Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 22: Land Reclamation

Chapter 22: Land Reclamation

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After two or three hours of riding, when he returned home, dusk had already fallen. On his way back, Zhang Tie’s legs already felt a bit weak. He slowed down, thus it took him longer to arrive home. To put it straightforwardly, Zhang Tie was happy to help others. He was really satisfied at the sight of the innocent smiles on the poor children. Although the rice soup he sent over was not valuable, and some may not even think highly of it, Zhang Tie’s family never thought of it as a great or holy task. In regards to that, it was a waste to just pour it out.

Blackhot City owned a rich night life. When dusk fell, some places would become bustling; however, this had nothing to do with Zhang Tie, who whistled and rode back home.

By the time Zhang Tie returned home, the rice brew store had already been closed. The gate of their house was also locked up. Zhang Tie opened it and pushed his tricycle into the courtyard. The tricycle was modified by his dad, and although it looked ugly, the wheel added in the back and the basket in the middle were foldable and could be easily taken apart. This way, it would not occupy too much space in the courtyard. Zhang Tie guessed that his dad and mom were at their friend’s place playing cards or at a church, as these were their only hobbies.

Parking the vehicle, Zhang Tie washed his hands and took the bag of seeds into the kitchen. Smelling the rich beef aroma, Zhang Tie’s stomach started to make a series of “gulugulu” sounds, while saliva started to flow out of his mouth.

The supper was still steaming in the pot. The main dish was braised potatoes with beef.

Zhang Tie treasured the remaining can of beef and didn’t want to eat it alone. He preferred to eat it together with mom and dad, like they did at yesterday’s supper. Unexpectedly, his mom braised potatoes with the remaining beef. As a result, the small can of beef became a big bowl of delicacy.

Seeing the bowl of “braised potatoes with beef” and counting the number of slices inside, Zhang Tie knew that his dad and mom didn’t even eat a little bit of the remaining beef from last night. They only drunk a little bit of the soup and ate some potatoes, leaving all the remaining beef for Zhang Tie.

Being somewhat moved, Zhang Tie wolfed down the entire bowl of the dish. Even Zhang Tie himself had not noticed that his appetite has been gradually growing recently.

After supper, he cleaned the house. He estimated that there were at least two or three hours before dad and mom returned at night. Thinking of the empty land, the niblets, and the potatoes he sowed in the Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie quickly took action.

Zhang Tie felt that he was somewhat a lunatic. When he returned, although he clearly remembered that he had locked the door from the inside, he persuaded himself to check again. Zhang Tie mocked himself, “Could this be the feeling of a trivial figure who hit the lottery and is always scared that the place where he hid his money would be found by others?”

“Then, just be a trivial figure. No matter what, I am a real trivial figure and should not fear being mocked by others.”

After making the decision, Zhang Tie moved faster and faster. He fetched two metal barrels and ran towards the well. After a while, he filled the two barrels and quickly moved back to the narrow washing room in the backyard.

The washing room inside Zhang Tie’s home was only more slightly more than two or three square meters and was usually well cleaned. As the first gift given by his elder brother to his dad and mom after receiving his salary and subsidiary, the bath tub occupied more than half of the washing room. As tall as half a person, the bathtub was not delicate, but very firm. Being painted with lacquer, it was heavy and smooth. Splash. Zhang Tie poured out the two barrels of water into the bath tub. The water level in the wooden barrel was as high as Zhang Tie’s ankle. He took two more barrels of water, rushed into the washing room, and poured them into the bath tub again.

It took Zhang Tie about ten minutes of repeating this series of actions eight to nine times before he filled the bathtub. If mom were home, she would definitely have prepared hot water for Zhang Tie to take a bath, but whenever Zhang Tie wanted to take a cold bath like his elder brother, his mother would scold him. However, he was not really planning to take a bath. Zhang Tie put the last two barrels of water beside the bathtub and took the small bag of seeds back to the washing room. As he had just finished supper, the violent movements made Zhang Tie’s stomach and intestines slightly uncomfortable, though he had no time to care about that.

Back in the washingroom, Zhang Tie closed the door from the inside. With a small bag of seeds under his right armpit, Zhang Tie lifted the two barrels filled with water and stood steadily. He then took in a deep breath to recover his composure and kept his eyes closed in order to look for the mysterious “arched door”...

This process seemed much easier. After his attempts in the past couple of days, Zhang Tie found that he could clearly “see” the “arched door”, only if he concentrated his consciousness between his eyebrows and the “arched door” that was the gate of the Castle of Black Iron.

Zhang Tie couldn’t figure it at all, “Whatever, nobody would spend time on it…”


Lifting the two barrels of water, Zhang Tie, who held onto the small bag of seeds, disappeared in the narrow washing room.

Feeling that everything in his surroundings had changed, Zhang Tie opened his eyes and found himself already in the Castle of Black Iron.

He was facing the empty land and the “Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree” in the middle of the land. Naturally, the following line made Zhang Tie’s humble ego expand.

——Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, Welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!

Seeing this line, Zhang Tie suddenly felt his spirit rise. His didn’t feel pain in his stomach anymore, and neither did his intestines convulse nor did his legs shiver anymore.

“I am the motherfucking lord here… Ahhh...” sensing the expanding ego, the miserable youth exclaimed like a horny beast. If he was outside, his noise would definitely have attracted the nearby magistrates. However, in the Castle of Black Iron, he couldn’t even hear any echoes.

He had never shouted like this when he was outside in the real world. However, after he released what was buried in his heart, he suddenly felt cool. It was a strange feeling as if he suddenly became more comfortable after that.

Then, Zhang Tie decided to yell again…

“I am the motherfucking lord of this world… Ahhh…”

More comfortable now, one more time…

“I want dad and mom to have beef to eat everyday… Ahhh…”

More comfortable…

“I love you, Miss Daina... Ahhh...”

One more time…

“I want to be a rich man... Ahhh...”

One more time...

“All beauties with plump butts and breasts, your Mr. Perfect is me... Ahhh...”

After a space of growl, Zhang Tie felt much better and cool. He didn’t know if anyone else had tried it, but he found it to be a really nice means to release his own tensions.

After that, Zhang Tie threw the bag of seeds that was under his armpit onto the land. With the two barrels of water in hand, he moved towards the patch of land where he had sown niblets and potatoes. Although he felt that the soil in the Castle of Black Iron was suitable for growing plants, he was still worried about them if he didn’t water the seeds. It seemed that it doesn’t rain in the Castle of Black Iron, thus Zhang Tie feared that the seeds would go bad without water.

Arriving at where he had sown the niblets and potatoes, Zhang Tie put down one barrel on the ground and spread the water from the other barrel onto the niblets that had not sprouted yet. With the water from one of the barrels, he only finished watering less than a quarter of the niblet’s land. He then spread the water of the other barrel, which only covered half of the niblet’s land. He then held the two empty barrels. Keeping his eyes closed, Zhang Tie concentrated his consciousness between his brows…


The next moment, Zhang Tie appeared in the narrow washingroom again, even though his feet didn’t move. Turning on the faucet at the bottom of the bathtub, Zhang Tie filled the two wooden barrels and kept his eyes closed.


He entered and left the Caste of Black Iron in this matter for five consecutive times. Looking at the two patches of land where he had sown niblets and potatoes, Zhang Tie stood in front of the marked steel bar. Taking in a deep breath, he was very satisfied. However, he suddenly felt his brain ache. It felt like his brain was blank. Previously, he had not noticed it when he was busy watering the seeds. He tried to focus between the eyebrows and saw the marvelous “arched door” soon. However, being different from the several instances before, this time, the arched door became very unstable and gloomy. When Zhang Tie seized the door consciously and ordered “Exit”, an unexpected event happened.

Abruptly, Zhang Tie suddenly felt lightheaded and dizzy, as if he was dropping from high altitude into a bottomless dark tunnel. All of a sudden, he lost his balance and sat on the ground, before passing out. After quite a while, he woke up with a pale face…

“What happened? How could this happen?” Zhang Tie became frustrated.

The sudden following tip provided him with the answer.

——It was detected that you, the Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, had been excessively spiritually exhausted. It is suggested that for you, the Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, to have a rest inside the Castle of Black Iron before you leave. Caution: Frequent entering and leaving within a short period of time will consume a lot of your spiritual energy. While you lack spiritual energy, please do not frequently enter and leave the Castle of Black Iron, so as to prevent damage to your spiritual energy...

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