Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 132: An Unexpected Accident in The Trouble-reappearance Scene

Chapter 132: An Unexpected Accident in The Trouble-reappearance Scene

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After entering the Trouble-reappearance Scene, at the sight of roughly 30 wolves, including 6 huge wolves and 23 common, at least 2 of which were head wolves, Zhang Tie became somewhat regretful. He knew that he would definitely die miserably this time.

Before entering, Zhang Tie had chosen the riverside where he had killed the latest wild wolf. Almost the second Zhang Tie entered the Trouble-reappearance Scene, the 30 wolves rushed out of the reeds, exposing their canines at Zhang Tie.

While the pack of wolves rushed towards him, Zhang Tie threw six lances with both hands, like a lightning bolt. In a split second, two huge wolves and four wild wolves were pierced through by his lances and fell down.

Originally, Zhang Tie intended to aim for the six huge wolves. Of course, it didn’t precisely mean that he had failed to hit them. Unexpectedly, when he threw out his lances towards the six huge wolves, the surrounding wild wolves dashed ahead and stopped the lances for the huge wolves using their own bodies. So he only hit two huge wolves, while the other four lances were caught by the four wild wolves.

Seeing such an emergency, Zhang Tie was really startled. He then instantly realized that the wild wolves which he had been fighting with these days were becoming smarter and trickier. It seemed that he was not the only one who could improve his fighting and killing skills. The wolf souls inside the Trouble-reappearance Scene had also improved, which was finally shown today.

The only thing in the wolves that remained unchanged was the endless hatred in their eyes.

After throwing the six lances, Zhang Tie immediately turned back and exerted his utmost efforts to escape. He wanted to try whether a LV 2 warrior could gain a beacon of hope from the remaining pack of wolves. If he only fought them at the risk of his life, he would definitely die. This time, being akin to the scene when he was chased by the seven wolves on the grassland, the only factors that he could use were environment and terrain.

Zhang Tie then escaped closely followed by the pack of wolves. He ran so fast, yet the huge wolves could run faster. He didn’t move more than 50 m by the riverside when he felt wind behind his head. Twisting his body, Zhang Tie immediately pulled out his dagger from his waist and thrust it towards the abdomen of the huge wolf charging at him from behind.

Huge wolves’ strength and aggressiveness could never by matched by common wild wolves. If it was a common wild wolf, Zhang Tie could have easily finished this counterattack without even decelerating. However, it was a huge wolf whose strength and speed caused him to stagger.

After falling onto the ground, the huge wolf even rushed two steps forward due to the huge inertia. After that, he turned back and glared at Zhang Tie, seemingly wanting to charge at him once again. However, he soon fell to the ground as Zhang Tie’s thrust had completely opened his abdomen.

At the same time, Zhang Tie realized that he could not escape anymore. He understood that even if he was one level higher than the huge wolves, he could still not match speed with them. Maybe it could be feasible when he reached LV 3, but he could definitely not match them for the time being.

Although he could not really die in the Trouble-reappearance Scene, he could feel pain. So not wanting to die miserably, Zhang Tie immediately made the same choice that he would have done in the real situation if he was chased by so many wolves—he jumped into the river.

Water along the riverside was only as deep as his knees. It was muddy under his feet, so it was very difficult to walk inside. Only after two steps after jumping into the river, Zhang Tie’s shoes were already stuck to the mud. Two steps more, and he could only escape on barefoot.

The wild wolves closely following him all rushed into the river without any hesitation. Zhang Tie had already predicted that. Because after he had eaten the first Trouble-reappearance Fruit, Zhang Tie had attempted to jump into the black hole many times, however, he found out that soon after he jumped inside, the wild wolves also followed him in. They would not stop chasing him until either they, or he, died. They dared to jump into a black hole, let alone a river.

Less than 10 m from the river’s shore, the water level had already reached his thighs. The river was not turbulent. It flowed calmly, and so did the part which would be drowned in flood while showing itself when the water receded.

Zhang Tie turned back and found a huge wolf 1.7-2 m away from him.

Not until then had he realized that wolves could swim well.

Wolves swam using dog paddle. Zhang Tie also learned to dog paddle at school. Judging from swimming gestures, he could not even match wolves in swimming skills.

In the Trouble-reappearance Scene, a battle between human and wolves that could never be seen in reality would happen in the river.

As most of Zhang Tie’s legs below his knees were in the mud, he could barely move his feet, let alone using them to attack wolves. Similarly, the pack of wolves swimming towards him were also slower due to the resistance in the water. So their largest threat to Zhang Tie became their sharp canines.

When in water, the matrix of the wolves became disordered. Seeing this, Zhang Tie burst out laughing and threw the dagger in his hand. Using a Wrestle-Hand Move from Iron-Blood Fist, he wrestled the neck of the huge wolf. As a response, the huge wolf prepared to bite Zhang Tie’s wrist. At this time, Zhang Tie’s two hands ferociously punched its ears like hammers, causing blood to burst out from its eyes. Even though this hurt it badly, the front paws of the huge wolf also scratched Zhang Tie’s arms, leaving some bloody marks.

In only one round, both parties were bleeding.

However, the fact was that Zhang Tie acted faster. The disparity between a LV 2 warrior and a LV 1 wolf could not be easily ignored either. The moment the huge wolf lowered his head due to Zhang Tie’s hammer-like punches, Zhang Tie grabbed it around its neck once again. With a sound of ‘Ka cha’, the huge wolf’s neck was broken.

Zhang Tie loosened his grip before sinking the huge wolf into the river. Behind this huge wolf were more wolves with eyes shining red. Zhang Tie had no way to escape once again.

“Ha… ha… cool!” Zhang Tie burst out laughing. “Come on, you beasts, since I could kill you all before, I can also kill you all now. Do you want revenge? Come on!”

A battle between a human and wolves started...

In the shallow river, a pack of wolves launched a war on a person. In muddy water, Zhang Tie surged left and right using his Hammer-like Punch Move and Wrestle-Hand Move, causing bloody ripples.

Without fighting in water, Zhang Tie would have never known the difficulties of it. He felt his physical strength dissipating so fast that each move in water would consume strength numerous times greater than that required fighting on the bank. The faster he moved, the more strength he would consume due to the greater resistance in water. Each step in the deep river mud would also bring him more difficulty.

Only after 10 minutes, over 10 dead wild wolves were floating in the river. Zhang Tie had also suffered more than 20 wounds. At this time, he understood another law, even if his level was higher than that of wild wolves, his endurance could never match theirs. Each wild wolf had amazing endurance.

Gradually, he felt his hands becoming more and more clumsy, causing weaker attacking strength and speed. However, the wild wolves kept surging forward without even knowing what tiredness was, only wanting to bite him.

Seeing them so tenacious, Zhang Tie’s morality and cruelty were also triggered. Gritting his teeth, he continued to fight the wolves, seemingly having fully forgotten about the increasing wounds on his body.

After staying in the Trouble-reappearance Scene for so long time, Zhang Tie found he had also gained more endurance, being able to ignore more of his pain and wounds.

Five minutes later, a few more wild wolves were killed, causing more wounds on Zhang Tie’s body. Thankfully, the wounds were not fatal. By then, their battlefield had already stretched to dozens of meters along the shallow river.

Zhang Tie started to feel his hammer-like punches becoming weaker and weaker. It would take him longer to break a wolf’s neck. Just now, it had taken him too long, and he couldn’t respond to the wolf’s counterattack timely, causing a bite on his arm from another wolf.

Pained, Zhang Tie became more ferocious. Although another wolf was hanging on his arm, he still chose to break the neck of the wolf in his hand’s first before breaking the neck of the wolf on his arm.

The last ferocious attack seemed like the last bright look of a person who was going to die soon after. After taking care of the wolf hanging on his arm, Zhang Tie felt his hands becoming soft, which could not even break a noodle. At this time, another wolf launched its attack. To respond, Zhang Tie immediately lurched aside.

However, for some reason at this critical moment, Zhang Tie suddenly became stunned for a short time, during which the wolf bit Zhang Tie’s shoulder, pushing him into the water, closely followed by the remaining wolves...

Half a minute later, with a sound of ‘Boom’, the entire Trouble-reappearance Scene dissipated into light rain before disappeared...

This was the most bloody and miserable battle with wild wolves that Zhang Tie had experienced, and it ended up with wild wolves as the winners.

Sitting under the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree, Zhang Tie opened his eyes like when he had entered the Trouble-reappearance Scene just now. He then raised his head and looked at the rolling colorful fog in the sky within the Castle of Black Iron with a bit of confusion, puzzlement, and even shock in his eyes!

‘How could that happen...’ Zhang Tie mumbled. ‘How could I feel like having stepped onto a sharp thing just now? How could such a sharp thing appear in the mud of the shallow river in the Trouble-reappearance Scene? That was not necessary. Did it want to test my responsiveness?”

Zhang Tie didn’t figure it out even after thinking about it for awhile. Just now, when he prepared to escape from the wolf’s attack, he stepped onto a sharp thing in the mud. Because of this, he became stunned, causing him to be killed by the wolves.

What if there really was such a sharp thing in the real river? A thought flashed across Zhang Tie’s mind like a lightning bolt...

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