare to do it, it would be their fault and they would feel sorry for you in the future. However, you left without any explanation. That’s why you’re the one in the wrong. If they don’t know the reason, they might even despise you and might even turn into your enemy…” Donder was so excited that he directly poked Zhang Tie’s forehead with his finger. “Whether your head had been kicked bad by a donkey or being squeezed by the door?”

Hearing Donder’s analysis, Zhang Tie felt like he lost face, so much so that he wanted to bury his head in his knees. Previously, Zhang Tie thought that what he had done was great and manly; however, hearing Donder’s analysis, he felt that he was truly an idiot. According to Donder’s suggestions, he should have united with the other horny undergraduate students who were dissatisfied with Glaze’s group, surrounding those bastards with sticks and bars in hand and beating them until they beg for forgiveness. In this way, he would even be able to cripple them directly. If they were lucky, the Hit-Plane Brotherhood could recruit new members and develop quickly. “Why didn’t I realize this?” Zhang Tie felt very regretful.

Cleaning the saliva on his face, Zhang Tie stared at Donder, who had cast a contemptuous look at him. Zhang Tie became blank and scratched his head. “What should I do now?”

“What should you do? You have already missed the best opportunity. When you arrive at school tomorrow, explain why you took the initiative and left the Hit-Plane Brotherhood to the members. At the very least, you should beg for forgiveness and eliminate them as a potential risk. Then it depends on your luck. Keep one rule in mind: never think that your opponent and enemy are as kind as you, and never think that they would follow those motherf*cking ethical rules like you. In this world, human beings are the most terrifying existence, and the number of people killed by humans is much more than the number killed by alien clans. You should take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you can’t beat Glaze. You should not throw an egg against a rock. If you have more friends than him, unite your friends to beat him. If you had a high social status, use your power to control him. If you are richer than him, use your money to buy him. If you are smarter than him, set him up. If you are patient enough, wait for an opportunity to attack him. If you are shameless enough, deceive him using shameless means. For instance, kneel down in front of him and wait for their punishment. Afterward, you can join your opponents, gaining their trust and favor. At the critical moment, set them up so that they no longer have any opportunities to take revenge. You should know in which aspect you are better than him. You should use your advantage to play him to death. If you cannot match him in every aspect, just stay far away from him. This is the rule in this world. Am I clear?” Donder rarely had an opportunity to teach anyone; therefore, he seized this opportunity to shoot all his knowledge onto Zhang Tie’s face like arrows shot from the steam-powered crossbows installed on the city walls of Blackhot City.

As if meeting this vicious boss for the first time, Zhang Tie stared at Donder’s expression for a long while, almost causing the fatty to be irritated. Intensely nodding, he said in a shameful way, “I understand a bit!”

“Think over it carefully. On the Oriental Continent, what I said was the essence of the Vicious Rule of Human Nature — a mysterious knowledge among the Chinese clan that is used to deal with bastards and thugs!” Donder sharply winked, causing the persuasiveness of his words to weaken.

The Vicious Rule of Human Nature? It only seemed like being shameless and vicious. Does this count as mysterious knowledge? Although Zhang Tie severely doubted Donder’s words, he felt Donder’s words were also reasonable. “Well, I won’t worry about it. I’ll just go with the flow. In the worst case scenario, I would just be beaten a few times.” Thinking of the first Leakless Fruit that would be ripe tonight, Zhang Tie’s heart started to pound.

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