Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 138: Wolf Pack Howling at the Full Moons

Chapter 138: Wolf Pack Howling at the Full Moons

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In the sky, the two moons were as round as wheels: one big, one small. Their brilliance scattered all over the ground, causing numerous stars to lose their shine. Even everything on the ground seemed like it was covered with silver.

The Crescent Prairie at this moment looked magnificent: vast, mysterious, and endless. Under the moonlight, the swaying grass in the distance was changing its shape, bringing Zhang Tie a sense of a sea wave moving across the land.

At the sight of the two full moons in the sky and a vast prairie on the ground, most people would abruptly feel broad minded and lose all their distracting thoughts.

Since he was born—as full moons appeared every four months—Zhang Tie had already watched them dozens of times. He thought them very beautiful, and he would have appreciated the view over a windowsill, however, today he felt that it was more beautiful than ever before.

Of course, what was the most beautiful was the increasing number of wild wolves in the valley. When it reached 30, Zhang Tie knew that his Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit will get ripe tonight. Perhaps because of the nice scenery, the ferocious look of the wild wolves became cute in Zhang Tie’s eyes as he thought the wolves’ carnival was a grand party themed for mating. He heard some rich people in Blackhot City usually held these kind of parties at home; it was unknown whether they had learned it from wolves.

Thinking of mating, unknowingly, with his eyes fixed onto the two moons of different sizes, a bashful thought flashed across Zhang Tie’s mind. Such plump, round, and bright moons reminded him of the breasts of Miss Daina and Alice. The bigger one belonged to Miss Daina while the smaller one was Alice’s. After an estimation using his eyes, Zhang Tie found that they were truly similar in size. Although Alice’s and Beverley’s boobs were comparatively large among girls, compared to that of Miss Daina’s, they were still smaller.

Seeing Zhang Tie stretch out his hands and pinched his fingers towards the two moons with a weird smile, Blues—lying on the ground nearby—immediately quivered and silently moved a bit farther away from Zhang Tie.

When the moons rose above their heads, the number of wild wolves in the valley gradually increased to roughly 70, which greatly surpassed Zhang Tie’s ability to deal with in one go. If he just jumped into a pack of rutting wild wolves, Zhang Tie was certain that he would definitely be killed miserably.

The night wind from the prairie also brought the smell of wild wolves in the valley. With the increasing numbers, howls could gradually be heard one by one and the entire valley became their meeting place.

‘There must be a way. There must be a way!’

When some wild wolves started to growl, Zhang Tie rapidly racked his mind, glancing over the valley beneath, not letting any detail go. If he was surrounded by 70 wild wolves at the same time, he would definitely lose his life.

‘What method can I use to avoid being besieged by so many wild wolves at the same time?’

He could only use terrain, allowing wild wolves to not be able to besiege him.

Finally, at the sight of a crack extending from the ravine at the bottom to the cliff upwards 70 m away, Zhang Tie shouted inwardly, ‘Gold help me.’

That crack was more than 10 m in height, the top of which was on the cliff where Zhang Tie and Blues were lying. Like it was split by a huge axe, the entire crack was about 20 m deep and in the shape of a wedge. The wider place outside was 5-6 m, while the deeper it went inside, the narrower it got before closing off entirely. Noticing this, a thought flashed across Zhang Tie’s mind. He then thought up a brave plan.

He hit Blues’s shoulder.

Blues felt uneasy, and in response, slowly moved aside.



“I need your help tonight. I owe you one for tonight!” Zhang Tie lowered his voice.

“I will not do weird things!” Blues hurriedly replied.

Not knowing why, Zhang Tie felt that Blues was a bit nervous tonight, but he didn’t think too much on it.

“Have you seen the crack that extends downwards along the cliff” Zhang Tie pointed at the place.


“How do you feel about that crack? Whether it is stubborn and sexy?”

Blues felt goose bumps all over. Widely opening his eyes, he asked Zhang Tie, “What do you want?”

“I have a plan, a very interesting plan; I need your help!”

“What plan?”

Blues swallowed his saliva. At this time, he had already determined that once Zhang Tie said something disgusting, he would leave, and the farther the better.

Zhang Tie licked his lips, causing Blues to quiver once again.

“After a while, I will go down from there and enjoy the carnival together with the wild wolves. You can keep an eye on the scene. If I cannot stand it any more, you need to hold the wolves back so that I can climb up once again. As long as I can stand it, you just watch...” Zhang Tie revealed his plan, which was actually not a plan at all since he was planning to just fight the wild wolves by force. If he couldn’t stand it and would like to escape, he would ask for Blues’ help who’d cover him with his bow and arrows.

Such a sharp unexpected reply stunned Blues for quite a while. He couldn’t understand why Zhang Tie would do this crazy thing at all. Why would Zhang Tie celebrate the Carnival together with the wild wolves? The word Carnival caught Blues imagination. A people with 70 rutting wolves? Happy? Did it mean that he would even f*ck wolves? That was too terrible! Blues was slightly shocked, feeling that Zhang Tie was already as terrible as prehistoric beasts.

Seeing Blues’ silence, Zhang Tie mistook it , especially that bit of shock in Blues’ eyes, as his consent, which pleased him.

At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that he should be slightly modest. “After exploding some of their anus, the wild wolves will definitely be driven crazy. I hope they can come in a queue. If they want to come for me at the same time, I will not deal with them!”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Blues’ face turned whiter under the moonlight. Seeing the sweat oozing over Blues’ forehead, Zhang Tie thought Blues was worrying about him.

“Trust me, I’ve done this kind of thing many times. As long as they come for me in turns, even 7-8 wolves a time, I can still deal with them!” Saying this, Zhang Tie patted Blues’ shoulder and lowered his body, running towards that crack.

Have done this kind of thing many times? With wolves?

Blues was so scared that he almost escaped. What kept him was his curiosity. He really wanted to see what would happen between a person and 60-70 wild wolves. This was too terrifying.

At this moment, if Zhang Tie knew what Blues was really thinking about, he would have definitely spat blood for a couple of liters.

He arrived at a place about one meter away from the two sides of the crack, then squatted down and supported himself on the ground using his hands, leaning half of his body inside the crack to explore.

The walls on both sides of the crack were like two horizontal high walls for Zhang Tie. Once stepping against both walls inside, he could easily climb down from the top. Actually, the rugged walls were much easier for him to use his strength on than smooth walls .

Zhang Tie climbed down over ten meters in half a minute.

The ravine was brimming with howling wild wolves.

With six lances, Zhang Tie could kill six wild wolves. Before the other wild wolves besieged him, he could retreat into this wedge crack, during which he could kill several more wolves in the front. By then, he would have roughly killed 10 wolves. After that, he could kill ten more wild wolves in the crack. By then, he would have successfully completed tonight’s mission and could safely retreat. There were only two items that he should keep in mind: first, move fast; second, don’t get surrounded by wild wolves.

Almost the moment he reached the ground, Zhang Tie was very calm, and started to calculate precisely. After thinking carefully and feeling that no unexpected problems could exist, Zhang Tie pulled out two lances as he took a deep breath and rushed out of the hidden place inside the crack.

Seeing Zhang Tie rush out of that crack with lances in hand, Blues eyes widened once again. “What is he doing?” Closely after that, Blues saw Zhang Tie’s marvelous lance skill...

Zhang Tie’s first target was a head wolf standing on a huge rock. It was a comparatively large wolf, who was occupying the best place. No other wolves dared to fight for that place with him.

The head wolf kept raising its head and howling at the moons.

Since pack of wolves with a head wolf’s guidance would be more difficult to deal with, Zhang Tie would naturally take eliminating the head wolf as his first task.

The lance fell from the sky and pierced straight through the head wolf’s body, causing it to fly off the rock. But before the pack of wolves could respond, another lance arrived, nailing a wild wolf to the ground.

Within the next two-three seconds, sprays of spurting blood could be seen coming from a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth wolves after their bodies were pierced through by lances, causing miserable howls to echo around the place before death silenced them.

At this time, Zhang Tie was like a thug—he abruptly intruded into the wild wolves’ party and started his massacre.

The lance containers were soon cleared. After that, Zhang Tie pulled out his long sword with his right hand and took the dagger into his left as he rushed towards the two wolves that were also charging at him. Two sprays blood spurted out, caused by the long sword and the dagger at the same time.

In a split second, several wolves pounced at Zhang Tie. He adroitly escaped from their attacks, using his long sword and dagger to kill several more wolves in the short period of time that a person needs to take a couple breaths, causing blood of the wild wolves to spray everywhere.

More wolves rushed forward. Seeing this, Zhang Tie immediately turned back and started to escape. The fastest two wolves rushed out of the pack, aiming to bite him, howling. However, Zhang Tie didn’t even slow down. He just changed his footwork and wove his dagger two times, causing the two wolves to fall down to the ground.

Standing at the entrance of the mountain cave on the cliff, Blues was really stunned by what he was seeing. What shocked him the most was Zhang Tie’s marvelous lance skills, followed by his brave act of challenging the wolf pack. This time, in his eyes, Zhang Tie was not committing a massacre at all; instead, he was dancing. The wild wolves were absolutely dancing in pre-prepared moves. They all jumped onto Zhang Tie’s dagger and long sword one by one, causing sprays of blood to spurt out one after another.

Under that silvery moonlight, everything turned cruelly beautiful...

Not until the remaining wolves had besieged Zhang Tie and force him into that crack did Blues quiver under the night chilly wind. Thinking of what Zhang Tie had told him, he hurriedly took his bow and ran over there.

Before Blues arrived, several more wolves were laid on the ground in the wedge-shaped crack. Zhang Tie kept fighting as he retreated deeper into the crack. Soon, he had reached half the depth of the 20 m deep crack. At this position, the width between the two walls was less than two meters.

Although many wild wolves were outside, few of them could rush in and attack Zhang Tie. Like a rock battered by constant sea waves, Zhang Tie just stayed there and constantly cracked down the wild wolves’ attacks, causing them to fall one after another with miserable howls.

In front of Zhang Tie, a pile of dead wild wolves soon came into being...

In Blues’ eyes, both the long sword and the dagger in Zhang Tie’s hands were like wild wolf grinders. Zhang Tie moved so fast, with both ferociousness and viciousness. It seemed as if he had practiced each move he used to kill the wild wolves for hundreds of times, since they were unimaginably precise and simple.

Once hit by Zhang Tie’s long sword or dagger, those wild wolves would completely lose their fighting force and fall down. They would never pick themselves up from the ground again.

When Zhang Tie chopped at a wild wolf’s head using his long sword, reaching only midway, so that half of the head was still hanging on the wolf’s neck, blood sprayed all over his face.

After this wild wolf fell down, other wolves retreated at the same time, leaving the wedge-shaped crack. Because of their intelligence, the wild wolves understood that they won’t win anything by fighting Zhang Tie here in this way.

Although leaving the crack, the wild wolves surrounded the entrance and kept watch. Their ferocious eyes were locked onto Zhang Tie as they growled in low voices. After exposing their sharp canines, they scratched the stones and soil on the ground, their bodies lowered. But even though they felt like surging forward, they dared not to do that!

Unexpectedly, the beasts were this smart. After wiping off the blood from his face, Zhang Tie burst out laughing.

“Are you okay?” Blues shouted from above him.

“I’m okay! I can still stand it...” Saying this, Zhang Tie rushed forward again with the long sword in hand. He killed those wild wolves which had completely lost their moving ability but haven’t died yet.

The moment he rushed out of the crack, the surrounding wild wolves charged at him once again. Seeing that, Zhang Tie retreated for the second time. When he reached his previous place, the wild wolves exited too. During the whole rush, another three wild wolves had fallen outside.

The two parties kept repeating this process.

When Zhang Tie rushed out, the wild wolves besieged; after Zhang Tie retreated, leaving several more dead wild wolves, they would fall back too. After repeating this process several times, more wild wolves were killed outside the wedge-shaped crack, causing the pile to grow higher...

Even Zhang Tie himself couldn’t remember how many times he had launched the seesaw battles with the wild wolves. Finally, seeing him rush out of the crack again, the wild wolves outside immediately turned back and escaped with their tails between their legs. Zhang Tie didn’t retreat any more, instead he kept chasing behind them with loud laughter. Although the remaining wild wolves ran fast, Zhang Tie kept close behind them. After picking up the lances from the ground, he killed two more wild wolves that ran slower than the rest.

When no more wild wolves could be seen in the ravine, Zhang Tie looked around and found over 40 dead bodies lying about...

Under the bright and clear moonlight, the entire ravine was covered with wild wolves’ fresh blood and dead bodies.

Everything turned tranquil again...

He really did it: chasing away all the wild wolves by himself. Seeing his achievement, Zhang Tie became stunned!

Previously, he thought that it would be him who would have to escape. Unimaginably, the wild wolves were the ones to run away. Seeing the thrilling scene before his eyes, something flashed across Zhang Tie’ mind for a split second, which filled his heart, making him generous.

‘It seems that I could make it. I could really make it. Even facing 70 wild wolves, I could still commit a massacre and scare the sh*t out of them...’

“I can make it!” Zhang Tie mumbled...

“I can make it!” Zhang Tie raised his voice, reaffirming it.

Raising his head, he glanced at the dead wild wolves all over the grounds. At the same time, something new appeared in his eyes...

“I can make it!: Zhang Tie shouted out loudly with eyes turning extremely stubborn.

“Ao wu...” Zhang Tie raised his head towards the sky and howled like a wolf, which could be heard in the surroundings...

At this time, Blues, calmly standing on the cliff, gazed at that youth covered with blood who had made the miracle in the ravine...

Under the moonlight, the youth wore a layer of silver frost like silver armor. It was covered with bloody marks, streaks of beasts’ blood, like heraldry.

Pitch-dark night!

Full moons!


Dead wolves!


Fresh blood!

What a visually shocking scene!

Moved, Blues felt that the scene before his eyes seemed to predict something. It became distant; sadly, he was not an authoritative expert on occultism and wasn’t good at predicting. So he didn’t know what future was behind that distant scene.

“That guy is really handsome!” Blues mumbled...

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