Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 130: Being Highly Appreciated

Chapter 130: Being Highly Appreciated

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Together with the angry swear was a sharp wind that nobody could clearly see. Soon after that, that huge wolf close to Abu abruptly uttered a miserable scream, its neck pierced through by a throwing lance that got nailed to the ground. After piercing through the huge wolf’s neck, it even entered the ground one foot deep while its handle looked so excited that it kept quivering...

Not until then did that youth called Abu pull out his dagger. Unexpectedly, he found that the wolf was already nailed beside him.

Soon after the scream of this huge wolf came to an end, another huge wolf’s miserable howl drifted over. Apparently, at almost the same time, another throwing lance fell onto a huge wolf whose eyes were fixed on the five youths.

This time, not only Bonder and the rest of the youths, but even the remaining three huge wolves were stunned.

Everybody clearly saw a black-haired youth dashing towards them from a hillside 40 m away. But the three huge wolves didn’t slow down their speed. After slightly adjusting their aim, they rushed towards that youth.

“Watch out...” Bonder shouted again and chased after the three huge wolves along with the rest of the youths. In their eyes, that youth coming out from behind the hillside was in danger.

Yet everything seemed to happen in a split second. The youths chasing after the three huge wolves couldn’t even believe in their own eyes.

That guy dashing towards them suddenly took out two throwing lances and immediately threw them towards two of the three huge wolves. Almost at the same moment the lances flew out, the two huge wolves were tightly nailed to the ground with less than one meter between them, leaving only one huge wolf. Seeing this, the last one quickened its pace and charged at that youth. However, the youth avoided its attack by tilting his body to the side.

Everything happened so fast that Bonder and the other students hadn’t even grasped all that was happening before it was over. After flying another few steps due to momentum, the last huge wolf fell to the ground.

But, the youth kept moving forward without slowing down his speed or glancing back, seemingly already knowing that the huge wolf had died.

“Hurry up, go check your companions, save them first!”

Not until then did everybody realize what had happened. They then hurriedly turned back and went to check on their companions.

That youth who had abruptly appeared was naturally Zhang Tie!

Ten minutes later, four youths’ corpses and six dead huge wolves were put in a row on the grassland, surrounded by weeping youths with red eyes. Seeing those faces as young as his, Zhang Tie was filled with a slight sadness.

It was the first time he saw his peers’ bodies before him. The four dead youths looked different, the most miserable among those who’d left this mortal world being the one with eyes wide open and a face twisted after his abdomen was clawed open. He had died in unspeakable agony.

No matter whether it was in the east or the west, no culture or traditions would allow a person to leave this mortal world with eyes wide open. From Donder, Zhang Tie also knew how to pay tribute to a dead person.

“Let me have a try!”

Zhang Tie walked forward. Seeing his move, Bonder quietly stepped back.

Silently taking off the water bottle from his waist, Zhang Tie opened its lid and pulled open Billy’s clothes. He started to clean the filth off his abdomen. The things flowing out of the intestines were smelly, but Zhang Tie was not afraid of that at all, neither did he feel disgusted. He only felt dejection, a dejection stemming from a fact that a small figure would helplessly have to die in this struggling world.

He thought back to his mom. Seeing Billy’s tender face with a few freckles, Zhang Tie then thought about the youth’s mom. He felt that Billy was another himself, a commoner who neither had obtained Castle of Black Iron nor had a chance to eat strange fruits.

The water in Zhang Tie’s water bottle was soon used up.

“Anymore?” Zhang Tie asked.

Hearing his request, the other youths beside him silently passed him several more water bottles. Zhang Tie continued to clean Billy’s wounds. After that, he washed off the filth from the lower hem of Billy’s coat. After doing all this, he pulled out a sewing kit and started to sew up Billy’s wounds.

“Brother, stand it, I do this for the first time, but I have to sew it well for you as the holes on your abdomen don’t look good!” Zhang Tie told Billy under the silent gazes of the surrounding youths, whose tears were flowing down their faces.

As Zhang Tie was not afraid of doing this, his hand didn’t quiver at all. He closed Billy’s wound on the abdomen like he would have sown up his own clothes. After that, he washed his own hands and repaired Billy’s broken clothes. Finally he had closed his wound and dressed him up.

“Brother, I’ve already sewed and cleaned your wounds and clothes. You look much more handsome now. Don’t show your painful expression to your mom and the other family members. Just be reassured and leave. Remember to be careful in your next survival training!”

Saying that, Zhang Tie slightly covered his hands over Billy’s eyes. What made everybody else amazed was that after Zhang Tie moved away his hands from Billy’s face, Billy had already closed his eyes and looked much more relaxed. Seeing this, all the surrounding youths couldn’t not smile.

After tranquilly putting Billy’s hands onto his abdomen, hands crossed, Zhang Tie stood up.

“Here is your throwing lance!”

Red-eyed, Bonder passed a clean throwing lance to Zhang Tie. This was the last lance that Zhang Tie had used in the battle. It had been completely hidden inside the last huge wolf’s mouth, including its handle. Just then, when he shifted his body, Zhang Tie had already pulled out another lance and thrust it directly into the mouth of that huge wolf.

Bonder and the other youths had finally understood the cause of the last huge wolf’s death when Zhang Tie was cleaning wounds for Billy. After that, they started to pay more tribute to him. This loner who had saved everybody’s lives was really great, especially his lance skills, which really startled all the other youths.

“Brother, could you tell me your name?” Bonder asked, seeing Zhang Tie taking back his lance. “Without you, all of us might have already been killed!”

“I’m Zhang Tie!”

“You are that Zhang Tie!” Many of the surrounding youths seemed to have heard his name before. They then became surprised. “You’re that Zhang Tie, who had revealed Samira’s status as a mole of the Norman Empire!”

Zhang Tie slightly nodded before glancing over everybody else. “What’s your plan now, will you still want to remain in the Crescent Prairie?”

“Never, we’ve already decided to go back...” Bonder looked dejected. “We already learned our faults!”

“If you want to go back, I can accompany you back for a range in case of any more accidents!”



Although having decided to go back, everybody remained for a time while working together to chop off some branches and make simple stretchers, including Zhang Tie. They then put the youths’ corpses onto the stretchers and prepared to take them back to the Wild Wolf Castle. The two wounded youths had also dealt with their wounds and made two crutches using some branches so they could follow the others.

Now, there were fourteen people who could move freely. They would be able to carry the four youths’ corpses and six dead wild wolves by turns.

According to the rules, Zhang Tie had the right to deal with the five dead huge wolves. Nobody had a different opinion. What was more, Zhang Tie had even saved all their lives. After thinking for a while, he let them bring the dead huge wolves back to Wild Wolf Castle: one to the Brotherhood in the tree base, one to Peter in Iron Melting Workshop, one to Alice, Pandora, and Beverly, and the other two would be left to Bonder and his group.

Huge wolves were much more valuable than wild wolves. They were black all over, except for the circle of white fur over their necks which was much more valuable. Their meat tasted more fresh and delicious, not as fishy as that of common wild wolves.

As one of the best meats in Wild Wolf Castle, huge wolf meat was even more expensive than that of boars. It was even said that huge wolf meat was very beneficial to people’s physiques, including Qi and blood. Therefore, it had become the brand dish in some high-end hotels and become a favorite of some rich men.

So Zhang Tie’s gift was very valuable in Wild Wolf Castle. But under his insistence, Bonder’s group accepted the gift out of good willingness, and started to show their awe to him.

Zhang Tie kept accompanying Bonder’s group until they were about 10 km away from Wild Wolf Castle and met similar teams attending this survival training. Seeing Bonder’s group’s miserable situation, the other teams all came close to them to ask what had happened to them. A team of less than 30 people had also planned to have a try in the Crescent Prairie; however, after encountering Bonder’s group and learning about what had happened to them, they immediately gave up their plan.

“Brother, what do you want me to say to the Brotherhood for you?”

“You just tell them, I’m fine. Tell Peter, if I obtain any more wild meat, I’ll bring it back to them. Their lances are very useful. And tell Pandora, Beverly, and Alice that I’m fine and miss them very much!” Zhang Tie poured out all the words he wanted to say.

“Fine, I will!”

“Then, brothers, take care of yourselves!”

“Take care of yourself too. I’ll never forget what happened today!” Bonder solemnly said while all the other youths surrounding Zhang Tie nodded and stared at him full of appreciation. Without experiencing the life or death situation, they would have never have known how valuable the savior’s favor would be.

Zhang Tie smiled and waved at them before trotting away.

In the evening, Bonder’s group returned to Wild Wolf Castle. Then, the entire Wild Wolf Castle became chaotic. Although four deaths made people sad and alert, compared to it, what Zhang Tie had done startled people more. An individual that could easily kill five huge wolves and save more than ten people’s lives, how powerful did that man have to be? Zhang Tie’s marvelous lance skills had made Bonder’s group absolutely stunned.

Receiving the dead huge wolf, Barley and the other members of Brotherhood didn’t look too startled. They then just continued to practice fighting skills much harder.

In contrast, after receiving the dead huge wolf, Peter and the other recluses howled for quite awhile as they were extremely excited that they could eat huge wolf meat for two consecutive days. They all expressed that they’ll use all their effort to build several better lances for Zhang Tie.

After receiving Zhang Tie’s gift brought by Bonder, Pandora, Alice, and Beverly became the objectives of admiration of all the other girls.

Probably even Zhang Tie had not imagined that after this event, his name would become outstanding in Wild Wolf Castle. He was beginning to be matched with Blues and Glaze, who were the most powerful people among all the students attending this survival training.

However, two days before Zhang Tie became well known across Wild Wolf Castle, Glaze had returned with a live LV 2 golden wolf. It was the first day after Miss Qili’s one-month punishment to him terminated. His move shocked many people. At the beginning of the second month of this survival training, Glaze had already displayed his strength as a LV 3 warrior and became the most powerful person among all the students.

“Killing several huge wolves is nothing but bullsh*t. If Zhang Tie dares to fight Glaze, Glaze will definitely beat him ferociously in one minute, and he’ll only be able to search for his teeth on the ground...” Sharlon, one of Glaze’s lackeys, bragged.

Being a loner, Zhang Tie naturally couldn’t hear Sharlon’s instigation in Wild Wolf Castle. But even if he could hear that, Zhang Tie would do nothing but sneer Although LV 3 seemed unreachable in other students’ eyes, in Zhang Tie’s eyes, Glaze and his heyday would soon be a past tense...

Four days ago, after eating the Leakless Fruit, Zhang Tie had improved the light over the second burning point of his spine into cyan. Three days later, after eating another Leakless Fruit, Zhang Tie would light that burning point and become an official LV 3 warrior.

In the past week, after killing almost 15 wild wolves, Zhang Tie had condensed the Strength of Blood and the Strength of Vein in the Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit, causing the first Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit to be 3/7 ripe!

Becoming a loner, Zhang Tie didn’t know that Glaze had already become a LV 3 warrior. After one week’s loner’s survival training, he had already fully immersed himself in that wind-like freedom...

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