Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 142: Burying You

Chapter 142: Burying You

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Raising his head from near the pit, Zhang Tie looked very plain, at least not as terrifying as Glaze had imagined that he would look like. Zhang Tie had even called his name like greeting a common student at school.

Without seeing the expression Glaze had expected to see on Zhang Tie’s face, he felt like had a lost a bit of pleasure from what was to come next.

‘Perhaps that guy doesn’t know what it means to encounter me here, I should give him some tips,’ Glaze thought.

“As we were classmates, I’ll give you several seconds to tell me your last words...”

Glaze walked forward while glancing over the surrounding environment. When he saw Zhang Tie’s lance container thrown onto the ground at least 7-8 steps away from the guy himself, Glaze’s last concern disappeared. It was then replaced by a winner’s smile.

“You want to kill me?”

Zhang Tie slightly frowned.

“Of course, what else do you think I would come here for? To chat or for an outing?” Glaze revealed a shadow of a smile on his face. At the same time, he licked his lips in a manner full of tyranny and cruelty. “I heard you have three girlfriends in the Wild Wolf Castle. Trust me, after your death, I will definitely f*ck them well. I will definitely tame them into the most lecherous b*tches! And after I get bored of playing with them, I‘ll award them to Sharlon and the others.”

“Are you sure you can kill me today?”

Noticing Zhang Tie’s calm tone, Glaze stopped. After being tricked twice,, Glaze had formed an unavoidable psychological uneasy in his heart.

When Glaze stopped walking, his pupils shrunk. He then carefully glanced at Zhang Tie and the surroundings, only to find nothing different in his opposition nor the surrounding environment. There should be nobody to ambush him.

“Are you trying to scare me?”

Glaze revealed a sinister smile, although he kept still.

“If you would stop and turn back, swearing never to find trouble for me and my bosom friends, our previous resentment could be cleaned. I had let you lose face twice, while you set me up once, almost causing me to die in the beasts’ mouths, so we’re even now! To tell the truth, we don’t have any resentment that couldn’t be ended. It arose from a trivial thing, but it was your fault at the beginning. I didn’t mean to stir you up!”

Zhang Tie’s calm, especially his words, made Glaze’s heart quicken its pace. Zhang Tie seemed to know what they had done to him some time ago. This really shocked Glaze. He even became hesitant for several seconds. But after that, Glaze cast his sharp eyes on Zhang Tie. This time, he found that the other’s left hand’s fingers were slightly trembling seemingly due to tension and fear.

Glaze suddenly burst out laughing. “Your performance was really successful, almost scaring me off. But today whatever you say, it will be useless...”

Glaze kept moving forward with a cruel smile on his face.

“You will regret!”

Zhang Tie gazed at Glaze. He clearly knew what the other had seen just now. He did it especially so that Glaze would make the wrong judgment, think that he was very tense and scared. If he could turn back even after knowing that he was tense and scared, Zhang Tie planned to forget the resentment between them.

However, obviously, Glaze chose the other way. Zhang Tie showing weakness didn’t obtain Glaze’s sympathy and hesitation, instead, it brought about a more stubborn decision.

This was something that Donder had taught Zhang Tie. If not through this way, how could you see though one’s inner heart.

‘Let’s call an end to it then.’

Zhang Tie didn’t go for his lances. Instead, he let go of his military spade and pulled out his long sword. Yet his left hand was still trembling, seemingly heavier than before.

Seeing Glaze moving closer to him, Zhang Tie pointed at him with his long sword. “This is your last chance. If you keep moving forward, I will not show you politeness any more!”

“You want to show me you impoliteness?” Glaze revealed a carefree smile on his face, not slowing down at all. He kept moving towards Zhang Tie. “I really would like to see how a guy at most LV 2 will deal with me...”

Before Glaze could finish speaking his sentence, he had already stepped onto something. It was put beneath the ground which was covered by leaves and fine soil. Before Glaze could respond, that something took effect with ferociousness, causing a sound of “Ka...”.

The sawteeth with powerful biting force cut into Glaze’s shin without any sound. The ‘Ka’ was produced by his shin being broken by the powerful bite of the bear trap.

Being five-to-seven steps away, Zhang Tie could attack using his long sword. Therefore, his ambush was set seven steps away from Glaze, and that’s how after snaring Salvey, the bear trap was put to use again.

Trapped, Glaze released a miserable scream as he fell to the ground...

Zhang Tie immediately moved to slash at him… But even having fallen down, Glaze could still respond extremely quickly. Before Zhang Tie’s long sword could land on him, he had already brought out his own long sword to stay its advance.

Without any more tricks, the two long swords directly hit against each other. At the same time, Glaze’s ferocious expression turned into amazement as Zhang Tie’s hand was far more powerful than his. Soon after the collision, Glaze felt that he could not even tightly hold his long sword anymore.

“No way!” he screamed out loudly. At this moment, he even forgot the pain of his shin and the awkward look of lying on the ground. “I am a LV 3...”

Without waiting for him to finish expressing his disbelief, Zhang Tie sliced at him once again. This time, their swords directly crashed into each other. The moment they did so, Zhang Tie kicked at Glaze’s abdomen.

After suffering such a heavy kick, Glaze’s face turned pale. His grip loosened, and the long sword that fell off was picked and sent flying through the air… This battle clearly portrayed how a man lying on the ground was disadvantageous. No matter how intelligent a swordman was, few of them could exert their real fighting force in this kind of position.

Zhang Tie’s long sword then stopped at Glaze’s neck...

Glaze stopped his miserable screams at this moment. With eyes wide, he stared at Zhang Tie pitifully. “You cannot kill me, my dad will not let you go. The Temporary Supervision Committee will not let you go!” he started to shout out loudly.

“Do you want to know what I was digging? You asked about it just moment before...” Zhang tie said solemnly.

Lying on the ground, Glaze turned his head and stared at that pit ten steps away from him, becoming faintly dazzled.

“What for?”

“Burying you!”

After saying this, Zhang Tie didn’t hesitate to cut through Glaze’s neck with his long sword.

Tightly grabbing onto his neck, Glaze’s eyes widened even more, and he glared at Zhang Tie, seemingly not believing that he would dare to kill him. If Zhang Tie had really not held back from slicing his neck open, what he did by blocking the places where blood was gurgling out and air leaking out would be in vain.

“I told you that I will show my impoliteness to you. But you thought I was kidding. So don’t blame me for that! You brought it upon yourself!”

These were the last words Zhang Tie said to Glaze. After that, he no longer cared about Glaze’s situation, instead walking directly to the pit and resuming his digging.

Deep in the ravine, Glaze—in vain— was doing his best to struggle to live. At the same time several meters away, Zhang Tie was still digging the pit. Couple minutes later, Glaze didn’t move anymore, his eyes wide-open. Zhang Tie kept digging. After roughly 20 minutes, he finally finished.

It was a deep pit of two meters in length, half a meter in width and over one meter in depth.

Zhang Tie didn’t feel any difficulty in digging through the soft soil. He only sweated a bit during the last few minutes. After finishing, Zhang Tie inserted the military space into the ground.

Walking over to the motionless body, he pulled Glaze by his feet and moved him into the pit. After that, he fetched Glaze’s long sword and threw it into the pit too. Zhang Tie didn’t even take off the bear trap from Glaze’s foot.

He had already lost his interest to search over Glaze’s body.

After that, Zhang Tie picked up the military shovel once again and started to fill the pit. When shoveling the first handful of dirt onto Glaze’s body, Zhang Tie remembered his name and his records in the playground at school.

The god of destiny made fools of people! Who would have imagined that Glaze would end up buried by him. However, he had deserved it.

Zhang Tie finished filling the pit in three minutes. After leveling the ground, he stamped onto it to make it firm. Then he recovered the original look above the soil by covering it with some rotten leaves and mud. With such a simple treatment, Glaze completely disappeared from the world.

In the next few minutes, Zhang Tie cleaned up the site using his military shovel. Even the patch of soil that had soaked up Glaze’s blood was cleaned. After dealing with all of it, Zhang Tie checked it all over again. No evidence seemed to be in the open, up for discovery, so Zhang Tie collected his equipment and quickly disappeared from this small, unknown ravine under the gloom of dusk.

From then on, unless God willed it, nobody would know that Glaze had already fallen asleep beneath the ground.

Glaze had disappeared from this world. Previously, he had planned to do this to Zhang Tie, never imagining that Zhang Tie would end up doing it to him.

Zhang Tie felt very relaxed and didn’t feel any guilt about what he had done to Glaze.

One kilometer away from that ravine, under the moonlight, a pack of wild wolves stopped Zhang Tie in his tracks. There were 17-18 wolves with their green eyes fixed on him.

Zhang Tie burst out laughing as it reminded him of a Chinese proverb—good things always come together!

In a split second, six lances were thrown, nailing the farthest wolves to the ground. Even if the wolves would have wanted to escape at this moment, it was already too late.

Zhang Tie surged forward with a long sword in his right hand and a dagger in his left… Soon after that, wild wolves’ miserable howls reverberated through the night!

Two minutes later, the last two wild wolves woofed with tails between their legs as they escaped, followed by Zhang Tie’s gaze. He didn’t chase after them, knowing that two more strengths had been formed in the second Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit.

After putting his lances back into his lance container, Zhang Tie ran towards his base once again...

‘If I’m lucky enough tomorrow, the second Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit will become ripe… Perhaps, with several more Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits in my stomach, I’ll be able to run even faster than the wild wolves!’

Running in the moonlight, an absurd thought came to the youth’s mind...

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