Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 26: What Would You Do in Front of a Red-Scarf Burglar

Chapter 26: What Would You Do in Front of a Red-Scarf Burglar

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Similar to a few days ago, Zhang Tie accurately woke up at about 6:00 am. He had no dreams and his mind was as clear as a crystal. Brimming with vitality, Zhang Tie felt as fresh as a cabbage that had been soaked in water overnight.

When he got out of bed, Zhang Tie peered at the clock. It was currently 6:08 am. He then lowered his head to look at his underwear. His p*nis was erected like a study pillar; however, Zhang Tie didn’t think about it too much. He touched the inside of his underwear and found no glutinous feeling on his underwear or his belly. He did not have a wet dream for the past several days, and he really slept well recently. He remembered that he had a pee in the Castle of Black Iron after he cultivated last night. After that, he fell asleep until now. This situation may occur occasionally before, but now it had occurred for four consecutive days. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt it was strange and would like to know the reason. He thought for a while and recalled that it had occurred ever since the night he entered the Castle of Black Iron for the first time. Even now, the Castle of Black Iron was related, which made Zhang Tie lose interest. For Zhang Tie, besides the soil that allowed potatoes to sprout, everything else in the Castle of Black Iron was incomprehensible.

Zhang Tie got up quickly. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he started to ignite a fire in the kitchen. He then made breakfast for his dad and mom by putting several washed sweet potatoes into the boiling pot. After preparing breakfast for his family, he picked up a washed raw sweet potato and walked out the door. Today, he had left for school one hour earlier than usual.

It was slightly dark outside. After wolfing down the raw sweet potato for breakfast, Zhang Tie sped along the old road towards the school. However, he felt that this road was different from before and everything had become interesting. Even the raw sweet potato seemed to be much more delicious than before. At this moment, Zhang Tie became determined to test out the sweet potato on the soil of the Castle of Black Iron. No matter what, it wasn’t complicated to plant them.

Mood determines one’s view of the world.

When he arrived at school, the sky was completely bright and the school gate had just opened. Although he was not the first to arrive, he was one of the earliest. Looking around, he found almost no other students on the spacious campus.

Nobody else was in the teaching building meant for the undergraduates; Zhang Tie was definitely the earliest person among all the undergraduates. After entering the classroom, Zhang Tie silently closed the door like a thief.

After the two days of weekend, the floor was still clean, but inevitably, a layer of dust had already fallen on the desks and chairs. Zhang Tie took a dried piece of linen cloth from the window sill and looked around to ensure that nobody else was in the classroom. He then started to mop all the desks and chairs, diligently and bravely.

Naturally, they were easily cleaned. First, he wiped the desks and chairs with the cloth, and then he patted the dusty cloth over the window. This was also what each student would do when they entered the classroom.

Twenty minutes later, Zhang Tie had cleaned all the desks and chairs. Seeing that some students had already entered the teaching building, Zhang Tie silently slid out of the classroom. He entered the washroom and took a long stroll before he slowly returned to the classroom. When he returned, he found that more than half the students had already arrived. “Here’s a big surprise!” Zhang Tie pleasantly thought to himself.

Just as he imagined, the classroom was truly bustling. Everyone was curious as to why all the desks and chairs had been cleaned.

“Are you kidding me? Who’s that warm-hearted!?”

“Heh, Bighead, come here...” Seeing Zhang Tie enter the classroom, Fatty Barley walked towards him and hung his arm over Zhang Tie’s shoulders. “Have you noticed that something’s different today?” he asked obscenely.

“What’s different?” Zhang Tie pretended to be calm while laughing inwardly. “Praise me. Come on, praise me. I’m waiting for it.”

“A motherf*cking idiot mopped all the desks and chairs in our classroom, ha... ha...”

Zhang Tie’s reserved smile suddenly froze. Gritting his teeth, Zhang Tie gazed at the fatty and wanted to beat him until his nose bled once again.

“Did you brush your teeth this morning? Your mouth is so smelly!” Zhang Tie pushed Barley away in a stern expression and sat back in his own chair.

Barley stayed there, yawned on his palm, and smelled his breath. “No way, I brush my teeth every day!”

Hearing the surrounding merciless discussions, Zhang Tie became more gloomy.

“Argh, who’s that bored? What a big surprise!”

“Yea, so foolish. Is he in our classroom?”

“Don’t say that. You might hurt someone’s innocent soul. Maybe a lower-grade classmate wanted to find an elder brother among us to protect him!”

“I guess someone is expressing his love to me!”

“Then, how could he mop all the desks and chairs!?”

“Is he secretly falling in love with all of us? Hahahaha...!”

“Sh*t, watch out for your ass, guys...”

“You sons of b*tches, who cares about you if not for merit value.” Zhang Tie continued to grit his teeth. He made a decision that if the merit value increased by no more than 2, he would never do such a stupid thing again. These sons of b*tches!

This was just a small matter. When the first class of the day began, they had already forgotten about it. The first two classes on Monday morning were survival classes. It contained a lot of things and the teachers always changed. In each class, the teacher would teach them about a topic concerning survival. One day, a teacher taught them how to seduce girls for two hours. He explained that it was an essential skill for posterities and was the most important class for survival. As a result, the horny students became eager to test it out for a whole week.

The survival class was their favorite class since the class atmosphere was relatively relaxed. Rather than being taught, it was more about talking to their seniors about their survival experiences. Therefore, it was the most popular class. Under their anticipation, the teacher appeared.

Seeing the most terrifying one-eyed man in Blackhot City, the carefree atmosphere in the class suddenly froze. Everybody sat straight up and dared not to suck in even a single breath of air. Captain Kerlin’s aura was powerful enough to crack down all the bustling students.

The one-eyed man stood at the podium peacefully as his sharp eyes glanced over each face. He was silent for half a minute.

Zhang Tie was curious about his intentions and was also moved by this atmosphere. His heart started pounding.

The classroom became so quiet that even the sound of an ant crawling on a piece of paper could be heard. Captain Kerlin then opened his mouth.

“You have heard about the Red-scarf Burglars, so I will not repeat it again. I will teach you the most important survival skill today; it’s related to the Red-scarf Burglars. Suppose you met a Red-scarf Burglar outside the school gate and the guy was as strong as me, what would you do? Don’t tell me so quickly, I will give you two minutes to consider your answer. I will award you if you are right and I will punish you if you are wrong. You can discuss amongst yourselves…”

The moment Captain Kerlin finished talking, the whole class became lively as they discussed fiercely. What would you do if a Red-scarf Burglar was standing in front of you? Looking at the heroic and powerful stature of Captain Kerlin and his seemingly anticipating look, the horny students became thrilled. What could we do facing such an infamous scumbag? The only answer was naturally…

“Kill him of course!”

“Yea, surge forward to kill him!”

“Kill him for the ordinary people!”

“Surge forward to kill him!”

The horny students exclaimed. Some of them were still hesitant, while other speculators also became lively when they saw Captain Kerlin smiling with the corner of his mouth after their blood-boiling “declaration”. Fatty Barley was that kind of speculator. Zhang Tie was also observing the reaction of others. At first, only Doug and Bagdad from the Hit-Plane Brotherhood were shouting to kill the Red-scarf Burglar. At that moment, Barley lowered his head, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Captain Kerlin’s facial expression, while the other members were still thinking. Seeing the others excited, Sharwin was also influenced, and seeing Barley yelling, he also followed. At the beginning, Leit and Hista were somewhat hesitant, but after they noticed Barley’s reaction, they also joined in. As a result, the classroom became chaotic.

Zhang Tie was also thinking about Captain Kerlin’s question. Compared to the thrilled fellows, Zhang Tie had two questions: Why did the brave and powerful Captain Kerlin ask such a question in the survival class? What would he do if he actually encountered a Red-scarf Burglar in the classroom at this moment?

Some followed the masses to make their decisions, while Zhang Tie always asked his heart since he was young. This was something his mom had taught him. His mom once said that life is a series of choices under different situations. Those choices determine your life, and life is the path towards your heart.

No matter what others thought, he would always ask his inner heart when facing questions. His heart was innocent, and he felt he had nothing to regret.

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