Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 31: It Might Be Good

Chapter 31: It Might Be Good

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In the past, Zhang Tie always thought of himself as intelligent. Well, at the very least, he thought that he was not stupid. He was not someone who was easily cheated by others. However, on that day, he found himself to be innocent and naive. On that day, he understood the essence of the proverb “human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food”.

At this moment, he now completely understood what Captain Kerlin’s words meant.

High compensation — 80 copper coins for being fiercely beaten by another person. A hot water bath was also provided before and after being beaten by the people in the event that they reeked of sweat. What high compensation this was… What human-friendly service this was...

Meet influential and rich figures — people who could afford to use the Iron Horns Fighting Club were all rich and influential figures, as ordinary people could not afford it at all.

Strengthen your body when you were free — nothing else could strengthen your body as much as becoming a training partner and a flesh-bag.

Many beauties in the workplace — there were truly many beautiful waiters like Mary; however, those beauties had nothing to do with him. He was heavily attacked for just asking her name, which almost made him self-abased.

Thinking of how he readily accepted this part-time job without thinking, he felt that his life became gloomy once again. Zhang Tie became especially gloomy when he realized that all of his “guests” would be boys of about 12 years of age. It was fine to be beaten by classmates his age, which he could just treat as training at school; however, being beaten by a handful of kids younger than him, he felt that he would be heavily damaged both physically and mentally. Those kids were from influential families. They accepted the best education since birth. Their families spent a lot of resources on them, and they had already been able to ignite their Shrine burning point. They were even stronger than Zhang Tie in every possible physical aspect. He felt really uncertain about such a part-time job, thus after he became clear-minded, the first thing he wanted to do was to resign in Manager Hance’s office. “F*ck you! I won’t do this! I have the chance to give it up!” Zhang Tie cursed inwardly.


“No way…” Hance’s smile instantly froze when he knew what Zhang Tie wanted to do. He turned stern and shook the contract in his hand like an acrid woman. The cigar in his other hand almost touched Zhang Tie’s forehead. “Boy, before you finish 600 hours of work, you have to compensate us twice the amount in the contract if you want to resign. This means 1200 hours in total at 80 copper coins per hour. You should know how much you have to pay in total since it’s written right here in the contract and you’ve signed here. If you want to quit, you have to pay the penalty. Although we, the Iron Thorns Fighting Club, are powerful, we are not bullying you as we are doing things in accordance with the law…” Gaping at the terms on the contract, Zhang Tie turned pale. He became speechless and started to blame himself for signing the contract without thinking it over. He never thought that there was such a motherf*cking term on it. He would have to pay 9 gold coins and 60 silver coins for breaking the contract. Obviously, this was a price he couldn’t afford.

Seeing Zhang Tie turn pale, Manager Hance put away the contract and let out a slow suggestion, “Boy, this job is not as terrifying as you imagine. You are new here and don’t know the skills required to be a training partner, that’s why you suffered a loss. Later on, you will learn from these experiences and become smarter. I don’t know why that bastard Kerlin recommended you, but since you are young, I think you should listen to my advice: ‘Each difficult challenge you face is a chance for you to grow up’. Think about this advice carefully. Now then, you should feel embarrassed about being beaten by several younger kids. If you can’t even handle one of those small kids, what else can you do in the future? This world is far more sophisticated and difficult than what you have encountered today! Well, since it’s your first time to on the job today and you have learned from this experience, although you have not stood for even one minute... I am a kind person, so I will pay you half an hour worth of compensation today. Alright, hurry up and go back home. In these past few days, night meals are forbidden in Blackhot City. If you get home late, you might get in trouble…”


Exiting Manager Hance’s office, Zhang Tie continued to ponder over what Manager Hance had taught him — “Each difficult challenge you face is a chance for you to grow up”. Yea! Would he be frightened by those small kids? Would he run away and be laughed at by that b*tch Mary?

“No, no way! I will never be afraid of those kids!”

Thinking in this manner, Zhang Tie instantly felt much better.

When he passed the reception desk, Zhang Tie encountered Mary. Seeing Zhang Tie coming out, Mary muttered something to the rest beauties. As a result, those beauties cast a contemptuous gaze at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie felt that he had no chance to sleep with beauties like her, as no woman would fall in love with a man whom she had cast a contemptuous gaze on. Zhang Tie heaved a deep sigh.

“I heard someone was kicked by young master Gregory and passed out within one minute. What a weak man!” Mary’s words instantly stirred up Zhang Tie.

“Sister Mary, don’t forget our appointment!” Zhang Tie gave a flying kiss to Mary and then thrust his waist, like what Hista usually does, a couple of times towards the rest beauties. This series of movements made Mary’s face turn pale as the other beauties gaped. It seemed that they never imagined that someone would do such weird movements. Then Zhang Tie laughed out loudly, detoured the fountain, and walked out the gate of the Iron Thorns Fighting Club.

Standing in front of the mighty gate of the Iron Thorns Fighting Club, Zhang Tie stared at the stars in the sky and waved his fists fiercely. He shouted inwardly, “I will never be beaten!” Closely following his inner shouts was his thunderous belly, which reminded Zhang Tie that he had not even eaten supper yet. Hence, he trotted towards the direction of his home…

Peering over Zhang Tie, who was trotting his way home, Captain Kerlin and Hance stood beside the window in Hance’s office. Pulling down the curtain, Hance muttered, “Youth is good! But, this boy doesn’t seem to be able to take a beating like you’ve told me. Do you have a good opinion of him?”

“The boy is smart. If he is able, he will get his reward. If he isn’t, he will get his punishment. He dared to blackmail his classmates in front of me, the intelligent Captain Kerlin. He dared to justify escape in front of me, the brave Captain Kerlin, in such a reasonable way. Since that’s the case, I have to give him a chance to prove himself. I will see whether he is a real man or just simply someone who pretends to be a real man…” with arms crossed, the one-eyed man explained stiffly.


Zhang Tie returned home in 40 minutes with less than one hour left before the time when night meals became forbidden in Blackhot City. The moment he engulfed all the food and dishes made by his mom and washed the bowl and chopsticks, his parents came home.

“Why did you come back so late?” Zhang Tie’s dad asked curiously.

“Erm, your son performed well at school, so a teacher introduced me to a part-time job. The pay is really good. I can get familiar with many influential and rich figures, and I can also strengthen my body when I am free. Oh, I almost forgot. There are also many beauties over there!” Zhang Tie raised his eyebrows.

“Really? It’s that good?” Zhang Tie’s dad became a bit suspicious.

“Of course. I can go there after school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so I might come home a little late. You don’t need to worry about me!”

“What a kind of part-time job is it?” Zhang Tie’s mom added.

“Iron Thorns Fighting Club. Those beauties were really enthusiastic. When I was there today, the elder sister who showed me around had praised me and said that I was ambitious. I also made a bet with her that I will definitely make my dream come true!” Zhang Tie pretended to be excited in front of his mom…

“So you’re saying you were praised by a beauty? Your mom is not that easily cheated. Don’t even dream about it!” Zhang Tie’s mom flicked her finger on Zhang Tie’s forehead a couple of times.

“Really, mom! I mean it!” Zhang Tie gasped with tongue stretched out like a puppy.

“Then, tell me! How did she praise you?”

“She praised that I was ambitious!” Zhang Tie pretended to be very serious.

“What ambition?”

“A toad that wants to eat a swan… Heh… heh...”

Hearing this, both his mom and dad considered it as a joke. As a result, Zhang Tie’s dad spat out a mouthful of water as his mom gaped for a while before laughing out loudly. Then Zhang Tie’s mom stretched out her hand to pat Zhang Tie. “You’re better at joking than before...”

After freely chatting with his parents, Zhang Tie successfully cemented the idea that he was just an ordinary waiter over there. They both considered this as a chance for Zhang Tie to learn and experience society through working. Judging from Zhang Tie’s happy expression, they didn’t oppose it either. If they knew that he was there to be beaten by kids, they would definitely be saddened and would definitely ask him to stop. Not to mention, Zhang Tie needs to work hard to garner respect!

After washing his feet and brushing his teeth, Zhang Tie yawned and returned to his room. However, he didn’t fall asleep. Instead, he entered the Castle of Black Iron. During the past day, the basic attributes also changed a lot…

Aura Value changed the most from 1.8 to 3.7 within one day, as those sprouting potatoes in the Castle of Black Iron were growing taller and taller.

Merit Value increased from 43 to 47. He received an additional 4 Merit Value points by mopping the desks and chairs for his classmates this morning.

——In the morning of February 26, 889th year of the Black Iron Calendar, Handsome and Magnificent Lord did good deeds at his school by mopping his classmates’ desks and chairs, which made everybody in the classroom happy. As a result, Merit Value was increased by 4.

Seeing this, Zhang Tie realized that those guys were actually happy inside when their desks and chairs were mopped by others. They just couldn’t control their mouths. Through this event, Zhang Tie knew more about Merit Value.

After checking the basic attributes of the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie returned to his field. Those niblets had yet to sprout, while the tender sprouts of the potatoes were as tall as a finger. Compared to two days ago, they’ve already changed greatly. No wonder, the Aura Value had increased so much.

After checking on the niblets and the potatoes, Zhang Tie felt a little bit more comfortable. The moment he stood in front of the small tree and prepared to check the number of hours left before the first leakless fruit became ripe...

A dialogue box suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

——On the evening of February 16, 889th year of the Black Iron Calendar, Handsome and Magnificent Lord was attacked in the Fighting Club. The attack exceeded your physical standing limit and had already harmed your health. A special fruit from the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree is ready to be produced. Please read the following tip, Handsome and Magnificent Lord!

Zhang Tie slightly gasped. After thinking for a while, Zhang Tie moved closer to the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree. The moment he stretched out his hand to touch it, a line of words appeared in front of him.

——Frustrations make you braver. Once you face them bravely, all the pain and strikes you receive will turn into sweet fruits. You should be calm like the motherland and strengthen your body like fine steel. Iron Body Fruit is ready to be produced. Do you want to produce the fruit?

——Yes… No...

Iron Body Fruit? Zhang Tie gaped…

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