Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1083 - Immortal Killing

Chapter 1083: Immortal Killing

“The barbarian’s Apotheosis realm is equivalent to the cultivator’s Nascent Soul stage. Moreover, there’s transfiguration!”

Transfiguration meant becoming one with the materialization to form a divine beast.

Of course, the divine beast that the barbarians transformed into had less than one percent of the power of the original divine beast. It was basically a rough imitation.

Most important was still the person themself. They might not be able to adapt after suddenly transforming into a beast, and their combat power might even be greatly reduced with the drag of the huge body.

There would only be a positive effect if they were determined enough to train as a beast for decades.

To Fang Yuan, that was a complete waste of time. The significance of this transfiguration was in being able to perceive the nomological laws of heaven and earth more acutely.

“The Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower has the ability to absorb the Qi of the world… My realm is sufficient for me to cultivate both my main body and my clone to the peak of the Apotheosis realm! Of course… before that, it’s also important to deal with the small troubles outside!”

Fang Yuan stroked the stone stele.

His magic power at the Primordial Core realm had meant that it was difficult for him to exercise any control over the Outer Heaven Tower even though he was its master.

Now, at the Apotheosis realm, he could barely activate some functions, but it was impossible for him to take it away.

“But I can still control the opening and closing of gates!”

Fang Yuan’s thoughts moved, and he connected with the two vortex gates in the water underneath the reeds.


The ones there were no longer Venerable Lie Huo and the city masters of Qingfeng City, but the Immortal forces of both the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao.

“They handed it over so soon. It seems like my dozens of Dao Comprehension Stones scared them?” Fang Yuan guessed.

In fact, even if an Immortal were to pass the twentieth level, they would only obtain three Dao Comprehension Stones. Fifteen Dao Comprehension Stones would absolutely make Immortals turn red with greed.

After realizing this, Venerable Lie Huo withdrew decisively, indeed knowing when to advance and when to retreat.

Currently, the two forces were guarding the trial entrances and about to send in a bunch of Golden Core geniuses.

As for the Immortal entrance? Due to the dangers of the Outer Heaven Tower, none of the Immortals wanted to send themselves to an early grave.

Of course, one or two itinerant Immortals were eager to try from time to time, but the two forces blocked them.

“Not daring to try and also not letting others try? How overbearing!” Fang Yuan watched the play unfold silently.

In the end, the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao finalized their discussion. They selected fifty Golden Core cultivators each and sent them into the trial passage.

“One hundred Golden Core cultivators appeared on the first level. How are we going to deal with them?” asked the green-clothed artifact spirit dully.

“Do you even need to ask? I’m not going to give them Dao Comprehension Stones!” Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. “Kill them all!”

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t the first level be a bunch of Foundation Establishment Fey?” A Golden Core genius from the Kun Yun Sect looked at the sea of Nascent Soul Fey in despair. “Is this a joke?”


The next moment, the numerous Fey attacked together, crushing him into powder.

Fang Yuan now had the overwhelming supremacy in the first nineteen levels. One thought turned these Golden Core cultivators into blood mists.

After a short period, all were dead.



The sound of numerous jade slips bursting rang out.

“What happened?” Kun Lunzi and Immortal Myriad Soul looked at the broken jade slips in their hands in shock. “There were a hundred Golden Core cultivators, and many of them were genius disciples. How could they all be defeated on the first level?”

“Impossible! Why did Nascent Soul Fey appear on the first level? Venerable Lie Huo and his group lied to us!”

“Damn it. If the first level is already so difficult, we can’t possibly send in more Golden Core cultivators. That’s simply sending them to their deaths!”

“If it’s like this for Golden Core disciples, what about the Immortal passage? Wouldn’t there be no chance of surviving?”

Many Immortals shouted angrily.

“Everyone, please stay calm!” Kun Lunzi frowned and waved his whisk. “I just contacted Venerable Lie Huo. The Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower may be tough, but it’s definitely not at this level! This situation can only mean that something has happened!”

“What happened?”

“They had Situ Zhaixing go in previously!”

“Situ Zhaixing? The world’s top godly thief?”

The faces of the Immortals fell. “If it’s this person, he could definitely go behind Venerable Lie Huo’s back and enter a second time…”

“Perhaps he was the one who caused the changes in the Outer Heaven Tower? Impossible… How could someone merely at Golden Core cause such a stir in this primordial treasure?”

If they had any doubts about Fang Yuan’s realm before, they were certain now that he was only at Golden Core since he had entered from the Golden Core entrance.

Even if someone at Golden Core could cause a headache for Immortals, he had no hope of defeating Immortals, let alone killing them.

Such power might be shocking, but it was a joke to say that he could actually cause the Outer Heaven Tower to stir.

“Then why did the Outer Heaven Tower become so dangerous?”

“Did that Situ Zhaixing accidentally touch some restrictions?”

Kun Lunzi and Immortal Myriad Soul looked at each other, both feeling that this was the most reasonable explanation.

Buzz buzz!

Something strange happened at that very moment.

The two cloud-shaped vortex entrances roared and approached each other, merging to become a light gate.

Fang Yuan stepped out of the light gate.

He was using his main body this time. His Torch Dragon clone was holding the fort in the core space of the stone stele.

“Sure enough, it’s you! Situ Zhaixing!” Immortal Annihilating Soul jumped out impatiently. “I’ll make you perish without a grave today!”

His hatred for Fang Yuan was deeply rooted and irresolvable. His eyes were especially red after seeing his enemy. “Don’t run away if you still have any pride!”

“What’s shameful about me running away when I’m merely at the Golden Core stage and being besieged by so many Immortals?” Fang Yuan looked bemused. “If it’s you alone, I can finish you off with one move!”

“One move?” Immortal Annihilating Soul roared with laughter. “Situ Zhaixing, it’s impossible for you to defeat an Immortal no matter what magical powers or protective treasures you possess! This is the Heavenly Dao! A heavenly law! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your desire! Fellow Immortals, let me take him down alone! I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way!”

Immortal Annihilating Soul was exuding an extremely dangerous aura.

“All right!” Kun Lunzi and Immortal Myriad Soul agreed and backed away silently.

However, they were secretly conversing with voice transmissions. “We can comply first to see what this person has up his sleeve before making a move…”

They never had a doubt that Immortal Annihilating Soul would win.

No mortal in the history of the Wasteland World had ever defeated an Immortal! This was a Heavenly Dao!

“You’re not running away?” Immortal Annihilating Soul looked at the surrounding Immortals preparing and the still Fang Yuan, feeling very surprised. “How courageous! Do you think you can disregard Immortals just because you reached the Nascent Soul stage?”

None of the Immortals present would be afraid of Fang Yuan as long as he did not run.

Of course, he found some minute changes in Fang Yuan with his spiritual will.

“You’re spouting a lot of rubbish for someone about to die!”

Fang Yuan drew his long saber, teleported to above Immortal Annihilating Soul, and slashed.

A saber with the brilliance of the river of time appeared!

The saber that killed Immortals—Light of Universe!

Combining the nomological laws of the Illusion Realm and of time, and then using the fifth star of the Nine Star Pearl Mystic Technique with his Apotheosis cultivation base, Fang Yuan felt that his attack was at least ten times stronger than when he battled against the green-clothed puppet.


The saber extinguished Immortal Annihilating Soul’s soul-eliminating technique with a single cut, breaking through his defensive dao artifact and beheading the Immortal.

The next instant, blood and flesh flew, turning into a Qi stream in midair.

“Worthy of being called the impermanence of immortality… Unfortunately, I’ve seen it!”

Fang Yuan stood with his saber and sighed slightly.

Streams of light chased in the void, extinguishing the Qi stream immediately.

He put away Immortal Annihilating Soul’s immortal artifact and storage bag with a wave of his hand. He glanced at his sides.


The silence was deafening!

The Immortals could not believe what they had just seen. “W-what did I just see? Someone at Nascent Soul defeating an Immortal with one move?”

“That’s not all. Immortal Annihilating Soul can’t even condense his body! His natural source has probably diminished by more than half!”

Immortal Myriad Soul was completely stupefied as he looked at the golden jade slip in his hand.

This was Immortal Annihilating Soul’s life jade slip, which had already shattered.

“Junior Brother Annihilating Soul… died?” Immortal Myriad Soul mumbled.

“What?” Kun Lunzi was suddenly afraid. “A mortal killed an Immortal?”

To these Immortals, this was truly defying the Heavenly Dao!

A truth that had prevailed since the history of the Wasteland World shattered.

It turned out that these Immortals who were high above could be defeated and even killed by mortals!

This time, the dignity and glory of the Immortals had been truly trampled all over.

“How can there be such a monster?”

The gazes of the Immortals became extremely complicated, containing anger mixed with fear.

Being able to kill Immortal Annihilating Soul in one move meant that it would not take much effort to kill them either.

“We can’t let him live!” Kun Lunzi shouted. “Fellow Daoists, quickly work together to suppress this demon!”


The Immortals used their techniques in unison. A hazy black mist formed an array that enveloped the entire battlefield.

“Hmm? This seems to be some form of void blocking. Looks like you checked a lot of ancient books…” Fang Yuan laughed heartily.

If he had encountered this array before completely comprehending the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws, it could indeed have caused him some trouble.

But now?


He teleported to in front of an Immortal arranging the array and unleashed his saber.

Light of Universe!


Blood bloomed all over, and another immortal died!

This array that had consumed a lot for both the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao had absolutely no effect on him!

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