Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1998 - Quick Reaction

Chapter 1998: Quick Reaction

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After gazing at Zhang Tie for one minute, Force Emperor suddenly let out a sigh as his domineering qi reduced at a stroke. He uttered, “I regard my respect to you. That tower of time will belong to you in one year. I have to agree with you. Unexpectedly, you could force me to drink!”

Force Emperor knew that the result was the same if he or Force Emperor’s Immortal Palace blocked Zhang Tie given Zhang Tie’s battle force in the battle of Deities Plain. What was more, Zhang Tie had already known the location of the secret realm in the hand of Force Emperor. If Zhang Tie determined to go there, nobody else across Motian Realm could stop him. Now that Zhang Tie talked about this trade with Force Emperor secretly, he might have already considered the possibility of being refused, and maintained the dignity of Force Emperor to a certain degree.

Of course, Force Emperor felt complex at this moment. He had a good impression of Zhang Tie; however, at this moment, he realized that Zhang Tie had already “changed”…

Zhang Tie knew what Force Emperor was thinking about. However, due to emergency, he couldn’t be hesitant or merciful anymore; instead, he explained to Force Emperor while shaking his head, “Please forgive me, Force Emperor, I have to do that. I have to promote to an immortal emperor as fast as possible. Nobody could stop me. Even if it was sworn by numerous people, I’d still have to do that!”

“Dragon Emperor, did you clean up demons across Nine Heavens Big Domain recently in order to exchange those cities under the control of demons for access to my tower of time?”

“You got it!” Zhang Tie admitted it frankly, “If I got it by force, my reputation would be destroyed. Therefore, I prefer to exchange it with cities; one year for two cities, both of us could benefit from it. Why not?”

“Dragon Emperor, do you know that demons also have secret realms in Mountain Ruins? Do you know that there are also towers of time in the secret realms under the control of demons?”

Zhang Tie replied with a smile, “Of course I know the secret realms under the control of demons which contain towers of time. After exploring the core of Mountain Ruins, I will take demons’ secret realms by force!”

After hearing Zhang Tie’s explanation, Force Emperor became speechless.

The atmosphere between the two people became much cooler at once; instead of being that passionate like before.

Although being heroic and generous, Force Emperor was also very domineering. Force Emperor and Zhang Tie had a good relationship before; however, at this moment, Zhang Tie had to conquer Force Emperor for the sake of his purpose. No matter what, the relationship between him and Force Emperor could never match that of the survival of Taixia Country and humans as a whole. If he had to choose one between his friendship with Force Emperor and the survival of Taixia Country, Zhang Tie preferred to choose the second one. As for what Force Emperor would do and judge him in the future, it was not that important any more…

“The core of Mountain Ruins is going to open…”

A human immortal general shouted in the far the moment Zhang Tie and Force Emperor reached an agreement. What happened in the next was as same as that in Zhang Tie’s dream…

A brilliant sparkle suddenly appeared at the highest point of the core of Mountain Ruins in the distance. The sparkle soon became a hot sun. At the same time, the entire core of Mountain Ruins started to rock as the fog started to fade away bit by bit, revealing the original look of the core of Mountain Ruins.

The great shock and wave came from the core of Mountain Ruins and swept over the surrounding air zone like ripples, cleaning up all the clouds in the sky. At the same time, numerous blue and red meteors flew out of the space above Mountain Ruins and shot in all directions like an earthshaking avalanche, submerging the air zone within thousands of miles near the core of Mountain Ruins…

Zhang Tie squinted his eyes and watched all these. The traces of the meteors of those blue and red ice and fire heavenly winds were as same as that he saw in his dream as if their routes had been fixed in advance.

Before the waves disappeared, Zhang Tie left some words to two elders and some immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace silently and cupped his hands towards Force Emperor, saying, “Force Emperor, I gotta get going!” After saying that, Zhang Tie advanced towards the core of Mountain Ruins where numerous meteors were falling down under the dumbfounded gaze of the other immortal generals outside the core of Mountain Ruins, leaving a light in the sky.

When Zhang Tie was going to be hit by a meteor, he activated his invisible Shen bead and disappeared in front of the public at a stroke. Nobody could see him or trace anymore.

Force Emperor who was still depressed by the trade between him and Zhang Tie also gnashed his teeth and rushed towards the core of Mountain Ruins in an unyielding way. However, he was not able to predict the trace of each meteor; therefore, only after a few minutes, he had seen a huge icy blue meteor flying towards him… he couldn’t avoid it…

Being extremely depressed, Force Emperor roared and slashed his huge saber towards the meteor at once…

The shock and meteors of ice and fire heavenly winds across the central area of Mountain Ruins had just disappeared when Zhang Tie arrived there. At the same time, the Infinite Immortal Hell appeared in Zhang Tie’s hand like a hammer. Zhang Tie then flew towards that entrance on the second floor in the central area of Mountain Ruins according to his memory at a high speed.

Only after a short while, with a loud sound “bang”, a deities’ battle puppet was finally shattered into pieces by Zhang Tie’s Infinite Immortal Hell. Then, Zhang Tie saw the familiar scene again——A huge archway, a huge sculpture, a vast and open square and a square matrix of 360 deities’ battle puppets…

When the 360 deities’ battle puppets’ eyes slowly turned red, Zhang Tie punched his own chest twice heavily and caused blood to flow out of his nostrils, ears and mouth corners. Closely after that, the light and shade of battle god reappeared behind Zhang Tie.

“Come on…” Zhang Tie roared as he rushed towards those deities’ battle puppets. Meanwhile, the power of his Infinite Immortal Hell surged by 10 times in a split second. With cracks and booms, Zhang Tie rushed into the entrance as fast as he could.

It was still that Instrumental Spirit Palace with 5 gates. However, this time, Zhang Tie didn’t enter the other four gates to collect element crystals any longer; instead, he directly rushed in the one in the center.

It was a tunnel behind that gate. Zhang Tie soon reached the turning.

The corpse of that human power in broken immortal outfit was leaning against the wall of the tunnel. Before that corpse made any response, Zhang Tie had struck the corpse with his big hammer and crushed it into pieces…

“F*ck, you almost scared me to death last time…”

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