Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 29: Molesting a Beauty

Chapter 29: Molesting a Beauty

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After school, Zhang Tie once again ran to the railway station to see Miss Daina off. Waiting until the passenger train disappeared from his sight, Zhang Tie didn’t leave the alley nor did he run towards Bright Avenue.

Although he could only saw her in secret, Zhang Tie felt time elapsed. If it was possible, Zhang Tie wanted to see off Miss Daina’s shadow like this for the rest of his life. However, when Miss Daina finally left, Zhang Tie found his stomach growling.

In the past couple of days, Zhang Tie found himself to be easily hungry. Previously, he could still stand his hunger after school; however, his stomach had already been growling by this time. Feeling frustrated, Zhang Tie muttered to himself and patted his deflated belly, “You had already eaten red-braised meat at noon!”

Recalling the red-braised meat, Zhang Tie naturally remembered the part-time job introduced by Captain Kerlin. There were passenger trains heading for Bright Avenue in the railway station ahead, but the cost of the ticket was four copper coins, a price that he was reluctant to pay. Therefore, he decided against taking the passenger train. As he sped up while walking, he comforted himself. “I am a young man and I am energetic, so I should do some running!”

This was not the first time for Zhang Tie to be here in Bright Avenue. Despite this, each and every place in Bright Avenue made Zhang Tie feel self-abased and out of place.

On both sides of Bright Avenue sat numerous stores that showcased various commodities. Just now when he had passed by a shoe store, Zhang Tie could not help but stare at the pair of shoes which were showcased within the store. The price on the tag was an amount that almost frightened Zhang Tie to death—16 gold coins! For the god’s sake! That was the amount his parents would earn after a whole year of hard work. 16 gold coins, 1600 silver coins, 160,000 copper coins. This was enough to buy almost 7 tons of grains. Thinking for quite a while, Zhang Tie still couldn’t think through trading 7 tons of grains for a pair of leather shoes. Although Zhang Tie knew that this was how rich people lived, this really challenged his capability to withstand these stimulations.

After seeing that tag price, Zhang Tie became immune to all the other articles displayed in the stores on both sides of Bright Avenue. The more he saw, the more bored he felt towards them. Gradually, he felt self-abased. Hence, standing on the Bright Avenue, Zhang Tie pretended to look straight ahead and ignored the brilliant articles displayed in the stores.

Nice cars parked on both sides of the street and uniformed drivers who accompanied them as they cleaned them diligently. Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and continued to look straight ahead, pretending to see nothing…

Various tempting aromas drifted from the high-end restaurants situated on both sides of Bright Avenue. Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and continued looking straight ahead, pretending to see nothing…

A row of high and slim sexy beauties were standing outside the doors of the clubs. Their skirts opened from their ankles all the way to their buttocks. At the sight of this alluring scene, Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and continued looking straight ahead, pretending to see nothing…

Outside the gates of the hotels on both sides of Bright Avenue were doormen and servants who wore white gloves as they diligently and sincerely served the customers that entered and exited the hotels. Staring at the beautiful angel sculptures outside the gates of the hotels, Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and continued looking straight ahead, pretending to see nothing…

When handsome boys and beauties passed by him, he noticed their exquisite clothes. Then, he looked at his own old-fashioned school uniform. Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and and continued looking straight ahead, pretending to see nothing...

Gentlemen and ladies were muttering and joking in the coffee houses on both sides of Bright Avenue. Glancing at the tag prices outside the coffee houses, Zhang Tie swallowed saliva and continued looking straight ahead, pretending to see nothing…

At this moment, in the eyes of the servants who stood outside the gates of the numerous shops and hotels on Bright Avenue, Zhang Tie was just a country hick and a person of low value from the rural areas. Nobody paid attention to him.

Wandering on the Bright Avenue like a ghost for half an hour. Zhang Tie had finally arrived at No.18 Bright Avenue. No.16 was in front of him, while No.20 was behind. Seeing the wrought, copper “No.18 Bright Avenue” sign that hung on the pillar and the staircase of at least ten steps beneath it, Zhang Tie instantly gasped. What was more impressive than the house number to Zhang Tie was the large words on the gate at the end of the staircase — Iron Thorns Fighting Club.

Fighting Club? Fighting Club… Fighting Club!

It was a part-time job in the martial club. All of a sudden, Zhang Tie almost dropped down tears. He was really mistaken about Captain Kerlin. He was really a good good person!

In this age, fighting force was of the utmost importance, and fighting clubs were the best place to improve one’s fighting force — at least in the Blackhot City.

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie raised his chest high. He then touched that letter of introduction in one of his pocket and strode towards the gate of the Iron Thorns Fighting Club.

“Gold coins, beauties, here I am!” Zhang Tie shouted inwardly…

“Stop! Who are you!?” One of the four terrifying armored guardians, who held a sword in hand as they stood outside the gate of the Fighting Club, stretched out a hand to stop Zhang Tie the moment he moved close to the gate.

Seeing the polished, full-body armor on that tough guy, who was two heads higher than him, in a split second, Zhang Tie felt weak. “I… I am here for a job. Captain Kerlin introduced me to this place!”

“Captain Kerlin? Do you have any evidence?”

“Yes, yes…” Zhang Tie hurriedly took out of the letter of introduction. Right at that moment, Zhang Tie realized that the “thorn” pattern on the upper right corner on the back of the envelope was somewhat related to this place.

With the letter in hand, the tough guy read it and stared at Zhang Tie. Finally, he gave it back to Zhang Tie. “Take your letter and follow me!”

Taking the letter, Zhang Tie followed the tough guy past the gate of the Iron Thorns Fighting Club. Contrary to the scene he envisioned that a scene of a pile of tough guys fighting fiercely, when Zhang Tie entered the fighting club, the first sight he caught was a hall with a fountain that sat in the middle. No other surplus decoration was left on the mirror-like marble stone floor. There were no flowers nor grass. Everything was very neat and tidy. The scene was somewhat similar to the lobbies in the high-end hotels he saw in Bright Avenue. The only thing that made this look like a fighting club was the armors and weapons displayed on both sides of the hall. Some were new, while others were damaged. From them, a chilling killing intent could be felt.

The hall was extremely quiet. Quiet to the point where only the sounds of the trickling fountain could be heard.

There really were beauties. When the armored, manly guy led Zhang Tie to detour the fountain, Zhang Tie saw beauties — not one, but a row of them. They were standing behind the reception desk. Zhang Tie felt dazzled when those beauties gazed at him. He slightly became anxious. Before he could carefully appreciate those beauties, the armored, tough guy pointed to a beauty. “He’s here for a part-time job. Take him to the office of Manager Hance!” The moment the manly guy explained that he was here for a part-time job, Zhang Tie felt the curious gazes of the beauties suddenly leave him. All of a sudden, he became a trivial person once again.

“Follow me!” that beauty moved out of the reception desk and talked to Zhang Tie. Then, she walked directly to an path nearby. Zhang Tie hurriedly followed.

The beauty in front of him had a ponytail. She was older than 20 years old. She wore a black elastic, sleeveless sweater and a pair of white sweat pant, which palpably accentuated her great youthful figure. She smelt fragrant. Behind her, Zhang Tie saw the wiggly butt beneath the slim waist. It was really seductive. Zhang Tie could only feel that blood rushed to his head as his p!@#s became sturdy in a split second. It was too embarrassing, thus Zhang Tie hurriedly put his hand into a pant pocket to press it down.

With the exception of this sexy beauty and Zhang Tie, nobody else was on the carpeted path. Seeing her figure, Zhang Tie felt that he should say something at this moment. Finally, after ten more steps, Zhang Tie plucked up his courage to ask in a foolish way,

“H-hello. I… am Zhang Tie. What’s your name, miss?”

The ponytailed girl stopped and turned around. She glanced over Zhang Tie and raised her eyebrows. Then, she forced a somewhat distant, ironic smile. “I am Mary. Actually, you don’t necessarily need to know my name. Although we are all here to make money, you should know that there is no chance for you, a toad, to f*ck me, a white swan…”

For the first time in his life, Zhang Tie was destructively destroyed. His face turned slightly pale. He also realized that his face twisted. He was really wronged and neither did he know where his fault was. He was simply asking her name. “Do I look like a toad?” At the same time, his fury rose as a result of being ignored and insulted by others.

Being insulted, Zhang Tie had to pay it back many times over. Additionally, with rich experience since he was a kid and being influenced by the atmosphere in the male middle school, he deeply realized that when you were bullied or insulted by others, you had to fight back… Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not after you had prepared well, but right now, at this moment. Therefore, anyone who ignored the rule of “fighting back in front of insult” would unexceptionally become an unfortunate guy and a coward who would be casually bullied by others.

Therefore, at this moment, Zhang Tie was so brave that he stepped forward and stared at Mary’s eyes sharply. Under the frightening glare of this girl, he seized her exposed shoulders, “Woman, do you believe that one day, you will strip off your clothes and kneel down me to beg me to f*ck you!? Like this…” saying this, Zhang Tie thrust his waist twice fiercely towards the girl in a manner that Hista had always done. Unluckily, the moment he let go of his p*nis, it suddenly popped back up and formed a high tent underneath his pants. As a result, the high tent hit Mary’s stomach twice…

Being knocked by a d*ck and being pressed down by the shoulders, Mary was really scared. She had never before thought she would be treated like this by a poor, part-time, and immature boy in the access of the Fighting Club in broad daylight.

Before she screamed, Zhang Tie loosened his hands and retreated. Then, he foisted his right hand into his pant pocket once again to press down on the p*nis. Raising his jaw, he looked like a rascal. “Lead the way, woman!”

Zhang Tie’s heart was also thumping at that moment. He never thought that he would do something like this. Recalling the pleasant feeling, Zhang Tie became exceptionally thrilled as his hair stood on its ends.

Mary’s face blushed. She opened her mouth but closed it again. Shivering, she pointed at Zhang Tie. After glaring eye-to-eye with Zhang Tie for more than ten seconds, she finally turned around furiously and moved ahead without speaking a word. Zhang Tie finally let out a deep breath. He had made a decision just now that if the girl in front of him dared to shout out, he would escape immediately…

The Iron Thorns Fighting Club was very large. The two of them walked for almost one minute in the deep path before arriving in front of a well-decorated room marked with “Manager’s Office”...

“This is Manager Hance’s Office. Since I’ve brought you here, you can go inside by yourself!” After saying that, Mary raised her head and, like a swan, drifted away without even glancing at Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie knocked on the door.

“Come in!” a man’s voice that reminded Zhang Tie of Donder, the mean fatty, drifted over. He pushed open the door and actually saw a fatty who sat behind a broad desk made from Nanmu wood. He was trying to wipe the glittering brass buttons on his coat with a piece of green flannelette and subsequently blew on them…

The moment Zhang Tie saw him, he felt that Manager Hance was definitely more stingy than Donder, who didn’t even provide him with a supper.

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