Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 145: The War Broke Out

Chapter 145: The War Broke Out

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Iron-Horn Army of the Norman Empire?


Hearing his voice, Zhang Tie didn't hesitate before directly jumping off from the 3 m high tree. After landing, he intended to escape right away; however, at the sight of the poor watery-eyed female wolves tied to the tree, Zhang Tie stayed and pulled out his dagger, quickly cutting off the ropes and letting them escape.

After obtaining freedom, the female wolves didn't even dare to glance at Zhang Tie. Once the ropes on their mouths and necks became loose, they escaped right away with tails between legs.

In the past days, Zhang Tie had gotten used to killing wolves, however, he still felt reluctant to kill those female wolves which had provided him with the urine to hunt male wild wolves for no reason. Donder had said that thieves also have their own principles. So Zhang Tie cut off the ropes and let them go. After all, the female wolves had helped him a lot.

After setting the female wolves free, Zhang Tie didn't even pick up his lances. Instead, he directly dashed towards the Wild Wolf Valley. At this time, he immediately accelerated to his maximal speed...

In less than one minute, his speed had already surpassed that of the horse's that the previous guy, who had shouted at him loudly, was riding, and he gradually enlarged the distance between himself and the rider. Seeing someone running faster than his horse, that guy was really shocked, his mouth hanging wide open. He became stunned behind Zhang Tie's back...

It was not strange that some good fighters above LV 6 could easily run faster than a galloping horse when they exerted their utmost effort. However, those fighters could only last several minutes. What made the pioneer stunned was that the one in front of him was only over ten years old. He had never heard of someone who would've reach LV 6 at such a young age in Blackhot City.

But what made him even more surprised was that the boy kept sprinting forward at this speed without even feeling exhausted. After surpassing his horse, the young boy kept rushing toward the Wild Wolf Valley without any deceleration. In a short while, the distance between him and that boy had increased greatly. The rider could see his gradually growing smaller back. He checked his own horse which was sweating all over. In a split second, he felt sad and started to shriek in a shrill voice once again.

"Hurry up, escape, the Iron-Horn Army of the Norman Empire is coming..!"

A common horse could run 40 km/h with a person on its back, but Zhang Tie could run above 50 km/h at this time, causing the distance to increase between him and that guy on horse.

He kept running, running, and running, using up all his power...

He moved across the Crescent Prairie like a heavy wind. Seeing his shadow, many pioneers were shocked.

It only took Zhang Tie roughly 20 minutes to rush onto the range that was extended from the Wild Wolf Valley. He then rushed onto the hillside, passing the woods and stayed behind a very hidden rock on a high place on the hill. He heavily breathed while looking at the northwest of the Crescent Prairie.

This time, Zhang Tie was pretty shocked by what he saw.

Far off in the prairie, a red-iron tide surged out like great flooding rivers and lakes.

It was striking the ground, causing thousands of booming sounds over the entire Crescent Prairie. Those sounds rolled towards Blackhot City in an overwhelming way.

That iron tide moved really fast. Just moments ago it was only a red line, but after several winks the front line had already become clear.

That tide was a cavalry battalion dressed in red, advancing at an extremely fast speed. The ridden beasts were not common horses, but weird animals with a horn on their foreheads. Although looking akin to rhinos, they were taller and stronger than rhinos, and had longer legs. They galloped like horses, but were faster than them.

On the backs of the ferocious beasts were knights wholly dressed in red armor. They looked like gloomy iron fortress with a row of air holes for their mouths and another for their eyes, making them pretty terrifying.

Common people would be terrified by seeing even a single one of those ferocious beasts standing in front of them. But right now, this many knights had appeared on the Crescent Prairie, advancing forward like huge dragons in an overwhelming manner.

At this moment, Zhang Tie was deeply impressed by the cavalry's handsome looks.

The front knight was firmly holding a banner in his hand, on which was the icon of the head of the iron-horned beast that they were riding on. This icon was the very symbol of the North Border Iron-Horn of the Norman Empire.

Those slower pioneers were caught up with by the knights from behind. Standing on the hill, Zhang Tie thought a massacre would come. Unexpectedly, the knights on the iron-horned beasts didn't care about the pioneers at all. They didn't even glance at those running people who had already jumped off the horses as they were afraid of running in front of the Iron-Horn Army. The Army kept rushing towards Blackhot City.

A lion in hunting would never feel like glancing at the ants on the roadside!

The red-iron tide divided into two in front of the Wild Wolf Valley. Half marched to one side of it, while the other went to the other.

It was really an endless iron tide. When it passed by, the leaves on the hill started to quiver. The sounds of tens of thousands galloping iron-horned beasts were really like rolling thunder that passed by under your feet.

Under Zhang Tie's gaze, the iron tide divided into two on the border of the Wild Wolf Valley and the Crescent Prairie, then kept galloping for one hour like a red flood, without stop.

At this moment, Zhang Tie's face completely turned pale.

After the iron-horn cavalry came endless iron war-chariots. The steam chariots were following in a very grand way. Upon dividing into two at the entrance of the Wild Wolf Valley, they also rolled towards Blackhot City.

After the steaming tanks were numerous steaming trucks with infantries inside.

One hour later...

Suddenly the birds hovering in the sky were scared and flew away again as a terrifying giant moved out of the clouds and showed itself in the sky.

With his mouth slightly opened, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes on that giant thing in the sky, recognizing it as an airship 500 m long. Just like a cloud's, its huge shadow was cast onto the ground which then slowly moved over the valley and the hills below.

It took the airship roughly one minute to fly over Zhang Tie's head. During that time, its huge shadow kept covering him.

His head raised, Zhang Tie was awed by that giant thing.

Soon after, huge airships closely drilled threw the clouds one by one. They were like a huge centipede that lasted dozens of kilometers in the sky. Such a scene deeply shocked Zhang Tie.

He knew that Blackhot City would be over soon. Not only Blackhot City, but even all the armies of the entire Andaman Alliance if they moved out. There was just no way for them to resist the North Border Army of the Norman Empire in Zhang Tie's eyes.

Only in an hour, at least 100,000 soldiers had passed in front of him. Zhang Tie then cast his eyes onto the Crescent Prairie and found an endless iron tide coming towards him like the flood of great rivers and lakes. Iron cavalry, armored vehicles, soldier-transporting vehicles, material-transporting vehicles, and airships of the Norman Empire above his head, all pushed forward like locusts and floods that knew no exhaustion. Such a scene kept Zhang Tie in shock, even making his nerves go numb...

Not only was Blackhot City over, even Andaman Alliance might be so. Such a large-scale army was definitely not here for merely Blackhot City.

Sometimes, c'est la vie.

When sitting under a tree, someone might throw their dining plates before you and find you endless trouble; sometimes, when you were jubilantly hunting and doing survival training,thinking about eating fruits soon, the huge wheels of history would not care about whether you had eaten dinner yet. They would just roll by you instead, changing the destiny of you and your beloved people.

The Crescent Prairie still brimmed with the iron tide...

At this moment, Zhang Tie thought back to his parents in Blackhot City, his elder brother who was serving in the army in Blackhot City, and the girls and his brothers of Hit-Plane Brotherhood. Then he rushed down the hill and continued running to the Wild Wolf Castle.

The moment he reached the foot of the hill, he had already seen a wisp of red smoke rising from the Wild Wolf Castle. That was the decree of greatest emergency which was used to summon all the students attending the survival training back to the Wild Wolf Castle at once. It could be seen for dozens of kilometers.

Actually, before seeing the rising red smoke, all the other students had already stopped what they were doing and started to run back to the Wild Wolf Castle.

A huge war-time airship of the Norman Empire had already flown by the Wild Wolf Valley, moving towards the Wild Wolf Castle. Unless blind, everybody would see it. At the sight of that huge airship marked with the Norman Empire's icon, all the students only had one thought in their minds: 'That's not good, something really bad is going to happen.' Of course nobody would have the mood to continue their survival training after seeing such a thing.

That huge war-time airship didn't fly very fast. So before it had reached the Wild Wolf Castle, such a giant moving thing was noticed by all the people in the castle. In the watch tower at the top of the Wild Wolf Castle, if you used a telescope, you could see more airships appearing in the sky above the Crescent Prairie.

"It's the Crazy-Shark war-time airship of the Iron-Horn Army of the Norman Empire. Attention, please, the war between the Norman Empire and the Andaman Alliance is breaking out!"

Captain Kerlin put down his telescope and calmly said as a complicated expression flashed across his eyes...

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